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Sunday, April 12, 2009

103) Meeting Aaron; Finally Flying Free Again!

4.12.09 Easter Sunday morning

I am on my couch having set the intention to go ‘inward now’ should I be able to get OOB. My first awareness was that there were two other females with me as I was lying on the couch. I didn’t think too much of it as we were ‘waiting’ for something and passing the time making up fun things to do.

For fun, I remember I took a belt? (like a soft bathroom belt) and formed it into a lasso and attempted to lasso the one female’s pocketbook/case she was carrying as she moved toward the front door, seeing how I had to throw the belt just the right way to properly connect with it.

Suddenly the front door blasts open and a figure rushes into the room and toward the couch where I am lying!! I am startled at first, but somehow realize I have to maintain emotional control and as usual, just ‘go with it’.

What I see/feel is a young man, short and round in stature, and obviously affected with Down’s syndrome. He runs to me with such happiness and joy, and starts kissing, kissing, kissing me all over my face! I say ‘what’s going on? Who are you?’ and he quietly replies “Aaron”.

I am still startled at his overwhelming gratitude and love, and ask again, “who?” and he repeats, “Its Aaron! I love you!, I love you!, I love you!” I ask ‘why are you doing this?’ and he says something about ‘ the last time…’ which gave me the knowing I was with him before and he was SO happy to see me again!

As he says again, “I just love you!” I realize I am OOB, so I sit up on the couch and he climbs in next to me, continuing to kiss and hug me! I feel such overwhelming joy and gratitude from him, and I do think, ‘Now what am I going to do with him?...what do I do now?”

Not getting any further information, I decide to move on and say to him, “I’m happy you’re so happy, Aaron, but I have to go!” knowing I was once again OOB in the lighter, freeing state of being (as compared to the more recent OBEs with the close to physical heaviness).

Without looking back (which is rather selfish of me, in hindsight!), I move away to the dining room area intending to get outside quickly. Once I was by the dining room window, I dove through the glass, feeling that tingly sensation as I passed through into the cool crisp outside air.

I realize it is wintertime! (Actually, it’s just becoming spring here now, so the snow and ice was a surprise to find!) Crisp white snow is covering the ground, with the trees and branches sealed in ice crystals and everything is SO beautiful! I’m flying toward the tree tops, a bit slower than usual, but still with such lightness and joy that I am so thrilled to be out again, saying “I missed this SO much!” over and over!

At that point there was a quick transitional pullback, and I knew I was returning. Intending to record what I could remember, I find the recorder, but when I attempt to speak, all I hear is a muted ‘blah, blah, blah’ and the recording doesn’t work! Again, I use this signal as another chance to get back OOB, but also knowing that I was taking the chance that I would not remember all the details!

This time I moved toward the front door and as I get closer to it, the usual ‘fear’ that I may not be really out comes over me and I turn to float through the door backward face up!! Once outside, I can feel the tingling sensations of ice or raining coming down and SO enjoying the flying freedom!!

I am just overwhelmed with a sensation of joy and bliss I want to shout, but instead I start singing the entire song, “Mine eyes have seen the glory…...His Truth is marching on!” (Battle Hymn of the Republic) with such feeling and emotion (a la Kate Smith! Lol) I am SO full of love and joy and am enjoying the beauty of the countryside below me.

I am over a wide open area, slightly depressed as in a lower elevation, and barely recall something about a tractor there? I am just singing and flying and being so captivated with it all!! At one point, I remember blasting through some thick barbed bushes, knowing I could go through anything if I wanted to!

Recall here is very limited, and I believe I just started fading back at some point. Once again, I’m thinking I’m recording, but again I can’t get the switch to work right and the light won’t come on. This time, knowing that I will definitely forget too much if I go back out, I force myself more awake to the point where I know I am getting my recorder for real.

Suddenly the memories start to fade SO quickly! I can remember so much in that semi-awake stage, but once fully awake and ready to really record, everything disappears so easily and I have to use the ‘walk backward’ through the events to try to remember even these details.

So, after having my share of lower level physical OBEs, I finally had the chance to reconnect to the beauty and love of being in a higher lighter state of projection. It is just SO wonderful to be there again! The joy remains with you even after you are awake!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

102) Ignored Signals in Near-Reality; 6/28/56


This OBE is again nothing like my usual experiences, and seems to have a degree of ‘near-reality’ in it that is just SO convincing that THIS time I pay no attention to the various signals (anomalies) that would indicate I am OOB! I really don’t know what is going on with my projections!

For this experience, I am in my usual spot on the couch and find that I am having a harder time to settle down than usual. I am very tired, yet cannot sleep. It seems that I just get to that right ‘mindstate’ and suddenly I hear my husband coming down the stairs to try to convince me to go back to bed!

Normally, this would signal a false awakening for me, as this has happened many times before, however, this time it ‘felt’ different. I was SO tired, and SO annoyed that he’d wake me, I just rolled off the couch and moved toward the stairs to go upstairs to bed. I feel SO heavy, like I’m drugged - having difficulty even opening my eyes as I move! I just can’t seem to pull them open! (In hindsight, it was the same ‘feeling’ I had when previously OOB and aware of it, in trying to get some vision within an experience)

I move heavily into the bedroom and I remember all I want to do is sleep because I feel SO heavy and tired! Yet, things start happening all at once! My husband brings me my cell phone, saying that the hospital is on the line. I take it as I am concerned there is another emergency that I may have to go in for. Then the house phone rings, and as I KNOW it’s only 3am (which it really was!), so I answer it again concerned it could be the hospital.

I am so disgusted to find out it’s a sales call!! Some voice wanting to sell me some sort of ‘announcement service’ to let me know when school is out! I can recall trying to push the phone buttons to get to a ‘real’ person, and when I do, I ask her why she calling me at 3am to tell me about this!! She does apologize and tells me she won’t bother me again.

Now my daughter (who doesn’t even live with me) shows up in the bedroom, carrying on about something that I can’t even make sense of! Her words are garbled, and she’s talking about something that needs to be straightened out. I feel SO TIRED I can’t even concentrate on her words, and she gets annoyed and goes back to her bedroom, laughing and talking with others who are there. I remember thinking, “What is she doing still up and visiting with her friends at 3am!!”

Before she left, though, I was ‘handed’ a rose…and the rose was being held in a man’s arm/hand! The fingers were tightly wrapped around the rose, and the arm just ended at the shoulder level. I’m thinking, “This is a real arm! It even has hair on it! Who would want to give someone a hairy arm holding a rose? Do they even realize it came off of a real person??” I place the arm and rose on my bedside table, and watch as the fingers move to encircle other ‘fingers’ that I have there!

(Now, you would think with all these ‘signals’ that I would have been able to realize I was out of body!!! Yet, I felt SO heavy, SO dense, and SO TIRED that I just assumed it all was real!)
I finally fell asleep in bed, wondering why so many things were happening to me in the middle of the night to try to keep me awake! I then found myself transitioning to full wakefulness - still on the couch with nothing going on at 4am!

I tried to return to sleep and became aware of being in full vibrations. I rolled out, and again, I see my husband next to me, trying to get my attention by talking to me about something. I tell him I’m busy, and I need to do my work, and just then notice a man walking into the room from my left behind my husband. I felt I needed to talk to him, so excused myself and went after him. I asked, “Can I help you? Where are you going?” as he walked through the living room to the French doors by the hallway.

He is saying something about being a patient of mine ‘from the other night’ and told me his birthdate of 6/28/56. I remember asking him to repeat it as I was unsure of the year being ‘56 or ‘60. He again emphatically told me the date which I have recorded as 6/28/56. My feeling was that this date was being impressed upon me as something I needed to remember.

I asked him again where he was going, and he answered, “No where”. I was feeling frustrated and blank, not being able to think of what I should do next because I was rather overwhelmed to think this was a patient I had/would have!

The experience then faded rather quickly and I was left with the feeling that I may have asked the wrong questions or that it was just more important that I remembered that date. I don’t usually get such specific details when OOB, so I do try to take note when one is impressed upon me.

Once again, I am sharing this experience even though I did not take note of the signals to gain control of the experience. However, it was so different in its ‘feel’ that I don’t think I was capable of thinking clearly enough to become aware! The second part was so much ‘lighter’ in feel, just as many of other experiences are, but still rather unfulfilling unless I find out what that date could mean!

COMMENTARY: What I feel/know now is that there are so many degrees of 'physical-ness' one can experience as you progress inward/outward toward the higher level experiences.

IMO, I believe having already experienced the fun, joy, lightness, and freedom that the higher realms give us has allowed me to differentiate better between these lower more dense physical experiences.

I am finding out that even within each level of experience, there are varying degrees of 'sensation' and awareness. I just need to find out and learn how to bring more 'awareness' into the lower ones so that perhaps I can utilize this physical sense more with others I may find there.

In thinking about it, this learning could even play into the many discussions as to whether lucid dreams are OBEs and vice versa. As with all things, there cannot be a basis for comparison unless there is something to compare it too!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

101) Gaining Confidence


My first recollection of this experience is the music and loud noise coming from the living room where I was sleeping. I felt I was fully awake and should go investigate where this music was coming from. Realizing that the room appeared just a bit different than it really does, I gives me the ‘awareness’ that I am in another ‘false awakening’ and use this to roll out of body. I affirm, ‘to the door!’ and move slowly, feeling a VERY strong pulling sensation back to body.

Realizing I am not going to make it to the door, I change direction to the hallway near my daughter’s bedroom. Now I hear excited barking! Without hesitating, I call for the dogs to come, and immediately see two smaller dogs appear in the hall. The smaller one is light brown, longer hair, and has a familiar sense that I attributed to my younger childhood days, as he excitedly jumps up on me. The other dog is slightly bigger, black/brown, shorthair and a little more reserve but very friendly. He comes up to me and nuzzles me contentedly, as if to say hello.

Looking up, I see in the doorway a large black/brindle dog that hesitates before entering. I feel a slight apprehension, but then realize it is more of a timid feeling coming from this big dog, and coax him to join the other two at my side.

I hug him and rub his short hair, noticing that his right eye is missing and his coat is matted. Sitting in the hallway playing with these dogs, I sense a presence standing in the doorway to my daughter’s room. It is an older, stocky, tall white male with short grey hair and small ‘blotches’ scattered throughout his face. He is non-threatening, but distant (timid?), and I realize he is there to talk to me.

His question is recorded as, “How’s your ‘sex appeal’ (but the word felt like confidence) for working with us? Can you help us (those of us) in this ‘population’? (Other than the specific words ‘sex appeal’, ‘help’, and ‘population’, the question was more of a feeling than specific words.) I understood what he was saying, and gave my consent to help in any way I could, knowing he meant the ‘population’ was those in spirit, both human and animal.

He and the dogs now fade away, and I try to locate my recorder to record what I can. I find it in pieces, and I’m attempting to put it back together. Realizing this is usually the signal for a ‘false awakening’, and instead of pulling myself more awake, I now use this signal to try to roll out again (even though I know I may not remember many details if I continued to another experience!)

I am successful in finding myself standing back in the living room where I was sleeping, and the room again looked slightly different (which gave me the validation I WAS still OOB). I approached the front door to go outside, and took the time to try to see if my hand could go through as usual. I was astonished to feel that it was solid! I pushed against it two more times, knowing I was out of body, but just amazed that I couldn’t pass through it!

I gave up and just opened the door the regular way, feeling the cool breeze of the morning air as the door opened. I kept saying, “This is not right, I know I’m out!”, so continued on, just ‘going along’ with what was happening.

Once outside, I tried flying a little, floating slightly upwards enjoying the freedom of being out but with a knowing that I was still ‘grounded’ and not able to go far. With that thought, I found myself flat on the ground, seeing and smelling the green grass under a tree in the front yard.

From my spot in the front yard, I could see my father’s truck come into the driveway, pulling a wagon filled with stuff like he’s going to clean up around the yard. My daughter was now there, and she is coming toward me. I somehow ‘know’ I am lying here (in my nightgown!) aware she is coming for the jeans that she left nearby, but unaware of my presence (I get the feeling I am ‘not in this picture’ at this time). This is quite confusing here, but I’m writing what I recorded!! lol

My husband, her stepfather, is also in the front yard now, and they are conversing quite civilly about things she just inherited that would be useful for the new people who are coming. I remember their conversation because it is registered as quite unusual to hear them to talk to each other in such a polite way.

Next I recall, I am now accompanying my daughter up to the house, yet this house (the one I just came out of!) has had the front door boarded up for a long time, and we are going to attempt to get in.

Just as we get inside the house, everything starts to fade and I realize I have to try to recall as much as I can. Again, I find the recorder in pieces; however, this time I pull myself to a more awake state and search for it again. I find it as I feel the heaviness of ‘full return’ and record what I could remember.

For some clarity here, I will say there are MANY changes going on in my life right now with regard to people in my life. I believe much of the ending of this experience probably an indication that this change will be for the better in all avenues of my physical life right now, and I am hoping the agreement to help with those in spirit indicates my increased confidence in moving forward with spiritual growth as well.

I only hope my ‘grounding’ of the experiences ends soon as I long to travel and experience that lightness and joy that usually accompanies those trips to the higher astral levels!