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Thursday, August 29, 2013

191) Remembering the Ability to OBE

My first recollection was that I was driving my car to work, and I suddenly realized I was in a river and it was now starting to take me a different unfamiliar direction.  I can see I’m no longer in my car driving, but bobbing down a roaring rapids river to the left, where I know the road is really located off to the right.

With this realization, I was at first a little concerned that I was going somewhere unfamiliar and out of control, but once I understood that there is NO WAY I could really be in this river and out of my car, I became aware that I was likely ‘dreaming’ and able to separate from my body.

It took a bit of effort since I haven’t been consciously doing this OBE separation much lately  and remember trying to roll out as usual.  It was difficult to move, but I finally rolled out like I was going to fall off the bed, and happily found myself standing next to my body in bed.

I moved quickly to the outside porch off my bedroom, feeling the change in the environment as I passed through the door.  I wanted to feel the freedom of flying again, but this time, I thought I’d take a hold of one of the tree branches nearby and use it like a vine swing. Gently and smoothly, I made myself rock back and forth, high and low, using the tree branches as a swing.  I just LOVED the freedom!  Because I have not had the ‘focus’ of getting OOB as often as I used to, this was just heaven to feel again!

I could hear beautiful music playing, soothing, gentle soft music that seems to cradle and envelope me into blissfulness!  I was just enraptured with the moment!

I then looked up into the sky and saw the most awesome universal ‘opening’…clouds and deep blue horizons beckoning me to come!  I flew up to see what was there for me and in looking down, saw the magnificent countryside below me. 

I realized I was flying ‘Superman’ style, with my arms outstretched, and just knew inherently that I didn’t have to do that to move!  So I pulled in my arms and just moved ‘headfirst’ into the open sky.  I then thought I could even ‘dive’ straight down headfirst into the Earth if I wanted and so started to do so.

Getting close to the Earth, I knew I was in complete control, could stop at any point, but for the fun of it, decided to dive headfirst into the Earth! It was amazing to feel the change in texture, to the darkness enveloping me (as I’m sure that what I ‘expected’ to find so I did!).  I do remember seeing some sort of geometric shape while below ground, but with the thought of being ‘closed in’, I immediately popped back up to surface.

It was at this point I found myself with two children, an older girl of about 8 and a boy of abut 4-5.  They were bouncing around on a bed waiting for their dad to come.  I remember just have a grand old time bouncing around with them!

Just as I was going to ask more about who and what was going on, a sudden noise in the room woke me fully.  The music that I realized was still playing in the background throughout the entire time suddenly stopped and I was fully awake, disappointed that I had no chance to investigate further. 

Although this wasn’t too much of an experience in the sense that I did too much, I somehow feel it DID give me the validation that I am where I should be at this time in my life.  The stressors and significant changes I am going through are what I need to have to continue to grow and learn.  I am so happy that when I most need validation that the Universe is always with me, it always responds!!! 

If there is anything I could impress upon those who seek the Truth, it is to KNOW without exception, that all is happening as it should, and that YOU are the one who is deciding what you need in life.  If you EXPECT the best, you WILL receive the BEST! I’m finding that is the ultimate truth to life!  You are what you think!! the Law of Attraction is Universal...and YOU are the creator of your experiences!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

190) First Visit

Hi everyone!  Just a quick blog post to share an experience I had last night, quite unexpectedly!

7/2/13    Last night I had a hard time falling back to sleep when I was awakened at 2 am.   By 3am, I'm still tossing but then was surprised to find myself in a light vibrational state, a buzzing sensation, but fully alert and feeling wide awake.  I could feel my hands clasped on my chest, although I didn't remember being in that position.

Became aware of someone at the foot of my bed, and immediately felt a 'fear' rising in me.  However, I was quickly able to control it and not allow it to take over my curiosity.

The 'person' at the foot of the bed was speaking, and I strained to hear what was being said.  It sounded younger and female, and I mentally asked her to come closer because I couldn't hear her.  She moved to the side of the bed next to where I was lying and the words 'first visit' came to my mind.

I could tell she was excited about something, and I remember asking, "Oh, is this your first visit?" whereupon she seemed to express yes it was and she was so excited how easy it was! All she had to do was 'wave her hands' out and then ? ....and her voice drifted away as she disappeared as quickly as she came!

The vibrations stopped, and I quickly tried to get back into the buzzing state, which I did for a few seconds, but there was no further connection with this female.  I felt it was her excitement and lack of 'control' that may have led to her quick disconnect with me, but I still remember her joy and happiness at being able to 'visit' me!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

189) Change in Life Focus

I want to write a post about what has been happening in my life to keep everyone informed as to why the drop off in blog posts and communication. I have continued to have great dreams and travels, only to a lesser extent than previous, as my focus in life has changed over the past six months.

Over the past seven years, I have learned SO much about myself and this wonderful world we live in through my astral travels as you have read on my blog. My online blog ( is a written account of my amazing journey that shows how I have progressed in my abilities and understanding, and I wish to encourage those who seek more information to start at the beginning and read through it.

In addition to my writings, I have made so many good friends, both online and in person, and have had great discussions about all things, most of which revolves around how little we DO know about this great Universe we live in. I wish to personally thank William Buhlman, author of Adventures Beyond the Body and Secrets of the Soul, for his mentorship that started me on my travels. (see

My time spent in astral projection and out of body experiences have revealed to me how truly powerful we are, and that it is up to each of us individually to master control over our lives. My biggest lesson that I have now completely internalized, is knowing I am immortal, and that I will never experience ‘death’ as many believe it to be. I know it is merely a simple transition back into our true selves, with continued learning and experiencing as we move along in our spiritual development. We truly are a spiritual being having a physical experience in order to learn our limitless lessons.

Another powerful learning I have gained from these experiences is that I truly AM the master of my life, and it is up to me to focus on my end results, always KNOWING completely and without doubt, that my goal is coming to me in the manner and way that is best for my learning while in a physical body. It may not always appear that something is working out ‘right’, however, it is almost always in hindsight, that I can see how an apparent ‘negative’ event actually was necessary to attain my desired goals.

Part of my ability to keep focused on the end result goal I desire, and not the means or the way, is to state many times daily, “I deserve and expect the best in life!”, as well as visibly post my ‘dream board’ in an area where I can visually see that which I desire in life. As I view it, I internally KNOW that these things are arriving in my life in the way that the Universe best sees fit. I highly recommend this to anyone who desires to improve their position in life.

I believe that it is because I have this ‘knowing’, that I have now moved onto another path in life, one which is now complete with a loving partner who shares my focus and goals. I also now know that this physical life I am living is to be my focus, as the astral travels and experiences will continue, but in a way that guides my physical life so that it may be the best experience I can have.

I understand that I will only have this physical body for a limited number of years more, and it is important to me now that I truly enjoy and appreciate having these wonderful physical experiences before transitioning back to my spiritual home.

I will, of course, continue to share any significant astral travels I may encounter over my life so my posts here will continue on an intermittent basis.

I wish to thank everyone for their patience and understanding as I move into this new life focus. I wish that all who read this gain a better understanding of their personal power and true spiritual self, and that everyone will achieve all they desire in this physical life they are now experiencing!

“The more we learn, the more limitless the Universe becomes”!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

188) Horse and Boar; Self Image Issues


I’m thrilled to report that I once again, upon finally finding time and focus to attempt to get OOB, did so!!  It’s been a very, very busy few months, with much change and need to focus on ‘real’ life, so my efforts to get OOB have been significantly limited.

However, in seeing that it’s been well over a month since my last experience, I wanted to try once more to be sure I still could.  I’m amazed how easily the exit OOB was this time!

I remember lying in bed listening to my guided meditation and Jurgen Ziewe’s binaural tones (since it was so successful last time too!) and becoming aware of soft vibrations.  I don’t usually get these, and figured since I’m rather ‘out of practice’ with OBEs that this is why they were around this time. 

I attempted to will the vibrations stronger, and it took a few times of vibrations coming and going before I became aware of a bright light in front of my eyes.  I was a little annoyed since I figured my eye mask had slipped and light from outdoors was coming in and I didn’t want to move to chance losing the vibrations. (However, in hindsight, I realize that it wasn’t light outside at 3am!)

What I think this ‘light’ did do was to make me just that little more ‘aware’ of my state of mind and felt that this might be a great time to try to roll out of body.  Instead of my usual roll out, I was surprised I could just pop up straight out of bed (body) and move to the bedroom door.  It was an easy exit, almost as if I climbed out of bed as I do each morning!

Realizing I was definitely OOB, I glided down the stairs and again was thankful and thrilled to see and feel the clarity I had!! Standing in my living room, I remembered I had intended if I did get out that I wanted to affirm, “to my Higher Self!” 

As I passed through the front door, I felt a change in the energies and it because totally dark. I affirmed ‘Clarity now!’ a few times, but without avail.  Again I intended, “to my Higher Self” and then not wanting to lose the chance for flying, I took off zooming into the darkness. 

It was so much fun to fly and at one point, I remember thinking that despite flying through the pitch blackness, I was not afraid at all of ‘hitting’ anything, that I was able to ‘feel’ the texture changes as I passed through various ‘worlds’ (?), one after the other.

The next recollection was being in what felt to be my front yard, yet I knew it was different, with more of a ‘farmyard’ feeling.    I then became aware of a horse with saddle and a wild boar racing wildly toward me from my right out of the back field. 

I was not afraid, as things happen very quickly so you don’t think of being fearful.  In front of me were two of my boyfriend’s dogs, one very small and one elderly, running toward the horse and boar as if to protect me.  I called out to them to stop, as I was fearful that the wild boar could easily harm both of them.

They stopped, as did the boar and the horse, separated by only a few feet, staring at each other.  Finding a discarded bottle near my feet, I pick up the bottle and threw it at the boar to try to scare it away, knowing likely it wouldn’t help but I had to do something to try to protect the dogs.

(After I threw the bottle, it was odd how I remember thinking that I could easily go look for this bottle in the field in my yard once I was ‘really’ awake again – as I knew I was out of body – to verify that this did happen!)

That action perhaps gave me enough time to stop and hear a faint cry for help.  I was confused as to where I ‘heard’ it from, as the animals were still in a face off in front of me. 

What I discovered was the wild boar was ‘speaking’ to me without words, in a cry for help, and he was trying to convey the message that he was not a ‘bad’ animal, that he wanted someone to ‘see’ beneath his wild exterior and understand that he was just another animal that needed love. 

At the same time, I realized that my perception of him as dangerous was only due to the fact that the dogs had already ‘set my belief’ as dangerous and I just followed their lead.

I remember discussing with him how his own expectations that others would find him ‘dangerous, mean, ugly, and wild’ was creating this ‘rebound’ type of presentation from everyone else.  What he put forth caused it to be true, and that all he needed to do was to change how he felt about himself and that would also change how others perceived and treated him.   By improving his own self-image, he would realize that others also would improve their perception of him.  (In hindsight, I realize this was definitely a personal message from my Higher Self, just as I had asked for!)

I found myself back in bed, but now with warm loving arms reaching out and hugging me tightly!  I ‘felt’ it to be my new boyfriend, and asked, “is this you?” and knew without a doubt that it was.  I could see behind him a man and a woman looking at me and smiling, but I have no idea who they were or what they were doing.  

I do know the comfort and happiness I gained from this experience gave me such a sense of joy upon waking that I’m still smiling now!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

187) Return to OBEs; Family gathering; Meeting Buddy; Daughter's Dream

Well, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted here, and I thank everyone who is still around to read this post!  

Ever since my awesome experiences with the OBE research in North Carolina in September 2012, and then a fantastic week at the Monroe Institute with William Buhlman in November 2012, I've had some not-so-great experiences in my personal and professional physical life that took me away from my focus on OBEs and astral travel.

I always knew that I still traveled nightly, but I was not having the dream recall or the ability to ‘intend’ these experiences when one’s consciousness is so busy with more mundane physical issues.

Things are settling once again in my physical life, and with the support of some GREAT friends in the Astral Projectors Facebook group, I’m beginning to get back what I once had. 

Last night (well, actually, this morning) I was able to really focus and intend to get OOB, using my MP3’s from various recordings, including author Jurgen Ziewe (

I was brought to awareness with his meditative recording that offered binaural tones, which at one point the tones actually became a bit ‘irritating’ to my ears, but that was also the trigger to lucidity that I needed to get out! (

l found myself rolling off the bed, affirming, “To the door!”  I felt sluggish, almost like pulling taffy to get my ‘body’ to respond but with determined affirmations, I floated out the bedroom door and down the stairs.

Once in the living room, I stopped to try to get more lucidity with “Clarity now!” affirmations which worked, and then also remembered how Jaime would clap/rub hands to confirm and improve awareness.  I saw my hands in front of me, tried to ‘clap’ and knew by the feel of the energy that I was totally and completely out!

I moved to the front door and passed through easily, now in the front yard and drifting upward.  I flew next door to my parents’ house (my childhood home) and from above, saw a number of familiar people standing around below.  (I knew who they were at the time, but now have no idea.) 

I sensed they were there for some sort of ‘gathering’ for someone ‘going away’…and it had a military or funeral connection to it.  No one was too upset, and I recall noticing one person’s hair color as a beautiful reddish auburn and confirming to myself that it was nice to see the color was unchanged from last time I saw them (?).

Looking down at them, I did not join them, but rather wanted to just enjoy my sense of freedom of being out of body again!  I recall flying and stretching my energies, maneuvering through trees and feeling the ‘touch’ of nature and all its beauty.

After a short time of pure enjoyment, I had the thought that I should take advantage of being out of body for other reasons, instead of doing it just for my pure enjoyment.  With that thought, I found myself back in bed!

However, there was ‘something different’ about the feel of being in bed, and I remember affirming that I did NOT want to return yet, and despite sensing I was awake but knew to keep trying.  I could feel my legs kicking at the bed covers, tangled up in the sheets, and trying desperately to move myself out of the bed.

Immediately I found myself standing at the glass door to the outdoors in my bedroom and totally unsure of my status!  (I really should have realized it was my usual signal that ANY time I am ‘unsure of my status’ that it IS true that I’m OOB!!  Lol)

So to check what reality I’m in, I try to put my hand through the glass sliding door…and it goes through easily!  Ecstatic that I’m still OOB, I slowly move through the glass, feeling the wonderful change of texture as I pass through and into the cooler ‘air’ outdoors.

I stopped to look back at the glass door, and see my daughter’s cat there looking out at me!  However, instead of the beautiful Russian blue cat he is, I watch as he changes into this white/brown/black calico cat!  I think to myself how cute it is that even the cat has his ‘dream colors’ he wants to be!

Moving on, the next memories are quite limited, as I know I did a lot more than what I can fully recall.  All I remember at this point is sitting at the bottom of a long flight of stairs, watching some sort of activity in front of me.

My ‘sense’ of what I was watching was something to do with a type of National Geographic documentary (?) on hunting or similar, with these HUGE wild boars (pigs) that were the size of cows!  People were there I was conversing with, but have no idea what the topic of conversation was.

While sitting there, though, I was immensely pleased to see that my black lab, Buddy (who died a few years ago), once again came to sit next to me to be hugged and kissed.  I can still feel his happy tail wag and comforting body next to me.

At that point, I became aware that my daughter was coming down the stairs behind me.  (My daughter is just now starting to realize that she also travels in dreams, although she is not fully ready to accept it as a process of learning). 

I’m so happy to tell her about Buddy being there with me, and then go to tell her that she too is now dreaming and astrally traveling!  However, at that point where I am to say something, I get an AWFUL taste in my mouth and have to turn away from her to spit whatever it is out, over the railing at the side of the steps I was on.

As I turn to go back to talk to her, (concerned that she was going to think I was rather disgusting for spitting…lol), she’s gone and I find myself immediate fully awake and back in bed.  

I hurry to record all that I could remember, and while writing this, just talked with my daughter to see if she remembered any dreams from this morning.  She mentioned that although there was no specific dream recall, she awoke with a sense of ‘longing and missing’ our longtime pet, Buddy! 

To me, this was enough of a validation to know that she was there, and with time, may wish to learn more about this wonderful world we all live in, as well as the multitude of ‘worlds’ that we are all multi-dimensionally part of!!!