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Saturday, February 26, 2011

139) Gaining Lucidity with 'Stay Aware'!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and since I’ve had any sort of experience that would be interesting enough to share here. Life always takes priority and it has been a rather stressful few weeks with my work which always impacts my OBE abilities. This post will be rather short on action, but offers much in personal learning and development.

Last night, however, I had some time to finish the book by Jurgen Ziewe, Multidimensional Man, and was very impressed with the ending experience. He describes a very intense high level experience that he had many years ago journeying into ‘true reality’.

It is amazing how well he was able to describe this, using abstract symbols and interweaving what I know are just sensations and feelings into a concrete ‘picture’ of what he experienced. I was caught up in his descriptions and felt as if I knew what he was feeling and experiencing…and marveled at his ability to describe it with ‘mere words’ on a page.

Throughout his book, I admired his ability to gain lucidity and awareness, using mantras and focusing on his hands. Because of this, in my last few experiences, I made the intent that I now wanted to start ‘staying in the moment’ and remaining in whatever scene I found myself in to gain lucidity and awareness.

This intent was the basis for this short experience as well. Despite its brevity, I learned that I am now capable of taking more control and awareness with me and am excited to know that my learning continues!

I initially found myself in a dream-like scene inside a small coffeeshop with two other male persons. We were just having fun, sitting at a small round table, being silly and laughing. I remember the strong familiarity of the one dark curly-haired male, as I felt he’s been with me many times before.

At one point, I was being shown a label on something at the table, and I playfully pretended to ‘push a button’ on it as I pointed it towards this male across the table. I found myself aware of a change in ‘vibration’ along with a feeling of ‘hollowness’ to my hearing.

My next realization was that I was within this same scene standing next to the table, but with full awareness of being out of body.

Realizing (and excited) that I’m out of body once again, I initially think ‘I have to move!’ in order to stay with the awareness, as I have done many times over the years. This time, however, I remember to stop and take the time to affirm, “Stay Aware!” (I don’t know where these words came from, as I usually use ‘clarity now!’ or ‘awareness now!’, but these words came to me and felt more powerful).

I find my lucidity is enhanced and I’m now in full control. I do not feel an urgency to keep moving, and so I stay and playfully put my hands right through these other people with me just to show them that I could!

Moving toward the door, I marvel at the clarity of the scene, and upon touching the door, feel the ‘solidness’ of its construction. My mind is confused slightly, knowing I’m out of body yet feeling this solidness. I wasn’t sure whether to pull it open or pass through, but with another ‘Stay Aware!’ I knew I could pass through.

I believe it was because of this conflict of thought that it was more difficult than usual to pass through the glass door. As I moved through, I was keenly aware of the change in texture, popping through to the outdoors and finding myself on a sidewalk. Focusing on the ground, along with more affirmations of ‘Stay Aware!’, I became so clear!

Once outside, I knew I wanted to fly and take off to other areas. Floating gently skyward, I look below me and see beautiful white sparkling trees dotting the landscape. I initially think it must be snow, but then with closer look, I see it’s more of a crystalline substance that grows on these trees and sparkles with such beautiful brilliance.

The higher I go, the more ‘clouds’ that appear and I remember I want to go visit a friend in a far off country. The clouds start to close in on me, and I start feeling a ‘disconnection’ to the scene, hurriedly affirming ‘Stay Aware!’ again and again to maintain a focus.

I spot an opening in the clouds some distance away and zoom to the opening as the clouds close in. I break through and see beautiful rolling hills countryside below me. I get the feeling of ‘flags and banners’ and a medieval sense of time. There is a ‘kingdom’ and courtyard that is surrounded by a stone wall and I feel a strong familiarity with it.

As I land just outside the walls, without warning, I feel the tug back to body…and find myself fully awake. There was no warning and a faint sense of incompletion, but yet, a sense of accomplishment at having learned a new gift of gaining lucidity and control.

Thanks Jurgen for the book, as I know it played a strong role in the development of my lucidity and control!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Request for help

I have a request for those who have read my blog and my travels....

Would you share with me, either here as comments, or via email (, what blog posts you may have found particularly interesting, informative, or insightful for you. I am thinking of putting some writing together and need some guidance as to what my readers find as helpful.

THANKS SO MUCH for any input!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

138) Enjoying Slow Exit; Possible Retrieval with Firemen


For this experience, as I started my induction routine, I affirmed my intention that I wanted to remember to be more controlled after exiting, to not be rushed and hurried as I usually am to get outside and away from my immediate surroundings. (As this was the ‘feeling’ I had after my previous OBE when I found my door to the outside blocked!)

I was thrilled when I felt the beginning vibrations (I don’t always get them!) that told me I was going to get out of body again! I ‘willed’ them to become stronger, just because I wanted to see if I could, to practice taking control. I was easily able to make them very strong, then realizing I had a ‘floating’ sensation to signal I was ready, rolled off the couch.

As soon as I was out, I remembered my intention to remain in place, calm and in control. I stood in my living room and looked around. I had no ‘pull’ back to body as I used to have and I had perfect vision! The details of my living room were exact, and I walked about, just enjoying how clear and ‘real’ it all was!

Slowly I headed for the front door, in control, and just a bit apprehensive about going through it as the last time with my ‘hurry to exit’ manner I hit it hard!

Reaching the door, I was thrilled to see my hand and arm passed easily through, followed by the rest of my body. Again I could feel that texture change as I slowly passed through, taking note of my control and calmness.

I remember now standing on my front stoop, but in looking to the slight hill behind my house, I was a bit shocked to see two young boys running terrified across the field! I was aware of a ‘presence’ with me, yet did not inquire or ask whom it was.

I was focused on the first young boy as I raced to him. I knew somehow I had to comfort him, as he was so upset from an injury he had just received. Something unusual occurred though, as I neared him. I was somehow aware that this young boy (about age 2-3) was NOT able to see me, that I was not going to be able to make my presence known because he was still ‘too physical’ (?)

Wanting desperately to help soothe him, and knowing he would not be able to see me, I realized I could use my ‘energy’ (as I had no ‘body’ sensation this time) to cover him like a blanket as he was lying in the grass where he had fallen. I felt some concern that I might not be able to comfort him as he didn’t know I was there or who I was.

Covering him with my ‘energy’, I could feel him become calm and knew at this point that I’d now be able to pick him up and carry him to where he needed to go. He was only wearing part the top part of his pajamas, as most of his pants had been torn away during his terrified flight across the field.

As we moved down the hill toward my house, I see my house is no longer there. Cradling the young boy, I see a bright glow of light off to my right on the other side of a hill, and hear booming noises with loud sirens. I feel ‘anxious’ about whatever is happening over there and know that this young boy is scared as well.

Trying to keep him calm, I tell him it’s ‘only traffic’ on the road in front of us, pointing out a large bus that is blasting music as it passes right to left. We hear more sirens and I tell him, “look! It’s a firetruck!” as I see a big ladder truck passing by on our right (toward the booming sounds and bright light).

He becomes interested at the idea of a firetruck and seems to enjoy watching it as it turns the corner now coming toward us from the right.

Looking forward, it appears I am on a hill, facing downhill toward a road that is just on the other side of a huge drop off (cliff-like). I feel like it’s a ‘stone wall’ of some kind—very, very high--that I would need to float down to get where I needed to bring this baby. (I am still fully aware I am out of body.)

My concern for this baby is intense, as now I worry that should I NOT be OOB and try to float down, I may injure him! I felt I was not ‘in form’ as I usually am when OOB, hence my confusion as to my status.

Knowing I was carrying someone ‘more physical’ than me, I felt a deep concern that I couldn’t take a chance that harm will come to him. I decided if I had to get down this cliff-like wall, I’d have to climb down slowly as if ‘in physical’ form. My priority was to keep the baby safe as I knew there were people waiting for him to arrive down there.

It was at this time, I realized we were next to the fire truck we saw earlier by this stone wall. There were two firemen that appeared in front of us as we both sat on the front hood of the fire truck.

Knowing these men could not see me, I turned to the ‘presence’ who was always with me, “hey, I need a little help here!”, meaning I needed these men to see the baby and take him from me. I knew these men were able to take the baby where he needed to go.

The first fireman reached for the baby, grabbing one arm, and I was concerned immediately that he was going to harm the child bringing him down that way! The other fireman quickly stepped up and showed him how to handle this ‘transition’ the right way so the child was not harmed.

My next memory was of watching this young boy pedal off in a new toy fire truck he was just given, excited and happy, smiling and full of joy. Things faded very quickly after that and I woke back on the couch, happy to know he was safe and recorded as many details as I could.

A second OOB experience happened shortly after this one, but it was on a very personal note that I cannot share much of it with you. But what I can share is the fact that instead of ‘rolling out’ for this OBE, I once again had the knowing that ‘someone’ had come into the living room and stood over me as I lay on the couch.

This time it was my daughter, and it was so convincingly real, that even though I KNEW I was ‘not in body’, the clarity of my surroundings and the exacting detail of every bit of the experience was so clear that I fell easily into believing it was ‘really happening’….that is, until I awoke, once again with an old broken recorder that didn’t work…my usual false awakening…but this time did not remember it as a signal until I woke fully and saw nothing I had experienced was true!!

In trying to figure out what happened with the young boy, the best I can put together is the strong feeling that this young boy had been in a terrible ‘accident’ of some kind…maybe a house fire or other catastrophic event, where he remained deeply in the ‘near physical’ realm due to his confusion and fright.

This was the first time I have ever had the knowing that I was not ‘in form’, and could not be seen by the ones I’m trying to help. I don’t know if the young boy was ever able to see me, but by allowing me to comfort him with my energy, I was able to interact and get him to where he needed to go.

(**Many thanks to Kerry once again for her beautiful photo creation to add some visual beauty to my blog!)