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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

157) Metamorphosis - Signs and Synchronicities Help with Change

Although I don’t like to write too much personal stuff here on the blog, I felt it is important that I post here what’s been going on in my life over the course of the last six weeks.

I have done much reading about the ‘changing energies’ and such that is part of this time in our lives, and I do believe that this is all playing a part in what’s happening with me.

You may have noticed that my OBE experiences have not been of the same type I am used to having, with little recall and activity happening. It is mostly due, I am sure, to the emotional issues I am going through, as my ‘focus’ is not intently on having OOBEs at this time due to major changes in life.

The biggest catalyst for this change for me had to the Hurricane Irene on September 26 and the flooding devastation that it caused to many families in my area. I was luckier than most, yet still had to deal with a flooded basement and clearing out 25+ years of memories and possessions that I treasured from my past.

Just the week before we had experienced our first East Coast earthquake in over 100 years. This did no damage here, but was a bit disconcerting.

Of course, the Universe knows that an uneventful earthquake and mere flooding isn’t going to be enough to kickstart me into action with the full cleansing process that I needed to do, so it gave me other issues to deal with like a frightful tire blowout in rush hour traffic one week, my credit card being stolen and used another week, and a repeat flooding with Tropical Storm Lee that passed through the following week.

In taking stock of my life with these issues, I had to further realize that my married life was also doomed to the cleansing process, with the knowing that we had grown apart and were no longer capable of giving or receiving what we both need to have a full life. This was a very difficult step for me to consider, yet one I know had been in my thoughts frequently over the past year or two.

Over the weeks, I asked constantly for help in sending signs and giving me guidance as to what I needed to do. I can see now how many of my lastest OBEs and even dreams gave support and significance to what is happening, although I haven’t been able to post them due to personal content.

I want you to know that the Universe does provide for signs and comfort when needed, and especially if asked for. I never needed some signs as badly as I did this past weekend, and they were there for me. It still amazes me to think of the synchronicities that fell into place to get me where I am.

I will share the few that I can, and it began with a Facebook post by a good friend (psychic) who saw these monarch butterflies that were “insistent” in getting her attention. Although she didn’t know who they were for exactly, her initial feelings were that they were for me.

I didn’t place too much faith in this as a sign specifically for me, but felt it could be, as my grandmother is always associated with the monarch butterfly because she loved them so much.

That same day, while outdoors trying to think about how I had to make these changes and wondering if now was the right time, TWO monarch butterflies come out of nowhere and start fluttering all around me!!! I watched in amazement, and silently thanked the Universe for the sign and support that it was all going to be ok.

Later, the same night, in a Facebook post, I see someone posted another butterfly photo and just below it was a beautiful picture of a red-tailed hawk. I knew at once that this was another sign for me, as the hawk has been with me many times, in real life, every time I needed a sign before.

There is a hawk that lives in my area that I never see unless I need validation about something. I saw one the day my grandmother died, as he swooped down in front of my car and landed next to the road on a post in clear view. At THAT time, I knew my grandmother was passing on (which was accurate to the minute) and I gave thanks again for the signal and comfort that all was ok.

It’s funny how even though I wasn’t outdoors, the Universe managed to make sure I still saw my hawk JUST when I needed to have the comfort! I was so totally amazed!

I was now certain of my actions and what I needed to do. The following day, just prior to making the official changes, I walked outdoors to center myself. I asked once again for a sign, if possible, just to be sure, and what happens?

ANOTHER monarch butterfly comes out of nowhere and again flutters all around me!! I smile so wide and thank the Universe profusely for their support and now happily and contentedly am able to go full steam ahead into creating a new and wonderful life for myself!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

156) Analyzing, Seeing the Future, No Help with Retrieval

Sept. 18, 2011

I went to my ‘traveling couch’ about 3am as usual with the intention that I would try to see into the future and see if I could bring back some sort of information as to what’s planned for me.

After a bit, I found myself aware of vibrations, a soft buzzing sensation all over my body. I was excited to think I’d get out again, and focused on finding the right time to roll out. I pushed off and found myself, again, very heavy and difficult to move alongside my body.

I knew I had to get away, and affirmed, “to the door!” which brought me to my front door. Thinking clearer now, I affirmed ‘awareness now!’ and happily moved through the door, feeling the outside air. I took off once again, loving the ability to fly and flip with such freedom!

I remember there was lot of floating and flying going on at first, and from up high, I could see a town below. I was so enraptured with the freedom of movement that I intentionally put ‘myself’ in all sort of body contortions…just enjoying myself!

It was at this point in doing a 360 degree flip that I asked myself ‘how am I able to tell what position I’m in if there is no gravity in the astral?’ This was a new thought to me, as I usually don’t try to analyze while out, but I wanted to know. I thought, what IS it that gives me the sensation of position with my ‘astral body’ when there is no body?

I make a point of doing another flip trying to pay attention to what it was that gave me the ‘knowing’ of my position! I realized it was a ‘fullness’ in my head when I put my feet up that seems to give validation to my position, and the feeling of ‘air’ in my face when I was moving forward…and wondered if it was really there or just my ‘usual belief’ that it had to be so!

I didn’t try to analyze this too much, instead focusing on what it was that I wanted to do tonight. I remembered I wanted to ‘see the future’ and with that, immediately found myself guided to an area below.

As I am flying down from above, I see what initially looks like a building (school feeling?) surrounded by flooded waters! (I have certainly had enough of that in my life lately!) Upon closer inspection, however, I see the shimmering water is actually part of the landscape intentionally put there surrounding the beautiful building. The only way to get to this area is by flying in or via water. (Water is the universal dream symbol for your unconscious, emotions, and life this may mean I was getting in ‘deep’!)

I feel excited about going here and anticipate a great experience, but as I go to land on the sidewalk outside, I suddenly feel a strong pull backward and the knowing I will not be going in!

Without having time to think, I found myself in a dark black tunnel, moving backward again, just as I have done many times before. I think now that I must try to direct myself, and affirm ‘to my higher self!’ as this tunnel is similar to what I have felt before in other experiences when I was affirming that intent.

What happened next was a bit disappointing, as I found myself back on the couch….but again with someone standing next to me!! I felt uncomfortable, not the ‘negative’ type energy, but an ‘irritable, agitated, impatient’ type energy. It was uncomfortable enough that I remembered I had to ‘send love’ to this individual, and remember doing it more than once!!

What I finally saw was this elderly white female, with short white wavy hair, standing next to me speaking about how she is STILL waiting for this person that was to meet her! (I felt it was a male she was waiting for) She had calmed with the love energy I sent so I was able to hold a long polite conversation with her, talking about all sorts of things.

I remember asking her name, hoping it’d trigger a validation once awake, and after having her repeat it (as I didn’t hear it clearly the first time), she said ‘Tanya Tucker’….but she then smiled and laughed as she recounted the story about how that isn’t her ‘real name’ as she was given the Tucker name (by someone in a young age) and her real name was Tanya Hallock (?) Tucker, otherwise known as “THT” she said. (The name Hallock is the best pronunciation I can get from it, it could be something else similar sounding).

She actually was a very polite woman, with a gravelly voice, talking at length and holding my hand as she spoke. She says she’s waiting for someone she missed, and just keeps ‘waiting and waiting’ but he’s just not coming.

Not sure what to do, and thinking this is a spirit who needs to move on, I offer my usual suggestion to ‘look for’ someone who is with me so she can go with them. I say, “maybe you should go with the one who is here with me” thinking I could move her on.

However, in looking around, I see no one with me!! I am astonished, and even she says, ‘I don’t see anyone here!’ Trying not to miss a beat, I say, ‘well then, you just have to always keep looking for someone because they are always here!’ I felt flustered and unaccustomed to having no help at this point.

She asks something about ‘will he have….(unclear what exactly it was but I recorded something about a ‘billionaire’?) or something to that effect…and I answered, ‘well, he’ll have whatever it is you need him to have! But he’s out there waiting for you!’

With that she said she had to leave, and putting on a long red wool coat, she disappeared through a door!

I remember thinking I had to pull back to full wakefulness to get this recorded, and once again, found myself in another false awakening where I was dealing with putting together my broken recorder as my memories faded!! So frustrating! I tried my backward recall, tagging events with single words so I could remember as much as I could, but with even that small delay in waking, I lost a lot!

One other memory I have during this time, and I’m not sure where this fits, but I recall feeling as if I had ‘sore feet’ while I’m doing whatever I had to do….and just kept going…until I finally looked at my feet to see they were swollen to gigantic size with barely perceptible toes!!! I remember saying, ‘no wonder my feet hurt!!’ lol

Again, my OBEs are not clearly organized or put together to offer any cohesive insight as to what it all means, so I’m always eager to hear any comments. I do know that despite my fading memories of specific details, the freedom and happiness I had while out of body is just so fulfilling!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

155) OBE Meeting in Maine and Hotel Experience

The Travels of a Dreamwalker - Facebook Meeting 9/10/11

As promised, I thought I’d post a quick synopsis of what events occurred during the first OBE ‘road trip’ and meeting in Scarborough, Maine. The prior blog post (#154) recounts the first experience I had during this trip while visiting a fellow OBEr in Cape Cod, MA.

This meeting was arranged through a Facebook event posted a few weeks ago. (

I will begin by recounting the OBE that occurred the night before the meeting was to happen. I awoke about 3:30am in the hotel room, and decided I’d like to try for an experience that I could share with the group the next day.

I first realized I was watching myself in a dream, walking around an unfamiliar kitchen looking for something. Realizing I wasn’t going to find it, I decided I’d go back to bed. I remember walking down a long hallway with doors on both sides (hotel hall?) until I found my own room.

Once back in bed in this unfamiliar room, I realized I was in light vibrations! What happened next was really interesting in that it seems my ‘consciousness’ moved from the ‘dream bed’ to my real bed!! I found myself fully conscious, knowing I’m physically in the hotel bed in Maine, in full vibrations!!! I was excited, but kept calm and tried to roll out.

I was confused at first, because I wasn’t sure which side of the bed would be best to roll out!! I just decided I’d ‘float’ and that’s when I was able to get to the window by my bed. Passing through the window to the outdoors, I could again feel the texture change of the glass and coolness of the night air.

Standing on the sidewalk, I tried to recall what it was that I wanted to do!! I remembered that I could always just affirm, “to my higher self!” and have a great experience, but also at that moment thought that perhaps this ‘higher self’ experience might be too ‘deep’ or hard to understand for the group the next day!

To I affirmed, “let me help someone!” as that is always what comes naturally as the next option when I’m out of body. At that moment, I found myself zooming upwards, and could look down as floor after floor of a building disappeared below me.

Finding myself in total blackness now, I am aware of strong arms around me. I feel happy and comforted, and know this is likely one of my guides who always accompanies me.

The next part is an interesting aspect of dream travel or astral projection. It seems whatever is on your mind recently will many times take precedent over what you see and do when out of body. This time was no exception, and I remember thinking, “hey, this is a good time to ask my guide what to do about (a personal situation)” that I had just discussed over dinner that night.

So I ask him as he is behind me and over my left shoulder I can hear him tell me that ‘some things just take time’ or something like that which did answer my question in a roundabout way. I decided at that point I wanted to see him, and twisted to the left to face him.

Just as in many of my other experiences with my guides, again he disappears and I feel the pullback to full wakefulness. Somehow I know that I must have told my guides to not let me get too much from them this time around in physical, as I wanted to do it myself! Lol The good part of the experience is that I did get to ‘help someone’ but it seems that that person was me!

At the meeting the next day, we had a good turnout of approximately 14 people, including our own Jaime M-Lundquist of California, founder of the Astral Projectors group on Facebook, via Skype on the computer. We wanted to trial the use of Skype for giving a wider range of audience participation possibly in the future, and from what I can see, this is definitely a possibility! Thanks Jaime for hanging in, despite the few disconnects and internet issues!

We had a beautiful room at the Hilton, quiet and secluded, and Leslie Dutton was the key facilitator I want to thank again for making sure we had a comfortable environment and some light snacks for the meeting.

After having everyone introduce themselves, I just gave a brief overview of who I was and what I did. From there, the conversations ranged from benefits of astral travel, techniques, what to expect, various blog experiences, and even UFO’s and ‘otherworldly’ contacts that many of the participants have had. This was a great panel of very open-minded and eager to learn individuals. There were SO many topics we discussed as a group, giving way to open and free flowing conversations, while answering as many questions as possible.

It was wonderful to have other astral projectors there, like Jo Leach and Jaime Lundquist, to share their experiences and interpretations on events that occurred. Even our hostess, Leslie Dutton, was so animated in sharing her first out of body experience which added greatly to the validity of the topic for the participants, as many already knew her and could see her ‘life-altering’ perceptions that came from the experience.

It is my hope that our excitement and joy in discussing and sharing the wide range of experiences and self-knowledge that came out at this meeting will encourage those who participated to seek more information about out of body travel and how it can benefit their lives.

I am looking forward to continuing to grow and learn as I travel, and will not be happy to just astrally travel anymore! Hopefully I shall be able to include more ‘physical’ travel now to see others to share my experiences with who are eager to learn and develop the out-of-body abilities that are already within each one of them!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

154)Awareness now; Vacation travel with Motor Home


It’s been nearly a month since my last blog post, and likely the longest it’s ever been between posts. It’s not that there has not been out of body activity, but the experiences have either been too personal or too brief to share. Even this short experience below isn’t much, but at least by posting it others may have some insight into its meaning or symbology that I cannot figure out.

For a little background, the last few weeks have been more stressful than usual with family issues and concerns as well as cleaning up from hurricane Irene that passed through our area leaving behind much damage. This entire past month seems to be a ‘cleaning up’ of energies around me, culminating with the hurricane that gave me no choice but to relinquish many items from my past and start anew.

This change in direction fits with my life as I look over the past few years as well. There has been many, many changes in my life that I would never have expected back then. Changes in career direction, family dynamics, and even a new desire to meet more of my OOBE friends has opened new doors and opportunities that could not have manifested had I not had the courage to undergo these changes. I’m thankful for all the learning and experiences I have had out of body, as I feel this has been a major reason why my life is moving in this great new direction.

As for the experience this morning, I will start by saying I am currently on my ‘road trip’ to Cape Cod and Maine to fulfill one of my desire to meet some of my online OOB friends. In my room this morning, I had the luxury of sleeping in (a rare treat!) and found myself lifting gently above my body.

Excited to know I was ready to move, I rolled out and stood in my room. It was hazy and unclear, but I was happy to see that I was able to remember my intention to use “Awareness Now!” as my affirmation once out of body.

Upon affirming “Awareness now!”, my vision cleared and I could see the details of my room. Wanting to really ‘clear up’ my thinking and enhance my recall for this experience, I again affirmed “Awareness now”. (I had listened to William Buhlman’s tapes on my long ride to Cape Cod, and was impressed with his use of this affirmation to bring more of your own ‘consciousness’ into the energy body where it was now located to enhance clarity and recall and wanted to use this in my next experience).

This worked perfectly and I knew I wanted to move out and see if I could meet up with the person I hoped to see. I headed for the door and upon exiting was SO surprised to see the change in environment! I was no longer in ‘physical’ surroundings but now hanging outside of a large mobile home that was being driven down a highway!!

I was concerned at first because I thought I hadn’t had the time to dress properly being outside, and looked back into my motel room, which I could still see clearly and perfectly and knew that at least I had my clothes with me available in that room. (I was aware I was traveling and not at home and somehow worried that I didn’t have them with me if I was leaving on this bus-like motor home.)

Now, clinging to the outside of the motor home once I left my room, I’m enjoying myself tremendously, feeling the breeze as it moves down the road, and even watching a car come at me and swinging myself in front of it just to show how ‘daring’ and unfearful I could be while OOB!

I moved up to the front to see who was driving, wanting to speak with him, and found him talking on his cell phone in heated discussion about some sort of personal issue and his inability to pay some bills. It really didn’t make much sense to me and I wondered what this all meant if someone else is driving my ‘home’.

I felt confused, maybe due to the new surroundings, maybe due to the analyzing of my situation, and quickly found myself back in body waking in my bed.

This was a short rather uneventful OBE, yet one that I clearly remember as being vivid and in full clear vision and control. I’m hoping maybe someone can maybe offer some insight into what this may mean, if anything, as I feel it has some symbolic meaning in view of the many changes I’ve experienced.