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Friday, August 7, 2009

109) Meeting Rory, Lessons Learned


My first ‘awareness’ for this OBE was of the ‘astral vision’ opening, where I am aware I lying on the couch but able to ‘see clearly’ into an opening in front of me. What I see is a man, dressed in medieval clothing walking around a stone building as if it trying to find a way in.

This ‘watching’ of the astral vision gave me the knowing that I was in the right state of mind for an OBE. However, I then heard someone walking toward the couch and questioned whether this was something real or a ‘false awakening’. I have learned that if I have any doubt as to my ‘reality’, then I am to remain quiet and unmoving, to let things unfold and see what happens.

A ‘male’ presence was now standing next to me on the couch. I could feel his anxiousness, as he stood there not speaking, yet giving me the ‘feeling’ of wanting something. I then realized I could feel someone’s hands holding my own hands above my head and yet another pair of hands holding my feet!! A small bit of fear rose in my mind with this anxious male standing nearby and both my hands and feet restrained! I wiggled my feet and tried affirming, “release them now!’ but without success.

Somehow I knew I could not let the ‘fear’ take control and my previous lesson of ‘sending love’ when faced with a fearful situation came back to me. I ‘sent love’ to the male, whereupon he exclaimed, ‘oh thank you! I just needed to know that you love me!’ and he disappeared!

I regained my composure now to ask, “who are you?” to the ones holding my hands and feet. Off to my side, I heard a female answer me, but was not able to understand the name. Three times I had to ask, before I was able to hear her name…Rory (rhymed with Lori) Skylar Rhondles….or something like that. I remember I used the mnemonic “ RSR” to remember her initials. (Her last name began with Rhon…but not sure how it ended)

It is a bit hazy as to what exactly happened next and in what order. She was an informally dressed young woman (20’s) who moved off to my left as I sat up on the couch. Whoever was holding my hands and feet was gone – in hindsight, it may have been their way of making sure I stayed in this area for Rory.

I asked, ‘What are you doing here?” and her reply was that she was trying to help others “marry off” so that she (or they?) could get a “well-deserved nap” (?) (Again, what made perfect sense while OOB makes no sense while awake!)

As she moved over to the floor to get something to eat (?), I realized I could no longer see her! I say, “I can’t see you!” and she replied, “But I’m right here in front of you!”

What I realized was that she was completely ‘in shadow’, as there was a bright light coming from behind me, and my positioning created a shadow that fell over her. As I leaned to the side, the light would shine on her and I could then see her again. I remarked, “I can’t see you when you are in the shadow” and she calmly replied, “oh, that’s right” like she was accustomed to dealing with type of situation.

On the floor beside us were small green ‘fuzz’ balls, and she replied, ‘come on, have some!’ indicating this was food to eat. I remember I tried to pick up these ethereal fluffy green balls but without any luck. (I recorded some reference to ‘cat food’ at this point, but have no idea where it fits in!)

“Oh, that’s right, you can’t eat it either!” was her remark. At this point, I thought that I should try to get back so that I could remember this experience, and for the first time, could actually feel my astral body return to my physical body! Usually, I just waken into consciousness without any memories of how I returned, but this time, I recall the entire movement from the floor and drifting gently back into the lying position on the couch!

Knowing I have to record this to remember the details, I find my recorder quickly but once again find it is broken! The buttons are all disconnected and I remember thinking that the ‘boys’ I lent it to previously must have broken it and didn’t tell me! My disappointment ended quickly as I returned to a full awake state and found the recorder in good working condition! (What I didn’t remember was that this broken recorder theme is another ‘false awakening’ that signals I am still not fully conscious!)

It seems that I may be getting a bit ‘rusty’ in my OOB experiences and my ability to recall previous lessons since I do not have the time to really focus on my OOBE learning right now. However, I am thankful to continue to have these small encounters to remind me that I have not forgotten everything I have learned!