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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

58) Birthday Gift - Near Physical OBE

June 6, 2008 My Birthday Gift

I had the intention that I would like to celebrate my birthday with an OOBE that would help someone. Little did I know that the Universe felt that “I” needed the help more than others that day!

My first recall was that again I was driving a car down a local road, and saw some birds in the center of the road. One flew off as I got near, however, one didn’t move, narrowly being missed by my car. Thinking, “wow, that was weird he didn’t fly off as they always do” made me realize, ‘hey wait, I’m dreaming!’

I then attempted to move away from the car, without any success, and realized I could now feel my arms waving over my head in bed. Knowing this was my key to separation, I used strong intention to ‘roll off’ the bed, which I did! I found myself standing, looking at the floor near my dresser, trying to steady myself as I’m wobbling all over the place!

I tried to move my feet and walk, immediately realizing, ‘hey wait, I don’t have to walk!’ and just said ‘to the door!’ which moved me immediately. I then proceeded down the stairs, recalling that I could see my dog Buddy once again coming from the living room to join me!

As I walk into the living room, it is shaped the same, but totally devoid of the ‘regular’ furniture. There is ‘stuff’ all over the floor, nothing specific I can recall, just various items lying around. My first impression was that someone was ‘moving in?’ and as I moved into the room, could see clearly the old fashioned silver Christmas tree I remember from childhood years sparkling with its multicolored lights.

As I walked around, I am trying to concentrate and recall just what was it that I wanted to do? (This is common with my OOBEs in that my ‘conscious’ mind recall as to my intentions are sometimes difficult to remember while OOB). I remember thinking, ‘no, I didn’t want to do ‘inward now’ as I would normally do, and then remembered ‘birthday’ which then helped me to recall that I wanted to help someone.

So now I yell out (really ‘think’ out loud!) to the room, ‘is anyone there?’ and I hear it echoing around the room with no response. I yell again, and faintly recall hearing the beginning theme tune to “The Addams Family”.

As I wonder what that means, a rocking chair appears (similar to my Grandmother’s) and I sit in it. I can now hear conversations going on around me, reverberating-type echoes of conversations, yet not able to distinctly recall or remember what they were saying.

I slowly became aware I was back in bed, feeling awake, but my attention was being focused on something appearing behind my eyelids. My recall is that it looked like a white bedspread/bed, but could have been a white square/screen type reference. Something or someone told me to focus intently, and I remember pushing all my energy and effort into ‘seeing’ into this white area.

Now I’m clearly seeing (astral vision - while knowing I’m in bed) a room coming into focus. It’s an empty room, with white walls just starting to be painted with blue streaks of paint. It took a number of times to get ‘into’ this room, as I remember backing up and re-entering a few times, kind of like a film loop that was stuck in repeat mode.

Finally I get through that ‘stuck’ loop entry, and move into another room that is full of people, mostly elderly, and the ‘camera’ is panning over the people as they smile and look at me. What is unusual is that they are all ‘frozen in time’, as if a 3D picture I am panning over.

At first, I don’t recognize anyone, but then a few start looking familiar and I think that perhaps these were patients of mine over the past 25 years. As I go around to the back corner of the room, I realize I DO know these people because now there are family members there, including me!

I see myself with a small boy on my lap, with my grandmother sitting next to me smiling widely, as well as various other family members (all who are still alive, not passed over). Everyone looks SO happy and content, and I feel good just knowing I was a part of this.

Now the camera pans into another room, as it swings around the back wall, but this room was also empty. I remember I was trying to get the 'camera' to swing back around to the room full of people to see them again when I awoke completely.

This was not one of the more exciting OOBE to relate, yet I do think I was granted my birthday request, just not in the way I had intended. I woke that day with the feeling that I indeed have made some impact on the lives of those I have met, and that was the best birthday gift I could have asked for!

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