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Sunday, July 22, 2012

180) Another Death Transition, Making Amends


This particular experience was not like my usual in that I was not fully aware of my out of body status until later on.  What I am able to say is that this ‘death transition’ feeling I have felt a few times before, and am wondering if these are just simulations for me to experience, learning the ability to ‘let go’ when I realize fighting is futile, or could they really be past live experiences with passing over that I have already been through?  (Here’s a link to another similar death transition experience on my blog:

I was driving my car down a very familiar back road, one I have traveled many times.  It was raining, and I became aware I was having feelings of ‘foreboding’ and danger, and wondered why it was happening.  As I drove down a very steep part of the road, I could see further down at the bottom of the hill that water had flooded over the roadway.

Initially I thought I might want to pick up some speed to get through it, however, a car coming from the other direction started passing through the water.  I was shocked to see the car start spinning around, pushed off the road by the high waters. 

I immediately put my car in reverse and backed up this steep hill quickly.  Thinking maybe I should stop and help this other driver, I glanced back through the front of my windshield to see that his car was nearly capsized, but thankfully I could see that he was able to safely exit through his window and climb onto dry ground.  I knew he had had a very close call with his situation.

As I backed up this hill, near the top I remembered there was a crossroad and wondered which way would be best to drive for an alternative route.  Pulling into a grassy area by the crossroad, I could see my choice was either to the right or left as I somehow knew I could not have gone back the way I came.

I could see water cascading across the crossroads, running from the right to the left.  I figured I’d better drive to the right, where the water was coming from, instead of taking a chance that the water was pooling down the road to the left.

As I started to pull out, I had to stop quickly because a large multi-passenger SUV was pulling out from that direction.  I was shocked to see it looked as though it had been in a terrible crash, with pieces missing, and obvious injury to the people inside.  I worried that maybe I should stop to help them too, but then figured since they were able to drive the vehicle, I guess they would be ok.

I turned quickly into the road leading to the right, and again was shocked to see that it appeared to be a ‘dead end’ (no pun intended).  Immediately I saw what looked like an accident scene, and too late realized there were electric wires down and across the road!!

I had driven directly into the path of the downed wires, as it was raining and everything from there on out happened at once.  I KNEW I was about to be electrocuted, I could see the wires, hear the crackle and pop, and felt the tingly vibration of something happening.  I knew I was going to pass over, and was not afraid at all, and my only concern was that it was to be painless.  I was thrilled when I realized all I felt was this slight tingle or vibration.

Wondering what was going to happen next, I remember thinking I’ll have to do a reality check now, because I was curious what sort of reality I was moving into!  Immediately, I was fully awake in my bed, feeling the soft gentle sensations of settling back into my body.

After recording this experience, I went back to sleep and now found myself driving a car again, a common theme for me so I more easily become ‘aware’ when this happens within a dream.

I got the signal that I might be able to move out of body and so tried to roll out of the car.  I found it difficult to separate, and had a few seconds of thinking maybe I AM really driving and shouldn’t be throwing myself out of the car!! Lol

However, this indecision as to whether I’m really driving or not is also another signal I use to know I’m ready to exit, as when I’m driving for real in the physical I absolutely have no doubt I am driving.  Therefore, ANY indecision as to whether it’s ‘real’ or not, means it’s not!

This time I threw myself backward, and immediately found myself out and flying! I was thrilled! It’s been a long time since I had this freedom of flight, and thoroughly enjoyed my swooping and flips!  Realizing I had to have a destination, I remember asking to ‘take me where I need to learn’, and suddenly I found myself just outside a large house.

I recognized it was the house of someone from ‘a long time ago’, yet not anyone I can recall in this physical life.  I also knew it was a woman whom I had had a ‘falling out’ with, and we had been estranged as friends for a long time.  I felt I was there to try to make amends.

Knocking at the door, I was surprised to have it answered by this woman’s mother.  She was friendly and polite, and I was relieved to be asked to enter.  At this time, all I wanted to do was to go to her back yard to a particular tree and get a ‘seed pod’ that grew there.  I wanted this keepsake as a momento of our friendship from a long time ago.

As I walked through the house, I came face to face with the woman whom I was estranged from.  She was hesitating and not sure of what to say. I told her that her mom let me in and that all I wanted was this ‘pod’ from the backyard tree. 

I could sense she was nervous but yet resistant to this idea.  I did not want to upset her more, and so told her that if she really didn’t want me to go to the backyard, that all she had to do was say, “I’d really rather you didn’t”…and so that’s exactly what she said to me.  She went on to explain other reasons why it wouldn’t be a good idea, but I had already decided to withdraw back to the front door to exit.

At the front door, I heard her mom talking to me as I unlocked the double front door (actually two doors together,  opening one at a time.)  She mentioned that this same tree was growing in the front yard and peering out the window, I could see the pods I wanted were growing there as well, so those would be the ones I’d take.

As I exited, the scene changed to a narrowed dark corridor descending down, and as I traveled down, I can only remember that I met two other people, one of whom was a ‘weak’ woman in a very small toy car(?)  I know I discussed something but upon full wakefulness immediately afterward, I had no other recollection of what happened in that corridor.   

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

179) OBE During Visit to California

June 17, 2012

So, with his permission and at the request of Jaime, I’m sharing the OBE I experienced while visiting with him at his home in California this past month. 

Jaime and Bill are wonderful hosts who share a passion for the out-of-body experience, although Bill has not had one (that he can recall) yet.   Jaime is the administrator of the wonderful Facebook page, Astral Projectors, where so many beautiful souls share their questions and experiences.  (Just ask me to join)

My experience began after waking about 3am and wishing to attempt an OBE with Jaime (whom I found out later had already put that ‘intention’ out to the Universe for it to happen that night!)

I remember becoming aware as I felt both my arms and legs beginning to float.  I took that signal and rolled out of bed, aware of being in near darkness.  Stating ‘clarity now!’ I was able to see the entire bedroom I was in and actually took a moment to try to decide whether it was polite to go wake Jaime up or not! (Not too many guests visiting in a home would want to go invade their host’s bedroom!)

Deciding I would, I moved through the walls into the other room across the hall.  Speaking with Jaime later, I was able to describe its appearance much as it appears in real life.   I could see Bill already standing out of body next to his bed, exclaiming excitedly, “Hey Karen!  Look at me! Isn’t this great?! It’s so amazing!”   He was in awe of being out of body and so I moved closer, telling him to raise his hand as I placed my palm next to his to ‘feel’ the energy pulsate.

Asking ‘where’s Jaime?’ I then notice him joining us, all excited and not wanting to stop and talk! Feeling his eagerness, I said, ‘then, let’s go!’ and moved toward the far wall to move out.

It was here that a change happened, and at first it felt as though I was ‘stuck’ in this thicker than normal wall.  Jaime and Bill were no longer anywhere to be found, and I transitioned to the inside of a beautiful mansion.  

It was a country club type of feeling, where I was a guest, although not really a guest because I felt more like I was a friend of this very rich family.  It was a very fancy, elegant home with lots of rooms, and I recall viewing from up high a huge party going on in one room.  I didn’t feel to be ‘a part’ of what was going on, but was thrilled to see everyone’s joy in being there. 

I moved downstairs where I knew there were other people, and saw a table where two men were sitting.  They were dressed in 19th century type clothing, with cloaks and hats.  I did not recognize them from a physical standpoint but somehow ‘knew’ they were Jaime and Bill. 

Lined up in front of the table was a group of people waiting for payment for their services.  Jaime and Bill were graciously writing checks to them, and I remember feeling a bit perturbed that one woman in particular was taking advantage of their generosity by falsely giving information about the time she worked.  (How I knew that, I’m not sure!)   Jaime and Bill didn’t question it, yet I felt it was not right for someone to take advantage of their good hearted nature.

So, I decide to return upstairs to wait for them to be done, and can recall as I walked up the stairs, a huge door-sized picture hanging on the wall.  It was a beautiful three dimensional garden scene, with a bench, stream and curved bridge.  I marveled at how cool it was that I could get a full 3D image of any part of it depending on where I looked!  Above me was a beautiful chandelier, something I know Jaime and Bill love even today!  

For the most part, this experience ended here, but somehow I could also recall someone at the very end reminding me that it was Father’s Day and that I’ll want to be sure to remember to call my Dad!! (It WAS Father’s day that morning when I woke…and yes, I called my dad!)

Discussing this experience with Bill and Jaime later, I was happy to realize I described the room they were in accurately; however, neither Bill nor Jaime had any recollection at all of being out of body! To me, this just adds evidence that we all DO travel nightly, and it’s just that our awareness and focus is not put where we will retain any recall upon waking each morning.