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Thursday, January 26, 2012

167) Sleep Timer Use; Meeting my Grandmother

January 26, 2012

I thought I'd share a quick experience this morning, one that I wasn’t going to post, until my friends at the Astral Projectors group in Facebook said I should! So here goes…

Since I didn't have to get up early today, I was trying a different technique for lucid dreaming, one where you set a timer to go off at intervals to help with awareness (great site:

During the night I can remember having LOTs of dreams which was an improvement already, but one in particular was quite memorable. I was helping someone with 'negative spirits' that were bothering him, and was showing him how you just needed to have no fear when they started 'taking control'.

I don't have specific details, but remember myself having that slight tinge of fear when one would come, but then emphatically stating, 'stop!' or 'release now' to get them to comply. One 'spirit' that was insistent took my astral arm and was shaking it violently which concerned me, but again, I somehow got the courage to say "stop!" and send love which dissipated it.

As I moved in my bedroom toward my body, I looked up to see my grandmother (who passed many years ago) enter the room! I was astonished, as I've not seen any family members ever in spirit. Actually, she looked so different than she did (much younger look and I never recall her looking like that) but somehow I knew it was her. We were sitting together and my only memory was excitedly telling her all about what I was doing and how I had "figured out how the nervous system worked"! (?)

It was a very short talk and I was pulled back quickly to body (as I think I was so close to my 'self' in bed) but ultimately was thrilled to awaken and know I met with her! My first time meeting someone in my family that has passed on!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

166) Learning Control Again with Awareness Now

January 22, 2012

I am learning a lot about myself over the past few weeks, including the fact that I need to learn to ‘let go’ of many things that no longer serve me. Now on my own in life and feeling the freedom and joy of learning who I truly am, I find I am being given many new opportunities for growth and spiritual development.

This OBE this morning was not much to write about, however, it impressed me in that I learned a few things about how I look at my experiences. The very first time I woke after a few hours’ sleep, I remember dreaming I was driving my car (as usual!) and found myself in an area that I had no recollection of how I got there! I remember thinking, ‘uh oh, this isn’t good, to have driven this far and have no memory of how I got here!’…which should have been my signal for a reality check, but I totally lost the opportunity and woke completely.

In waking, I realized this lost opportunity and was determined to get back into the right mindset to get OOB. It took a long time, and much effort before I finally heard in my head to ‘just let go’. Figuring this meant I wasn’t going to get OOB tonight, I rolled over and went to sleep.

Very soon thereafter (I think!), I became aware of a ‘lighter sensation’ and that ‘knowing’ that this is it!! I tempered my excitement knowing I was getting ready, and then felt the slight ‘tingles’ that I now get in place of full vibrations. I remember thinking again, ‘finally! Yes! It’s happening!’

I was fully alert, yet knew all I had to do was raise my astral arms for confirmation, which I did. Wasting no time, I rolled out off the bed to my left, and affirmed, ‘to the door!’ Moving along, I realized I was still ‘fuzzy’, with vision that kept fading, so affirmed ‘Awareness now!’ multiple times as I moved into the hallway and down the stairs. I was amazed how that simple statement could clear up any fog in my thinking and vision.

Now at the bottom of the stairs, it opens into a large room, not my house. I see offices off to the side, and hear radio/music playing. Moving into the larger room that felt to be a ‘gathering place’, I’m looking around at all the various objects within it (not that I can remember what they are now!).

As I get across the room, I figure there has to be someone here, so mentally holler, “Is anyone here?” Right away, I hear a male voice excitedly yell back, ‘Yes! We’re over here!’

In the far corner, I see two elderly men in wheelchairs. I get the feeling of a ‘nursing home’ or sorts we are in, and they are old time veterans who live here. As I approach, I start talking to them about who they are and why they are here. I don’t recollect any specific conversation, because I am focused on the fact that my vision and awareness keeps fading.

Determined to see who these men are, I demanded emphatically, “AWARENESS NOW!!” and I was excited to see my vision came back clear and crisp immediately! The one gentleman was of solid build, with very short white hair, and a friendly smile that told me he was thrilled to see me. The other gentleman was smaller, with longer dark hair and perhaps a Hispanic background.

Now, I really am sorry I don’t remember much of our conversation as I was doing more thinking about me and my ‘status’ at the time! While talking, I thought maybe I should be doing something else, like affirming ‘to my Higher Self’ which would help me more.

With that, I remember saying “to my Higher Self’ but I could FEEL and hear it spoken with my physical body! My physical lips moved with that affirmation and it totally threw my consciousness into full physical reality. I was back in body and unable to re-enter this experience.

I can still picture these two gentlemen, however, as the clarity of my vision was amazing. I only wish I had taken some time to remember what we discussed!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

165) Cats and Puzzles


I thought I'd share a quick experience I had a few mornings ago. It began with a visit from some feline friends, with becoming aware of a huge cat climbing up onto my chest! Sitting there purring to get my attention, I then found myself in a room a with three other cats. I could not actually ‘see’ these animals but sensed their energies and presence.

While bending to pet each one, I could ‘feel’ their tingly vibrational energy and ‘hear’ them make a deep meowing sound. In real life, there are no cats currently in my house and these all felt to be ‘new’ to me, not past cats I have had, nor any that have visited me before while OOB.

After the 'cat' experience, I was in and out of different 'phases' a few times that night, remembering watching hoards of people marching into a castle while I flew to the rafters. Feeling unpleasant energies here, I tried to zoom to the moon, but with much difficulty in moving then decided I’d affirm, “to my higher self!” to see where I’d go.

What happened is, I found myself aware of lying on my bed and seeing my astral arms lifted above me. I felt too heavy to move out, but then had the rare occurrence of 'astral vision' where I know I'm in a deep state on the bed with my eyes closed, but able to see and sense clearing what is in front of me.

What I see initially is a BEAUTIFUL puzzle of glorious colors with intricate pieces being put together in a stunning display of beauty that then comes to life once complete in a spectacular display of harmony and communication.

My next vision is a more 'basic' puzzle, not nearly as intricate, with black and white cartoon characters on it (I remember Foghorn Leghorn and Chip & Dale! lol). In the upper left corner are some missing pieces and even a few pieces that are jammed in wrong but made to fit.

The words, "Karen's first puzzle" are there, and I remember feeling total elation as I realize the puzzle is now complete enough for the cartoon characters to come to life, which they did similar to the more elaborate puzzle display I saw just previously!

My feelings with this experience are that the basic cartoon puzzle may be my beginner's (childlike) attempt to put the pieces together with the many facets of life experiences and knowledge I am creating. Despite my early attempts in life to 'force fit' some puzzle pieces and still with a few missing ones, I AM perhaps successful in gaining enough 'form' (knowledge) to make it all work (come to life)!