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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

190) First Visit

Hi everyone!  Just a quick blog post to share an experience I had last night, quite unexpectedly!

7/2/13    Last night I had a hard time falling back to sleep when I was awakened at 2 am.   By 3am, I'm still tossing but then was surprised to find myself in a light vibrational state, a buzzing sensation, but fully alert and feeling wide awake.  I could feel my hands clasped on my chest, although I didn't remember being in that position.

Became aware of someone at the foot of my bed, and immediately felt a 'fear' rising in me.  However, I was quickly able to control it and not allow it to take over my curiosity.

The 'person' at the foot of the bed was speaking, and I strained to hear what was being said.  It sounded younger and female, and I mentally asked her to come closer because I couldn't hear her.  She moved to the side of the bed next to where I was lying and the words 'first visit' came to my mind.

I could tell she was excited about something, and I remember asking, "Oh, is this your first visit?" whereupon she seemed to express yes it was and she was so excited how easy it was! All she had to do was 'wave her hands' out and then ? ....and her voice drifted away as she disappeared as quickly as she came!

The vibrations stopped, and I quickly tried to get back into the buzzing state, which I did for a few seconds, but there was no further connection with this female.  I felt it was her excitement and lack of 'control' that may have led to her quick disconnect with me, but I still remember her joy and happiness at being able to 'visit' me!