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Saturday, April 26, 2008

54) Lucid Dream - Warning?

It's been a very busy few weeks for me with many life events and problems that take energy away from my ability to 'work' within the spiritual realms as much as I'd like to.

With that, I thought I'd share a quick lucid dream (possible OOBE, but not sure) that I had last night.

My initial recall is that I was visiting with two girlfriends, one of whom was interested in trying to put me 'in trance' to see what could be learned. Unfortunately, upon entering trance state, it was obvious to us that I was having a problem 'waking up' and remained semi-comatose for the course of the entire night and next day, despite their best attempts to awaken me.

During this entire 'semi-comatose' time, however, I was fully aware of what my friends were doing in trying to arouse me, yet I was totally unable to interact. It was only with the application of a 'musical wand' to my solar plexus area that I felt burst of energy and light that enabled me to awaken.

Now I found myself outside on a tree-lined sidewalk, trying to walk through some sort of snow-like covering, next to a small church. While walking through this deep snow, I felt something clamp onto my right foot and right hand! It was painful, yet I knew it was not going to come off just by shaking - so I had to affirm its release by surrounding it with white light and demand it to go in the name of Jesus as I threw it toward the church....(I assume that was the reason I was next to the small church).

I then see a familiar face (light brown wavy hair young man) waiting for me standing on the sidewalk at the entrance to a forest. He is smiling and we talk, but I have no recall except for the fact that he warned me that I must be more careful. As I know he is inferring to the fact that I must now go through the forest ahead of me, so I ask him to accompany me and he just smiles.

I awaken fully with these strong memories, but without the usual feeling of having been OOB. Yet, I know....I was interacting with something and someone - and I think about what just happened.

There was only one major difference between this experience and all the rest - and that is the fact that due to my hectic life schedule, I did my usual 'intention' to travel, but did not take the time to protect myself with white light and do my energy activations. It is possible that now with my more involved interactions within the spiritual realms, that I must now remember to be more careful in protecting myself for future experiences.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

53) OBE - Working with a Soul Group

This is the latest experience I had while visiting my son, wife, and my new granddaughter for the weekend. For some background, it is necessary to note that they live in an apartment in Philadelphia next to a park and on the top floor of a 15 story building with a balcony that overlooks the street below.

Going to sleep in the living room, near the sliding door out to the balcony, I remember thinking it would be so cool to be able to go OOB and experience going over the railing 15 stories up! Sure enough, I asked and it is given – but of course in a most interesting way!

I woke to vibrations, excited to think I’d be able to get out while visiting here. Again, the first time with the vibrations was unsuccessful as I became too aware and awake. I relaxed back, and then became aware of what I call ‘astral vision’ starting. That is, I am completely aware I am lying in bed, yet can see clearing that I am viewing unfamiliar countryside, as if flying. As I am watching the scenery, I again realize I am becoming too awake/aware trying to use my physical eyes as the vision starts fading. I quickly focus on returning to that ‘altered mind-state’ (best description I can give) that brings the vision back into clear focus.

It is at that time, I realize I am now transitioning to a full OOB state, becoming aware I am actually flying over this countryside with the most beautiful colors below. Again, I enjoy the freedom of being out, swooping and diving, doing all kinds of flight maneuvers. (I really think I have to have this experience at first as it ‘validates’ to me that I am actually OOB, and then will be able to transition to the next experience to stay aware that I am still ‘out’.)

As I’m flying, things start to become less clear and controlled, so to keep my experience going, I know this is the time I need to affirm “Inward now!”, which I do.

Again, the backward pull, blackness, and transitioning feeling, and I find myself back on the couch in my son’s apartment. Like last time with Stephanie (see #52), however, I again remember to call out to see if anyone is around, but find there is no answer this time.

Not wanting to ‘waste’ as good chance to go OOB again, I focus on ‘rolling out’ to see if I can get out in the near physical, which I find I can do easily. I am now standing in the living room, and remember that I wanted to go out to the balcony to experience the jump to the street below. (I even recall having that glimmer of a thought that if I’m not OOB, I’m going to be in such deep trouble! lol) However, that thought was only a glimmer as I knew I was indeed OOB and would have such fun doing this!

So I affirm ‘to the balcony’ and find myself sweeping over the railing and gently drifting down to the street below, completely unafraid and curious to see what I would find. I found people (lots of them!) walking the street as I float gently above them, wondering to myself why I cannot make any contact with them. (I have the feeling they may have been those who are in spirit or possibly even OOB while asleep still in physical now.)

As I think this, two ‘people’ jump up into my face (male and female energies) and startle me by saying, ‘WE can see you!” and get the impression that they are not malevolent spirits, but ‘jokesters’ who love to play pranks on others. I just ignore them and they disappear.

Next I am aware of an older male energy/spirit that is accompanying me and discussing various life experiences, and I feel very comfortable talking with him. Having recently asked to meet my guides, I am now wondering if he may be one.

Even though I do not get that special ‘feeling’ I get when I am in the presence of a higher level guide,I am still very comfortable with him. I do recall asking him if he was one of my guides, why he chose to appear as an older man, and why I didn’t know more about him, but I did not get any specific answers from him – only the impression that he is someone who is connected to me in some way and is here to help.

At one point, I also remember seeing him float higher and wanting to move up with him but yet felt so ‘heavy’ and unmaneuverable. I asked him why it was this way, and his answer was that all I had to do was ‘want it’ and I would be able to join him – which I did.

I also asked him why I couldn’t just get OOB more often, and he said something like well, “we’ll do a little bit today, a little bit next week, and we will get to it as we can” - giving me the impression there was no hurry to learn it all. I felt he definitely knew how often I was getting out and was working with me as I learned.

We then meet up with another younger male energy/spirit who also ‘feels’ this same way, and I ask him why he is here with me. He indicates something about coming because he is a ‘mother-watcher’ as he watches out for mothers (?) and we have a connection that has to do with 15 year old boys(?) I told him yes, I had two boys at one time together near that age, and he proceeds to tell me, ‘…and one of them just recently had a baby, right?’ I said yes, my first granddaughter and it is interesting to note that he made a comment to indicate he was unaware that it was a girl.

(Now I am assuming that this means he may have helped me through the time I was having difficulty with my two teenage boys, at the time when both were close to age 15, and life was extremely difficult as a mother – yet it is interesting that he was aware of the latest change with one son having a new baby, but not all specific details.)

We are now all floating together above a park, with more and more energies/spirits arriving (total of about six, I think) and we are discussing different life events. (I wish I could be more specific here, but I do not recall any of the details of our conversations).

I do remember near the end of the experience that one of the energies/spirits that showed up was in fact my best friend, with whom I am currently working out some work issues with. She was telling me that while ‘I was gone’(?) I did not hear that another coworker was going to be leaving our unit to take a job with another doctor. I was surprised at this information and remember discussing the consequences and feeling upset she was going to leave and not the others who I rather hoped would leave.

I believe this ‘contact’ with my good friend served two purposes for me – one to validate that she is part of my spiritual ‘work group’ here on earth, and two, to validate the fact that this experience was a sort of ‘support group’ meeting of my spiritual friends that allowed me to discuss life issues and events that were/are occurring in my life. Whether these friends are in spirit, or currently in physical but OOB, I am not sure, but I know we all work together.

This OOB experience ended soon thereafter, and I woke with the knowing that help is always here for me and that I am never alone with any life experience.

Interesting to note, after recording this experience, I awoke again a short time later after a more intense experience that had just occurred and I remember frantically trying to remain in this ‘trance-like’ state of awareness in order to give picture associations and words that would help me recall what just happened.

However, for whatever reason, upon fully awakening, the recall vanished completely – leaving me only a few word associations - a college, a young girl, someplace I’ve been to before many times, and the inability to complete a task yet they had the ability, and my comfort in being able to help them ‘assimilate’(?) The pictures and associations I was making while in the trance state was making sense at the time, however, when fully awake, there was no ability to connect the associations into a story of any sort.

This was an interesting experience in that I realized there is a 'system' to my getting out - I will first need to feel that 'freedom' and fun of flying and doing what I like, then have to 'get to work' with another aspect of my learning.

This was also interesting in that I never thought about having a 'work group' that I was a part of, but it does make sense. These 'people' were not the same feeling as a higher guide would be, but more just like me in the sense of energy level. The older male I conversed with more felt like the 'leader' of this group than a higher guide.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

52) False Awakening and Retrieval - Stephanie

I had a WONDERFUL experience a few hours ago and have to share it. It seems that I was finally able to constructively use my 'false awakenings' to help someone! As you all know, I felt this learning how to handle this type of ‘awakening’ was being shown to me for a reason, and intuitively I felt it was for just this type of thing. I am just so thrilled!

Here's the experience as I had to write it as soon as I woke:

I became aware of vibrations, and could hear the TV playing (my signal I'm getting ready as the TV is never on at this time) so I knew I was about to get out. My first attempt was unsuccessful, as I got half way up but couldn't separate. I became aware again of being on couch after a short bit, felt the vibrations, and heard the TV playing again (game show theme song) so knew to try again.

This time I rolled out separating easily, said, "to the door!" I moved to the side door, slowly, and was amazed I could see fairly well for a change. I saw the dining table and chairs, so I put my hand out to feel chairs as I passed. (Everything was much clearer this outing).

At the door, I knew I could go through, and still felt the texture change as I passed to the porch. Then I flew up to trees, enjoying freedom of flight once again. I swooped and dived, going higher and higher, until I realized I'm really not getting anywhere, and thought I might be losing awareness, so said ` Inward now!'

I felt an immediate shift in movement, turn around maneuvers, and a LONG backward pull. I was initially concerned that I didn't go anywhere because I ended up back on couch! (Prior to sleep, I did state my intention to use a false awakening should one occur.)

I heard noises like family members were up and moving, and heard my husband come down stairs, concerned he was coming to look for me on couch to get me to go back to bed. He came over to me and hugged me, but I just didn't move - pretending to be asleep despite my thoughts that I'm really awake.

At the point where my husband came to me and just `disappeared', I remembered this might be a false awakening and that I wanted to use it. So I `yelled' mentally out to my living room area, `is anyone there?" and was SO surprised to hear a small female voice say `yes, I am'. The voice was only heard in my left ear, as I clearly knew my head was on the pillow with my left ear down.

I asked her name, and couldn't understand her response at first, asked her to repeat it, and she said `Stephanie'. I could not see anyone, so I asked "what can I do for you, how can I help you?" not knowing anything about who I was talking to.

I was a bit shocked to see some small fingers and hand appear suddenly by my left ear, coming through the pillow! I remember something about `pins or needles' being stuck into the pillow by her fingers, but I don't know what that was about. I took her hand, and immediately I could see a young girl of about 10 years lying on the floor next to the couch, looking at me, holding my hand tightly.

She's telling me all about how bad she feels and how ugly she looks with all these `bumps' all over her. She appeared to be a very sick young girl, covered with chicken pox or small pox like bumps all over her body, and she was swollen and sick looking.

I can't remember exactly what I said to her, but she told me that this man had come to her and wanted her to go with him but she said no because she knew that meant she was going to die if she did. She held tightly onto a stuffed monkey, one with long thin arms and legs.

Somehow I was talking with her (can't recall what I said exactly!) and I mentioned `magic' and now had her attention. At that point, I said "come on, you can fly with me!" and we both took off out my living room window flying, still holding hands! I know I'm forgetting here a lot of what we did, but I know we had SO much fun doing it!

I do remember at one point flying with her and telling her that she could be anything she wanted to be, and she wanted to be beautiful – so I said," it's magic, look, you're beautiful! Look Stephanie, you're beautiful!" I was swinging her around and just have such a joyous time playing with her. She's smiling and glowing, and getting into the flying by herself now.

She and I were both in front of these two trees, and she said, "hey look, I'll race you up to the top of the tree!" So we both zoomed up, and sure enough she beat me, but at the top of my tree, I saw a `cradle' with a baby in it and thought `oh cute, it's rock-a-bye-baby-in the tree tops'! I showed Stephanie and gave her the baby doll that was in the cradle, but I also think it was an intuitive thought given that I needed to get Stephanie to other help.

The next I recall I'm tucking her into her own bed, with her pet stuffed monkey next to her. She's holding the new baby doll, and I'm covering her with this beautiful golden blanket. She's smiling and so happy and I'm feeling SO happy and content myself knowing she's so happy!

As I tuck her in, I see a young man come in off from the right to the side of the bed, as I tell Stephanie that this young man is going to take good care of her now and that when she wakes, she'll be just fine. (The young man was very familiar, had a `knowing' smile on his face, and a comforting feeling to his presence)

Everything faded to black, and I was just so happy and joyous I felt like crying! I still am so thankful for this chance to help and yet, I feel I also got something out of it! I couldn't thank the Universe enough for giving me this opportunity, and am so utterly amazed at what happened.

I am so glad I have people to share this with, as I truly can't begin to describe the feelings that were incorporated in this experience. Words just don't' do justice to the intensity and fullness of the experience, but I hope I've been able to convey just how emotional and joyous this experience was for me. I feel like I've been given such a wonderful gift with this experience!