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Monday, October 29, 2012

184) Clarity of Awareness; “Physical” Intimacy During OBE


It’s been a while since I’ve posted any experience on my blog, not because I haven’t had any, but mainly because most of the exits and experiences were either not remembered in much detail or not having much in the way of things I’ve done.

I do want to share a few bits about the last two, especially since there is such a correlation always with my daily life activities. 

One exit last week started with awareness of vibrations, not extreme, but soft ‘numbing’ type sensations.   I was excited to feel them, knowing I was going to get out again!  I willed them to become stronger, and at the point where I knew I could get out, I pulled myself, struggling against the strong pull back to body. 

As I’m pulling out, I can feel my feet and arms lifted, and as I sit up, I mentally request help to move to the door.   I can hear a voice in my ear saying, “Push, Karen, push! You can do it!”  I did not see anyone, but could clearly hear her voice.  Breaking free from the pull of the body, I move down the stairs to my living room.

In the living room I am astonished at the mess! Things strewn all over, including toys and things from my children at an early age (who have since long grown up).  My sister is there, and so I assume that this is just something I shouldn’t worry about, and then move to the front picture window with the intention of getting outdoors.

I feel so heavy with such difficulty moving that I just want to get outside to feel the change in cool air I knew I’d have.  I stuck my head out the window, felt the coolness to affirm that I was indeed out, and then climbed up to the roof.

Here I just enjoyed the freedom of hanging off the roof by my legs, thrilled at the sight of my astral form in such clarity!  I could clearly see my legs on the roof, as my head hung off the side!  It was such validation for me that I was in control with such clarity of vision, as I don’t always get to see ‘myself’ when out of body. 

Floating down from the roof, I remembered I had set the intention of visiting a friend and sending energy for a positive outcome to some pending health-related testing (which DID come back the next day with good results!).    Although I did not get to him, I know I sent energy his way.

I tried then to take off flying and immediately felt the pull back to body, now lying in bed and hearing a radio station playing.  I could feel some sort of ‘tingling’ energy circling my face and attempted to get to my recorder.  It was another false awakening, as my fumbling with the buttons showed me I still was not fully awake.

Eventually, I did wake to full consciousness, disappointed that I didn’t really do a lot, but happy to know that I had such clarity in vision with being able to see myself, which is so rare for me. 

This last exit this morning was a bit personal, but I’ll at least mention some of the details.  I do have to let you know that in the Astral Projectors group on Facebook, there was some discussion on ‘astral sex’ that may have influenced this experience!

My first awareness was of an alarm going off with flashing lights, one that actually scared me a bit as I knew we were preparing for a rather severe storm within the next day.

However, I had the presence of mind to know that I had put on my sleep mask and should NOT be able to see any light; hence I knew that this was likely the start of an OBE.  I just let it go on and waited to see what would happen next. 

I felt vibrations and immediately took the initiative to climb out, this time backward as if I was on my stomach and lifting up.   This time it was easy to move, and I glided down the stairs with great control. 

Once down stairs, I moved to the side door (always picking a different exit from the house for some reason!), and along the way stopped to go through a wall just to enjoy the feeling of texture change.

I flew a little, gliding gently, not really having an intended target.  I remembered to affirm, “take me to where I need to go” hoping that I’d feel that transition to another learning opportunity. 

I did a little jump to see if I could initiate the transitions, but was disappointed to not feel any change or tunnel as I usually do.  I closed my eyes and affirmed again, this time to realize I’m back in bed, but not waking as I usually do.

Realizing I could get out again, I roll immediately off to the left and seeing the window by my bed, intending to go through that way for a quick exit. 

However, I was immediately pulled backward by someone, with strong warm arms encircling me.  I was being hugged, and totally enjoyed this sensation of such close ‘physical’ contact’!  I asked who he was, but got no answer, just more wonderful closeness and intimacy.   

What happened next will not be posted on the blog here, but suffice to say that it was quite intimate; something that I would never have believed could be felt when out of body!!  Even though I knew I was ‘out of body’, there certainly was quite the physical sensations being felt!!

Again, after a time, there was the pullback to wakefulness, however, before I was able to record much of it, I had a bit of ‘astral vision’ where I could ‘see’ a window the a rather severe storm going on outside it.  Knowing a hurricane was on its way, I assumed this was just an affirmation that I had to make sure I was prepared for the worst.

I woke to full awareness, recorded what I could, and knew that this was one OBE that was a first of its kind for me!