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Sunday, March 27, 2011

141) Easy Exit, Seeing Conversations, Little Man, Recorder Use


It’s been a few weeks since my last OBE, and I know I truly am thankful for the clarity and easy exit I experienced with this one. I just can’t explain how joyful I was to be out once again, to feel the gentleness and peace this out-of-body travel gives me. Although it is not clear what I learned from this, I am always assured some learning has occurred and I’ll share it with you despite its lack of ‘action’.

I awoke as usual with the intention of traveling, moving to the couch and doing my usual induction routine. As usual, I drift off to sleep, but am made aware of a ‘goose bumps’ sensation that is coursing up and down my body. It feels like a buzzing or vibrating sensation and I am enjoying just trying to keep it going, but then realize, ‘hey, this just might be the vibrational stage of an OBE!’ and so I just take control and try to roll out.

I’m thrilled to find myself easily rolling out and standing by my couch in the living room! I try to move, but find it ‘heavy’ and I fall to the floor, but notice that my vision is so clear! I can see the wooden floor and the detail of the grain next to my face, so I try to pull up. It’s difficult when I try to ‘physically’ stand but I know I can just ‘float’ up and so I intend that, and find myself easily floating up by the ceiling looking down!

With the vision is so clear, I notice my stairs to the bedroom and move to them. I float easily up the stairs, wondering now if maybe I could see my husband as he sleeps. Moving into the bedroom, I see the ‘lump’ in the bed, but noticing the glass sliding doors to my upper porch, I now want to just get outdoors.

As I near the doors, I turn and look back at the mirrored closet, thinking maybe I’d like to see what I look like. It was rather dark from across the room and decide it’s really not that big a deal to see. Instead I just pushed out with my back against the glass doors to get outside.

Immediately, I can feel the ‘cool’ air change as I passed through the glass easily. I’m overlooking my yard on the second floor porch, and am thrilled to jump over the railing and just float gently down! I remember thinking this is just SO peaceful and comforting to do…that I wished I could do it ‘in real life’ as well! I recall thinking, “wouldn’t it be great to just ‘fall off’ the porch and take the time to enjoy the fall?”

I floated to the edge of my yard, just basking in the happiness of being out again, but as always, I feel I must do something ‘constructive’ with my experience. I stop and try to think where it was that I wanted to go, not really clear in knowing what I wanted to do. I had thought of a few choices prior but never specifically ‘intended’ one place.

I decided I’d do what has always worked for me, knowing that I should be using this OOB experience for my own learning. Instead of ‘to my Higher Self’ as I have done previously, I asked to taken to ‘where I need to learn’, not sure why I worded it this way.

Once again, I immediately felt the long black tunnel and a sense of movement. When it stopped, I found myself in a parking lot at night, hearing and seeing the highway traffic lights just a short distance away. I turned to look around, and now found myself walking toward a group of people, no longer in darkness.

There were children and adults here, and I felt it was a type of social activity for some sort of Little League or sports type team, as most of the children and parents were wearing a light blue T-shirt type uniform. It felt like a fundraising event, with various games and activities going on.

My recollection here starts to become a bit hazy, knowing I was there interacting in some way, but do not know specific details. I did not feel as though I ‘fit in’ here, but I also felt that these people knew vaguely who I was but did not get a sense of ‘closeness’ to them.

I remember talking to a young man who was behind a counter, in a concessions type stand, selling food. We knew each other, but not on a ‘close’ level as I was eager to help him with his work. Once inside the building, I remember seeing an anteroom that had some things on the floor that I wanted to remember, maybe some sort of equipment, but I cannot recall details.

Leaving the building, I’m walking around just noticing the conversations that were going on with these people. I could somehow ‘see’ their conversations, knowing when things were being said that may have been hurtful or unkind. I could ‘see’ how it affected them and wondered if they even knew how their words were ‘damaging’ the other person’s ‘appearance’. (There just aren’t words to describe what I saw/felt here.) I found it fascinating to watch, and knew that it is our thoughts as well as words that make such an impact on everyone around us.

This next part is a bit more confusing, and I’ll apologize in advance, as it may be a bit repulsive to some. I know it was for me.

I find myself talking to this small person, someone very familiar in some way. I know I’ve taken care of him before, but he looked different this time. I’m talking to him as I pick him up to carry with me. I feel a need to care for him as no one else is paying much attention to him. I thought it was a small child, however, he mentions something about ‘used to have a beard’ and ‘hair on his chest’ which gave me the indication this was a grown man in a very small body.

He was not well as he had a problem with coughing and keeping the mucus and phlegm under control. I was using tons of tissues to catch the mucus as it bubbled out his mouth, barely able to contain my own nausea as I cared for him. It truly was gross to deal with, as I know this was always something I’ve had a difficult time dealing with even as a nurse in real life.

We are next to a truck that has kids in the front seat, and I watch as the father gets out sharing his drink with another ‘little person’ that is sitting on the front hood. I try to discard the tissues I have, only to see that the mucus and tissues do not reach the bin and get all over the truck.

The experience starts to ‘fuzz’ a little bit, and with my queasiness, I decide I’m going to pull back and awaken. I truly don’t know what this last bit was all about. The easy exit and ‘visual’ conversations were quite interesting, but this was such a gross ending to the whole experience!

What I want to tell everyone is that if it were not for my little voice recorder that I have on me each time I ‘travel’, I would not be able to remember even these few details. I’d like to share what I do so that others can try to see if it helps with their recall.

I have a very small digital voice recorder, about 1” x 4”, that I bring with me to the couch. I have learned that once you awaken from an experience, the more you move and the more you wake, the more you will forget!

Therefore, before I start my induction, I will either place this recorder in a pocket on my chest, or roll it up in a sleeve of my night clothes. The key is that it must be accessible without much movement of your arms once awake.

When I realize I’m fully awake (and sometimes this is difficult with many false awakenings!), I slowly move one hand to get the recorder. It has easy buttons to push without opening my eyes to look at it, and I start backward in recalling the events of the experience, without moving and without opening my eyes. I try to ‘fade back’ into the scenes to recall as much as I can.

Initially, I use only a single word or two that describes the entire chronological experience from ending to beginning, and then once the single words are done, start describing it in more detail. Many times when I play back the recording, I find these short words from my just-waking state will ‘jog’ memories of another forgotten segment! This backward recall works best for me, using what I remember most to pull up the details of what came just before it.

I now think at some point I may change over to a voice-activated recorder, but for now, this works well and I wanted to share my tips and techniques with everyone.

**BE SURE to read the following comments...Oliver offers a great interpretation!...Thanks Oliver!**

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Healing Energy Requested

I would like to ask all readers to please join me in sending healing energy and visualizing perfect health for my friend and mentor, William Buhlman......

From Claudia:

Dear friends,
Our friend and mentor, William Buhlman, author of Adventures Beyond the Body and Secrets of the Soul and international OBE speaker and trainer, asked me to share this message with his group, the OBE Newsletter yahoo group (of which I am a moderator). I thought you would want to know as well, and I ask you to join me in visualizing and praying for his complete recovery:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I find myself faced with one of the most challenging situations in this life. Today I was told that I have a malignant cancer in my throat. Surgery has been scheduled and I have every reason to believe that I will fully recover. My OBE Workshops have been suspended for the next few months while I focus my energy on healing. Your positive thoughts and prayers would be welcome.

All my best,

March 15, 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

140) Learning Importance of Protection


For a little background on this OBE, I had decided I’d use my Hemi-sync MP3s that I used when I first started my OOB travels to see if there was any difference in experience with them now.

My usual induction and visualization technique always involves surrounding myself with white light, using affirmations, and asking for help from those ‘who are at or above my level of development.’ This time, however, I simply allowed the tapes to lead me into relaxation and the proper mind state as I drifted off.

My first recollection for this OBE was a dream where I was caring for my son in his younger years. I became aware when I felt a sensation of ‘hands’ placed on my hips. I have felt these hands before and was not concerned at all, as it gave me the lucidity I needed to know I was about to get OOB.

Feeling a ‘push’ on my bottom, I thought, ‘well, maybe they are trying to help push me out’ and took the initiative and rolled out to my right. I found myself climbing out of bed OOB and could even ‘hear’ the sound of my foot as it landed on the floor!!

I thought this was quite odd as I don’t usually hear physical type sounds associated with getting out of body, and in looking around, realized I was in my bedroom from long ago before the house was remodeled. (In actuality, I was on the living room couch as usual!) This bedroom, however, was the same bedroom that would have corresponded with the younger age of my son in the dream just prior.

Just happy to be out of body again, I tried to move to the living room but was surprised to feel ‘disoriented’ and unsure of where I was going. I even remember thinking, ‘Why can’t I think clearly?’ but did not remember to do the ‘stay aware’ that I just learned in the previous OBE! I did, however, continue to feel a very tight arm around my waist, knowing whomever was holding me was immediately behind me and very, very close!

Things felt ‘heavy’ and ‘thick’ but I managed to get into the living room, still held tightly by this individual and making my movements difficult. Now I feel a second hand moving to my upper chest against my breast and I become a bit concerned. I am not afraid, but also not feeling as though this is something ‘good’ happening.

I hear a loud ‘guttural’ type sound from within the room and then a male voice in my right ear saying something like, ‘they know we are here’. I didn’t understand all his words or meaning and told him, “I cannot hear you!” asking him twice to repeat what he was saying. I just couldn’t get the full meaning of his words.

Becoming suspicious of something being amiss, I turned quickly to face whoever was holding me so close from behind and talking into my ear. I could clearly see a young man, light complexion, thin, small eyes, with sandy colored hair parted nearly in the middle, looking at me smiling. It was not a ‘warm’ friendly smile and I felt concerned.

My guard was up, but surprisingly, felt NO fear. I asked him ‘Who are you?’ and “Are of a part of my higher self?” Not really sure if these were the right questions as my thoughts were still not clear, I then remembered what William Buhlman had told us to do should you face someone of questionable character, asking “What do you represent?” (Those who are of the Light will respond, those who are less than desirable cannot lie nor remain). I saw his face distort slightly, and then he disappeared!

Immediately after, I pulled back to full awareness, and thought about what just happened.

In hindsight, I realized I did not do my usual induction to include the 'white light of protection' and a request for those 'at or above my level of development', having used just the Hemi-sync MP3s to induce. Likely I was in a very ‘near-physical’ dimension where a ‘less-than-desirable’ entity may have been waiting. I was never afraid, but I knew something wasn't right.

Although I rarely encounter these 'lower level' entities, it is important that you always know who you are dealing with when OOB. Asking them 'what do you represent?' will give you the insight as to their intentions. My lesson here was that this visualization of white light with a protection request should remain a key part of my induction routine!