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Sunday, July 26, 2009

108) OOBEs - Intention is Everything

This is just a blog entry to say hello to everyone who reads this blog and to offer my apologies for not having much to post lately.

My OOB experiences have diminished greatly in content and quality, mainly becase I am finishing some advanced level training and eduation for the next 6 - 8 months and just don't have the time to focus on them as much as I used to.

However, they ARE still happening, but in a very brief and almost disappointing way. For instance, just last night, I recall actually getting out, although it was MUCH more difficult than usual (probably due to not keeping up with it).

I struggled to sit upright when I 'knew' I was ready to move out, and can even remember the 'pulling' sensation that pulled me back somewhat. However, I did move away, heading for the door, but got distracted by a wall nearby that had something interesting I wanted to look at!!

When I looked, I knew I could just go 'through' the wall, so I did! I recall feeling the texture changes and a falling sensation... .but then that was the end of it!!! Did I do more and not recall? or did I just go back? Very disappointing. ..but still...I was out!

Sorry for any disappointment, but no one is more disappointed than me!!

However, this does validate for me that it is the effort and determination that one 'intends' to put toward doing this that drives the success and frequency of their happening!!

So, for those who have the time and are having success, I'm waiting to hear from you!! Maybe that will motivate me a bit more!

Always eager to me at

Sunday, July 5, 2009

107) Meeting NJ, Seeking Corinne, Teasing German, Higher self

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any more experiences here, but it’s not because I have not had any, but more due to the fact that they don’t seem to have the depth and degree of learning that I like to share with everyone. Nonetheless, I will post a synopsis of the previous three, just so you can make a determination for yourself whether it is useful to you or not.

June 14, 2009

With this experience, I became aware of that was already ‘out’ as there appeared to be a different ‘light’ to my surroundings. I knew I desperately wanted to go see NJ, so I set that intention, and could actually ‘feel’ hands grasping onto my hands. I pleaded with whomever it was holding my hand to take me to NJ!

Immediately I ‘felt’ the knowing that I didn’t have to wait for others to help me. I could just ‘intend’ to be there and go myself! I immediately felt the familiar backward movement with that thought, and amazingly could then ‘see’ NJ clearly, sitting in an armchair smiling broadly! It was with such clarity that I knew it had to be his ‘energetic’ self.

The scene quickly transitioned to a darker room, with him now lying on his side, and I remember I’m now yelling his name into his ear trying to wake him! In ‘physical time’, it was when he would be sleeping, so I am assuming that this second scene was the ‘physical’ position he was in and if his ‘astral self’ was already out, then no wonder I couldn’t wake him!

June 19, 2009

This experience started with another ‘false awakening’ that I am getting quite used to dealing with! This time, I’m sleeping on the couch and become aware that my daughter is walking up to the couch to see me. She bends over and kisses me, and I still ‘pretend’ to be asleep (as I have learned to ‘not react’ to familiar events while on the couch), and as she walks away, she playfully tugs at my blankets and pulls them off!

I am determined not to fully wake, even though I was pretty sure I’m lying there without covers! But I continue to ‘not react’ to see what happens, and sure enough, I find my legs floating in mid-air! (My sure signal that I’m ready to roll out!)

I did a slow roll out, getting out easily and clearly, and with the affirmation ‘to the door!’, moved away from the body. However, I remember finding myself flat on the floor on my face! Somehow I knew I just had to ‘intend’ to go where I wanted to go, I affirmed ‘to the door!’ once more and easily moved to the front door. (I know there was another exit through the side door this same night but I have no recollection of where I went!)

I took off flying from the front porch, and even though I ‘knew’ I needed to intend a destination, I wanted to first enjoy that freedom of flying and flipping!! I took the time to just swoop and dive, back flipping and spinning – just because it felt so good to do!

My next recollection is arriving in an area where there are people living in a tent-like covered area. There is a family here I’m with, and I know I’ve been here before. I’m helping them to get ready for some big wind storm, and there is a father with two daughters speaking to me as they lined up with others. He’s telling me that his three-year-old daughter had been left behind and he was worried about her! I knew immediately her name, Corinne, and I offered to go look for her. I remember yelling her name over and over, (Corinne!) in search of her.

My next recall finds me in a farm area, inside a barn, looking around for something. I notice a puppet-like character sitting above me in an alcove, playing a drum set! Not finding what I’m looking for, I move out of the barn to another area.

This time, I am in what ‘feels’ like a German factory building, and I felt there was danger here as I ‘feel’ like I’m supposed to be afraid (but I’m not, as I intuitively know that I cannot be harmed while in the astral!) There is something about the German military-type people here, and there is very limited recall. At one part, I do remember following behind this one soldier, knowing he couldn’t see me yet also knowing I wasn’t supposed to be there! (I could ‘sense’ the danger associated with it). Because I knew he couldn’t see me, I teasingly ‘blew some air’ at his back, and he immediately turned as if he felt it! Even though he acted like he couldn’t see me, I know he ‘knew’ someone was there!

I then hear this female voice off to the side tell me, “But I can see you!” which immediately made me think, ‘oh no!’ and I quickly moved away from that area! I left knowing I was ‘playing with danger’ in that situation.

Off to the side, I join in with some younger ‘ones’ playing with toys, waiting. (I notice I did not say ‘children’ in my recording, as I don’t feel they were actually children in that respect). I take note that their ‘toys’ are very similar to ours, as there is a piano-type toy, and another wind up one that spins and talks (similar to our ‘See-N-Say’ toy.) I remember it stopped on an animal (elephant), and it would tell you all about the elephant and what it is and does, something much more sophisticated than our toys here.

At this point in the recording, I know I am forgetting so many other details as I knew I was all over different areas, but I also know I never did find Corinne! Everything, as usual, fades so quickly with full awakening, and what I am left with is these bits and pieces.

July 3, 2009

Again on the couch, I become aware of slight buzzing, which feels more like a ‘fuzziness’ that brings my awareness to the conscious level. One thing I have learned is that if even if I am doubtful if I’m awake or pre-OOB, that I should always attempt the roll-out! That ‘question’ of reality at any time is a sure clue that you are NOT ‘in reality’ and need to move out!

I was excited to be out once again, and could move easily to the door using ‘clarity now!’ to see and felt the texture change as I passed through to the outdoors. I felt the cool air outside, and once again, took off flying to enjoy my freedom. I recall I had VERY clear thinking this experience, which made me remember I wanted to go ‘inward now!’ as my destination.

I affirmed ‘to my higher self!’, did a little spin to get things started, and then felt the usual familiar movement through darkness, indicating I was traveling. However, I was disappointed to see that when the movement stopped, I was still in my front yard!

Now I’m emphatically trying to go ‘to my Higher Self NOW!’ thinking if I said it with emotion, I’d get somewhere quickly. I now feel the same familiar backward movement in sitting position (as if riding a train), for a long time, but was disappointed once again, when I suddenly moved into a slow fade back to the couch by now hearing the waterfall I have outside my window as I transitioned to full awareness.

The feeling I had is that I DID go somewhere, but there is absolutely NO recollection of any events! I will just be hopeful that much of my learning is ongoing, on a higher level that is just not conducive to any conscious recall.