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Sunday, December 30, 2007

37) Use of Signal Word

I was focusing intently on my visualizations and affirmations, and then became aware of soft vibrations. I then put some emotional energy into the “vibrations now!’ affirmations and they became stronger and stronger until the point where I just very easily sat up and got out! I believe it was possibly the easiest exit I have ever had! No tugging, pulling or heaviness that I usually feel upon exiting!

I said, “to the door!” as usual, to move away and immediately felt the ‘solid’ surface of my front door with my hand! Again I was in darkness, with my usual astral blindness, but knew I was out so I just passed through the door to the stoop.

At that point, my dog Buddy decided to come out as well, (just as he always does now whenever I try to leave the house, in hopes of going for a walk!) I could feel him pressed against my leg, with my arms hugging him around his neck, as I said to him, ‘well, Buddy, then let’s go together!’ and we flew straight up. I remember looking down at the house and countryside, and then realizing that Buddy was becoming fearful the higher I went!

I tell him ‘it’s ok’, and I immediately start floating back down toward the ground, with the intent of letting him go once we were ‘safely’ down. I remember thinking, ‘why is it taking such a long time to get back down?!’ as I see the countryside very slowly coming closer into view.

I knew I couldn’t get all the way down to drop him off – but then he was gone from my arms, and I knew I was out on the ground. I started looking for K, but it was empty countryside here with no one around.

This was the first time I can remember actually ‘calling out’ the name and could ‘hear’ myself shouting! For some reason, I also called out a ‘signal word’ (that I can’t say in case I get confirmation from my friend in the future!) as I felt he may be able to at least recall something that relates to this ‘signal word’.

I came back into the house, like I was checking to see if I was still OOB. I could feel I was back in body, because I had the vibrations, so attempted to climb out once again. This time, it was much harder, with the pulling and tugging sensations returning after exiting.

I knew my daughter’s room was at the end of the hall, so I focused on going there. As I entered the hallway, I was distracted by a room off to my left that appeared. In this room I found my daughter, not as she is today at age 17, but as a grown adult! I felt it was perhaps a patient’s room, and she was the nurse taking care of them!

She accompanied me out of the room, back to the living room area where I started, and I remember talking to her about ‘so, you’ve become a nurse too!’ and feeling the answer as ‘yes, she had to do it this way because of financial need’. So, (as a true parent getting ready to send their child off to college now), I remember thinking, ‘wow, and I sent her off for 4 years of college in another field of study!...and she could have done it sooner had she known what she really wanted to do!’ lol

I was then back outside, but somehow stuck between glass doors that didn’t open! There were two ladies there with me but I don’t know why. For some reason, I was no longer able to go through them, so I’m thinking, “Maybe I’m not fully out?” I know I had a friendly conversation with these women, but about what, I cannot recall!

I tried to pass through the glass doors first with my hand, and then myself, but in order to exit, I actually had to push open the glass doors! Things then felt like they became more ‘solid’ and I believe I entered more into a dream-like experience now.

This was one part of my experience I do recall that there was more going on but I cannot remember any of it!

Now I’m with these two men, one was talking about a contract they signed, and the other person wasn’t going to honor it. I thought we were going to have to do something to get this guy to honor it. The person I want to help (who signed the contract) somehow had their eyes painted shut (?white paint?)

I could see them stuck together and I had to physically pull them apart to get them open, thinking ‘This is terrible! They are just going to have to honor their contract if they have done damage here!’

After opening both eyes, and even seeing a few eyelashes pulled out and stuck in the paint remaining around the eyes, I felt there was no permanent damage, but that it would be a mess to clean up.

So I go to other guy (tall lanky guy) who has a contract in hand (that he wasn’t going to honor) is telling me there wasn’t a ‘check’ so he isn’t going to honor it despite the damage to the other male’s eyes.

I was walking around the kitchen area of my house, trying to block his exit, while trying to read the contract that he held in his hand. I asked my brother-in-law to help me (I didn’t actually see him there, but knew I needed a big guy to help me get that contract out of his hands!)

At the end of the scene, the tall lanky contract-toting male convinced me there was NO check, so I said “Oh, no money?, then go and get out of here, we don’t need to see the contract!”

So, in general, I believe this started as a full-blown easy OOBE, went into a different type of OOB (possibly future oriented), and then slowly transitioned into a lucid dream of sorts!


An interesting point made to me was the fact that my dog again helped me to go to where I needed to go! In a previous experience here on the blog, my dog actally kept me from leaving the house in order to meet up with some individuals.

Here again, my dog was the reason I decided to 'come back down' and that is where I remembered I had set out this task of finding my friend! Interesting point - one I will have to pay attention to should I see my dog wishing to accompany me again!

Also, this 'signal word' I thought of was such an insight that I hadn't even thought about prior! It was just something that came to me as I called out his name - and getting no response, figuring he may be able to 'hear' me at least! Here's hoping for some validation soon!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Birth Announcement

For those who may be interested, I am officially now a 'Grandma'!!

Her name: Samara Noelle
Born: 11:29am on 12/28/07

Wt: 9 lb 8 oz
Ht: 21.75 inches

Welcome to our world, little one!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

36) Negative Energy & More Firsts!

I was having a hard time getting into the stage of total relaxation, as my visualization and affirmations were drifting off and I was not focusing as well as I usually can. I remember getting to the soft vibrations stage a time or two, but would always become more aware and wake up.

I finally became a bit exasperated and said to ‘anyone’ out there, that I need help! (Of course, I always make a point to ask for help/guidance from those who are “at or above my level of development” and use the white light visualization for protection as you don’t want just ‘anyone’ helping! lol)

Well, something must have worked, because I then found myself out of body, feeling that strong pulling sensation telling me I needed to move away from myself!

The first part of this experience is poorly recalled, as again, when you transition from this experience, you immediately can feel the ‘memories’ fading quickly.

Just to share what I do, at the very end when I can feel the ‘pulling back’ and the fading of memories, I quickly make one word associations with as much as I can recall to imprint my waking consciousness. You can actually feel a difference in awareness levels, a transition that is moving to a more ‘grounded’ state of mind. (Words just can’t describe these feelings accurately!)

For this experience, I was imprinting in my mind the words, couch, dark energy, move, offices, blackness up, etc. They really don’t make a lot of sense to anyone else, but to me, each word created a spark of memory recall for each scene.

Then, upon coming to more awareness, yet still too groggy to move any part of my body to grab the recorder, I tried to ‘fade back’ further into the experience to recall some of the beginning parts.

I was then able to retrieve bits and pieces of the beginning of the OOBE, but unfortunately, not specific details. Thankfully, for this experience, the best part was near the end and so amazingly profound that I have a clear memory of the event.

So, onward with the great experience!

From my word associations, there was something in the very beginning about ‘bubbles’, but I have no recall what that was all about! I do remember it was the tiny white foamy type bubbles, but how they fit into this experience, I do not know!

Initially upon getting out, I remembered again that I was hoping to connect with a friend, so I took off looking in all these different rooms that appeared. The first few rooms were very similar to my current house, but arranged in a way that it appeared 15 years ago before renovations. I don’t have a lot of recall as to what I did, but I do remember I somehow ‘knew’ what was to be found in the next room, as I could see into it before I ‘phased’ into it.

This entire experience was with such clarity, as there was NO blindness associated this time! I do remember thinking, “wow, I can see so well!”, and the one time my vision dimmed, I used ‘clarity now!’ to regain full abilities.

I believe I was so caught up in my investigation of the rooms that I totally forgot about finding my friend!

There were lots of rooms I went to and at one point, I thought ‘let’s see what its like to look down at myself’ and I remember seeing my furniture, knowing I should be able to see myself. I saw the couch, but not myself on it, but again, I knew it was something that I didn’t want to really dwell on anyway so I moved on.

The next recall I have is traveling very, very fast, straight up into blackness with starry points of light passing by for a long, long time. I was zooming straight up, like a rocket, not sure where or how it started and unaware of where I was going.

Now at some point I realized I was with this family riding in the back left seat of a car. The car was an older model (1950’s?), with three or four family members in the car with me. Sitting next to two teenage girls with an adult in front passenger seat, there was a young girl driving.

I started talking to the girls next to me (I somehow ‘knew’ I was their grandmother!) and yet I also knew I was me!

So I am asking them, “Where are we? Who am I?” and other such questions…and the girls are finding it extremely funny that ‘grandma’ suddenly went ‘senile’ and is asking these strange questions!!

I never did get an answer to my questions, I just remember riding in the back seat, feeling ‘myself’ within this other body, and wondering what am I doing here? It was an unfamiliar area, in a poor neighborhood, on some back roads, and the words ‘St Louis’(?) came to mind. All I remember clearly is the fact that the girls were having a lot of fun with my confusion!

It was at this point that I became aware again that I was reclining on a couch, as I really was, but it was not this particular couch. Again, I think it was to make me aware that I was indeed ‘someplace else’ but yet still in body….

There suddenly (and frightfully!) appeared this moving dark energy that was pushing me down the couch, moving quickly in front of me! It was like waves of moving energy, full of anger and/or anxiety and made me a bit frightened and concerned! I knew this was not something I had ever encountered before and was not sure what to do!

Upon realizing my fear, something or someone gave me the ‘knowing’ that all I needed to do was to put up my ‘defense’ to deflect the energy which would allow me to interact with it.

Even at this time, I can still recall the sensation of negative energy waves that were radiating at me, something I have not ever ‘felt’ before! (Best description I can give you is that it felt like someone was pushing radiant heat waves at you!)

Then I see it was this older woman, telling me ‘move down the couch!, move from here now!’, waving and pushing, trying to get me to move….I could feel this strong, strong energy coming at me in waves. Such strong energy! It was a bit overwhelming at first. I knew I had to get over this hint of fear, immediately realizing that nothing can hurt me so all I needed to do was ‘deflect’ it and keep going!

I kept getting this strong dark insistence that ‘I have to move!!...can’t stay here!

Once I regained control of my feelings with the knowledge I was safe from anything that was going on, I calmed enough to ask, “What’s going on?” I knew it was important at that point to I determine what the ‘situation’ was so I could deal with it appropriately. (In hindsight, I think I realized at this point that this was someone who needed my help!)

I recall telling this ‘energy’ that I would be very happy to move for her, but before I did, she would have to do something for me. I said it would only be fair that we both agreed to do something that the other person wanted….

I could feel she stopped what she was doing to think about this and sat next to me in a chair, quietly, like she was mulling over my offer. I really wasn’t sure where I was going with this, but I did feel like this was the ‘right thing’ to say.

At least I got her to stop pushing me down the couch, and the blasts of energy and anxiety stopped long enough for me to see this male figure coming out of the back room doorway, saying in a calm, comforting voice, “Now Rose, that seems like a great idea to me….she will do something for you, and all you have to do is get up out of the chair and come with us! I think that makes a lot of sense! She’s willing to help you out!”

The woman became very quiet, like she was considering my offer, so I said, “yes Rose, I’ll even help you get out of the chair, come on!” So I got up, reached out my hand to her, and she became this entirely different ‘feeling’ person, a different energy, as she also reached her hand out to me and I was surprised that I could feel her take my hand!

The male figure that was there with us started talking to her like he was an old friend, putting his arm around her, and walking her toward the doorway in the back of the room that he came out of.

I could see into this doorway a group of individuals waiting there, and I walked with them up to the door. I knew that I was not to go inside. I felt such a sense of completion at this time…thinking “wow, did I really do what I think I just did?!??!”

I went back to the couch, sat down, and remember another woman coming over and telling me what a good job I just did…’you did some good work’…which made me feel rather good about myself…

Now this same couch became a sitting area for a busy office-like open waiting area (alcove of sorts) where people are walking by all the time. I could see a woman in the chair across from me, concerned, because she’s waiting for someone to come and was concerned that he didn’t remember to bring his favorite pencil/pen(?) he had to have with him. It didn’t feel like she needed help, but was just concerned…and I could see a lot of people just outside the tall glass windows who were lining up for some sort of processing…

The very last part of the experience involved my flying over city streets, as my word associations bring back the fact there was lots of people, a bus parked somewhere, and a modern day train engine that somehow figured into this experience.

I believe I made myself ‘awaken’ at this point as I wanted to recall the ‘retrieval’ that happened earlier, before too much more went on that would make me forget!


I will add more to this commentary as I get feedback from others, but for now, I want to point out my 'firsts' here. This was the first time I EVER encountered any type of negative energy, and it was so unsettling at first that it took me quite by surprise! Such strong waves of radiating's just so difficult to describe in words!

Thankfully, I'm glad to know it was a successful encounter, and again, that boosts my confidence greatly! Knowing what to expect, how to deal with it, is such a comforting thought. Putting up 'defenses' to deflect the energy, and sending out warmth and love to the negativity works, just as I've been told!

Also, it was a first for me to feel myself 'inside' that body of the, really an unusual sensation to feel! I was not concerned at all, except for the fact that I wanted to know where I was and no one wanted to tell me!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

35) First Lucid Task and Incomplete False Awakenings

This experience was actually a culmination of three separate events going OOB, with two incomplete false awakenings happening between them. This was not only a first for me in being able to remember a task I arranged to do prior to sleep, but also a first in that I was also able to remain in the altered state of consciousness when I thought I was awake in order to continue on and return OOB.

Unfortunately, for the most part, there is minimal specific recall as to exactly what I was doing while OOB. It was quite involved with a lot of activity, but I can only remember upon awakening that there was so much I was forgetting!

I will share the bits and pieces of my remembered activities, but I think the major outcome of this experience is the fact I was able to remember my intended task AND I was able to prolong the experience twice without waking.

After awakening around 4am, I started with my energy work and affirmations. Having had a recent discussion about 'mutual dreaming', I intended to look for a friend I was hoping to meet up with while OOB. I used my usual affirmation of “out of body now!” alternating with “show me now”!

After a short while, I felt the ‘settling in’ sensations along with being aware of soft vibrations. This time though, the roaring sound in my right ear became very loud, almost painful, but I went with it knowing you always have to expect anything.

At the point when I knew I could separate, I sat up, climbed out and stood next to my body. As usual, I could feel the ‘heaviness’ pulling me back, so I moved further away.

Again, I couldn’t see a thing, as there is always blindness when I get out at first! I remember feeling the frustration of “why is it always so dark when I first get OOB!” so I tried my “clarity now!” affirmation about 5-6 times with no improvement.

At that point, I gave up seeing and just decided I would do what I set out to do…look for my friend! I kept affirming my friend’s name, so my consciousness could lead me to where I had to go. I know I was going many places, but just cannot recall all of it!

One instance I do recall is being across the street from home in a field, where I was able to be down low enough to feel the tickling of my face against the taller weeds and grasses that grow there. I knew I was intent on getting the ‘physical’ sensation of seeing what things felt like while OOB.

I was aware I was traveling places, and I remember meeting one guy sitting on a hill near my home, who was very nice to talk to, but didn’t give a lot of coherent answers to my questions. I do know I asked him about my friend, and he replied politely, but again, not in an understandable way. He appeared to be of Irish decent, with short red tint hair, with a lean face, (freckles?), and may even have had a thin reddish beard. I do not know who this was.

I also remember hearing a (riding) lawn mower, and seeing it being driven by a white-haired male, shirtless, going past the end of the driveway into another yard, waving his arms for some reason.

At that point I was pulled back to being aware I was on the couch, and I could hear my husband coming down the stairs. Thinking it was early morning and he was leaving for work, I knew I was about to ‘wake up’. However, I could still feel the soft vibrations, and I wanted to prolong the experience, (knowing he wouldn’t try to wake me if I looked to be sleeping) so I just kept quiet and still.

I was able to get out a second time, but don’t have the recall as to what I did except for the fact that I was dancing! I remember thinking, “wow, it’s been along time since I’ve done this type dancing and I don’t remember where my arms and feet are supposed to go!” It was a ballroom type dancing I was doing with someone…lots of fun!

There was a lot more to this second time out but there is just no recall. Funny thing is, I can remember that there was indeed something important to recall….but it was lost immediately upon waking for real at the end of the entire experience.

This time, I was brought to awareness of being on the couch by the entrance of my son, who came into the room and plopped down on the end of the couch by me! I remember he was trying to get me to wake up, throwing some papers on my feet, and I was upset to think he dared to do this!

I was SO deeply involved in my experience at this point, that it was difficult to arouse myself to the awareness level I felt I needed! I was really so deeply in that it was difficult to pull myself back to what I thought was physical awareness. It was almost as though I was in two places at once.

Again, because I still felt some soft vibrations, I just went along with this one too - just because something felt different and I really didn’t want to come back….so I just kept going….

Each time I started to awaken, something told me not to move, that it may not be the real thing. I just remained very still, in same position, and continued on and didn’t react to whatever happened next.

The incomplete false awakening with my husband was easy, but with my son, it was harder as I could feel the touching of my ‘body’ as he tried to wake me! I felt he was really there!

Now, again for the third time, I realized I was out, and that my son’s appearance was also a false awakening. It was the first time that I actually realized WHILE OOB that I had a false awakening!

Now I’m aware again I’m standing in the room next to my sleeping body again and I know I can fly, so I just took off straight up! I went through the ceiling, past the roof, and took note of the changes in texture as I went through the framework of the house.

I continued to go higher and higher through darkness until I heard singing, some sort of song with the word Christmas in it. It was a medley of 3-4 songs at first, not familiar, but then new words were added to it. The songs changed to ones that I knew were directed at me in the sense that they made me feel so good about myself, something like “you are so beautiful” or “you make me so very happy” songs….and it was a male voice singing to me….

That’s when I did awaken for real, and was so profoundly aware that I had had a most wonderful experience! But the recall faded SO quickly….there was SO much that I know I did, but I cannot recall!!

Each time, though, I could feel myself climb out after the waking attempts and I do remember being able to ‘see’ clearly at different points of my OBE, but at this time cannot recall what I saw!!

I am thrilled to think that I shall be able to make clear my intention of performing a task prior to sleep and will now be able to complete it fully!

This experience gives me much more confidence in my abilities, which goes a long way in making your conscious mind aware that it IS a possible outcome to expect!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

34A) My Induction Method

I thought I'd share here my method for getting prepared for LD/OBEs. Over the course of time, and with my constant quest for new reading/learning, I have been able to improve the process.

As of now, this method seems to be the best for me. Everyone will have their personal preference for relaxation and visualization, but the key is to get into a proper mindset and 'body paralysis' mode.

I am not one who can take the time to 'nap' or meditate during the day, as life always seems to get in the way! What works best for me is the nighttime induction, because we all have to sleep at some point!

I try to get to bed by 10p, which will almost always guarantees a natural wake-up between 2-4am.

For me, the trick at that time is to NOT wake fully, to keep in that 'sleepy' mode, yet make my mind as alert as possible with visualizations and affirmations. Active visualization includes seeing energy (white light) entering the top of my head (on inhale) and exiting my feet (on exhale), and re-circulating back up and re-entering with each breath.

I do this for a few cycles, then reverse the energy flow so that the white light is entering my feet, exiting my head and re-circulating, all while concentrating on my breath in/out.

Once the energy is established, and I start to feel the 'fuzzy' sensations and lack of proprioception (fancy word to mean, "I can't feel my body!!" lol), that's when I start my affirmations.

I think using the affirmations keeps my mind from wandering and helps me to focus on anything EXCEPT my body. Be sure you are not too awake when you start, or you will get quite bored quickly with this!

For affirmations, I repeat the same two phrases over and over - "My mind remains aware as my body falls asleep" and "NOW I am out of body!" It is important to know that they are wordlessly repeated in my head, but WITH emotion and full of intent as if I know it is definitely happening here and now! There can be no 'wimpy' statements of intention!

Almost always before a 'loss of consciousness' into sleep, there will be a falling sensation that is my signal to remain aware and see what happens next.

Sometimes I try to induce the falling sensation with thought of climbing down a ladder, freefalling as in skydiving (although I've never done it!), or even visualizing flight as a bird over a canyon.

Again, I agree, the trick is to not get excited that it's happening, and just go with the flow. That does take practice!

Sometimes, I may lapse into sleep, but then the 'dream conversion OBE' may occur (as I have described here in my blog many times) where I become aware of an anomaly within my dream, and therefore become more aware and in control.

"Surrender to the experience" is a perfect description of any LD/ matter WHAT happens (visual, auditory, tactile, etc)...go with it, wait it out, and see what happens!

(I will be honest, the tactile ones are a bit freaky when you feel hands touching you...but always go with it, as you will find out the reason sooner or later! The auditory ones can be quite soothing - I've had waterfalls, children's voices, and singing at times...)

Also, one particular motion I feel many times as I start getting into the 'fuzzy' all over sensations is a circular movment around both palms...another indicator that I'm 'settling in' and getting ready to go. (I believe someone told me we have minor chakras there, but I'm not well versed in this)

Of course, another VERY important part of this,of course, is to record your experience that follows! I use a small recorder kept at my bedside and record immediately upon becoming awake. Waiting even a few minutes more will cause you to lose so many details!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

34) Colors and Light

December 14, 2007 2:30am

I awoke at 2am and started with my visualizations and energy work. I must have drifted off….but then became aware of movement on my body, like someone was touching me, tracing a finger, moving energy. I thought ‘let’s keep it going’ so I affirm “Vibrations now!” hoping to be able to get out.

The affirmation didn’t do much except to make me more aware of the touching sensation/pressure moving, from my side to center and then came up to my chest. Once it moved to the heart area, I could feel great warmth spreading across my body.

I did recognize that slight ‘fear’ that I had to let go of because of the ‘touching’ sensations on my body. I could hear someone talking about colors as they moved fingers(?) around my chest, saying things like “more blue, green, yellow…red (It felt like they may have been describing what they saw?)

Suddenly there was a flash of white light all around me. My first thoughts were about ET’s, which I thought was strange because I rarely associate my experiences with them.

(I believe most ET encounters are only OOB type experiences that the self tries to put into a ‘believable’ circumstance – and that protecting yourself with white light prior will keep any malevolent energy at bay).

After the flash of light, I could clearly hear a voice speaking directly to me. The voice was male/female blend, and I remember saying to myself that I HAD to remember this! Unfortunately, I came away only with the basic theme which was something about ‘wanting you to live your life to the fullest without (limitation/disability)’. The exact words are not recalled, but the idea of enjoying life to the fullest was stressed.

They used other words, but I cannot recall exactly what...and there was so much more information given to me, but like the last time I heard this voice, I can only remember the general theme. You know when you are hearing them, it's VERY important...and you WANT to remember it, but somehow you can’t put it into words.

This entire episode lasted less than 30 minutes, and despite my best efforts to recall everything, I couldn’t! Words are not descriptive enough for the feelings I experienced. The basic idea, though, of starting to live life as I wish, doing for myself and what I want, fits into what's going on in my life now.


Thanks to Kiauma of Saltcube for his valuable insight! - It is very common to hear words or sentences, and not be able to remember them afterwards. I think that often when we hear words but cannot recall it is because we really are not “hearing” words.

What is happening is our energy structure is undergoing subtle changes, what one would call 'active' information, which translates into how we live and interact.

It's not knowledge of the intellect we are hearing, but knowledge of the heart - we cannot remember because you really cannot express that kind of knowledge in words.

Monday, December 10, 2007

33) Learning about Walk-In's

I had an unusual 'dream' experience recently just before waking that I was not even going to record, but because it felt so 'real' I thought I would post it anyway to see what information I can learn from it.

It really wasn't much in the sense of 'travel' but more of an 'informational' experience.

I was in a 'bedroom' talking with my 'sister' but this person felt like it was my daughter's 'energy' yet she was my sister.

A third person in the room was just teaching us both about the 'walk-in' experience that happens...the one where a soul/spirit in body has decided to 'leave' and another 'soul/spirit' comes in to take over in that body.

(I am not very familiar with this experience only to read about it occasionally in various articles.)

My 'sister' in the room is in the top bunk of a bunkbed, and non-chalantly tells me, 'oh, that's what I did!' which completely floors me and I ask what she means by that.

She tells me to remember when she "was very little, about 2-3 years old, and had a very, very high blood pressure - and that 'Dad' had to wait for the EMS (emergency medical service) to respond? Well, when the pressure went over 300 (?), she left and I came in."

In this scene, I can recall that 'remembered' this experience clearly and that it was a distinct possibility since I knew she was very sick at that time.

I was so surprised (in the dream) to know that my 'sister' was a walk-in!

Now, in real life (at least this life!), there is no memory of such an experience. The only even close memory of such an event is when my daughter was age 2 having a very, very high fever (over 106 F!) and having to get to the hospital before any detrimental effects occured. There is no recall of my sister in this life being very sick when I was younger.

This is another unusual experience for me as I'm not even sure if it was a 'dream' or a past life recall, or what.

I'm not sure why I was shown this experience, but I thought I'd share it here for those who may not be familiar with this process.

More information can be found here:

Thursday, December 6, 2007

More Insight Re: #32 Post

Regarding the control issues and putting myself first, ....This 'letting go' is actually the 'intent' I expressed a desire for at the ceremony during the Buhlman workshop in September and have been working on since. (see entry #20)

I have had SUCH validation of this just in the past TWO days that all that has happened lately was for a reason in my life.

Without a lot of boring details, I was 'settling' for something that I really didn't want because I thought it would be best for everyone else.

(Hmmm, remember that last OBE with me letting go of the sunglasses everyone else wanted and sticking with the one I really wanted????)

Well, with a lot of 'letting go' lately and visualizations of my ideal situation, it has NOW come to pass!!!! The best part is, it all would not have worked out if I had not experienced EXACTLY what I did over the past few months!!

SO facinating!! I really don't mind telling you the details (it's work/school related) but I thought it would take too much space here. If you want particulars, I would be happy to let you know exactly HOW the Universe worked this all out for me!!

Life is working out SO GOOD right now...and I had to go through whatI did to get here!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

New Format Now Started

I just thought I would let everyone know that I have started adding commentaries at the end of each of my experiences. In the last two blog entries I have added what I can recall as being significant to my learning experiences.

(For those entries already posted, I will add "and Commentary" to the titles so you can see that there is additional information you may not have read already added. Keep checking in to see which ones I add something to as time allows. For future blog entries I will not add this suffix to the title)

In this way, as readers of the blog, you can get a better understanding what my own interpretation and insight may be with regard to what went on. I also share many of my posts with other groups and often find valuable insight from them that I can add.

This was a great idea suggested to my by a good friend I met recently...and I am honored to have his acquaintance and assistance! Thank so much! (You may be able to guess already!)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

32) New Experience – Not Sure What! (with Commentary)

12/01/07 5:18am awake

Being unable to sleep for several hours, I spent the time doing my usual induction routine, which I think I could share with you here. I always start by visualizing white light entering the top of my head and filling my body. I ask for protection and guidance from anyone who is at or above my level of energy.

I then did my usual energy building visualization with head to toe and feet to head movements. Once I realize I am about to fall asleep, I use the affirmations ‘my mind stays aware as my body falls asleep’ alternating with ‘Now I am out of body!’

The next I remember I am watching the walls of a hallway go past. These walls were red, and I was moving v-e-r-y slowly. It was then I became aware of my OOB state and realized that all I had to do was 'think' of where I want to be and I can be there faster!

(This was really a first - to become aware during an OOBE of remembering from a previous OOBE when I was told I 'do things the slow way' so it reminded me of how to move faster! - see previous post #31)

So I then think, "to the end of the hall", because I really didn't know where I was and what I was going to end up with! I did move very fast to the end of the hall, at which time I felt I was able to just 'take off'.

I began zooming up through floors (it was a high-rise type building with rooms on top of rooms) and remember seeing that all the rooms were the same, no matter how high I went! I felt something was not right, so I said something like wanting to go out, but then I started to move down through the floors to below where I started.

The rooms became more like a 'game room' of sorts, with the feeling of belonging to a younger energy with lots of game activities that could be played for fun in the rooms.

It was then that I experienced an unusual feeling, one of 'popping' through to another scene, but this scene felt so 'real', more so than where I had just come from. (It is tough to describe adequately the clarity and realness of this new environment - it's one I had never felt before)

I became aware of a 'tickly, creepy' type feeling on my right eye, which I then knew to be a butterfly landing. Wondering 'what's this?’ I see an individual in front of me dressed in an outrageous outfit, talking directly to me.

He is wearing a ?clown/jester? type costume, very colorful with one side yellow, one side white and sparkles all over. As he is talking to me, I feel apprehensive but not scared. He tells me I've been given the chance to "spin on the atlas" (apparently because of the butterfly landing on me.)

This entire `scene' I was in was nothing like I have ever experienced before. There was such a `reality' sense upon entering into this environment, but the individual I was interacting with was so `artificial' in the sense it felt so almost cartoon-like in a carnival type atmosphere.

This individuals attire was unusual enough but as he spoke to me, he leaned in to be sure that I noticed that his left eye was not actually an `eye' but a medallion or coin of some sort that glistened and got my attention.

Again, I was not scared, but I was not at all comfortable with his manner and 'artificial' energy. He pulls back, still reminding me I have a chance to "spin on the atlas", but I was not sure what that was or if I even wanted to do it.

He then explains that first I had to climb up these cage-like stairs, to a level where I found him making tea for me. It was a special tea, one that automatically knows exactly how you like it....but it was such a messy procedure that it left you with tea leaves all over the place.

Next, I remember I have these sunglasses with me, brought with me from wherever I just was. This individual says I could take HIS glasses also, which were very thick round ugly type glasses. I really didn't want them but knew they were more valuable.

So I turned to start coming back down the stairs within a cage, but I knew I really only wanted the sunglasses I came with. I met up with someone on my way down who saw I had the other ugly ones, and said to me `oh wow! You got the "adobo" glasses?...that's great!"

Despite their apparent value, I knew I didn't want them so I'm not sure if I gave them to him or just left them there. But I eventually went down with only the sunglasses that I really wanted anyway.

Funny thing, though, I was concerned that I was not going to get through the `airport' security with these sunglasses. I knew I was going to have to be careful in how I got them past security with them.

I remember then 'buckling in' the glasses for safe keeping and taking off.I was confident that even though I gave up the more valuable item, I stuck with the one I really wanted.

The scene then faded and I immediately lost that unusual `reality' feeling and woke in physical.

This experience was so unlike my usual ones that I am asking anyone who reads this to give me their impression as to what they may feel this was. Perhaps it was ‘just a dream’ but I don’t think so with that new yet unusual 'reality' feeling I had with it.


This was a 'first' for me for a few parts of this experience. As I mentioned in the blog, just the fact that I was able to 'recall' an experience from a previous OBE was amazing, however, at the time it just seemed to be a natural occurence.

The altered energy feeling of that 'popping in' scene was also a first, as I've not felt anything quite like that before. The 'popping' feeling was new as well as the whole environment feeling so 'real'...I just have a hard time explaining the different sensations I felt.

In discussing this experience with others, a few symbolic meanings were mentioned that I thought I'd share with you. First of all, the butterfly....thanks to Holly of Flight_Plan, "Butterflies signify creativity, romance, joy and spirituality. You may be undergoing a transformation into a new way of thinking."

She agrees that when we are going through an important time of change in our lives, the divine realm tells us what we want to know through symbolisms in our dreams/obes.

Of course, it really did startle me a bit with it's landing on my face, but I'm sure that was to get my attention immediately....which it did!

Holly also made the cute analogy, "butterfly on your eye......I'm getting that it has to do with that you are going to embarking on a new outlook, a new way of LOOKING AT things!" which does seem appropriate at this time.

I'm sure there IS a bit of transformation going on with much has occurred in my life over the past few weeks that I have been forced to just 'let go' and let the Universe take over.

Control is a big issue with me, and I have been shown that it is not a healthy way for me to live anymore. It's not that I am such an agressive control freak, but that I feel secure in keeping on top of everything.

The message for me has been to just 'know' that my needs are already being met in the most ideal and perfect way and to just 'let go' and enjoy life without constant worry about the future. I have to start putting myself first and stop doing so much for others is the other lesson I have had to learn the hard way lately...

This seems to fit with the fact that I 'stuck with' the sunglasses I really wanted at the end of the experience, despite the obvious value of the other glasses I gave away!

In retrospection, I also think that perhaps since I was going 'down' the floors in the beginnine into a more 'younger' energy with game rooms, perhaps there was a bit of regression going on, since the character I encountered was SO unusual! It was so much like a child-oriented costume that was almost comical!