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Friday, April 22, 2011

144) Visit with Unusual Exit; Seeing Buddy Again


I have been having another ‘dry spell’ with my OBEs, likely due to increased workload and less ‘intent’ than usual. However, I always know that they are never far away, and always ready to offer a learning experience, despite my inability at times to figure exactly what that learning is!

I did go to sleep last night with the intent of having an experience. I awoke easily on my own about 3am and went to the couch. My first awareness of ‘something happening’ began this time as a gentle push from behind as I slept on my side.

I realized there were hands on my lower back and bottom, trying to roll me over and get my attention. I remember feeling a bit ‘concerned’ as this physical sensation of ‘hands on my body’ is a rare enough occurrence that it takes a bit of control to not get too fearful or excited.

I took control at this point and asked, ‘who is there?’ and sat up on the couch. I see a young man sitting beside me, smiling, and ask his name. I feel a familiarity with his presence, and after a long conversation (of which I have no recall due to the following false awakening!), I do remember feeling very affectionate with him, kissing and cuddling for a short bit.

What was unusual, though, was the way he left. Most times when I’m visited, the entity just disappears or there is a change in focus that I lose track of them. This time, I distinctly remember his leaving. He got up from the couch, said something about having to get ‘back to the office(?)’ and went to my large picture window.

Facing it, he said a few words (as if it was needed for him to pass through), put out his hand to make sure he could pass through, and then moved easily through the window to the outdoors. This impressed me enough that it’s about all that I can recall from our meeting.

I wondered why he felt he needed this ‘mantra’ to pass through the window. Is it possible this was not an ‘otherwordly’ entity, but someone from ‘physical’ visiting me? That’s the feeling I was left with after seeing that exit.

I was excited to get the conversation recorded when he left, and went for my recorder. I remember feeling the gentle nudge of a dog’s nose in my arm as I was watching this visitor leave, and didn’t realize until I was looking for my recorder that it was my dog Buddy back for a visit!!! (Buddy passed over last summer)

Once the ‘awareness’ of his presence kicked in, I was SO excited!! I called him, he came right over again, wagging his tail and shaking his body like he used to do so happily when he would greet me after a long absence!!! It WAS him, there was no doubt in my mind, and I was so happy!

While I’m petting him, I’m thinking, wow, maybe I can also ask to see other former pets I’ve had, and started calling out for a cat I had as a child. Calling, ‘here kitty, kitty!’ I can still remember the sound of my ‘voice’ as I called.

Now, what happened next shows how your ‘real life’ situations can interfere with your ability to retain full awareness of what is happening. In calling for the kitten, I start to think that maybe the kitten I have now (in real life) may come instead and wake me! I start to worry that I may be awakened before I can get the first experience recorded.

Now, instead of the kitten coming, I hear my husband’s footsteps on the stairs coming down into the living room, and I am now CERTAIN that I am awake (which of course, I wasn’t!).

I talk with him, feeling rather upset that there is a delay in recording of my visit with the young man. (Of course, you don’t want to be recording a visit with another man in front of your husband!! Lol)

We talk for a while, and I never pick up on the fact that he’s wearing clothes that aren’t right for him. I am so focused on the distress of the delay that I am not aware of my ‘still dreaming’ status.

At one point I feel a ‘pull back’ to awareness, signaling my true wakefulness. I try desperately to ‘fade back’ into the experience with the young man to try to recall our conversation, but with absolutely no luck. All I remember is his arrival and his exit, with my wonderful visit with Buddy thereafter.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

143) Morning OBE from Astral Vision; Attempt at Meeting

This OBE was again unusual, in that I wasn’t truly sure it WAS an OBE, until I remembered specific details that would not have occurred if I was ‘just dreaming’.

Waking this morning, I realized I had no reason to get up right away, and so wanted to try to see if I could meet up astrally with a friend whom I chat with online. I know I’ve ‘met up’ with others in physical before on my blog, but there is always some degree of uncertainty with it.

Usually with this ‘just awakening’ time, I get a lot of astral vision type experiences, not always full OBEs.

I soon DID get an 'astral vision' where I knew I was on the bed AND viewing some sort of scene in front of me, but then I thought that maybe I could use THAT awareness to try to convert it to an OBE!

I was able to drift deeper, and was thrilled to feel vibrations! I knew I was going to! BUT...I am aware now that I'm in a different bed and bedroom!! One from my childhood, the last one I had before I married and moved out....I knew it wasn't 'right' but I didn't want to question the vibrations and so I just rolled off and out!

Very easily, I was standing SO CLEAR on the side of THAT bed, and moved down the hallway out of the room, knowing I could put my hand through the wall to check if I wanted to (and did!) and then moved to the outside upstairs porch area (which is actually no longer there!) I took the time to ‘feel’ the glass as I passed through the door, a specific clue I was OOB.

Once on the porch, I affirmed intensely that I wanted to go see my friend! I mentally screamed the name as I let myself 'fall' off the second story porch, again knowing I was OOB and could not get hurt.

I was very disappointed to see that all I did was drift down to the ground. I noticed it had just rained, a few young children were riding their bikes on the road in front of the house, and looking up I could see TWO beautiful rainbows! It all felt SO physical and out-of-body, as I consciously thought if I could remember the fact about the kids on the bikes and the rainbows, someone could verify it did happen that day once I returned to body!

So I try to fly, finding it difficult, but finally 'letting go' and allowing myself to float up, again affirming the name and the intention to meet.

BUT.......I now find myself back in the bed (in my childhood bedroom), annoyed because someone is at the door giving me back my clean laundry in a bin, but all in disarray. I get upset with her and slam the door, starting to clean up my belongings in the bedroom and fixing the laundry, only to realize the radio is on and I can HEAR my friend’s voice talking! I know it’s him as there is a distinct accent and we’ve talked on the phone before.

I am so upset to think that I just had a chance to go 'see' him, but now he's still ONLY here across the electronic medium!!! I wished I had paid attention to exactly what he was talking about so maybe I could verify it. It wasn't directed to me on the radio, but mentioned something about telling another male how to do something correctly.... I just didn't listen that carefully!

When I woke for real, finding myself in my own bed now, I at first wondered if it truly had been an OBE, but then, in review, I could remember thinking so clearly about things that would not have happened if it had been 'just a dream'.

So I supposed you could say I was barely successful in that I DID hear him talking, but it was quite unusual to have it from an OBE that occurred within an environment from my youth. Also, I am happy to know that I can use my ‘astral vision’ to convert to an OBE if I wanted to!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

142) Experiencing Dual Consciousness - On Another Level

In order to give a little background on this experience, I want to mention that I have been reading and thinking a bit more about what exactly this ‘out of body’ experience is. I realize now what is easiest for us to understand is that we somehow ‘create’ or extrude this other ‘body’ and use it to maneuver the astral planes.

Despite knowing there was much more to this ‘exit’ than this simple assumption, I never thought more about it, instead choosing to just enjoy the experience and learn how to navigate this realm with different methods.

Now, with reading Ophiel’s book from the early years of astral travel, I find a slightly different understanding of what I am doing, especially after this experience. I’ve always known there was a change in ‘awareness’ and ‘consciousness’ when I rolled out, leaving my physical body behind, but never thought more of it.

I now think there is so much more to this simple ‘act’ than one can understand. It is not simply a ‘transition’ to a new astral ‘body’, but a transfer of awareness (aka consciousness) to another level of awareness, hence can be done at any time and on multiple levels.

This ‘dual consciousness’ sensation I have felt before, in the ‘astral vision’ where I was lying on my bed aware of ‘seeing’ and participating in another experience, feeling both my physical body and this etheric body. (see #16 - click here) In a sense, this would be a physical-etheric interface, whereas what I believe I experienced here in this OBE was on another level where perhaps it was an astral-etheric interface on another level.

There is much I am not writing about in this OBE as it was on level with activities that only I can personally relate to. However, I am sharing the part that was most interesting in learning more about this ‘transfer’ of consciousness and state of ‘be-ing’.

The beginning of the experience started much as usual, with the joyful sensation of vibrations beginning as I lie on my couch. However, just as I was willing the vibrations to increase, I become aware of someone walking toward the couch.

Having had this many times, I have learned to just wait and see who it was. I was so surprised to ‘see’ it was my husband, and he was most adamant about me getting up and taking care of some things. I remember now being disappointed at the loss of vibrations and a potential OBE, and got up to do what I needed to do.

At this point, in hindsight, I realize I was now out of body, but totally unaware of my ‘state of be-ing’. In a dreamlike environment, I moved through different activities that felt ‘real’ and usual. (In hindsight, as I recorded these activities, however, I am amazed that I did not pick up on the some of the QUITE unusual events!)

The part that was most interesting is finding ‘myself’ at a medical seminar, the kind I have attended in physical life many times. Sitting at the table, preparing to pack up and leave, my first ‘clear’ recollection of something amiss was when I got up to pick up some items behind me.

Looking back at the table where I came from, I was AMAZED to see MYSELF still sitting there, working on something at the table! I remember thinking, ‘oh! I must have rolled out of body when I got up!’ and was happy to know I was out, but was a bit confused as to how my ‘other body’ was awake, yet I was here!

So I walk up to my’self’, and turn to face me, wondering if maybe this other ‘self’ had fallen asleep (since that is generally the only time I know I’m OOB!) But, I can now see the wide-awake shocked expression of my ‘seated self’ seeing myself standing in front of me! Yet at the same time, I am also ‘aware’ of the shocked thoughts at seeing myself in front of me! What a sensation!! It was similar to the ‘astral vision’ experiences, but with an even deeper level of immediate understanding.

I believe I had assumed this ‘dream-body’ level of awareness as the ‘true me’ until I felt the transition to the other ‘out of body’ level of awareness. Then, upon facing myself, I found I was both, the same and at once! I’m sorry this is so confusing, but at the time, it was not as difficult to understand as it is to put into words!

Now, the sad fact is that I did not keep this ‘other awareness’ and moved back into the ‘dream-body’ level of awareness and resumed my activities in preparing to leave the seminar. I remember thinking I had driven myself there alone, and as it was about 5:30 pm, I knew I had to leave soon as I had a 4-5 hour drive home.

It was only upon awakening fully into the physical state was I able to realize this other ‘awareness’ of being out of body, while I was out of body! Usually I find myself in a familiar local environment in an out of body ‘mindstate’ or ‘wake up’ within a dream anomaly to full ‘consciousness’ of my OOB state. This time, I remained in this dreamstate, but able to move my consciousness back and forth between my dream-state character and another out-of-body awareness. Quite unusual!

*check out comment below for another great interpretive comment from Oliver! Thanks!