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Sunday, December 16, 2012

186) Abstract Forms; Deep Dive; Book Reader

For this experience, I was aware I driving my car but realized I was not sure of where I was going.  Lately, I have done many reality checks while driving (for real) to know that this time I was questioning my status while driving, which meant I was ready to get OOB! 

(I've had a difficult time lately getting my consciousness to move into the astral body as I would not pick up on many of my usual ‘signals to awareness’ and continue on in a dream state, so made a conscious effort to increase my reality checks to try to improve this.)

Taking advantage of this ‘questioning’, I let go of the wheel and moved sideways out of the car through the driver’s door.  I remember feeling that slight concern that MAYBE I’m not really OOB but knew I just had to be!  lol  

Once out of the car, I found myself floating gently above my physical body, so I could just roll off the bed and move on.  I rolled out, but landed heavily at the side of the bed on my hands and knees, feeling like such a novice with the ability to navigate OOB since it’d been so long since I've had the focus and intent to do so.
I moved quickly to my bedroom door, feeling the constant tug back to body, but then relieved as the tug dissipated while I moved down the stairs.  I’m affirming ‘Awareness now’ over and over, each time gaining more clarity. 

I was thrilled to be in my living room again relishing the OOB state and taking in all the minor changes in the appearance of the room.  There was a chandelier in place of the usual lights and various objects strewn about, but decided to check out a side door that isn’t actually there in ‘real’ life. 

At the door, I took the time to play with the ability to put my hands through it, pulling and pushing as if it was made of Jello and thinking that it was unusual that I could do this ‘squishing’ yet not be able to ‘see’ what lies on the other side of it once my hands were within in.

So I made a ‘porthole’ to climb through in the center of the door, wanting to explore what was on the other side.   I entered a tunnel-like entrance, and upon exit, saw many beautiful colors all around me! There was no ‘form’ to much of it, having an abstract type appearance and thinking it looked much like paintings by a famous artist (Salvatore Dali?).  I marveled at how beautiful it was, yet ‘knew’ what the objects were even if they had no ‘form’.

I moved on and started floating upward; now realizing I once again had the ability to fly fast and furious! I remember zooming down another street, only to remember that I had no need to be of any specific ‘form’ as I flew, and even remembered I didn't have to fly at all but just think of where I wanted to go and be there!

Unfortunately, because I had not made a specific intention of what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go once out of body, at that point I had no idea where to head for.  I remember thinking about some famous temple in China (?) to visit, but that thought was fleeting and so I continued to float higher and higher.

Looking down I could see the earth and its deep blue beauty, with the huge oceans covering much of it, and decided I’d just like to have some fun and do a DEEP headfirst dive directly into the ocean from this height!  I remember the joy of having such ability, and upon entering the water, feeling the tingling change in my surroundings.

It was at this point the scene transitioned to another area where there were a few people sitting around and chatting.  I felt this to be a sort of ‘beach party’ where a few women were talking to two men, trying to vie for their attention.  I didn't want any part of it, but was pleasantly surprised when one man came up to me and specifically pointed out one young girl as “the one who has the ‘(book)reader’(?)” that I needed.

I was taken aback and unsure of what this meant when I suddenly felt a start of a transition back to full awareness.  I disappointedly woke to full awareness, wishing I had remembered to try to prolong the experience with some affirmations or spinning that worked in the past. 

Regardless of the lack of specific intention for this OBE, I’m pleased to know that these experiences always do return, despite my lack of focus at times.  After having such a wonderful workshop with William Buhlman at The Monroe Institute (see previous post), I made the conscious intention to try to get back into learning more about myself with OOB travel.  William is right…practice, practice, practice…it always pays off!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

185) Overview of the OBE Intensive with William Buhlman

My friend Jaime and I had the wonderful opportunity to experience the OBE Intensive with William Buhlman at The Monroe Institute in Virginia this past November 24-30, 2012.  It was likely the most fun and informational workshop we’ve ever been too.  
As I prepared to arrive at The Monroe Institute (TMI), having driven the seven hours from New York to Virginia, I was excited to think I’d be able to use the actual CHEC (Controlled Holistic Environmental Chamber) units (see that were used for the astral travels and described extensively by Robert Monroe in all of his books.  I was thrilled to know that my friend and fellow astral traveler, Jaime, would be meeting me there and together we would learn more about ourselves and discover the wonders of the inner world within us.

As I neared the grounds of TMI (The Monroe Institute),  I was elated to see a red-tailed hawk flying just in front of my car, a familiar ‘sign’ I get when I need some reassurance that all is going to be just fine! As I pull into the parking lot and got out of my car, Jaime was just getting off the shuttle from the airport!  This was truly an amazing ‘sychronicity’ for us, as his plane from the West Coast was delayed for hours earlier and he did not know exactly when he’d be arriving.  The fact that we both got there at the EXACT same time to me validated that we were both there where we needed to be!

As the rest of the participants arrived over the next few hours, we spent time introducing ourselves and getting to know them, amazed to see that some participants came from all over the world, including across the US, Australia, London, and Germany! 

The next few days included a general schedule of waking to music, the opportunity for early morning yoga, and then breakfast together.  A longer morning session with William Buhlman would include generally two techniques in the CHEC units and great discussions on a variety of topics relating to OBE’s.  Lunch was served about 1pm, and we had a few hours of ‘free time’ to spend as we wish. 

During the free time, we could visit the huge quartz crystal in the beautiful open area on the grounds, walk the meditation labyrinth, visit the nearby lake, or even sign up for a massage.  The bookstore was open for perusing and a few participants even took advantage of testing some new SAM (Spatial Angle Modulation) audio tracks being used for research purposes.   We were able to share our impressions of how effective two different SAM audio tracks were for achieving a meditative state of mind.

The OBE discussions resumed about 4pm where there were even more techniques to experience within the CHEC units.  A great advantage to our CHEC experiences with William Buhlman was the use of ‘live’ audio guidance for every session, as nothing was prerecorded.  He was even able to individualize some of the audio guidance to include aspects of the discussions we had just had in the prior session.  The ability to use a variety of Hemi-Sync and SAM audio patterns embedded within a live OBE induction and relaxation exercise was a highlight of these experiences at TMI. 

Dinner was served about 6pm and the final session each night began at 7:30pm.  More discussions and more techniques were reviewed and it was always fascinating to hear the profound experiences that some participants had with these techniques.  Snacks and drinks were always available and many people would stay up late just sharing their stories and life events.

During this OBE Intensive, another highlight was the fire ceremony Wednesday night that offered everyone the opportunity to release and let go of blocks, as well as the ability to bring into our lives that which we wish to manifest.  William shared with us his story of how this ceremony was a shamanic tool that can be very powerful, and we were even more blessed to have it occur on the night of the full moon!  Quietly everyone placed their individual requests into the fire and thanked the flames and Universe for bringing it into fruition.  (I had a quick response to my request when I received a much anticipated phone call the next morning! – more details will come with the next post when I write up my personal experiences there).

At the end of the sixth day of the Intensive, we all gathered together to celebrate the new ‘family’ of TMI graduates with presentation of certificates and the sharing of a heartfelt closing circle.  Everyone spoke of their deepest thoughts as to what this week meant to them and their gratitude for all we had experienced.  It was an honor to have shared this wonderful experience with our new friends and will always treasure the memories we made there.

Jaime and I made many new friends and learned much from those we met at TMI.  We are both VERY thankful for this opportunity to learn more about our ‘inner Higher Self’ and who we really are as individuals, yet also knowing we ALL are very much connected to each other spiritually.   Our gratitude extends deeply to the entire Monroe Institute staff (including our favorite assistant, Patty!), the amazing participants, and most importantly, our teacher, William Buhlman.

Learning about OBEs and our ‘inner worlds’ from William was a total pleasure every single day.  He is extremely personable, funny, and highly individualistic in his teaching style, with a unique way of showing us how we all are so much more than just a physical body and how we can grow spiritually just by learning more from that which is already within us.  As he discussed various topics and techniques in each session, there was never a time where we didn’t laugh and have tremendous fun together!  Jaime and I highly recommend that everyone who wishes to know more about OBE’s get to The Monroe Institute to see William Buhlman in his workshop!

Thank you everyone who made this past week one of the most memorable and remarkable weeks of our lives!  Our love to all of you!
-Karen and Jaime

Monday, October 29, 2012

184) Clarity of Awareness; “Physical” Intimacy During OBE


It’s been a while since I’ve posted any experience on my blog, not because I haven’t had any, but mainly because most of the exits and experiences were either not remembered in much detail or not having much in the way of things I’ve done.

I do want to share a few bits about the last two, especially since there is such a correlation always with my daily life activities. 

One exit last week started with awareness of vibrations, not extreme, but soft ‘numbing’ type sensations.   I was excited to feel them, knowing I was going to get out again!  I willed them to become stronger, and at the point where I knew I could get out, I pulled myself, struggling against the strong pull back to body. 

As I’m pulling out, I can feel my feet and arms lifted, and as I sit up, I mentally request help to move to the door.   I can hear a voice in my ear saying, “Push, Karen, push! You can do it!”  I did not see anyone, but could clearly hear her voice.  Breaking free from the pull of the body, I move down the stairs to my living room.

In the living room I am astonished at the mess! Things strewn all over, including toys and things from my children at an early age (who have since long grown up).  My sister is there, and so I assume that this is just something I shouldn’t worry about, and then move to the front picture window with the intention of getting outdoors.

I feel so heavy with such difficulty moving that I just want to get outside to feel the change in cool air I knew I’d have.  I stuck my head out the window, felt the coolness to affirm that I was indeed out, and then climbed up to the roof.

Here I just enjoyed the freedom of hanging off the roof by my legs, thrilled at the sight of my astral form in such clarity!  I could clearly see my legs on the roof, as my head hung off the side!  It was such validation for me that I was in control with such clarity of vision, as I don’t always get to see ‘myself’ when out of body. 

Floating down from the roof, I remembered I had set the intention of visiting a friend and sending energy for a positive outcome to some pending health-related testing (which DID come back the next day with good results!).    Although I did not get to him, I know I sent energy his way.

I tried then to take off flying and immediately felt the pull back to body, now lying in bed and hearing a radio station playing.  I could feel some sort of ‘tingling’ energy circling my face and attempted to get to my recorder.  It was another false awakening, as my fumbling with the buttons showed me I still was not fully awake.

Eventually, I did wake to full consciousness, disappointed that I didn’t really do a lot, but happy to know that I had such clarity in vision with being able to see myself, which is so rare for me. 

This last exit this morning was a bit personal, but I’ll at least mention some of the details.  I do have to let you know that in the Astral Projectors group on Facebook, there was some discussion on ‘astral sex’ that may have influenced this experience!

My first awareness was of an alarm going off with flashing lights, one that actually scared me a bit as I knew we were preparing for a rather severe storm within the next day.

However, I had the presence of mind to know that I had put on my sleep mask and should NOT be able to see any light; hence I knew that this was likely the start of an OBE.  I just let it go on and waited to see what would happen next. 

I felt vibrations and immediately took the initiative to climb out, this time backward as if I was on my stomach and lifting up.   This time it was easy to move, and I glided down the stairs with great control. 

Once down stairs, I moved to the side door (always picking a different exit from the house for some reason!), and along the way stopped to go through a wall just to enjoy the feeling of texture change.

I flew a little, gliding gently, not really having an intended target.  I remembered to affirm, “take me to where I need to go” hoping that I’d feel that transition to another learning opportunity. 

I did a little jump to see if I could initiate the transitions, but was disappointed to not feel any change or tunnel as I usually do.  I closed my eyes and affirmed again, this time to realize I’m back in bed, but not waking as I usually do.

Realizing I could get out again, I roll immediately off to the left and seeing the window by my bed, intending to go through that way for a quick exit. 

However, I was immediately pulled backward by someone, with strong warm arms encircling me.  I was being hugged, and totally enjoyed this sensation of such close ‘physical’ contact’!  I asked who he was, but got no answer, just more wonderful closeness and intimacy.   

What happened next will not be posted on the blog here, but suffice to say that it was quite intimate; something that I would never have believed could be felt when out of body!!  Even though I knew I was ‘out of body’, there certainly was quite the physical sensations being felt!!

Again, after a time, there was the pullback to wakefulness, however, before I was able to record much of it, I had a bit of ‘astral vision’ where I could ‘see’ a window the a rather severe storm going on outside it.  Knowing a hurricane was on its way, I assumed this was just an affirmation that I had to make sure I was prepared for the worst.

I woke to full awareness, recorded what I could, and knew that this was one OBE that was a first of its kind for me!

Friday, September 28, 2012

183) OBE Research At Rhine Research Center

Rhine Research Center - Examining the Nature of Out of Body Experiences - September 2012 

I want to share in as much detail as I can the experience I had last week (Sept 19-21, 2012) working with the Rhine Research Center ( in North Carolina as a participant for scientific research into the nature of out of body experiences.  This is a pilot study being done in preparation for further investigative work, and I was honored to be asked to be the first test subject to see if any improvements and/or results could be generated.  

Getting chose to do this was in itself quite a synchronistic event, as I feel I didn't ask for this assignment, but the Universe showed me in or uncertain terms that I was to do to it!

I had just decided to sign up for the OBE Intensive with William Buhlman at the Monroe Institute in Virginia for November (as I've not been there before) and it was the Monroe Institute who was contacted by the researchers asking for astral study subjects who might be interested.  Through email, William Buhlman asked if I might be interested.  I was not really sure I wanted to do this, but for gather more information, I did as directed and contacted the CEO of The Monroe Institute. 

When I first called, the CEO was on vacation so I left a message to call me back.  It took almost two weeks before I tried calling again, but in the meantime, I went ahead and made plans to visit my friend in Chapel Hill, NC for a visit in mid-September.  

Can you imagine my surprise when I found out from the CEO of TMI that the planned research was scheduled to be done IN North Carolina, just a few miles from where I’d be visiting my girlfriend AND they wanted to do it mid-September!!   It was as if the Universe lined up the plans so that I had the exact time and place to be available for their research!

Arriving at the Rhine Research Center, I met with John and Bryan and had an overview of expectations and a general tour of the facility.  We discussed the various ways they were hoping to take measurements – the exact platform scale ‘bed’ used previously by Lewis Hollander in the 1990’s for his research (, a random number generator they previously used for their ESP research, a BioEnergy room that had a photon collection device to count the amount of invisible UV light that can be emitted, and a final ‘target’ room that would contain a chosen target that I was to focus on ‘seeing’ when out of body.

I was able to pick the room I wanted the target placed in, and to keep it double blind, the researchers themselves would not know what the target was.  Another facility member would place it after hours and the room sealed.

Control testing started, which involved calibrating the scale to document changes in weight during deep breathing, holding breath both inhalation and exhalation, as well as documenting the changes in pattern as I moved on the platform.  We had decided that the first 30 minutes or so would be my induction phase with a guided meditation, and that I would normal roll to my left to sleep just after it so the movement of the body roll was needed to be document to signal a ‘start’ time. 

It was agreed that I would attempt to get OOB to the target and try to return immediately to record my impressions, and then if possible get back OOB to try for another experience for weight change, as the back to back OBEs have been done in the past with me.   I would call out after I was completely awake for the morning. 

To maximize the simulation for my own OBEs that occur frequently in the early morning hours, we agreed that I would call Bryan (who is staying in the same hotel 3 doors down) on the room phone after I wake the first night, between 3-4am.  I plan on sleeping for about only 4 hours, staying up until 11:30pm or so, to get the deep sleep over with, and then once awakened, call Bryan who would then accompany me across the street to the research facility and scale. 


I woke about 3am, tossed for a bit but by 3:15a decided to get up and get ready to go across the street.  Arrived with Bryan at 3:20am to lab, was underway with attempt by 3:35am. The platform was not as comfortable as I initially thought and staying in the one position on my left side was becoming awkward. 

I was concerned throughout the time that my excessive movement might alter what the scale readings were, so was anxious not to move much, which didn’t allow me to drop into sleep easily.  I remember feeling a bit cool with the fan blowing, wishing I had left my jacket on instead of hanging it by the door.  I felt my discomfort might impact my ability to project.

It felt as if I was never falling asleep with time ticking, doing deep breathing, visualizations of the target, impressing the need to know what it is.  I also remembered the random number generator to try to see if I could get it to flow out of the normal curve.

At some point I must have drifted off to sleep, as I recall some dialogue with a woman who wanted something I had and was ready to give to another person.  This woman said something to the effect that she was ‘on her deathbed’ and I should feel obligated to give it to her, but somehow I knew this statement it was not true.

I woke a few more times, always uncomfortable and afraid to move, but eventually took the risk of moving, checked the time on my phone and saw it was already 6am.  Figuring not much was going to happen with this first experiment, I rolled to my right side and attempted one more time to sleep.

Next memories were of watching a video that was made for our local hospital where I used to work (some sort of promotional video it felt) and it was focusing on a display of wooden signs with words on them, such as Simplicity and many others I could read.  (I discussed with Bryan the possibility that this might have to do with the target, but not certain)

I thought this unusual to have a video of the gift shop, focusing so intently on these word signs, but then the camera panned to the lobby where it was decorated very warmly as if autumn (which I remember thinking it’s really not that season yet).  I saw a fire in the fireplace, and off to my left a huge slab of meat roasting on a rotisserie.  I didn’t think this strange at all, only the sense that it was not the right ‘season’ to be decorated in yet.

My next thoughts were of ‘waking’, wanting to find the light.  I felt a lamp pole on my right, and proceeded to walk my hands up the thin pole to the level where I felt a shelf to be located.  On this shelf was a smaller lamp, without a shade, only a small broken bare light bulb at the top.  I knew this was not going to work and felt disheartened again.

I then heard names being called out, as if a roll call, and the feeling of a school came.  I saw/felt three younger girls (ages 12-14) walking by and noted that the names all started with the same “K” or “C” consonant so both the first and last names were similar, and I took note it was the same beginning sound as my name, Karen.

Without any change in focus, I then heard two or three young boys giggling and laughing coming up on my right as I lie face down on the platform.  I was fully aware I was in the test area, as I felt to be awake, and wondered why these boys were so close.  Not moving, I then felt them climb up onto the platform with me, still having such fun and laughing!  I worried that this ‘extra weight’ from them is going to really have an effect on the scale measurement! I knew that the test was done now, especially with this added weight and their activity…so I began to relax and enjoy the merriment with them.  

I asked them, “what are you boys doing here?” and one answered something like ‘What do you think we are doing here?’ and before I had time to think of another question, I felt the pull back to physicalness. 

I realized upon fully waking that there was no one else in this room, there was no lamp or shelf, and it was a false awakening.  I recorded what I just experienced noting it was approximately 7:20am.

I then called out to Bryan, who came in with post-experience questions as I shared my experiences on tape for later data review and analysis.  I will say there was some interesting results, but I unfortunately cannot disclose any information at this time until the data is fully analyzed.


Met wit Bryan and John at 11am, and discussed plans for control BioEnergy readings in double dark room and then meditative session to see if could increase response in light photons (which change into current for readout).   Many people before had been tested, over 130, from healers, meditators, etc. Only 9 of over 130 people were able to make a significant effect with it over the past 15 years.

For this session, I sat upright in chair, with all metal removed from my body.  The session began when told to open filter to allow capture while in pitch black room.  After 3-5 minutes of baseline, then told to do meditative session for about 30 minutes with them to advise me of when time to stop would be, then to follow with another 3-5 minutes of baseline.

Upon review of the session immediately afterward, they showed me that I had a normal baseline with a fairly constant level of photon emission for approximately 20 minutes.  At this time John indicated that it seems there would be no change so they might as well end, and he was surprised to see that just as he was speaking his sentence to Bryan there was a huge single spike in photon emission.  They agreed to let it run a bit more, and a second lesser spike was immediately noted.  Again it seemed to stabilize after a minute and John mentioned stopping the session, which once again as he said this, a slight change in trend in emission was registered on the screen. 

The change from baseline continued for a few minutes and then returned to original baseline.  At this time it was just over 30 minutes and the session was stopped.  This was not as significant a finding as some they have had, but still noted to have a difference in photon emission when there should have been none, as nothing physical in the room changed. 

During this meditative session, I was very surprised to hear them tell me the 30 minutes was up, as I as certain it had only been 10 minutes at most. In this total pitch black room, you lose all sense of time.

We walked across the street to hotel for lunch, swapped lots of stories, and return for the afternoon nap session back on the scales.  I was not optimistic that this would be too successful as I rarely find time to nap in the afternoon, yet knew that I would stay open to the possibility since I knew I had previously had an OBE years ago while napping.

Once on the bed scale platform for a nap, I was easily into the meditative state, and just prior to the 30 minute signal when I would roll over, I thought I heard knocking or noise just outside the room.  Thinking they wanted to let me know the 30 minutes were up, I stayed in my relaxed mindstate a bit more to finish, and then rolled to my left as the agreed signal.

I had much difficulty in falling asleep, affirming over and over OUT OF BODY NOW and TO TARGET, as well as remembering to try to change the random number generator.  It was at least 20-30 minutes before I was able to fall asleep, again hearing some noises in the room during this time, and then again just before becoming fully awake.

I felt that I had definitely achieved a ‘dream state’ at the end of this experience, however, did not enter into a full out of body state.  However, I was much more relaxed in not worrying about movement and attempted to keep myself as comfortable as possible. 


I awoke about 3:10am, called Byran at 3:15am and we started the session by 3:25am.

I used 30 minutes mediation MP3, then rolled to my left side to sleep as the agreed signal. I was MUCH more comfortable with extra layer foam and small Mexican blanket John added.  I was also more comfortable knowing I could move as I needed to.  I intently focused on OUT OF BODY and TO TARGET with some thought of random number generator change.

For this session I had many dream snippets recalled that pertained to my prior work at the hospital again and taking care of patients.  I am not revealing details here due to the personal nature of much of it.  I believe I had many different memories, all with certain impressions made, that I took note of as potentially related to the target.  For instance, in one, I was with a male, visiting someone’s house, wanting to take a shower, asked for towel, and was told they were in the office a room next door.  I found these beautiful blue turquoise colored towels folded in a box.

When I felt as if I woke for day, a time check revealed it was 6:22am and I was determined to give this a another attempt so settled back in with OUT OF BODY and TO TARGET affirmations, as well as an intense try for changing the random number generator. 

I then heard a window rattling twice, yet there was no window in room   Felt the beginnings of vibrations, and a slight floating feeling, but no full separation.  Few recalled memories during this time involved a blue coffee cup, the D handle shape impressed in my mind.

I was surprised to find out the next time check it was 7:59 am and that almost 90 minutes had passed as it did not feel to have been that long that I was attempting.  I thought I had been awake the entire time, maybe ½ hour at most.

Byran came in with post session questions where I spoke of my experiences above, my increased comfort, my wish I had been this comfortable in previous session, and the rare opportunity I’ve had to do this back to back, which may have set limiting beliefs with me that it might not be as successful.

Again results this time were quite surprising for me, but alas, I cannot divulge the specific details yet. But I will say that the random number generator definitely went out of the range of ‘normal chance’ for a long period of time!


They had moved the scale bed into the double dark BioEnergy room with the photon collections, turned on the random generator and reminded me of trying to hit the target.

As this was another ‘nap’ session, we agreed we’d stop after 2 hours, since in there I had no way of knowing the passage of time.

We started at 2pm, with all metal and reflective surfaces taken off. I opened the shutter and started my induction.  I remember getting about 15-20 minutes in (feels like) and then the very next recollection I had I was wide awake after a ‘settling in’ sensation.  It felt as though I had ‘clicked out’ for an unknown period of time, moving out of body, despite the complete loss of recall in between.

I was concerned because I had no concept of how much time had lapsed, it could have been a few minutes (as I was still on my back) or much longer.  Feeling as if I had to continue to try a bit more, I rolled over to my right side facing the wall (the agreed ‘signal’ that I’d try to move out) and attempted to get information on the target as I relaxed. Used affirmations out of body now, to the target, but could tell nothing was really going to happen.

Felt after a short bit, maybe 10 minutes or so in my estimation, that ‘time’s up’ and so I called out to the guys that I’m awake and ready, hoping that there was some results.

I was astonished to discover that it was EXACTLY two hours when I called out, as John was about to knock on the door to wake me!  It was the longest session they had ever had and it was quite interesting to hear of the results.

With the debriefing, I was dismayed to think I had not real information to share because of this ‘click out’ sensation.  All I knew was that I was likely out of body, going somewhere that I was not able to have any recall of at all.  Upon return I attempted to consciously get out again, knew it wasn’t going to happen, and then called out.

What is fascinating was the preliminary results that were taken at this session!!  Again, no specific details can be told, but they DID congratulate me on being one of the few people they have had in this room to make a significant change in photon light emission! 

Not only the photons, but there were some potentially significant changes in the scale measurements!  I wish I could tell you details, but I do not want to compromise any research and was asked not to do so.

As this was the final session for the research, we now were going to see what the target was that was placed in the room by the secretary.  This was a double blind target, as neither researcher knew what it was.  They had me write down my impressions from all the sessions as to what I felt it could be, such as ‘blue’ ‘box’ ‘wooden’ ‘triangle’ ‘angular’ “D” shape, etc.

Then the secretary brought in a bag with five items including the target.  As soon as I saw one certain object come out of the bag, I immediately felt a pull to choose it.  I was asked to line them up in order of preference – 1 to 5 – and for whatever reason, knew it was only one of the three.  Two items, a feather and wooden flute, was ‘cold’ and not even considered.  The other three items were close, a blue-green prism in the shape of a triange, a small wooden box, and a clear egg carton with various colored embroidery thread in it.  (see picture)

My choice initially was the egg carton, as it ‘felt’ right…and I made that #1.  John asked me to re-read my list and make sure I wanted to leave it as it was before the secretary revealed the answer to us all.  At THAT time, I panicked a bit and with what I saw I wrote down, changed my choice from the egg carton to the blue-green prism as #1.   As you can probably guess, the correct target WAS the egg carton!! Goes to show that you should always listen to your intuition first!!!

My time here with the Rhine Institute was just fantastic, and I came away with such validation for me that there CAN BE something ‘tangible’ to this astral projection!  I was pleased to have had some results with this, the best being the random number generator going out of ‘normal’ chance for such a long period of time, and the ‘light generation’ that I achieved with the photon emission and possible change in weight with projection.

This will all be written up in a published pilot study, hopefully by the end of the year when I can share publicly some of the ‘official’ results after the data is fully analyzed.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

182) Meeting Buhlman; Lucid Dream Conversion; Flying Underwater; Meeting Guide

It’s been such a busy few weeks for me with some exciting new experiences in the works that I’m hoping to share with everyone in another month or so.  But for now, I want to share the two last OBE’s that I felt had enough to write about and post here.

8/15/12    Meeting William Buhlman Again

My first recollection that I was becoming lucid and into my astral body was when I realized there was someone in the bed with me with their hand on my forehead.  Thinking this was a nice gesture, I was soon aghast to realize it was my former husband who then became a bit annoying and I had to work diligently to get him pushed out of my bed. 

Again I feel someone climb into the bed with me, this time it was my daughter (who is currently residing in my house once again as her husband is deployed for a few months) and she’s bring her cat to play with us, as well as a kitten from years ago who was enjoying  the playful fun we were having.

Realizing I had so many unusual people and animals in my bed, I became lucid enough to know I was able to get out of body.  Feeling the light tingling vibrations, I rolled out with some difficulty, to the side of the bed.  It was dark and I remember I had to affirm “Clarity now!” a few times before it all became clear.

Instead of my room, I realized I was in a big unfamiliar room, with a high open ceiling, and big windows with small square glass panes on the upper part of the walls.  The walls were blue-ish, or lighter color, with dark wood molding creating a contrasting design. 

I realized there was a man next to me, talking, and I clearly recall the voice as belonging to William Buhlman and his distinctive way of talking.   I could not see him clearly, but innately knew it was him.  He’s saying things like, “you’re going to love it here….there’s so much you can learn….it’s quite interesting…” and more, but I cannot recall what else was said. 

Entering into another room, he held the door open for me and we walked to a table where I felt was in a sort of dining room.  The table was attached to the wall, William sat to my left, and there were two women on my right.  I recall thinking how wonderful it was to be with him and these ladies, discussing all sorts of topics, but there is no recall what it was we talked about! 

I woke right after, and thought perhaps this could be a precognitive type experience due to my knowing that I’m going to be seeing William Buhlman at the Monroe Institute this November in Virginia.  It will be interesting to see if any of the rooms at the Institute look familiar to this one!

8/26/12  Lucid Dream Conversion; Flying Underwater; Meeting Guide

The first sensations I had was waking in full vibrations, something I’ve not had for a while.  I remembered immediately that Jaime from the AP group had just had the experience of vibrations and wanted to play with them as he did.  So I did, and willed them to become stronger, as I moved them up and down my body.  

Unfortunately, I woke shortly thereafter without exiting, but quickly fell back asleep.  The next experience started as a dream where I became lucid and took control, but not until after quite a few missed ‘signals’ that should have triggered my awareness!  

I knew I was scheduled to be hospitalized at a certain time, but upon my arrival at the hospital was dismayed to see that there were no preparations made for my scheduled arrival.  There was no room ready, and because I remembered my actual recent hospitalization (in real life), I didn’t want to be there again, so it made the experience feel much worse.

I wandered out into the hall, waiting for my room to be ready, and remember seeing a doctor I knew who waved hello.  I looked out a hallway window and was surprised to see other employees having to clear their cars from a significant amount of snow from a recent storm.

I didn’t think anything of it, despite it being summer in real life, and went to my room that was finally ready.  (There were SO many signals that I should have picked up on to be lucid!)   Again, in the room, I was dismayed to see a stretcher with a body on it, knowing I’ll have to share my room, but a bit taken aback when I saw that the face was covered!  Even with this obvious signal of ‘unreality’, I didn’t think twice about remarking how unprepared the staff was in my arrival that they had obviously forgotten to take this one to the morgue!!

I saw movement under the sheet and the woman woke to speak with me (still, I wasn’t surprised!) and it was only when she remarked about how it was a “shame you had to come into the hospital during a snowstorm with a two hour delay” that I started thinking, “hey wait…I can’t remember driving TO the hospital in that snow at all”!!  That simple realization then triggered my lucidity and I could remember I was actually at my son’s house visiting (which I was) and therefore dreaming!

Now I remembered Jaime again and how he always does his regular hand checks while out of body, so I took a good long look at my hands to validate my out of body status and was pleased to see how odd they looked.  Wispy and ethereal, I figured I’d try to pull my finger as another person had mentioned to see how it would stretch and was mildly shocked when the finger I pulled detached and flew off, landing across the room! I smiled, saying to myself, “well, I guess I won’t be doing that anymore!” and then took off flying through the walls to the outdoors.

Here’s where I lost some details, as I only remember how pleased I was to be out and doing whatever it was I was doing! The ending of the experience is what I remember the details from, as it was just as much fun as whatever I forgot.

I was flying over a boardwalk carnival area, near the ocean, and knew I wanted to find the booth where the psychics were.  (I guess I felt the need to consult them for something!)  Not know which way to go on the boardwalk, I flew up to two women who initially were reluctant to tell me where they were.  Eventually, I got them to at least show me which general direction the psychics were located, and they pointed to the right.  I thanked them and flew on.

As I followed the boardwalk, I saw a car pass by with three women in it, (one with light purple hair) and somehow knew this was the psychics I was looking for who were already leaving for the day.

Not giving up, I then decided I’d fly out over the beautiful ocean, and then took a sky high dive directly into the water!  As I felt the change in the texture entering the water, I had a very quick panic that I would have trouble breathing underwater, but then remembered that I was out of body, and it’d be easy to do!

Sure enough, I relaxed and enjoyed watching all the different fish and sea creatures that swam beneath the waves, eventually floating up to the surface for some ‘snorkeling’ type activity (I remember even kicking my feet as if really snorkeling.)

I wanted to fly again, yet was unsure how to get airborne.  With that thought, a large square piece of wood with steps appeared, floating within some thick seaweed.  This allowed me to climb up onto it and stand on the wooden box to once again soar to the sky!

As I’m doing my flips and circles (with pure joy of the freedom of flight), I remember rolling onto my back and looking up into the blue sky to see a large streak of some sort of unusual formation above me.  It appeared to be made of birds and other ‘organic matter’ in a beautiful pattern and I was in awe of its beauty.  Again this validated my out of body status, as I remarked, ‘wow, this is really cool!’  At the time, I knew what it was made up of, but once awake I had no word for it.

This last part of the experience was quite remarkable and left a deep impression on me, and I believe it’s why I didn’t remember the beginning of the experience well.  I’m now on the ground, looking up (almost as if in bed) and see a tall white haired man with a white beard approach.

I’m excited because I feel this is someone I’ve been waiting to meet!  He’s dressed all in white with a youthful athletic build.  He’s speaking with me about a lot of things, but the only remark I remember is that he was able to validate for me why the woman I had met previously disappeared so quickly when I spoke with her.  I felt I had scared her and I was still upset about it, but he told me she was someone important I needed to meet, yet her disappearance was not due to the fact she had become frightened of me.  (I’m thinking this was in relation to the meeting the ‘fairy people’, specifically the woman that I had met briefly in my last experience.)

The feeling I was left with (as the words just don’t fit) was that she (and he) was more upset about how poorly the Earth is being treated with the pollution and ecological changes it is undergoing.  He continued to talk to me and I strained to listen, but felt that strong tug back to full wakefulness without remembering much else he said.

I woke with a deep sense of ‘belonging’ and joy, and struggled hard to remember even these few details.  I so wanted to share what I learned, but somehow once awake, there is just no words that can accurately describe what you feel.  I do remember always, though, the deep sense of utter joy that fills me every time I get out flying, whether in the air or underwater!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

181) Rough Exit; Fearful Voice; Buddy Visit; Fairies and Leprechauns

Although I have had a few experiences over the past few weeks which I have not written up, these last two were quite interesting so I thought I’d write them up to share and get some insights on.


This experience was unusual in that I felt it was a totally different exit than what I am used to.  Almost always, once I realize I’m ready to separate, I just roll off to my left off the bed and move on.  This time, once I was aware of being ready to separate, I felt heavy and unable to move. 

Determined to get out, I literally pushed myself up to a sitting position with my arms, concerned for a brief moment that I was actually physically doing this because it felt so ‘real’.  Once sitting, I had to tug and pull to extricate myself until I was standing at the bedside. 

Still feeling the tremendous pull back to body, I affirmed ‘to the door!’  to get away and blindly (as it was complete darkness) moved through the door, feeling the change in texture as my clue that I had exited the bedroom.

Flying down the stairs, I felt so free, assuming my now usual position of floating backwards on my back (looking to where I’ve been) as I watched the rotating circular pattern of lights that encompassed me in the blackness.   Knowing how much fun it was to fly, I did my usual flips and dips to just have fun.

Realizing I had had no plans as to where to go if out, I just called out into the blackness that surrounded me, “Is anyone there?”   (I don’t know why I did this instead of making a plan to go somewhere, possibly I had a feeling someone was with me.) 

From off to my left, I distinctly heard a female speak four words/syllables in a husky deep ‘ominous’ voice.  (I recorded what I thought she said in syllables, as this was either another language or not meant for me to understand.   They were  “Aah baa for reel” or something like that)

The problem was that this ‘disembodied voice’ gave me just a twinge of fear as it felt like a ‘not normal’ experience.  I began to fade back and as I was pulled back I saw a four poster bed situated in a corner of a room that was surrounded with lots of wall decorations.  I have no idea whose room this was or what it meant.


This last experience was remarkable in that it started with a bit of a surprise for me and ended with an even bigger surprise.  My first recollection was that I was lying my head against a male’s left chest and could feel his breath as it blew against my left ear.  It felt physically real, and I could even feel him breathe, and move his right arm to scratch his head.  

I could not see who this was, and with increasing awareness, realized this couldn’t possibly be a physical reality as I live alone and have no one else here with me.  I worried just a bit, wondering who this could possibly be!

I was quickly distracted by a pawing to my left and turned around quickly, happily realizing it was my former black lab companion (who passed a few years ago) Buddy!!!  I was overjoyed at his coming to see me again, and I could tell by his familiar bark and wag of the tail how excited he was seeing me!

I called him up to the bed, cuddled and played with him, so ecstatic that he was here again!  I KNEW I was now out of body (as he’s come to see before), and flew off the bed saying, ‘come on, let’s go!”

Now in full awareness, I knew I could go anywhere, and so I decided I’d go visit my friend NJ.  Affirming ‘To NJ!” I started to fly up and away, but now  I could hear Buddy whimper slightly, the same sound he’d make when he thought he was going to be left behind.  I called to him, “Well, come on, Buddy! You can come too!” and he come toward me with a running leap.

As Buddy leapt toward me, I could feel a slight vibrational change, and realized I was once again traveling backwards, on my back, into fading darkness.  As it became darker, I could sense a bit of fear creeping in, so I closed my eyes so I wouldn’t know when it became totally black and therefore more fearful (which could have ended the experience).

Once again, I enjoyed the leisurely drift backwards into the blackness, doing my flips and dips, and slowly became aware of countryside below me.  It was twilight, and looking down from on high, I could see the landscape below , including shadows cast from the plants and trees.

I noticed what looked like glittery ‘orbs’ coming all around me with an inquisitive feel to them.  They appeared to be like sparkling Christmas ornaments, with various designs and colors interwoven in them. 

My senses gave me the feeling these were ‘extraterrestrials’ (ETs) of some sort but I was not fearful of them.  I remarked how pretty they were and although I felt they were coming to investigate me, I wanted to investigate them!

As I looked at them, I now sensed people below, and turning around, saw a whole group of ‘tiny people’ quickly disperse and hide into the shadows as if they didn’t want me to see them.   I called out to them as I flew down, ‘Don’t hide! Come out and talk with me!’

Very intrigued, I tried to communicate with them, and now sensed these were small ‘fairy’ or ‘leprechaun’ type people.   They timidly moved toward me, and appeared so cute, child-like in appearance yet fully grown people.   They were SO curious as to who I was and as I talked with them, I felt they wanted to learn more about me, but I told them “no, I need to learn more about you!”

I have no recollection as to how this entire experience ended, but it was amazing while slowly waking to still be able to ‘see’ those orbs sparkling around me.  Somehow I just KNOW these were the ‘little people’ of the land that so many call ‘fairies’ and ‘leprechauns’.   I have always felt a kinship with fairies in some way but now I can tell you now, they DO exist!

ADDENDUM: I just wanted to share something I found very interesting when discussing this experience on another forum.  I had no idea that the ‘orbs’ I saw just prior to the ‘little people’ may have been in some way related!!   As noted: "When human beings capture orbs on film or when you are able to see them or sense them in your presence, what you are seeing or sensing could be one of hundreds of different kinds of beings.  It might be an angel, a fairy, a spirit animal, or countless other kind of being.  What or who it is depends on what your soul has called to interact with you at that time"  

Sunday, July 22, 2012

180) Another Death Transition, Making Amends


This particular experience was not like my usual in that I was not fully aware of my out of body status until later on.  What I am able to say is that this ‘death transition’ feeling I have felt a few times before, and am wondering if these are just simulations for me to experience, learning the ability to ‘let go’ when I realize fighting is futile, or could they really be past live experiences with passing over that I have already been through?  (Here’s a link to another similar death transition experience on my blog:

I was driving my car down a very familiar back road, one I have traveled many times.  It was raining, and I became aware I was having feelings of ‘foreboding’ and danger, and wondered why it was happening.  As I drove down a very steep part of the road, I could see further down at the bottom of the hill that water had flooded over the roadway.

Initially I thought I might want to pick up some speed to get through it, however, a car coming from the other direction started passing through the water.  I was shocked to see the car start spinning around, pushed off the road by the high waters. 

I immediately put my car in reverse and backed up this steep hill quickly.  Thinking maybe I should stop and help this other driver, I glanced back through the front of my windshield to see that his car was nearly capsized, but thankfully I could see that he was able to safely exit through his window and climb onto dry ground.  I knew he had had a very close call with his situation.

As I backed up this hill, near the top I remembered there was a crossroad and wondered which way would be best to drive for an alternative route.  Pulling into a grassy area by the crossroad, I could see my choice was either to the right or left as I somehow knew I could not have gone back the way I came.

I could see water cascading across the crossroads, running from the right to the left.  I figured I’d better drive to the right, where the water was coming from, instead of taking a chance that the water was pooling down the road to the left.

As I started to pull out, I had to stop quickly because a large multi-passenger SUV was pulling out from that direction.  I was shocked to see it looked as though it had been in a terrible crash, with pieces missing, and obvious injury to the people inside.  I worried that maybe I should stop to help them too, but then figured since they were able to drive the vehicle, I guess they would be ok.

I turned quickly into the road leading to the right, and again was shocked to see that it appeared to be a ‘dead end’ (no pun intended).  Immediately I saw what looked like an accident scene, and too late realized there were electric wires down and across the road!!

I had driven directly into the path of the downed wires, as it was raining and everything from there on out happened at once.  I KNEW I was about to be electrocuted, I could see the wires, hear the crackle and pop, and felt the tingly vibration of something happening.  I knew I was going to pass over, and was not afraid at all, and my only concern was that it was to be painless.  I was thrilled when I realized all I felt was this slight tingle or vibration.

Wondering what was going to happen next, I remember thinking I’ll have to do a reality check now, because I was curious what sort of reality I was moving into!  Immediately, I was fully awake in my bed, feeling the soft gentle sensations of settling back into my body.

After recording this experience, I went back to sleep and now found myself driving a car again, a common theme for me so I more easily become ‘aware’ when this happens within a dream.

I got the signal that I might be able to move out of body and so tried to roll out of the car.  I found it difficult to separate, and had a few seconds of thinking maybe I AM really driving and shouldn’t be throwing myself out of the car!! Lol

However, this indecision as to whether I’m really driving or not is also another signal I use to know I’m ready to exit, as when I’m driving for real in the physical I absolutely have no doubt I am driving.  Therefore, ANY indecision as to whether it’s ‘real’ or not, means it’s not!

This time I threw myself backward, and immediately found myself out and flying! I was thrilled! It’s been a long time since I had this freedom of flight, and thoroughly enjoyed my swooping and flips!  Realizing I had to have a destination, I remember asking to ‘take me where I need to learn’, and suddenly I found myself just outside a large house.

I recognized it was the house of someone from ‘a long time ago’, yet not anyone I can recall in this physical life.  I also knew it was a woman whom I had had a ‘falling out’ with, and we had been estranged as friends for a long time.  I felt I was there to try to make amends.

Knocking at the door, I was surprised to have it answered by this woman’s mother.  She was friendly and polite, and I was relieved to be asked to enter.  At this time, all I wanted to do was to go to her back yard to a particular tree and get a ‘seed pod’ that grew there.  I wanted this keepsake as a momento of our friendship from a long time ago.

As I walked through the house, I came face to face with the woman whom I was estranged from.  She was hesitating and not sure of what to say. I told her that her mom let me in and that all I wanted was this ‘pod’ from the backyard tree. 

I could sense she was nervous but yet resistant to this idea.  I did not want to upset her more, and so told her that if she really didn’t want me to go to the backyard, that all she had to do was say, “I’d really rather you didn’t”…and so that’s exactly what she said to me.  She went on to explain other reasons why it wouldn’t be a good idea, but I had already decided to withdraw back to the front door to exit.

At the front door, I heard her mom talking to me as I unlocked the double front door (actually two doors together,  opening one at a time.)  She mentioned that this same tree was growing in the front yard and peering out the window, I could see the pods I wanted were growing there as well, so those would be the ones I’d take.

As I exited, the scene changed to a narrowed dark corridor descending down, and as I traveled down, I can only remember that I met two other people, one of whom was a ‘weak’ woman in a very small toy car(?)  I know I discussed something but upon full wakefulness immediately afterward, I had no other recollection of what happened in that corridor.   

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

179) OBE During Visit to California

June 17, 2012

So, with his permission and at the request of Jaime, I’m sharing the OBE I experienced while visiting with him at his home in California this past month. 

Jaime and Bill are wonderful hosts who share a passion for the out-of-body experience, although Bill has not had one (that he can recall) yet.   Jaime is the administrator of the wonderful Facebook page, Astral Projectors, where so many beautiful souls share their questions and experiences.  (Just ask me to join)

My experience began after waking about 3am and wishing to attempt an OBE with Jaime (whom I found out later had already put that ‘intention’ out to the Universe for it to happen that night!)

I remember becoming aware as I felt both my arms and legs beginning to float.  I took that signal and rolled out of bed, aware of being in near darkness.  Stating ‘clarity now!’ I was able to see the entire bedroom I was in and actually took a moment to try to decide whether it was polite to go wake Jaime up or not! (Not too many guests visiting in a home would want to go invade their host’s bedroom!)

Deciding I would, I moved through the walls into the other room across the hall.  Speaking with Jaime later, I was able to describe its appearance much as it appears in real life.   I could see Bill already standing out of body next to his bed, exclaiming excitedly, “Hey Karen!  Look at me! Isn’t this great?! It’s so amazing!”   He was in awe of being out of body and so I moved closer, telling him to raise his hand as I placed my palm next to his to ‘feel’ the energy pulsate.

Asking ‘where’s Jaime?’ I then notice him joining us, all excited and not wanting to stop and talk! Feeling his eagerness, I said, ‘then, let’s go!’ and moved toward the far wall to move out.

It was here that a change happened, and at first it felt as though I was ‘stuck’ in this thicker than normal wall.  Jaime and Bill were no longer anywhere to be found, and I transitioned to the inside of a beautiful mansion.  

It was a country club type of feeling, where I was a guest, although not really a guest because I felt more like I was a friend of this very rich family.  It was a very fancy, elegant home with lots of rooms, and I recall viewing from up high a huge party going on in one room.  I didn’t feel to be ‘a part’ of what was going on, but was thrilled to see everyone’s joy in being there. 

I moved downstairs where I knew there were other people, and saw a table where two men were sitting.  They were dressed in 19th century type clothing, with cloaks and hats.  I did not recognize them from a physical standpoint but somehow ‘knew’ they were Jaime and Bill. 

Lined up in front of the table was a group of people waiting for payment for their services.  Jaime and Bill were graciously writing checks to them, and I remember feeling a bit perturbed that one woman in particular was taking advantage of their generosity by falsely giving information about the time she worked.  (How I knew that, I’m not sure!)   Jaime and Bill didn’t question it, yet I felt it was not right for someone to take advantage of their good hearted nature.

So, I decide to return upstairs to wait for them to be done, and can recall as I walked up the stairs, a huge door-sized picture hanging on the wall.  It was a beautiful three dimensional garden scene, with a bench, stream and curved bridge.  I marveled at how cool it was that I could get a full 3D image of any part of it depending on where I looked!  Above me was a beautiful chandelier, something I know Jaime and Bill love even today!  

For the most part, this experience ended here, but somehow I could also recall someone at the very end reminding me that it was Father’s Day and that I’ll want to be sure to remember to call my Dad!! (It WAS Father’s day that morning when I woke…and yes, I called my dad!)

Discussing this experience with Bill and Jaime later, I was happy to realize I described the room they were in accurately; however, neither Bill nor Jaime had any recollection at all of being out of body! To me, this just adds evidence that we all DO travel nightly, and it’s just that our awareness and focus is not put where we will retain any recall upon waking each morning.  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

178) Life’s Lessons

Interesting 'experience' I had just before waking this morning.....funny how your entire life can play out over what feels to be a 'short simple event' within a 'dreamstate'.  I can't give details here (too many personal ones), but it seems that each action I did within it correlated with a 'lesson' I had learned over my life and where I'm at now, and what I need to do to continue on.

The ultimate conclusion was based upon the idea that I have learned to be the one 'in control' of what happens to me now with all the changes I have had over the past year and will have to keep moving forward. (I knew I 'came with a crowd so can't leave' on my own yet) 

I have learned that it was MY perception of what others are thinking of me that formed much of my life actions (I felt that insecurity I had had throughout life). I knew I had made some 'not so good decisions' that I was able to overcome and understand why I didn't need to do it anymore (although my actions may have opened the door for others to do similar behind me) 

And at the very end, I was SO confident I HAD done all this before (many times!) and so confident in how I was feeling about myself now. Facing this last 'obstacle' (having to climb up to get to a familiar place was going to be difficult but NOT impossible) and now knowing I was 'properly dressed', I easily climbed!! 

I woke just as I KNEW I was to the point of the climb that it was going to be easier now to move into that 'place'! So there...even without the details you can see all the learning I've done!

To be honest, I almost didn’t pay attention to this ‘experience’ as the action I was going through felt almost mundane and nothing like an OBE.  However, there WAS such as strong feeling associated with each event, I felt it to be significant enough to try to recall more details.

Sure enough, with ‘conscious awareness’ and understand now from a ‘physical’ perspective (although many things were quite abstract and difficult to interpret), I was able to knit together how it related to my life and where I am at.  As they say, there are truly NO wrong paths in life, so I guess I’m just where I am supposed to be!

Addendum: Even my own experiences have changed a bit lately, as I’m finding there is a lot more ‘inner work’ being done.  IMO, it is the new energies coming in our planet aligning ourselves to higher possibilities, helping us to focus on ‘core issues’ (personal growth and development) that are best at this time, as it truly is important to realize that the only one with the MOST ability to change is yourself!  With personal growth and the sharing of experiences, we are better able to help others grow, which in turn, will always help ourselves!

Friday, June 15, 2012

177) Lucid Learning; Mirrors Reflect Creative Abilities

June 15, 2012   

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve shared an OBE (with the one last week lost entirely due to an early morning phone call), but I do want to share an experience I had early this AM that was more of a lucid learning experience.  I do not remember being out of body, however, I do remember clearly I was with a guide and conscious of new information about to be given for a question I had regarding what is ‘true reality’ and how it relates to the One Moment.

I was being shown a snapshot (picture) of a scene that I remembered from childhood where I held a very large mirror up again my body and the camera caught the exact time my reflection and I appeared side by side in the same photo.  It appeared as though there were two perfect images of me, without seeing there was a mirror involved.

I then knew this image was being shown as a way of explaining how our personal perceptions create what we see.  There was so much abstract information being processed in this short explanation, that I understood it entirely at the time, however, now in trying to make sense now of what I saw, it is difficult to do with words.  But I will do the best I can to share what I learned.

I was shown a ‘glass house’ full of people, and noticed that each of them carried a mirror. Some mirrors were very small; others had full body length mirrors with them.  It may not even have been a real house but somewhere they could look outside into OTHER people and activities (with each of them carrying their own mirrors).  I saw that by positioning and shining their mirrors to exactly where they wanted to ‘bring something into’ their lives inside this glass house, they just had to point and shoot their mirror’s reflection to that ‘moment’ they desired which was going on outside.

At the moment of pointing this reflection to the activity or person outside the house, immediately I could see that not only was the reflection seen in the personal mirror they carried, but also, there was movement of the ‘essence’ of it or some other part of it brought  into the ‘glass house’ where they were.   I could clearly see this ‘reflection process’ happening with the interaction of these reflections and at the time it all made perfect sense.

I felt all we had to do was point the mirror (and I felt it was up to us how big a mirror we had with us, as it was different sizes at different times) to whatever we wanted to ‘focus’ on outside of this glass house in these other lives and activities going on elsewhere that we also wanted to bring into our own house.

Now for the interesting part, I was then able to understand how a snapshot (picture) taken of this ‘reflection process’ is incapable of accurately portraying what is really happening.  Someone else taking this picture with their ‘camera’ captures only the single moment that shows the reflection in the mirror of this person, however, cannot accurately show how this same reflection is ‘coming into’ this person’s ‘life’ or house.

In my conscious analyzing once awake trying to make sense of this, I believe it shows we always have the capabilities to have whatever we wish within this life (house).  The ‘glass house’, IMO, is a symbol of our perceived ‘separateness’, where we BELIEVE we have a ‘wall’ between us and the ‘other creative realms’ and/or experiences in other lives we have lived, but where in actuality, all of it is very accessible to us if only we took the time to make our ‘mirror’ (open mind or ability to ‘reflect’; aka connect) bigger, and focus on what exactly we want ‘out there’, knowing we ARE able to bring into THIS life anything we wish.

When someone else is trying to explain or ‘capture’ the process that is happening for other individuals from an ‘external’ point of view, it is impossible for them to completely understand or even explain with a short ‘snapshot of a moment’ (camera picture) what is truly happening to us at that moment.   Hence the best way to understand and ‘see’ what is going on is to make your ‘mirror’ bigger and experience it for yourself.

Hence the picture I saw from my childhood in the beginning was a means of explaining this all to me, for which I completely understood and thanked the guide for showing me.  Of course, upon waking, to try to explain what I saw and felt into words is nearly impossible, but I do hope this gives you some idea of what I learned deep inside.)

ADDENDUM:  Comment from another forum and answer for this experience I thought I should share: "how do you know if you experience was an OBE or a LD?" 

I am of the belief that there is such a fine line between OBE and LD, even vivid dreaming at times. It's just a personal viewpoint that I don't like to 'label' anything one way or another as it puts a descriptive 'limit' to what it truly may be. 

For this experience, I am aware I am dreaming and that there is another 'guide' with me who I am asking a question of, despite not remembering getting out into the 'near physical' as common with many of my OBEs. I feel I could have been in a 'higher vibrational' area unaware of any 'body' sense or separateness as one feels when OOB, or perhaps "just" a lucid dream, but regardless, the learning I feel I received remains very strong even hours now after waking. 

I know this is a major concern for many that their experiences be 'labeled' one way or another, and IMO, as long as you are learning, whatever mode you are using, it is all good! 
Therefore I'll not truly be able to say exactly what this was, perhaps a combination of any or all 'labels' we give these experiences...

Also be sure to read the insightful comments below!

Monday, May 28, 2012

176) Attempt to Meet a Friend

My OOB experiences have been less frequent than usual, likely due to my lack of focus on making this a priority in my life at this time.  However, I am thrilled to know I still can get out and enjoy that freedom and fun that each realization of being out of body brings me. 

I had decided prior to bedtime to do the WBTB method as usual, and this time try to meet up with a good friend who lives overseas.  He also has been getting OOB more frequently, and so I thought maybe I could connect with him.

I found myself out twice last night, with the first time a bit unusual in that I felt I had not even finished my induction visualizations when I realized my legs were already floating!   I felt like I was still wide awake but knew enough to not bother to analyze this floating situation, so I just acted on it.

Instead of rolling out as usual, I decided to ‘follow my legs’ and gently floated the rest of my body straight up and to the ceiling!  Once there, I wanted to be outside immediately and so headed directly out the sliding door nearby.

I could feel the cool crisp nighttime air and used the affirmations ‘clarity now!’ and ‘awareness now’ to clear up any remaining ‘fog’ in my thinking.  I remember flying over the porch railing and out over the yard below.  I flew up high with such happiness as I was SO enjoying this freedom of flight! 

I see below me the forests and rolling hills and up ahead I noticed a cityscape, lit up in wondrous colors against the nighttime sky.  Before I get to the city, I swoop down near the ground and roll over on my back, face up, surprised to now feel gentle ‘pings’ of rain hitting my body and face.  I wonder if it’s really raining ‘in real life’, but don’t think too much more of it, just enjoying the sensations.

I fly to the city, and find myself stopping in front of one particular house and assume I’m supposed to meet someone here.  I started climbing up the little hill that is just in front of it and as I get to the top, I see a young boy walking down the driveway towards me.

I feel like I need to get his attention and so I pick up a small stick and throw it at his feet.  He stops, looks at me (or at least in my direction) and I ask, ‘Who are you?’   I get the feeling he is slightly fearful, unsure of what to do next, and I’m not even sure he actually saw me or just felt the stick hit his legs. 

I was a bit disappointed to realize at this point I had that ‘pullback’ sensation and quickly found myself back in bed.

I was determined to get out again, and this time to remember my intention to meet up with my friend.  I was thrilled to realize after a short time that once again I felt the slight buzzing and moved to the door after rolling out. 

Again, I rolled over on my back to gaze up at the billions and billions of beautiful stars twinkling above me, in awe of such beauty and the massive number that I could see while OOB.  It was at this point I remember I wanted to meet my friend (and I’m now thinking it may have been these stars that signaled this memory, as we talk a lot about his love for astronomy and how beautiful the stars and galaxies are when seen through his telescopes.)

So I now know what I want to do, and I am determined to get there.  Floating gently and slowly, I realize I must do something to move faster and so shout out loudly “To (his name)!”  a few times, and I emphasize each word with emotion to see if that will move me faster.  It almost felt as if I screamed this affirmation out loud, there was so much energy put into it!

I was please to feel myself moving, faster and faster, and soon was within a silver tunnel that had beautiful colors swirling around within it.  (This was a first for me, as most times the tunnel is black and dark as I move from one area to another).  I was comforted to hear the ‘roaring’ sound that always accompanies this movement, and as I neared the end of the tunnel, I could see it open up into a forested area. 

I landed on a well-worn dirt pathway that had trees along both sides of the road creating a canopy of leaves overhead.   Looking down the road, I see my friend walking briskly toward me, accompanied by two dogs that are running on ahead.  I’m thrilled, as this is a likely scene to find him in as he frequently takes long hikes through mountains and forests.

I’m a bit confused at first, because I know he has only one dog and I definitely see two, both short-haired and of similar size and color.   I don’t question it then, but in hindsight, I realize that it could likely have been his beloved dog Tigger who passed on previously who was accompanying him and his current dog Ruby on the walk.
I didn’t get a good look at them because just as I was calling out his name, the dogs turned around to follow him as he veered off to a trail that went in another direction!  I remember hollering after him to not leave me just as I got there!

I decide to follow him and after a slight transition in scenes, I watch as he goes into this building that is not his house.  It’s a workshop of sorts and I’m desperately trying to find out what he’s doing there.  He is just not paying any attention to me, even as I swoop very close and yell, ‘can you hear me?’

I turn to a woman who is next to me as ask her, “why can’t he hear me?” and she starts rambling on about something that didn’t relate to my question and made no sense at all.  I said ‘thank you’ and moved on, now realizing I was in some sort of ‘astral city’ where many people go when OOB.

Looking around, I see all sorts of people all busy building and constructing things, collecting their tools and getting supplies to create what they wish.  My friend was in his glory, searching for the best wood and tools to put together something he was intent on building.  I even saw my brother there, also working diligently building something with deep intent and joy. 

I had the feeling that whatever you wanted to create was allowed here, as everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves yet oblivious to any other activity than what they were intent on working on.  I remember watching one group of people in another area collect items for an excursion of some kind, getting lifejackets and boats together for a group adventure.

The only other memory of this experience I had was being with two girls who had created some sort of dietary ‘supplement’ that was supposed to give you energy and they wanted me to try it.  I was resistant because it looked like small round white filament type spikes that I felt could harm me if I ingested it.

The experience ends at this point, and although I was a bit disappointed that my friend didn’t acknowledge me, I at least felt comforted that I had the conscious recall while OOB of what I had set out to do and had another magnificent time flying so freely!