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Friday, April 27, 2012

174) OBE During my Hospitalization

April 23, 2012  

During the course of my prolonged hospital stay, I had had a series of lucid dreams and even one OBE that I can recall.  Unfortunately, being in the hospital environment, being woken quickly and without recorder or even paper available at all times, the amount of recall is quite limited.  In addition, due to the need for some very strong mind-altering pain medicines, not all dreams were coherent and able to be described.

The lucid dreams I had during this stay were ones where I knew I was dreaming, yet did not feel in control (likely due to the medicine).  I remember one being in a ship, watching the waves roll, thrilled with how big they were getting.  I was never fearful, even at one point where I felt the wave pick up the entire ship and fly it through the air as it was tossed over a long distance.    I knew I was safe and the landing would be easy. 

However, the one OBE I did have had some interesting points despite it being a bit more like a lucid dream where I played along with the action that happened, but in the fully aware state of being out of body.

My first recollection was that of rolling out, but finding myself standing next to my sleeping body in a bedroom I was not familiar with.  Moving in the room, I wasn’t completely convinced I was truly out of body as the environment was different and there were all these other people in the room trying to convince me that I was NOT out of body!  

Looking around, I noticed a digital clock on the shelf nearby.   I was thrilled to see that the display was unreadable, a validation for me that I was out of body as I have used this signal before.    However, still not completely convinced as those around me were persistent, I made myself look away and back again, and when it remained unreadable, I felt firmly validated now that I was indeed out of body.

There was a big glass door leading to a balcony from this room and wanting to get outside, I passed easily through the doors.  On the balcony, I looked down and saw I was about 10 stories high, looking onto a city street below.  Knowing I was out of body, I thought about just jumping off the edge and flying down, but again, those people in the room are doing their best to convince me that I’m NOT out of body!

Now I have some doubts again and hesitate jumping.   The people show me the broken screen on the door, saying “look, you broke that screen as you passed through the door, so you are not out of body!”  Somehow, I just knew I was, but taking it cautiously, I did some slow handstands on the edge of the balcony, feeling myself float and then doing a little jump and flip while holding on with one hand. 

Now fully convinced that I would not be doing this unless I WAS out of body, I fearless jumped and floated gently down to the street level. 

Memories here of exactly what I did are hazy.  I was with a group of three young people, two boys and a girl, in a car, making plans.  I was asked if I wanted to go to this dance with them, and initially said no because I didn’t think I was dressed appropriately.   I quickly changed my mind and said ok when they insisted.   Now noticing how well dressed (suit and tie) one male was to go to this dance, I knew I had to return to my room to change, as I remembered I had just bought a few beautiful dresses and some new underclothes that would be appropriate.

I told them I’d be right back, and proceeded to fly along the street, gathering stares and stunned looks from the people on the sidewalk as I flew up to my balcony where my bedroom was. 

Just outside the balcony I noticed a computer like screen that I felt was the way I needed to go to enter into the room.  I was concerned that I would not fit into this little screen, and looking toward the bedroom wall, knew that all I had to do was pass through it, so I did!

I’m now in my bedroom and standing alongside my bed, looking at myself sleeping!  Looking away quickly, I worried that I might return to body if I got too close or looked too long.    Telling myself, ‘no, I  will stay out of body’, I turned again to look at myself on the bed. 

I was a bit taken aback to see that I had changed into a deranged looking and disfigured woman, with some sort of dark ugly ‘blob’ next to me on the bed, somehow knowing this also was a part of me.  I did not panic or become fearful, but just wondered why I was being presented to myself this way.  Without further thought, I remembered the dance, and proceeded to get dressed.

I had to search a bit for these new dresses, deciding the melon colored one would be perfect.   As I’m dressing, I was startled to see that one of the males from the car had flown up to the balcony door and was peering in at me!  I was surprised he could do so, but then also knew that he was ‘special’ and something more than the others.  He made some comment about not having seen such beauty in a long time and it was at this point that I have no further recall.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

173) Sending Myself Healing Energy


This is the first OBE that I have had since I became very ill two weeks ago and was hospitalized. I’m home now and recovering slowly, and am thankful to be able to still get out of body despite the less-than-optimal state of health.

I became aware when I found myself visiting another house where I felt I was ‘staying’ as a visitor. I can recall knowing I was out of body, but wondered why I felt so sluggish and slow. To prove to myself I was out of body, I managed to do some slow flips and little jumps that confirmed my state of being.

The next recall was lifting higher and higher, looking down on my own house. As I came down into my house, I moved from room to room, viewing everything from ceiling level. Passing from the dining room to the kitchen, I intentionally made myself pass through the wall, and thoroughly enjoyed the feel of the ‘crackling’ sensation as I did. This only continued to confirm to me that I was out and in control.

Heading back to the living room, I passed by a large mirror that is there in real life. I see my reflection and continue on past. Seeing myself, it makes me remember that I had wanted to send healing energy to my body should I find myself out again and so moved toward the bedroom.

In the next moment, I stopped to think, ‘hey, if I can see myself in the mirror, maybe I can just send energy to my body via my reflection!” Somehow I knew I just didn’t want to get close to my physical body as I would likely return without sending healing.

Facing the mirror, I remember putting my hands up next to my reflection and moving them across my abdomen and head , two areas where I still have discomfort in real life. (I am amazed that the clarity of thought allowed me to remember where I hurt!)

I remember thinking, ‘send energy!’, but did not feel or see anything unusual happening. I do remember paying attention at my face in the mirror and concerned that it was a sad and tired looking Karen, definitely not one of my better appearances.

I became distracted at the arrival of my son coming into the room and being playful and silly. He paid no attention to me, and after a few minutes, he looked out the door, saw something that felt to be urgent and took off.

It was at this point I felt the tug back to body and found myself awake on the bed. Although this was a relatively short and passive sort of OBE, at least I remembered I had the intention of sending myself some healing.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

172) Sending Love; Flexing Door; Flying Again


My first recollection of ‘awareness’ started with a surprised sensation of a hand firmly gripped on my right shoulder as I lay in bed. Bringing myself to full awareness, I realized someone or something was firmly attached to my back and holding onto my shoulder.

I remembered I had had this feeling once before, as it was accompanied as before with a sense of ‘concern’ and slight negativity. Knowing not to show fear, I attempted to twist to see who or what it was, and then finally having to swing it around so it was now in front of me.

What I saw was a man, a more ‘solid’ or heavier outline of a man standing off to my right. I did not get ‘good’ feelings from him, and I know I spoke with him, but the overwhelming feeling was that I needed to ‘send love’ to ‘let go’ of him.

I affirmed without fear, “I send you love!” and he disappeared!

My next awareness was again lying in bed in FULL vibrations! I’m excited to think I’ll be getting out, so I attempt to roll without trying to wait for more to happen! I find it difficult this time, and it’s like pulling taffy to get my body out. Finally, with only my head hanging off the bed, I remember that Jo used to described herself as ‘slithering’ out of bed to the floor sometimes in order to exit, so that’s just what I did!

Now I’m fully out and affirm, ‘to the door’! Now heading down the stairs, my vision is dim, so I remember affirming ‘Vision now!’ a few times. Once in the living room, I notice it looks nearly the same as real life, however, as usual in the astral, I also remembered there are always a few things different.

I saw a cute little white kitten off to one side, and felt I should to investigate, however, I also saw the front door which reminded me I so wanted to get outdoors again!

Disregarding the pull to the kitten, I move to the front door, and stop to think, ‘it’s been so long since I’ve taken the time to really sense the change in texture as I pass through’ that I wanted to just revel in the fact that I could put my hands through the front door.

When I did, I was ‘shocked’ in every sense of the word! I ‘felt’ an uncomfortable sensation as if being shocked, and remarked to myself that this was quite unusual!!! However, undaunted, and fully aware that I could not really be hurt, I insisted now I was going to get outdoors!

I push through the door, finding it ‘heavy’ and thick, flexing and bowing out as I pushed. It was as if I was not supposed to leave, but my determination was such that with an emotional ‘to the outdoors!’ I found myself on the front stoop.

I take off flying once again, to the top of the pine trees near me and put out my hand to feel the needles. It was here that I somehow transitioned to another place, not really sure how I got there.

I’m standing next to two men with desks, with a feeling this is their ‘place of work’. I’m talking and laughing with them, having a great time.

Turning around, I can see in front of their desks that the floor just stops about 8 foot away, and it drops off (like a cliff) into the most beautiful vista below!! It was almost like looking down off a cloud or some sort of ‘flat surface’ cliff! I saw an entire ‘world’ below…lights, clouds, cities, trees, forests, all at once.

Standing at the edge, I exclaim, ‘you’ve got the best job in the world! Look at this view!’ and the guy is laughing at my joy in loving where he ‘worked’. I said, ‘you could just fly to anywhere you want to at any time!’

With that statement, I jumped fearlessly into the open air below! I was thrilled with my soaring and flying and remember thinking how MUCH I missed doing this!

The last part of this experience was more ‘dream-like’ but I’ll describe it as it was part of this same sequence.

I find myself in a small area, like a personal living space, trying to hide from the man who lives/works there. I feel he is an older uniformed man, much like an officer or fireman. I am near his bed and shelf area where he puts his personal belongings.

Initially, I was afraid he could see me, but realized I could not be seen when he left the room. I investigated what he had on his shelf, and was moving the stuff around to see all that was there.

He returns to the room and I watch as he comes to the shelf area and I can hear his thoughts. He’s thinking that someone must have come into his room and moved the items on the shelf, yet he knew that he only left a moment ago and no one came in!

He’s wondering if he’s ‘going nuts’ in seeing this stuff moved, and worried that it might be some medication he was just started on by his doctor causing him to ‘see things’. Shrugging it off, he says, ‘oh well, as long as I stay ‘ok’ for this (house burn/demolition) coming up’ and continued on about his business.

I have no recollection of what happened after that, because at this point I knew I had to start ‘imprinting’ the highlights in my memory as I was returning. Using key words as I always do, I tried to ingrain my subconscious with the simple words that will allow me to recall enough to record, which I did as soon as I fully awakened.