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Saturday, January 17, 2015

193) Reunion with Dad

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since I posted anything on my blog! I so apologize to those who do check my blog for the lack of updates, but I do want to also thank you for your continued patronage. 

There is so much I have learned over these years regarding who we truly are and how the Universe will always take care of us, giving us EXACTLY what we need (despite outward appearances) if we only trust that whatever is happening, is happening ALWAYS in our best interest.

My focus lately has been on living THIS physical life to the maximum, and I have been blessed with recently finding my true ‘soul mate’ to share wonderful life adventures with! Hence the reason I have put aside (for now) the intense focus on out of body experiences.  I will say that I KNOW I am still ‘getting out’ and enjoy the memories that I retain just before waking, knowing I am still learning both here and astrally.

I will share one exciting short OBE that I had just recently as it involved seeing my father again after his passing this past March 2014.  I knew at some point I’d see him again, when he and I were both ‘ready’. 

I have learned that physical emotions have a huge impact in the astral and traveling, and when out of body, one cannot allow strong ‘human emotions’ to control you and your actions.  There is only one strong ‘emotion’ that can exist in the astral, and that is LOVE…. not sadness, regret or other overwhelming emotion, as that will not allow you to stay in control of your experience.  Hence, I believe, there was a need for some ‘time’ here in physical for me to adjust to seeing him again, so as to allow a less emotional (sadness, longing) response upon seeing him.

As it was, when I first became aware, I could hear his voice speaking to someone, a strong, clear voice that I so missed hearing during his later years. He was speaking to someone off to his side and I remember thinking how wonderful it was to hear his voice again.

With that thought, my vision cleared and I became aware of my mother on my right (who is still in physical) and was speaking with her, asking if she could hear Dad’s voice as well.  She kept talking to me about how it ‘can’t be him’ as he’s no longer with us.

Looking to my left, I saw him.  There was Dad, in all his youthful vigor, sitting in a chair chatting with what felt to be a ‘patient’ (Dad was also a nurse) that I couldn’t see.  He was engrossed with discussing his life’s events, how he became a nurse, was drafted in the Army to become a Captain, built houses and on and on with his accomplishments.  It felt good to hear him so strong and so proud, and I excitedly yelled to my mother, “Look, look! It’s Dad” and all I could get from her was ‘no, no, it can’t be him, he’s gone’. 

I knew I was out of body, asleep as it were, and visiting my Dad but I could not get my mother (who I will assume was with me astrally as well) to believe that Dad was with us. 

I spoke to Dad but cannot recall exact words, but it felt like it was difficult to convince him as well that he could see me because I was out of body or ‘dreaming’.  He told me  “what do you mean you are dreaming? I’m right here!” 

I also knew that this was my chance to move on and travel a bit more with this awareness, however, my emotional attachment with Dad and seeing him for the first time since his death was so strong that I didn’t want to leave him.

This was a short visit, without too much activity within; however the intense emotional satisfaction I received is beyond words.  I realize that it takes time for some who don’t fully understand we are more than our physical bodies to become adjusted to a spiritual existence, but ultimately they will; as that is our ‘true’ nature we will all return to.

I’m pleased to know Dad is doing well and enjoying his new ‘life’.  This experience, although short, hopefully will help those who have had losses in their life to realize that ultimately, our loved ones are happy and safe and will once again be a part of our ‘lives’, whether with a short visit while in physical or with a long awaited spiritual reunion upon our own deaths.