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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

114) Watching my Exit; Images from Memories; Control of Mind

For this OBE, I had gone to sleep with the intention of wanting to help someone if I could. To give a little background, the day before this OBE happened, I received an email from a new beginner OBE’r asking for help in getting OOB. I now believe this OBE may have been my way of ‘helping someone’ here in physical!

I move to the couch, after sleeping for 4 hours, to try for the OBE. As I drift off, I become aware of a ‘getting ready’ signal of soft vibrations. I knew I could ‘will’ them to be stronger and played with the sensations by increasing them. After about four cycles of increased vibrations, they become stronger and stay strong. It’s interesting to know that while I’m doing this, I am also aware that I’m thinking about what they are, and saying to myself, “these vibrations are the ‘interface’ between the different energy levels of the ‘mind-body’ connection.”

Now I feel my hands floating up and know that I’m ready to separate. Instead of just rolling out as usual, I did an unfamiliar slow ‘climb out’ technique! It was so different than my usual quick separation! It literally felt as though I was doing a slow ‘crawl’ out of my body with such clearness of thought! I’m thinking (while I’m climbing out) that this is so different, that maybe this means I am to ‘watch’ my exit this time because I need to really take note of how I did it so that I could share it with the one who sent the email asking me about it! It’s amazing how ‘clear thinking’ you can still be even when you know you are not ‘in body’!

I then stand at the side of the couch and immediately start moving away, knowing I needed to move away from my body before I get pulled back. I gently glide out the side door, flying very easily, sensing where I am but not seeing clearly. Once on the porch outside, I knew I could go anywhere I’d like, so I fly straight up into the sky, feeling very, very aware and very much in full control of my thoughts and actions.

What is interesting now, is that while I’m flying, I realize that I’m also very aware of being on the couch! This was new, this ‘lightness’ of awareness. It’s tough to describe how I felt, but I can remember thinking that it felt as though my thoughts were being spoken by my physical body as well! I thought that I could hear my ‘voice’ with my affirmations, that my physical mouth was moving! I remember saying to myself that if someone was sitting next to me on the couch, that I believe I could actually ‘talk’ out loud WHILE OOB and share what I was doing! I immediately thought of Edgar Cayce and his trance states, and how this had to be similar. (Now, all these thoughts WERE while I was OOB flying – amazing!)

So I’m talking ‘out loud’ (as far as I know – my consciousness was primarily in the astral body so memories are more prevalent there), saying “to my higher self!” as I zoom along, and my intention of “allow me to help someone”. I was SO aware of my actions, and as I spoke, I felt that immediate transition to the long pull backwards into the black tunnel that is so common for me.

This time, however, I am paying such close attention to how it feels, and what the actual movement feels like instead of wondering where I’ll end up! It’s all so clear and I’m happy to know I’ll be able to tell others how it feels!

As the pullback ends, I’m aware it sounds so similar to the ‘clicking’ of train tracks, as if pulling into a station. I’m still not seeing anything, and at this point I usually see or move into another situation, however this time I just remained where I was in the blackness! I didn’t know what to do!

Without time to think, I hear a female voice fade in, one that ‘echoed’ slightly, saying words I couldn’t pick up at first. There were three words I recall, the first two are phonetic as I am not certain, but the last one I am certain. It was “Mind (mine?)…needs (?)…too.” I am confused wondering if it was related to someone I was to help, or if it was a message for me. At this point, I fade to full wakefulness on the couch and record what I can remember.

Now for whatever reason, I wake enough to check my email to see what’s there and see that the new OBE’r did write back with a question about ‘seeing’ and physical vision during an OBE. I realized then that I need to tell others that this ability to get OOB is not about ‘seeing’ but all about ‘feeling’ your way! You just ‘sense’ what you are doing, and may have been why I had NO vision at all but extreme clarity of thought this time!

I lie back and attempt to re-induce and find myself watching images as they appear behind my closed eyes. I recall familiar black-and-white designs that remind me of a shirt I had worn recently, and then the image change into various scenes, a farmyard, a mountain with clouds, a peaceful field but each time the black and white image would appear between them. I am fully aware of being on the couch, while watching these images.

Now I begin to hear noises, fuzzy at first, but then more like a talk-radio station tuning in. I hear what I believe are radio announcers (I hear them say their call letters and just bantering talk), there is non-specific white noise as well, and at one point I know I hear what a flight attendant would say to her passengers, and I recorded the words “welcome to your flight to Hong Kong, please enjoy the flight movie” and something about ‘catching you if you fall’!!!! It was almost as if I was ‘tuning in’ to the multitude of radio waves encircling the globe!

So I’m listening to the noise, watching the images, and then become aware that my hand and feet are floating! It’s my signal to roll out, so I do. But again, this time, it was SO very different! I could SEE and I could see VERY clearly!

Standing by the couch, I could see everything as clear as if I was physically standing in broad daylight! I am looking at my feet lying on the couch, amazed at the clarity. I moved past the couch, always wanting to get away from the body, but this time I stopped and looked back at myself sleeping on the couch on my left side! I have rarely been able to see myself while OOB, and never with such clarity! I’m thinking, ‘Wow! This is such a different feeling to this exit!’ - unlike any other time – and I wondered if other OBEr’s were able to feel and see like this!

Moving into the living room, I realize I am seeing ‘images from memories’ all around the room. Anything I looked at was a memory, but here it existed as a ‘real’ thing. There were many, many Christmas type ‘images/memories’, a few with my sons as little boys playing with toys, and one with my daughter as a teenager. I was able to interact with the ‘image/memory’ of my daughter and gave her a hug, knowing that was what she needed and to let her know I was there for her. In another part of the room I remember seeing a lamp/decoration from years ago that brought back more memories, and I recall thinking, “I remember that!”

At this point, the living changes into the living room of my childhood at my parent’s house. Once I realize where I was, I eagerly ran up the stairs shouting for my mother (who is still alive). I felt ‘physical’ in movement up the stairs, and at the top where my old bedroom was, I stuck my head inside to see that the room was just as I remember it, not as it is now.

I hear my mom answering me, and pull back, floating a little, which made me realize I was still OOB and did not have to move so ‘physically’! So I float through a wall searching for my mother and find myself in darkness. My mother finds me and we begin to talk. During our conversation, I realize she is not talking like she hears me anymore, and I tell her ‘I have to go’. It was here that I faded back to full awareness on the couch.

I record this, thanking those who gave it to me for such a wonderful experience. I am just in awe of how clear and aware I was throughout the entire time.

One final memory I have of this night happened right before waking. For more background, it’s been a rather tumultuous few weeks here for me with a lot of ‘family issues’ going on that give me concern and turmoil at times.

I remember ‘dreaming’ of many different emotional situations with various people in my life, some very upsetting and frustrating. The last few details of this ‘dream sequence’ were more lucid and clear, so I recorded it as transcribed. I was in a hallway, following behind this short dark haired older woman and recognized her as a famous psychic whom everyone knew.

I decided I was not going to disturb her with a greeting, as she probably had enough from others. However, she abruptly stopped in front of me, did a ‘pretend’ bump into me to get my attention, grabbed my arms on both sides and looked at me squarely in the eyes, saying, “If you are going to do this, you need to learn control!” I was a bit taken aback by it all, and woke immediately afterward.

I recorded what she said, not realizing that it may relate to the ‘mind-needs-too’ message that I received in the first part of the night. Perhaps I need to realize that my desire to be all I can be to everyone is taking a toll on my emotional state and I need to find time for myself and be more ‘in control’ of my emotions and the way I am looking at events in my life.

I have to remember that how you perceive this physical life is largely based on how you ‘react’ to the many situations you find yourself in, and if you can control how you react, you can gain a better understanding of what you are to learn from these experiences.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

113) Bits and Pieces of OOBEs- Astral vision, Visiting Civilizations

It’s been a while since I’ve had any really good OOBEs to post here as I don’t want to put up uninteresting posts that the readers may find boring. However, with the hectic life I have right now, and for the next six months, I will post those pieces of OOBE’s that I feel are more readable. I know I am still having the learning OOB experiences, but my recall is so limited anymore, possibly due to so many other ‘physical’ concerns to think about in my daily life!
Here’s the latest over the past few weeks:
10/22/09 Astral Vision
I found myself fully aware of lying on my bed, but with my ‘astral vision’ opening. I’m in a car, in the seat behind the front passenger side, looking out the side window of the car. I can see moving scenery, and I notice a huge black electronic sign (turned off) that gets my attention. The clarity is amazing, and I remember thinking how unusual this is to see so clearly while knowing I’m in bed! I turn to look back (to prove to myself that I still can see it!) and watch as the sign fades in the distance.
Now, along the side of the road as the car moves, I see animals lined up along the side of the road. Soon, these animals become ‘distorted’ or misshapen, as I notice that there are parts of different animals on one! For instance, there was what appeared to be an elephant, but with a goat’s head!
Seeing this, and knowing I’m still in bed, I am now aware that I could transition to full OOB if I wanted to. (The anomaly signaled my awareness as it used to do!) But, this time, because everything is just so clear, I just don’t want to try to move out yet!
Looking out the front window of the car, I see the two front seats are empty and yet the car is moving forward. I have no fear at all, as I have become aware of my pre-OOB status and want to have some fun trying to see what I can do.
Again, I feel I have to prove to myself that I am OOB (or at least pre-OOB), I grab a hold of the front passenger headrest and pull myself into a handstand!! I can feel the sensation of ‘blood-rushing’ to my head (physical memory, I’m sure) and with that it caused a lighter state of transition, almost as if waking slightly.
The vision darkened, and I’m still aware of being in the bed, now with the circling of my hand chakras (something that I haven’t had in quite a while). I willed them to be stronger in hopes of returning to the astral vision or OOB mindstate, but was unsuccessful.
Even though this wasn’t really a full OOB experience, it was one of the few times I had the ‘bi-location’ feeling of being in two places at once and with such clarity of vision, I just didn’t want to move out right away.
11/01 Visiting Civilizations
This OOBE was so long in length and detail that there is only a few aspects that I was able to recall. Even while being OOB, I remember I told myself that if I didn’t force myself to awaken soon, that I would not be able to recall much. With that, I decided that I would pursue the experience, for which I’m sure I had some great learning. It just frustrates me that I cannot bring much detail back to share with everyone!
What I do remember is that it took me many attempts to get out of the house once OOB. I could be so heavy, crawling and affirming ‘to the door!’ in order to move. Once I remembered to do a little jump and spin, while affirming ‘inward now!’ and that moved me into my long, long black tunnel pullback sensation.
I remember that I visited many different civilizations of people, interacting and talking with them. I have no specific memories except for the one cave I entered that was dimly lit by yellow light. In this cave was intricately carved ‘things’ sticking out all along the sides of the passageway, narrowing it to the point where movement was difficult. They felt/looked ‘sharp’, perhaps having been carved from bone or horns. I was able to get deep inside the cave and felt the people who did these carving were very small in stature, but it narrowed so much that I felt uncomfortable and decided to leave before seeing anyone.
The only other ‘civilization’ I recall was looking down at these stone walls that formed separate rooms, appearing to me from above as if it were a maze. I gathered with some people who were with a man who was injured, but do not remember anything more. There were events happening that I didn’t even question, just observed and learned.
At some point in this long experience, I remember asking to see my guide, and knowing he was with me, talking with him. I asked him why I wasn’t able to see him, he answered, but I do not now know what he said!
There was so much more to this than I can recall, and it really frustrates me to post something so general. However, I know that the experiences will return when my life settles a bit more so I have to be patient and just share what little I have.
11/10 Reunion
This OBE I had wanted to ‘help someone’ as my intention, in the hopes that there would be something I could share with others. As it ends up, I was the one given help, in knowing that my guides are still with me and want me to be happy.
I again had a difficult exit, but with help from others, was able to roll out. I found myself immediately in an underground area, with a subway type feeling. People were all around me and a particular Hispanic man walked up to me and began talking. I felt a bit uncomfortable with his energy, and was not sure why.
Remembering that I had wanted to ‘help someone’ for this OOBE, I tried to help him by sending love, a technique that worked well in the past. However, this time, he wasn’t leaving. He followed me into another room and I realized I needed help. I asked for my guides to come and I was immediately surrounded by 3-4 other people, with one woman in charge.
They ‘spoke’ to him in his own language, telling him to sit in a chair nearby and wait. It sounded as if it could be Spanish (as I have a limited knowledge of that language) but he was resistant to their instructions at first. However, he moved to a chair in another room and I was able to move away with them into another room.
This room felt as though it was a restaurant of sorts, with a bar and tables set up. The group of guides told me they wanted to show me something in the back. As we entered the back room there was a table elegantly set with beautiful dishes and filled with food.
At one place, a guide asks me to place my hand over the ‘medallions’ to see if I can ‘feel’ their vibrations/energy (this wasn’t the word, but it’s the best description I can give). As I raise my hand over them, I feel the ‘tingling’ and get excited, thinking, “I can! I can!”
At this point they all burst out laughing, and say, “Surprise! It’s all for you”, and I suddenly see familiar faces of friends I haven’t seen in many years! It was a ‘reunion’ of sorts, and there was much laughing and happiness as we shared the food. I recall the one friend who showed me a HUGE strawberry, and offered me a taste. I could again ‘taste’ that strawberry, causing me to salivate (for real!)
As in my past OBE, this salivation brought my awareness up to the point where I realized I had to get recording this in order to remember even parts of it. I find my recorder, but again, see that it is in pieces! However, as I’m trying to get it fixed, pushing buttons and knobs, it is playing! (I should have realized this was a false awakening, but I was intent on getting it fixed!)
Giving up, I decided to look for pen and paper to write it down, and with that I transitioned to a lighter state where I realized it was not happening. I woke, found my recorder intact, and recorded what I remembered. Again, due to that delay with a false awakening, more memories were lost! SO frustrating!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

112) Physical Senses While OOB

October 8, 2009

This OBE again started with a false awakening, one where I heard what I thought was my son come in the front door talking with a friend as I lay on the couch. As it was the middle of the night, I knew to just ‘lie in wait’ for what would happen next.

I saw two small children, boy and girl of about 6 years, come from the hallway to stand next to the couch where I was lying. “Can you take care of something for us?” was the question I ‘heard’ and immediately rolled out and followed them down the hall to the real life room that I ‘felt’ belonged to my sons. (The room is currently in use by my stepson, as my own boys have since grown and moved out).

Peering into the doorway, I saw three little boys of about 3-4 years old playing around in their beds. They were fully dressed and hiding/playing under their covers, as if not having taken the time to undress and get ready for bed. I asked, “Where are your pajamas?”, and then sternly told them to get out from under the covers and put them on now. This ‘taking control’ of the silliness and telling them to behave was, I ‘felt’, the main reason why the other two older children came to get me off the couch.

Finding myself back on the couch, I realized I could still just ‘roll out’ so I did! Being fully aware, I just took the fastest way outside, through the wall near the couch. I could feel the coolness of the night air as I passed through, and found myself floating gently in my back yard.

I was amazed to next find myself so close to the ground that I could ‘feel’ the leaves from the trees that had fallen already. I remember I even tried to ‘bunch’ them up, resulting in some leaves being pushed into my mouth and giving me a choking sensation!! I remember thinking, “Why am I able to feel these so intensely?” It was surprising as I knew without a doubt I was out of body, yet marveled at the intense physical touch sensation of these leaves!

Clearing the leaves, I floated over to the nearby road, only to discover it was now a ditch full of water! Just next to the ditch, was a walled up body of water, like a very large puddle. Remembering the fun I had with puddles as a child making rivers and dams in the rain, I wondered if I’d be able to release this huge puddle into the ditch.

Pushing against the dirt wall, I was thrilled to see the wall release and the contents drain quickly into the ditch! It was just an awesome feeling, and I remarked to the woman who was with me how much fun it was!

Walking along the edge of the ditch, I’m being careful not to ‘fall in’ because it all feels so ‘physical’…but then, quickly I recall, “what am I so worried about? I’m out of body!” and with a smile and big leap, took a chance and jumped into the water!

I floated to the bottom, and then playfully decided I’d roll over on my back while under the water, and look up to wave and smile at those I left on the banks! I was being silly, having fun, and they smiled and waved in return at my joy. (Funny how even now I can ‘picture’ exactly what it looks like to ‘look up’ from the bottom of that ditch!)

As I moved out of the ditch I could ‘hear’ conversations, and listened intently to a conversation with a group of 4-5 others (at the time I knew who they were, but have no recall now except for ‘past friends’). One of them was a supervisor who had just returned from Ohio (?) and was remarking on how bad the hospital situation was there. All of them were talking, and those who had worked there before agreed with the supervisor that it was bad.

Leaving the group, I moved to a large building, one with a ‘reception hall’ or convention arena feeling. It was all set up for an event. I was so thrilled to be out of body, knowing it without a doubt, and being able to physically ‘touch’ and move wherever I wanted! I moved high and low, looking and touching, and specifically remember floating up near the ceiling next to some heavy drapery that was decorating the hall.

I could ‘feel’ the texture of the drapery as it hung, and knew that in ‘real life’ I’d never be able to do this! I even recall telling a gentleman there, ‘Isn’t this great? You can do whatever you want, go through things, go high and low, know you are out of body, and still have all your physical senses!” He just smiled without saying a word.

I was SO in control of what I was thinking and doing! While high near the ceiling, I then looked down through some narrow slots and could SMELL the wafting aroma of food cooking! Amazed at the sense of smell, I dived down through the very narrow slots, never thinking twice about whether I could or not because I was SO certain of my OOB status.

I remember ‘bouncing’ a bit as I neared the floor, maybe because I didn’t want to pass through the floor and had to put the brakes on! I could see a kitchen area, with pretty clear pink colored dishes on display. There were plates, serving bowls, cups – all a beautiful clear glass-type pink color.

Following the aroma, I moved to a display of fruit in a bowl, but the bowl itself was created by freezing fruit within ice. I thought what a wonderful way to keep the fruit cold – a bowl made by freezing water and decorated with pieces of fruit within it! (I actually thought it was such a good idea that I’d have to remember to use it in my daughter’s upcoming wedding!)

Next to this fruit ice bowl was food cooking, and the aroma was exquisite! Now, I will write what I saw, but it makes no sense now. Of course, at the time, it made perfect sense! A man was showing us how to cook the frozen fruit on a hot steak, so that the fruit would melt as the steak cooked!?! I distinctly remember a slice of pineapple on that steak along with other fruit pieces. The smell was so enticing, and when offered a taste of the cooked fruit, I gladly accepted! I could actually TASTE the fruit, and I woke immediately thereafter when I realized that my physical mouth was actually watering!!!

This OBE was so unique with the ability to actually use my five physical senses while OOB. I SAW clearly those people on the bank of the ditch from underwater, I HEARD the conversations, I TOUCHED the drapery, the leaves, and water dam, I SMELLED the food cooking, and I TASTED that cooked fruit!! Awesome!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

111a) Full OBE account of VALIDATION success


As promised, here is the full account of my experience that wonderful night. Even though I have always known it is possible to ‘meet’ living persons in the astral (as Monroe and others have done), until you DO it yourself – there is always that little piece of doubt!!! No more for me!

I did my usual routine of going to the couch with the intention of having an OBE where I could meet up with a friend that was also going to try to get OOB the same night. For some added background, this friend is a fellow OBEr who lives in a different country (and time zone) than I am located and we have been communicating only via email of our experiences.

The likelihood of our ‘real life’ meeting therefore is quite minimal, so we decided to attempt to meet in the astral to see what would happen. We decided that he would attempt to travel to MY house, and I would try to stay here (instead of flying off all over the place like I usually do!) For me, this helps with the validation process, as you have NO preconceived notions of what to expect. I feel when you are meeting with those whom you are familiar; certain events can be biased according to what you already know.

I made the intention of meeting this friend, as well as wish to make it as ‘physical’ as possible – due to the fact that I felt the lower ‘physical vibration’, in keeping close to ‘real life’, would make it easier to remember details. (I have certainly had enough experience with total loss of memory recall in the higher vibrational state!)

On the couch, I became aware of vibrations when I noticed some sort of movement on my left, like someone or something was nearby. Feeling soft vibrations, I tried to intensify them and ‘willed’ them to increase, which they did!

At this time, I knew I was ready to exit, so I just sat straight up and stood up! I headed for the front door, but felt strong tugging, pulling me back toward the couch. I added an emphatic, “to the door!” knowing that the affirmation would get me there faster.

I passed through the door, feeling the change to cooler ‘air’ once outdoors. Strangely, I noted that I could also ‘feel’ the coolness of the cement below my feet! That was a very new physical sensation while OOB.

I am now standing there, feeling wide awake and fully aware! I remembered I wanted to go see my friend, so I jumped up to take off as I affirmed my intention. (And apparently forgetting I was supposed to stay put!)

Surprisingly, I found myself hanging by my arms on the small roof overhang that was above my head! I felt SO physical, because I noticed I could actually feel the muscle tension in my arms holding me up! I said, “What is this? Why am I so physical?” (also apparently forgetting I asked for it!! Lol)

I kicked what felt to be my physical legs up toward the sky as if dismounting, and then I just let go of my arms! I KNEW I was OOB, so there was no fear I was going to fall.

This started a long movement backward, a continuous falling sensation. During this long fall, it felt like my physical eyes were attempting to open, as if waking up, because I could see bits of sky and clouds above me. I’m feeling more and more ‘physical’, worried that I’ll wake completely if my eyes actually open fully! (of course, not realizing that if I am really opening them while on the couch, I shouldn’t be able to see the sky!!) Becoming fully physical, I realized I was on the couch, but in a semi-awake state.

Not wanting to lose the momentum, I thought I’d just try to relax back into the right state and try to exit again. I was surprised to see how easy it was to do! I sat up, and once again found myself OOB.

I knew the previous exit through the front door ended without any successful outcome, so this time I decided to exit through the side door. It was again difficult to move, and at one point I decided I didn’t have to go all the way to the side door, I could just duck out the side wall – which I did!!

I felt the texture change as I passed through to the outside, and found myself flying, but not moving well at all. I can see the trees, and moved higher to above tree level. I began to pick up speed and then was able to do my usual zooming around!

I am now traveling down the road next to my house, watching and knowing this is all so familiar. I ‘know’ my parents house is just down this road on the left, and when I saw it, became excited to think I’d go visit them. (In hindsight – remembering where I was on the road, in reality my parent’s house is NOT down this street as I saw it OOB)

As I neared the house, I felt a transition happening, and once again felt as though I was going to awaken. I realized as I got to the house that it was not their house as it is now. It appeared more ramshackle and worn, and the neighborhood was distressed and poor (not like real life). The transition continued, feeling heavier, and I found myself again awake on the couch.

This time, even though I felt I was awake, I said I have to get out again! I lifted my arm to the armrest above my head and pushed myself up! Surprisingly, I was again OOB! (I would have sworn I was physically awake – but something must have ‘told’ me I should try to get out!)

This time I move to my front yard and I was flying high! I recall looking down at my front yard and watching from above as a car entered my driveway. I immediately remembered I wanted to meet my friend and somehow I KNEW this was him!

I zoomed down to the car, and entered the passenger side as he was driving. I remembered as I neared the car, I could feel that transition of ‘physical-ness’ returning, and worried I was going to wake again!

Once in the car, my only memory is of reaching out to touch him, and I could actually feel it! The experience ended very quickly with my return to the couch in a semi-awake state.

I again didn’t want to get up, and I could still hear some odd noises going on within the room, so I tried pushing myself back up off the couch!

Finding myself out again, I recall I asked if I could help someone, as I always like to do something constructive while OOB, as well as have my fun!

This time, before I could leave the room, I heard female voices laughing and giggling. I asked, “who’s here?” and the girl’s voices got quiet. I asked again, “is anyone here?” and following the voices, entered the area where my real life bathroom is.

I found three young girls (ages late teens, early 20’s) all undressed and laughing. I saw two girls in an old fashioned claw foot white tub, and one standing along side it, behaving very immature and silly. (I even recall looking at the tub and remarking, ‘wow, what a nice old-fashioned tub – similar to my grandmothers!)

I asked, “why are you here? what’s going on?” and the one girl responded with something about being so bad they “don’t deserve to go on further” (?). The silliness continued, and I said, “that’s enough now, it’s time to move one, let’s go!”

With that I helped pull one girl out of the tub, and went to get the other one, but found her completely submerged under the water! I said, “look she’s in trouble!” and pulled her up out of the water as she gasps for air. (I had the distinct feeling that these girls were playing with me, as I ‘knew’ there was no need for air!)

I pulled the plug and watched as the water drained out of the tub. I said once again, “come on, it’s time to move on” and with that left the room.

I moved down the hallway, expected to see the rest of my house as usual. At the end of the hall, however, I unexpectedly turned into a huge well-lit room (one that is NOT there!). It was brightly lit, with yellow/gold accents, and a golden carpet. It felt as though it was a very posh, elegant studio of sorts, with plush chairs lining the entire circumference of the room. In the center was an easel with a square frame and drawing on display. This made me think that an artist lived there and I moved to the far wall where a beautiful desk was located.

A man entered the room from behind the desk, his head turned away from me so that I did not see his face, as if he was speaking with someone behind him. He wore a white shirt and suspenders and appeared to be in his 40’s or 50’s. I wondered if this individual could also be my friend that I wished to meet with!

Without warning, I started an immediate pullback, and woke fully back on the couch. I forced myself to wake because I knew if I didn’t record at this point, even more details were going to be lost!

As for the verification, his version was with much less detail, but in his words: “I’m afraid it was rather fleeting…or at least, my retained memories were! Basically, I was driving a car, with you as passenger….I didn’t think that we were in the states, but now that I think back, you were sitting on my right hand side, so we can’t have been here (where the driver sits on the right!). I have just an impression of where we were….there was greenery outside.” (There is lots of ‘greenery’ around my house, with shrubs, forests, and meadows!)

This was enough validation for me – even though it may not be for others, I’m very satisfied!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

111) VALIDATION of a meeting!! I'm so excited!

I just have to post here to share my excitement at the latest OBE that I had just this morning...

I do not have the time right now to write it up in detail (but I will!), but suffice to say, I have NO DOUBT in my mind that I met up with an intended person! I have done this a few times, but the intended person would have limited or no recall of the experience except for 'generalized' feelings...

This time, we set up the plan that on the same night we would 'intend' to meet each other in the astral. He was to come to MY house and I was to wait for him here (as I am always flying off to other areas!! lol)

Upon discussing our experiences we have discovered a perfect match in location and events!

Without giving long boring details, I had a number of OBEs last night - and each time I would get out, I found myself experiencing more and more 'physical' sensations and events. This is difficult to explain, but even though I had no doubt I was out of body, I found myself questioning the experience at times because I was able to 'feel' physical textures and bodily sensations that I normally cannot.

In hindsight, I can see now that I was preparing for the meeting that we had set up, because I had 'intended' to have as much physical sensation as possible incorporated into it!

So, to get to the validation, my recall of the meeting starting with gettting OOB and flying around my front yard. I then saw a car drive into my driveway, and somehow knew it was him!! He was driving, and I flew down and entered the car where the 'physicalness' sensations returned!! I could reach out and feel the other person- and it was awesome!

However, it ended very quickly, with only memory of the 'physical'-ness and some conversation.

Upon discussion and comparing notes, the other person flabbergasted me by telling me right out that he was driving a car to see me, and that I entered the car and spent just a 'short time' with him!! To me that's four hits - the car, he's driving, coming to me and being with me, and a short time!

Although there isn't a lot of detail here, it is SO validating for me to even have these same facts that were correlated!

Now many will question this validation, but I have to say - that there is not much in the astral that will be 100% validated by anyone who is NOT a part of the experience! Doubts and questioning of the event is allowed, so I do understand if this is not enough 'validation' for them.

However.......I have NO DOUBT.......:)...........and I'm thrilled to say it was a success in my book! It CAN be done!!!

(See next blog post for the complete OBE!)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

110) Flying with Daughter, High level 'Experience' Learning

At this time, I am only posting those experiences where I feel there is something of some importance for others to learn from. I have had a few other OOBEs just prior to this one, but again, they were mainly for my enjoyment, as the best I would be able to share with you is my love of flying and doing acrobatic swoops and spins!! lol

As always, my email is open to anyone who wishes to write and share comments or experiences. I do wish let you know that you CAN do this - and that you CAN set intentions and have them be experienced!!


Part 1
I went to the couch and attempted to remain aware as I fell asleep, using my energy circulating visualizations. My first awareness of something happening was hearing someone walk into the living room (it sounds so 'physical' that I always feel it's real, but remain quiet in case it's more - which it almost always is!)

This person came up to the couch and unexpectedly, jumped onto the couch near my feet and curled up with a sigh as if going to sleep with me! I realize immediately it is my daughter (one who has been going through rough times lately) and I instinctively know this is her 'non-physical' self that has come to be with me.

I even remember that I was able to recall the fact that she is currently out of state and therefore cannot really be here in physical - so this confirmed to me it was an OBE starting. I remember that I told myself she was in Virginia, but in physical reality, she is now in California! Minor detail, but it shows how the 'mind' works even in the astral - it knew she was 'out of state'!! (Hmmm, actually both physically out and also 'energetically' out!)

Knowing I'm OOB, I sit straight up, move to her side and gently call her. She's distressed, telling me all these things she has to do (dentist, labs?) so I put my arm around her and get her moving with me. I tell her we're going to 'take a ride' (not exact words, but to this effect) and we move together toward the side wall of the living room.

I remember I worried slightly that she may not be aware she can easily pass through the wall and will hesitate, but I just take control and move with her through the wall to the outside night air. I feel the cool, invigorating freshness and fly upward toward the night sky with her at my side, arm in arm.

We fly together, and it feels SO wonderful! I ask her, where do you want to go? I have a brief memory recall that I wished to go see someone, but also knew that the moon was of special meaning as well. I recall seeing a beautiful nighttime horizon before us and the gently curve of the earth as we flew so high, so I asked if she wants to go see the moon!

She says no, she needed to go to 'Virginia' to see her Marine fiance and be sure he is ok. (In reality he's in California - where she is now!) I say, 'OK', and tell her that we can be there instantly by just 'knowing' we are there, and will not need to continue flying. We then closed our eyes, focused on where we wanted to be, and knew as we opened them we were where we wanted to be.

My next recollection was that we were flying high above our intended area, and told her 'we are here, let's go down!' and with that, the fade back began and I awoke back on the couch. I felt so happy upon waking - the love and comfort I was able to give my daughter gave me such joy!

Part 2

This part of the night is really very short on details, as I intuitively know it a 'higher level' experience and the degree of return I remember having showed me even more that it was not my usual 'lower physical' OBE. You will be disappointed with the detail, however, I am NOT disappointed with the OBE!! I just wish I could make you 'feel' all that I felt and experienced! I am left with such deep joy and love....

I have to also say that in addition to meeting someone, I put forth the intention that I would like to be with my guide(s) and to learn more. I can't believe how well intention works....It was even more than I ever expected!

The first part of the OBE found myself with a guide (perhaps even more than one) that were showing me various rooms. In each room there was so much learning going on! I was enveloped with an 'experience' within each room, yet have no recollection of what each experience was! I recall watching a 'video' at times, yet it was more than just watching - I was a part of it!

Once I was done in one room, I moved into another, and then another....and each time there was another 'experience' that I so loved!! I SO wish I could recall what I was doing, but it was truly indescribable.

At one point, after a series of rooms and joyous learning, I told my guide that I wished to go see a friend. I distinctly remember a transition of sorts...and then that wonderful sensation of my friend entering on my left and I asked, "is it really you??" and yet knowing that it was!

There is no specific details of our time together except the knowing that it felt like it lasted forever and that I was able to experience all that I wanted to experience!! There was no 'time' just 'experience'....this entire OBE was all about 'experience' and the sensation of being with and knowing.....oh, I just can't describe it well at all!!!

Interesting, though, throughout the entire 'experience', I KNEW I was OOB and was always looking for that 'signal' to go back, not because I wanted to, but because it was SO long!! It had to be the longest OBE ever! Yet, I was being allowed to stay and experience more and more, in such a joyous state!

One detail I recall was that I felt I needed to 'see' this friend - as I could not 'see' a physical form. I tried to use my 'eyes' to focus, but gave up after a while and just went with the total 'experience'....It was just so moving and emotional....

That began the first 'pull back' where I entered a mindstate where I knew I was 'waking' but believed I was truly awake! I was trying to record what had just happened (it was SO much to recall!) that I was upset I was already forgetting much of it!!! Then a second 'pull-back' began and I realized that I was NOT fully awake and recording, and with the full awake status, I forget even more!!!!

This double pullback always tells me that the OBE was of such a 'high level' state that my recall is not going to be much because I was so far 'out'. It feels like an entirely different way of 'understanding', a wholly different way of 'experiencing' that just cannot be put into words.

The entire OBE was all about 'experience' and what I felt was of such a high intensity that I just can't even begin to make others understand how it felt! SUCH a loving, joyous emotional state - and yet these words don't even begin to describe it!

Friday, August 7, 2009

109) Meeting Rory, Lessons Learned


My first ‘awareness’ for this OBE was of the ‘astral vision’ opening, where I am aware I lying on the couch but able to ‘see clearly’ into an opening in front of me. What I see is a man, dressed in medieval clothing walking around a stone building as if it trying to find a way in.

This ‘watching’ of the astral vision gave me the knowing that I was in the right state of mind for an OBE. However, I then heard someone walking toward the couch and questioned whether this was something real or a ‘false awakening’. I have learned that if I have any doubt as to my ‘reality’, then I am to remain quiet and unmoving, to let things unfold and see what happens.

A ‘male’ presence was now standing next to me on the couch. I could feel his anxiousness, as he stood there not speaking, yet giving me the ‘feeling’ of wanting something. I then realized I could feel someone’s hands holding my own hands above my head and yet another pair of hands holding my feet!! A small bit of fear rose in my mind with this anxious male standing nearby and both my hands and feet restrained! I wiggled my feet and tried affirming, “release them now!’ but without success.

Somehow I knew I could not let the ‘fear’ take control and my previous lesson of ‘sending love’ when faced with a fearful situation came back to me. I ‘sent love’ to the male, whereupon he exclaimed, ‘oh thank you! I just needed to know that you love me!’ and he disappeared!

I regained my composure now to ask, “who are you?” to the ones holding my hands and feet. Off to my side, I heard a female answer me, but was not able to understand the name. Three times I had to ask, before I was able to hear her name…Rory (rhymed with Lori) Skylar Rhondles….or something like that. I remember I used the mnemonic “ RSR” to remember her initials. (Her last name began with Rhon…but not sure how it ended)

It is a bit hazy as to what exactly happened next and in what order. She was an informally dressed young woman (20’s) who moved off to my left as I sat up on the couch. Whoever was holding my hands and feet was gone – in hindsight, it may have been their way of making sure I stayed in this area for Rory.

I asked, ‘What are you doing here?” and her reply was that she was trying to help others “marry off” so that she (or they?) could get a “well-deserved nap” (?) (Again, what made perfect sense while OOB makes no sense while awake!)

As she moved over to the floor to get something to eat (?), I realized I could no longer see her! I say, “I can’t see you!” and she replied, “But I’m right here in front of you!”

What I realized was that she was completely ‘in shadow’, as there was a bright light coming from behind me, and my positioning created a shadow that fell over her. As I leaned to the side, the light would shine on her and I could then see her again. I remarked, “I can’t see you when you are in the shadow” and she calmly replied, “oh, that’s right” like she was accustomed to dealing with type of situation.

On the floor beside us were small green ‘fuzz’ balls, and she replied, ‘come on, have some!’ indicating this was food to eat. I remember I tried to pick up these ethereal fluffy green balls but without any luck. (I recorded some reference to ‘cat food’ at this point, but have no idea where it fits in!)

“Oh, that’s right, you can’t eat it either!” was her remark. At this point, I thought that I should try to get back so that I could remember this experience, and for the first time, could actually feel my astral body return to my physical body! Usually, I just waken into consciousness without any memories of how I returned, but this time, I recall the entire movement from the floor and drifting gently back into the lying position on the couch!

Knowing I have to record this to remember the details, I find my recorder quickly but once again find it is broken! The buttons are all disconnected and I remember thinking that the ‘boys’ I lent it to previously must have broken it and didn’t tell me! My disappointment ended quickly as I returned to a full awake state and found the recorder in good working condition! (What I didn’t remember was that this broken recorder theme is another ‘false awakening’ that signals I am still not fully conscious!)

It seems that I may be getting a bit ‘rusty’ in my OOB experiences and my ability to recall previous lessons since I do not have the time to really focus on my OOBE learning right now. However, I am thankful to continue to have these small encounters to remind me that I have not forgotten everything I have learned!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

108) OOBEs - Intention is Everything

This is just a blog entry to say hello to everyone who reads this blog and to offer my apologies for not having much to post lately.

My OOB experiences have diminished greatly in content and quality, mainly becase I am finishing some advanced level training and eduation for the next 6 - 8 months and just don't have the time to focus on them as much as I used to.

However, they ARE still happening, but in a very brief and almost disappointing way. For instance, just last night, I recall actually getting out, although it was MUCH more difficult than usual (probably due to not keeping up with it).

I struggled to sit upright when I 'knew' I was ready to move out, and can even remember the 'pulling' sensation that pulled me back somewhat. However, I did move away, heading for the door, but got distracted by a wall nearby that had something interesting I wanted to look at!!

When I looked, I knew I could just go 'through' the wall, so I did! I recall feeling the texture changes and a falling sensation... .but then that was the end of it!!! Did I do more and not recall? or did I just go back? Very disappointing. ..but still...I was out!

Sorry for any disappointment, but no one is more disappointed than me!!

However, this does validate for me that it is the effort and determination that one 'intends' to put toward doing this that drives the success and frequency of their happening!!

So, for those who have the time and are having success, I'm waiting to hear from you!! Maybe that will motivate me a bit more!

Always eager to me at

Sunday, July 5, 2009

107) Meeting NJ, Seeking Corinne, Teasing German, Higher self

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any more experiences here, but it’s not because I have not had any, but more due to the fact that they don’t seem to have the depth and degree of learning that I like to share with everyone. Nonetheless, I will post a synopsis of the previous three, just so you can make a determination for yourself whether it is useful to you or not.

June 14, 2009

With this experience, I became aware of that was already ‘out’ as there appeared to be a different ‘light’ to my surroundings. I knew I desperately wanted to go see NJ, so I set that intention, and could actually ‘feel’ hands grasping onto my hands. I pleaded with whomever it was holding my hand to take me to NJ!

Immediately I ‘felt’ the knowing that I didn’t have to wait for others to help me. I could just ‘intend’ to be there and go myself! I immediately felt the familiar backward movement with that thought, and amazingly could then ‘see’ NJ clearly, sitting in an armchair smiling broadly! It was with such clarity that I knew it had to be his ‘energetic’ self.

The scene quickly transitioned to a darker room, with him now lying on his side, and I remember I’m now yelling his name into his ear trying to wake him! In ‘physical time’, it was when he would be sleeping, so I am assuming that this second scene was the ‘physical’ position he was in and if his ‘astral self’ was already out, then no wonder I couldn’t wake him!

June 19, 2009

This experience started with another ‘false awakening’ that I am getting quite used to dealing with! This time, I’m sleeping on the couch and become aware that my daughter is walking up to the couch to see me. She bends over and kisses me, and I still ‘pretend’ to be asleep (as I have learned to ‘not react’ to familiar events while on the couch), and as she walks away, she playfully tugs at my blankets and pulls them off!

I am determined not to fully wake, even though I was pretty sure I’m lying there without covers! But I continue to ‘not react’ to see what happens, and sure enough, I find my legs floating in mid-air! (My sure signal that I’m ready to roll out!)

I did a slow roll out, getting out easily and clearly, and with the affirmation ‘to the door!’, moved away from the body. However, I remember finding myself flat on the floor on my face! Somehow I knew I just had to ‘intend’ to go where I wanted to go, I affirmed ‘to the door!’ once more and easily moved to the front door. (I know there was another exit through the side door this same night but I have no recollection of where I went!)

I took off flying from the front porch, and even though I ‘knew’ I needed to intend a destination, I wanted to first enjoy that freedom of flying and flipping!! I took the time to just swoop and dive, back flipping and spinning – just because it felt so good to do!

My next recollection is arriving in an area where there are people living in a tent-like covered area. There is a family here I’m with, and I know I’ve been here before. I’m helping them to get ready for some big wind storm, and there is a father with two daughters speaking to me as they lined up with others. He’s telling me that his three-year-old daughter had been left behind and he was worried about her! I knew immediately her name, Corinne, and I offered to go look for her. I remember yelling her name over and over, (Corinne!) in search of her.

My next recall finds me in a farm area, inside a barn, looking around for something. I notice a puppet-like character sitting above me in an alcove, playing a drum set! Not finding what I’m looking for, I move out of the barn to another area.

This time, I am in what ‘feels’ like a German factory building, and I felt there was danger here as I ‘feel’ like I’m supposed to be afraid (but I’m not, as I intuitively know that I cannot be harmed while in the astral!) There is something about the German military-type people here, and there is very limited recall. At one part, I do remember following behind this one soldier, knowing he couldn’t see me yet also knowing I wasn’t supposed to be there! (I could ‘sense’ the danger associated with it). Because I knew he couldn’t see me, I teasingly ‘blew some air’ at his back, and he immediately turned as if he felt it! Even though he acted like he couldn’t see me, I know he ‘knew’ someone was there!

I then hear this female voice off to the side tell me, “But I can see you!” which immediately made me think, ‘oh no!’ and I quickly moved away from that area! I left knowing I was ‘playing with danger’ in that situation.

Off to the side, I join in with some younger ‘ones’ playing with toys, waiting. (I notice I did not say ‘children’ in my recording, as I don’t feel they were actually children in that respect). I take note that their ‘toys’ are very similar to ours, as there is a piano-type toy, and another wind up one that spins and talks (similar to our ‘See-N-Say’ toy.) I remember it stopped on an animal (elephant), and it would tell you all about the elephant and what it is and does, something much more sophisticated than our toys here.

At this point in the recording, I know I am forgetting so many other details as I knew I was all over different areas, but I also know I never did find Corinne! Everything, as usual, fades so quickly with full awakening, and what I am left with is these bits and pieces.

July 3, 2009

Again on the couch, I become aware of slight buzzing, which feels more like a ‘fuzziness’ that brings my awareness to the conscious level. One thing I have learned is that if even if I am doubtful if I’m awake or pre-OOB, that I should always attempt the roll-out! That ‘question’ of reality at any time is a sure clue that you are NOT ‘in reality’ and need to move out!

I was excited to be out once again, and could move easily to the door using ‘clarity now!’ to see and felt the texture change as I passed through to the outdoors. I felt the cool air outside, and once again, took off flying to enjoy my freedom. I recall I had VERY clear thinking this experience, which made me remember I wanted to go ‘inward now!’ as my destination.

I affirmed ‘to my higher self!’, did a little spin to get things started, and then felt the usual familiar movement through darkness, indicating I was traveling. However, I was disappointed to see that when the movement stopped, I was still in my front yard!

Now I’m emphatically trying to go ‘to my Higher Self NOW!’ thinking if I said it with emotion, I’d get somewhere quickly. I now feel the same familiar backward movement in sitting position (as if riding a train), for a long time, but was disappointed once again, when I suddenly moved into a slow fade back to the couch by now hearing the waterfall I have outside my window as I transitioned to full awareness.

The feeling I had is that I DID go somewhere, but there is absolutely NO recollection of any events! I will just be hopeful that much of my learning is ongoing, on a higher level that is just not conducive to any conscious recall.