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Sunday, September 30, 2007

23) OBE - Feeling Through Objects

I thought I'd share some of the numerous experiences I have from my dream journal that I have not yet transcribed into a posting. It is so interesting to see how I have progressed and what is possible with just a little intent and determination! Anyone CAN do this if I can!

April 6, 2007 7am

This experience was recorded in my dream journal back in April and to this day, remains vivid in my mind. I remember prior to this OBE, telling the Universe that I wish to be able to feel what it was like to go through physical objects while OBE. This experience allowed me to have that awareness for the first time.

I was in that semi-awake stage in early AM and was able to get the ‘feeling’ of going out by thinking of driving my car with my husband next to me. I remember him putting his arms around me and curling into his embrace (while driving!).

I realized then that I was losing control of the car around a very sharp left turn as the car continued to go straight! I could tell I was talking off by the increasing roaring sound in my ears, and then hearing waterfalls and children’s voices.

The sounds continued to build, and I was aware enough to think “out of body now!”, saying, “ok, I will now get to see my body in bed because I’m out”. Again I was not able to do so as I immediately was pulled backward very quickly down a dark black tunnel.

(In the beginning as I felt I should be able to see my body in bed, but now realize that it is such an insignificant part of the OBE experience, especially since it always brings me back to body!)

I arrived at the entrance to a resort-type area, floating above the area in something like an inner tube, very relaxed, and feeling something soft in my hands to hold onto. (It felt like the same material I was wearing for an eye mask at that time). It was a comforting feeling, floating in the yard outside a large mansion, following a stream as it coursed down the edge of the yard. It was really beautiful.

I could see the water swirling as it moved, and it thought it’d be fun to go put my feet in the water. I immediately ‘heard’ a voice saying something about the ‘water is too….?’ So I just said ok, whatever, I don’t have to do that and continued on.

The trees and the landscape was beautiful as I floated up to the house, and I could ‘hear’ voices describing some sort of ‘instructions’ to me as it got closer. The voices were very muffled and difficult to hear, so I think “I can’t hear you!” It doesn’t help at all (in hindsight, I should have said ‘Clarity now!’), but I do recall hearing something about “nobody refuses….” or something like that, meaning that no one comes here except by their own free will and that no one is forced to come here.

Now I’m about 10-15 feet above the ground heading for the main entrance which is a large doorway, very elegant, and got the feeling that this is a ‘resort’ place where you go to have fun. I go into the house, see a beautiful winding staircase, chandeliers, and just elegance all around.

I am under that staircase and now realize that I wanted to be able to watch as my hand goes through a wall. I moved to the wall by the stairs, and pushed my hand into it. It disappeared into the wall, and I pull it out quickly, saying “Wow! I can do it!” I put it back in, felt something unusual (like a wall stud?) and realized it was only the different textures I was feeling. I remembered at that time to thank the Universe for allowing me to do this since it was a goal I had asked to obtain.

Now I float into a sitting room of sorts, and can see ‘people’ all around, realizing they are only spirits since some of them are not fully formed (can only see parts of them). They are all having a good time and there was a woman (receptionist?) at the desk.

As I stood there to ‘check in’, I could see off to my left a group of people who were practicing singing, like a choir would do. Interesting to note, they were all in black in white only, so I smiled at the receptionist and joked about “oh, is it black & white day today?” The receptionist was wearing colors, though, and without speaking to me, floated away with me following her. Just as we passed by this ‘black & white’ choir, I lost the feeling and found myself back in my body in bed.

I was so aware that this was real, and not a dream, that I recorded it immediately and then feel back to sleep asking how I was going to help others doing this OBE stuff.

I immediately became aware of a vision of four people standing around my bed, looking at me. I am fully aware I am lying in bed, looking up, and seeing the environment around me change, yet it registered to me as a normal occurrence so I wasn’t concerned.

The first person I saw was a young woman with a pillbox type hat and a 1960’s look – short dark straight hair, felt like a stewardess-type – very pretty. As I see them looking down at me in bed, I say to myself, “oh, I can’t let her see me!” so I look away. She faded away, but again it made me aware enough to realize I’m ‘awake’ yet lying in my bed.

On my left is a young boy, a grandmother-like figure next to him, and on my right was a mother-figure, and closest to me on my right was a young girl. It was the boy I felt the strongest connection with - approximately age 7-8, sandy short hair, cute – and the girl had short, dark straight hair. She leaned over me to get close, looking intently at my face, and the feeling I got was that she was saying, “oh, I like her!, we’ll do fine with her, she’s nice!” I distinctly got the impression they were ‘checking me out’ and I woke IP immediately afterward.

Monday, September 24, 2007

22) Control Issues in Direct OBE

5:50am September 24, 2007

Woke around 4am and couldn’t sleep, so I went to couch to where it was quieter. I did affirmations and visualizations for a short time and must have fallen asleep.

Without a lot of recall as to exactly how, I remember finding myself standing next to the couch and knowing I had to move away from my body to think clearer. I said “to the door!” and surprisingly, felt I was being pulled in a totally opposite direction than I thought the door was! (Now I realize my orientation was off due to the 360 degree view you get OOB!)

I was being pulled backward through blackness, no longer feeling in control of the experience. The next I knew I was with young man (longer sandy blond hair, Nordic-looking, smiling) and riding in something that had these small windows you could see out of.

He was someone new to me, and again, just off to my left. I asked for his name and just like the other times when I am with someone, he responds but I don’t understand at first. I ask again (as I have this terrible need to know names!) and he says, with a smile, “Tangible” (but pronounced with a ‘tahn’ sound in the beginning).

(In reviewing my experience, I can see that this may have been just any ‘name’ to give me something ‘tangible’ to use so I’d stop asking him!)

Now I could see the outside of my house from up in the air, realizing I’m still moving backward away from this location. I couldn’t see very clearly yet I didn’t have the awareness or control to use “Clarity now!” that has always worked before. However, I was very much aware that I was out of body and moving very fast.

We stopped in a place I felt was a ‘station’ of sorts and now ‘Tangible’ is just relaxing while I get the chance to look around. There is another girl there, also relaxing, and I get the feeling she too is waiting for her ‘charge’ to look around, as she has a similar feeling as ‘Tangible’.

I stopped to talk with her and she asks me a question about her son/daughter(?) who had inward turned feet and if it was fixable. (I felt that my being a nurse she somehow thought I’d know – it’s interesting to note that the feeling I got from both the girl and ‘Tangible’ was not that of a highly advanced soul, but one that was ‘working’)

I told the girl that to fix the feet it was usually just a surgical correction, and with that she immediately looked up in a book the address/numbers (I remember 9-1-??zipcode?) of a doctor’s name (started with P..). She said “good, then I will send her there for a job and he’ll take care of it getting the feet corrected”.

At this time, another woman, (someone familiar to me but I still can’t recall who it was) came into the ‘station’ and was very worried and concerned, saying “you’ve got to come talk with me, and we can’t talk here” as she lead me out a side door.

Just as we were going out, she said to look first and see who’s in the sink(!?) As I look into another part of this building I can see my brother sitting in big kitchen sink area, thinking, “Oh now what’s he doing in the sink!” I can feel there was a lot of drama tied up around him and her, and that somehow they needed to have this drama in their lives. I felt as though they were trying to get me pulled into it with them.

At this point, I cannot recall what exactly happened, but I found myself coming back to the couch area, and I was aware enough to know I didn’t want to ‘go back’ yet. This was the first time ever I was able to keep from returning to my body, trying to keep the moving sensations going to stay out of body. I knew I was only a few inches above my body, and was concentrating on not returning.

At the same time, my son Stephen appeared (not in real ‘physical’ reality), walking into the living room (where I was) and he was saying, “wow, it’s really cold in here!” as he walked right past me to a chair that was next to the couch. I am still concentrating on staying out of body and not fully waking, so I just ignored him, despite the noise he made.

Finally I was able to roll out quickly from the couch area, almost landing on top of him where he sat! I am fully aware I am out of body, and again I just automatically took off to another area without conscious control again. (or at least to the best of my recall)

I moved into this room, a kitchen-like area, with a mother and 3 girls. The mother was short, stocky, and she had 3 daughters. One was about 18 months old in a high chair, the other two were about 5 and 9 years old.

The mother was showing me this beautiful toy baby carriage that she would love to have for her girls, but I felt she was not able to obtain it for some reason. (The carriage was right there, but it wasn’t hers?) She was saying, “oh, wouldn’t Margaret love to have this!” and as I’m listening to her, I know I’m supposed to remember the name Margaret to use and that I had to get them to go someplace, to leave this room.

I told the mother that I saw this same baby carriage in a local store for a very reasonable price, that that I’d go with her to pick one out. She was very hesitant and didn’t want to leave, not sure if she should go, so I added that it would be a great Christmas present for Margaret and that she should get a head start on her gifts now so it will be easier closer to the holidays.

The impression I got was she finally agreed and was going to go with me as the room faded and I found myself wide awake back on the couch.

Upon awakening, I do recall that there was a lot more activity that happened throughout this long experience, but it faded from my memory so quickly I could not remember it all.

I do know I was definitely out of body, but without a lot of control, just going along with whatever I was being shown. Again, this was an OBE not from a dream conversion as I usually have so it was interesting to see that I lost a lot of recall and did not have the control I usually do.

21) OBE during Workshop

I had the great fortune to be attending the workshop given by William Buhlman in Maine over the past weekend, and want to share with you the experience I had the first night there.

With affirmations and visualizations given as ‘homework’ for the night, we all went to bed, hoping to wake after a few hours of sleep to begin again with the intent of experiencing an OBE.

I awoke on my own at 2:22am (a good sign for me with the numbers!), and after getting up a few minutes, I went back to bed to start the affirmations and visualizations again. After a while, I had apparently fallen asleep, but my mind registered the feeling I was still awake, as it felt like just a continuation of what I had previously been doing!

Now I am listening to all the running water from the other rooms (this was an old restored mansion we were staying in) from what I assume was the other participants who were also up in the middle of the night also attempting to do their ‘homework’.

So, I’m listening to the running water, wishing I’d just fall asleep or OBE, and suddenly felt the air around me become electrically charged, warm and tingling. Looking at the small TV in the corner, I somehow ‘knew’ that it was going to turn on all by itself, and no sooner than I had that thought, it DID! (Remember I said I felt I was awake, but as you will see, I apparently was not!)

That freaked me out a bit, but I didn’t do anything, thinking “Well, I’ll just lie here and not move to see what happens”, as I know the key to success with OBE’s is not to do anything about unusual happenings in the night.

So, the reminder for you here is that I usually have dream conversions where I see/hear/feel something unusual in a dream and then am able to become ‘aware’ that I’m dreaming. This allows me to just roll out and get OOB.

Now, I’m assuming my ‘higher self/guiding spirit’ realized I wasn’t going to do anything about this anomaly (because I thought I was AWAKE!), so when I looked at the clock on the bedside stand, it said 7:47 am! When I saw that, I quickly ‘rolled out’ of bed as I thought I was going to be late for breakfast at 8am!

Now I’m standing by a fireplace near by bed in my same physical room surroundings (fireplace is NOT there in real life, but area where one would have been is), getting undressed to get ready for breakfast. I remember pulling a sock and then a snowmobile boot off my foot (again, I should have realized this anomaly as a trigger to becoming aware within the experience - as I don’t usually wear snowmobile boots with socks OVER them to bed!)

As I stand up and look off to my left, there is a young man standing there – non-confrontational and smiling – but rather startling to see as I think I’m getting undressed! He’s about 18-22 years old, has a left eye that is deformed/lazy in some way, dark hair, and is wearing a blue cotton shirt. I immediately get the feeling that he’s here to clean the room.

Again, I’m thinking I’m really awake and this is just a bit more that I want at this time, so I yell to him, “get out!” Just before he fades, he hands me a rag-type item that I get the impression of the words ‘soot cleaner’ with. (I guess he just wanted to clean the fireplace!)

I then feel the quick pull back to bed, and wake up for real at 4:21 am, with nothing but peaceful quiet throughout the room. (No TV, no running water)

This 'false awakening' sensation is a bit more frequent now in my experiences and I wonder if it is my attempts at becoming OOB while NOT in a actual 'dream' state.

20) William Buhlman Workshop + addendum

To all my new friends and co-participants in the William Buhlman Workshop held 9/21-23, 2007 in Poland Springs, Maine –

Welcome to my blog!

Thank you all for being a part of a most informative and exciting weekend and for sharing all of your experiences.

I wish you all the very best in life, with much love and happiness - and want to remind you all that INTENT is everything - you CAN do it and you WILL!

Please keep me informed of your successes, sharing the learning process is so important; I know you CAN DO IT!

All my best to you all, and HAPPY TRAVELS!,

Addendum: 10/9/2007

I thought I'd edit this post to include a description of the workshop and all it included for those who may get a chance to hear William Buhlman speak. This was such a phenomenal weekend for me, sharing thoughts and experiences with those of a similar mind. It was worth it just for that!

It was a very special time, spending the weekend away from home to go bask in the 'energy' created by being with those who share the same thoughts and desires. William Buhlman was a fantastic speaker, one who spoke easily and intelligently, in a very down-to-earth manner. (no pun intended! lol)

Day One started Friday evening, where we went through some introductory lecture and guided imagery sessions. The meditative sessions are all designed to show different techniques of going OBE and to expand our awareness of other dimensions by using the mind to create our experiences, and not rely on physical senses.

William Buhlman gave some background in beliefs and blockages, and how they interrelate with our progress in learning to go out of body. He described affirmations and intentions and how they can be used. We were shown a basic progressive relaxation technique to start , and then later we experienced his 'target' method meditation in which he guided us through a room in our house to pick out five objects to 'sense' fully in our minds.

We were then given 'homework' to do that night, to practice using this technique. (See my next post #21 for the result of my homework!! lol)

Day Two we covered more techniques, as well as lectures on various OBE adventures and issues that were a concern for the participants. We started with a 'hot air balloon' visualization, where we had to 'let go' of the heavy ballast weights that were weighing us down. These weights symbolized our 'beliefs' that no longer served us and needed to be released.

We did a 'stretching' technique where we visualized our etheric body extending more and more above and below ourselves.

In another imagery attunement, we sat 'eye to eye' with a partner for a few minutes and shared any feelings and/or images that occurred. (That one was interesting...first time ever I actually 'saw' my partner change into something else..but that's another story!)

We then were taken on a past life regression and shared our different experiences. In the evening, we held a fire ceremony outside that he learned in Peru which enabled us to 'release' more blockages and 'manifest' our deepest desires.

Afterward, we went through another meditation where we became a great bird, flying and enjoying our new found freedom high in the mountains.

Day Three started with more lectures, including the similarity between UFO abductions and OBEs. We learned about working with the higher self and opening the chakras.

Two final techniques we did included the creation of an energy body, where we visualized the formation of a second energy body above us and tranferred our consciousness into it. Lastly, he taught us his 'rope' technique to pull yourself out of body, as explained in his book.

These were three of the best days I have spent, just learning and absorbing the great energy there and making new friends. Mr. Buhlman is such a good speaker, you can't help but be captivated! He will get you motivated to do more than you ever thought you could! Anyone who gets a chance to go hear him speak should definitely go.

Hmmm, this sounds like an paid advertisement, but its not....I did enjoy this workshop that much!! lol