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Friday, June 13, 2008

Traveling by Car - Symbolism


It is interesting that I find I'm frequently driving in cars in the beginning of my OOBEs, as cars are your mind's version of the physical body in which you are 'traveling' in. I think it's also more of a perception your 'rational' mind needs to have in order to make 'sense' of the fact that you are really 'one within a vehicle', as well as 'one who is able to leave the vehicle' at will.

Funny thing, a good example of this happened just this am - I was pleasantly surprised to find myself trying to get OOB, without having made any intention of it prior to sleep!

Initially, I found myself on a swing hanging from a tree, and could feel the 'pull' of the swing as I wanted to go higher. I 'knew' then that I was able to get out since this 'spinning & pulling' sensation is a common signal for me that I can. However, this time, nothing would budge me from my body!

I immediately became aware I am once again driving a car, only this time heading across the 'roof' of a building, knowing full well that at the end of the building I would need to fly!!! I distinctly remember thinking fearfully for a few split seconds that, 'oh no, what if I'm really driving and don't fly?'

But my 'all-knowing' mind kicked in and let me know that I would be able to, especially if I visualized the car to morph into a car-plane type vehicle, complete with little airplane wings on its sides!!! lol

Of course, it worked!! and I soon found myself flying all over OOB, enjoying the freedom of being out. I still recall having that little bit of doubt that I was really out of body as I stood in front of a tree, but said, 'well, if I'm out, I can zoom up the tree!", which of course I did!!!

There was a lot more to this story with some sort of storm I went through, and the storm I encountered ended shortly before the start of the Bejing Olympics!! How's that for crazy!?!? I just haven't had the time to write this fully yet.

The moral of this long bit is that I believe your 'rational conscious' mind needs to have associations it can deal with - and in order to get my fears under control to allow me to separate, I had to devise a plan that would be acceptable to the rational mind so that I could continue on with my journey!

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