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Sunday, July 29, 2007

15) Trouble at School

July 13, 2007 7am

I was at a school but in the back section (had a faculty entrance feeling) and then proceeded to walk around to the front sidewalk. I knew I was going on a trip with a class somewhere.

While on the sidewalk, I heard a commotion and then saw a bomb(!) drop to the sidewalk in front of me! I saw two relatives just in front of me closer to dropped bomb. The bomb did not explode, but just landed there point down, balanced on end on sidewalk. I felt this was an ‘ongoing’ event (bombing) but that we were lucky this time as it did not explode.

A few minutes later, I watched as a green flag antennae shot up from the back of the bomb (which was still pointing down on sidewalk) and then realized “OH NO! it’s going to explode!”, and it did! (I felt it was ‘trick bomb’ with a delayed detonation that worked best with complacent attitudes)

I knew that people were hurt, and a woman off to my left was very badly hurt. I didn’t think I was too bad, but was grazed in the face because I could barely see out of my right eye and blood was dripping down. (Funny, though, I felt this was a ‘good’ thing somehow.)

Now I remember being told there is going to be no class trip now, so the class was going to watch a movie instead. I asked the name of the movie (thinking I’d like to see it too), but when I heard the name, knew I saw it already and ‘moved on’.

Now found myself in a room talking with a couple about their new baby, and felt it was related to me somehow. I was told the baby's name was ‘Alora’ or ‘Ali’ or something like that. I asked how they chose that name and they said it was short (nickname) for ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ (a fictional long word from the Mary Poppins movie). I became upset because I knew this child would have a very difficult time in kindergarten when they start school because they always make you write out your legal name, not a nickname.

This was not recorded in my usual fashion so many details may be left out, but since the basic story stayed with me even after a few hours of being awake, I thought I’d write down what I can remember.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

14) Intent is Everything

I just wanted to post a note here letting everyone know that since I have been on vacation for the past 3 weeks, there has been little posting done. I still have had dream experiences and have them recorded, but due to time constraints, I haven't been able to get them written out and evaluated.

I do want to point out it IS true that placing intent and expecting results will give you the best experiences. Over the past three weeks, I slowed down on the number of attempts and 'working' sessions due to the vacation. I still have had dreams and experiences, but they in no way compare to the sometimes 'high-level' ones that I have when I expect and work toward them. I feel the dreams I have had still have very symbolic events, but the actual lucid-type experiences were not there.

Now that things are getting back to 'normal', I will hopefully be able to post more here. I did want to make sure everyone knew that focusing intent and fully expecting results WILL give you the best chances for any lucid dream experiences and OOBEs.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

13) One Sentence Description

7:52am 7/04/07

I woke with the definite feeling I had just done some intensive ‘studying’ (for lack of a better word) somewhere, and the only recall I had was this task I was given at the end. The task was to find a sentence in this book that best described me, the ‘whole me’. (Again, this may be a reference to my beginning blog entry that says I’m on “Journey One – getting to know yourself”)

I was sent to a ‘waiting room’ to look up in a book (one I knew very well) to find a single sentence that I felt would describe who I am. I knew where I wanted to look but it was taking me a long time to find it. I knew the exact sentence I wanted, and it was in this book in a chapter that dealt with 18th century or 1700’s. The book covered all kinds of information and had many chapters to go through. I felt had read this book before, and it covered all aspects of myself, from being a mom, to cooking and recipes. I was looking at the titles of the chapters on top, specifically looking for this 18th century reference. Any other sentence I found just wouldn’t do a good enough job to fully describe what I felt was ‘me’.

My counselor there gave me this task was there off to my left, doing other things while I’m searching the book in this waiting room full of other people. My friend Susan was there talking to people just like a counselor would, participating in the conversation, and trying to help the others with their issues. (Something she does in real life too)

I felt I was holding everything up, causing a delay, in trying to find this sentence. I got the feeling I was there with someone else and I knew I could find a sentence that described that person, but I just couldn’t find one to fully describe me.

I did wake with a 'knowing' that perhaps I am NOT able to be described by just one sentence, but am a myriad of all that I have ever been! (which I’m sure may mean my many past lives).

12) Other Beings and People

5:51am 7/01/07

I was coming down a familiar stretch of highway by our local high school with the feeling I had somehow received ‘superpowers’, now being able to move very fast! As I passed by the school entrances, I saw a group of familiar people standing, watching my arrival, near the first school entrance. I believe I had some interaction here with these individuals, especially one I felt very close to, but have no recall as to what exactly took place.

At the second school entrance, just a little further down, I saw 3-4 ‘otherworldly beings’ standing at the entrance. They were completely different shapes (robotic-like? no obvious humanoid shape), and a variety of colors, with a glowing soft light green area on one. I remember having fun, skidding into their area (because I was traveling SO fast!) to stop in front of them.

The one said ‘whoa!’ like he was startled due to my quick appearance and he put his hand out toward my ‘energy center’ to see who I was. He pulled back quickly (as if he touched something hot) saying “Who are you? You’re not from here!” I felt I was not expected at this place, as they were standing in such a way to block this entrance.

Feeling not very welcome, I continued on down the road, but with the knowing that the one familiar male presence that I had passed on the first entrance was watching. There was such a strong connection to him as he watched me leave, so I wanted to ‘show off a little’ by doing skating-like maneuvers. I felt him say to me, “Come on, show me ‘Mach-5 speed!” so I then take off knowing he was watching, yet wishing I could have stayed with him!

I next found myself in a hallway, knowing I had to get to this one class. I felt I was running late but it was an ‘excused lateness’ as they knew I was doing something important before arriving.

The hallway area had a closed door at the end and just as I got to the door, I heard someone on other side (of the door) say “Come on, open the door! I have to get in and get to class!” So as the door opened for this other person, I took the opportunity and went on in.

I walked into my classroom on the right, where I saw an older woman teaching. There were others all around working on their projects. I watch as an older man came into the classroom ahead of me, joking around saying he was dropping off mail for the teacher from (a local community college here). I knew enough to realize this class was definitely not from this college, (the letter carried the feeling it was something going on union-wise or politically wise), and I saw that the teacher was not at all interested in opening up this letter.

The teacher did see me come in right behind him, saying, “oh good! I’m glad you could make it!” and began working on my project. I had the feeling I had just done something or went somewhere prior to arriving that we took pictures of and she asked if I had seen the pictures yet. It felt like it was a ‘graduation’ of sorts that occurred prior, and I said “no, I haven’t seen anything yet.”

I was handed this whole stack of photos, saved in envelopes. I spread them on the table, carefully taking out the first set of photos. It was a picture of two boys, and the teacher said ‘there, that’s him, with his older brother’, with the feeling it was his graduation, someone I knew well. The next few pictures were various young kids with one specific picture suddenly showing me two of my own children as young boys, along with these other two boys. The picture was taken many years ago in a ‘workshop’ type setting (which felt familiar, but I have no clear recall of this place). I knew this was someone they grew up with, so I said “I’m so glad you have pictures of my boys with them” and the teacher said, “well of course I would, that was a very important time because he had just lost his other friends and was so happy to made new friends.” Now I felt she was the mother of the new ‘graduate’ and was explaining to me how my boys helped her son so much.

The next picture I picked up was actually a picture frame with a video playing in it. In this video was a firefighter, a man who had a heavy black mustache and heavy black coarse hair., He spoke loudly and arrogantly, with a touch of obscene words, much like a ‘macho’ full of ego firefighter might do. He turned to show the back of his black turnout coat with NYFD (?) logo, and I saw his shoulders covered with dirt and dust. I cannot recall any of the words he spoke, only his demeanor and personality.

I related the scene to NY on 9/11/01, but don’t know if it was actually then or just my perception. I also knew this was someone I had previously been involved with romantically because I missed him, feeling I hadn’t seen him in so long and was so happy to see him again! But, this feeling was tempered with the fact that I knew he was married, and I was watching what was like a review of his life. The video went back to his younger days and then faded into a picture of his wife as a younger girl. She looked Italian, with an olive complexion, a thin young girl who then transformed into an older woman with long black hair, parted in the center. The last picture was of the both of them as young couple that then changed into them in their older years. I felt some ‘guilt’ that I could have been ‘involved’ with him romantically despite the fact he was already married.

I am not sure what all this means, but I woke up knowing that perhaps this was a part of another life that I no longer needed to feel ‘guilty’ about. There is so much going on in this dream/OBE recall that I am having a difficult time deciphering all the hidden meanings!