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Thursday, June 26, 2008

61) 'Seeing' Guides - Positive Thoughts

I set the ‘intent’ this time to ‘connect with my guide(s)’, as I’m having a rough spell in physical life that I felt seeing or hearing from them would help my outlook on things. I usually like to use the ‘inward now’, however, I have not had the intense satisfaction I have had in the past using it. (Probably because of my ‘rough spell’ I’m going through!)

After my usual visualizations of energy raising and white light, I became aware of my only left leg floating up from my body. Not wanting to wait for the rest of the body to separate, I just quickly rolled out (actually felt like I jumped out!) and once again found myself in the living room next to where I was sleeping on the couch.

I moved quickly away from where I exited, as I could again feel that ‘tug’ of energy wanting to pull me back. Once I was across the room, the tugging ceased and I was free to roam about. Finding myself next to the bathroom, I thought I heard someone up and inside the room, but didn’t stay around to investigate.

I attempt to remember what it was that I wanted to do, and I am always thrilled when I am able to easily recall now what it is that I set ‘intent’ to do each time! I knew I didn’t want ‘inward now’, but to see/connect with my guide/s. I look around for anyone, but for some reason didn’t think to call out to them.

I moved to the dining room, again with clear vision, looking toward the driveway that separates my house from my parents. I see headlights coming down the driveway, and I also take notice that it is still dark outside, yet everything has this ‘glow’ about it to make all things visible, even within the house.

I watch as the car pulls out the driveway, I am suprised to hear myself say, ‘well, there goes my entire family’, as I look within the large capacity car, counting the people. I can clearly see two rows of four in the back, with 5-6 in the front. I can now see their faces clearly, but then realize these people are NOT my actual family here now. I do sense a strong familiarity about them but there is no interaction, no communication - just my watching them drive past my house.

I didn’t know what else to do, so I moved straight through the side door to the porch, and just took off zooming along the tops of the trees, as I always enjoy doing. I wanted to get some speed up, to see how fast I could go. I zoomed at an angle up toward the sky, at one point seeing a jetliner pass very close by, and waiting to feel for that ‘rush’ of air current. I remember smiling as I felt it, and continued zooming upward, seeing two other smaller planes pass by as well.

Becoming bored, I then decided I’d just go straight up to outer space and see what I could find there. (I have previously been there, in that quiet blackness looking toward earth, and enjoyed the peacefulness I felt.) This time, however, as I travel upward at mach speed and feel the changes, I begin to feel some (physical belief) fears creeping in about being able to withstand being in space.

Knowing that the appearance of fears will quickly end an experience, I remember that I don’t have to ‘travel’ to get where I want to go. I can just ‘be there’. So I say, “I am there now” with the feeling that I am going to be wherever I am supposed to end up. (I just wasn’t clear on my destination, hence that statement I assume!)

I now find myself in the center of a small town square, with buildings on four sides, walking around seeing no one. I peek into some of the glass doors just off the street, and I had this impression it’s a town where anything you want, anything you need is there. It just appears as you want it. I wonder why I see no one else here, is it possible that they all have what they want already and don’t need to be here? I then begin to lose my awareness at that point and sadly become aware of being back in my body on the couch.

I will mention here that I have just finished the book by Abraham/Esther & Jerry Hicks regarding the Universal Law of Attraction and found it fascinating. Using many of their suggestions over the past weeks, I am beginning to believe even more strongly now that ‘thoughts are things’ and you DO create what you are thinking.

Finding the positive in any situation, no matter how difficult it may be, will only give you MORE positive experiences. Dwelling on the negative, will only bring you more negative experiences. My latest mantra is, “I intend to see only that which I WANT to see” and it’s working!

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