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Sunday, June 15, 2008

59) Facing Negativity Again - Shield Up!!

June 15, 2008 5am

I was once again on the couch, as it now has become my favorite place to have experiences. Although I have had a few OOBEs while in bed, the majority has been from this comfy couch and I feel I have now associated it with traveling!

The first I became aware of getting out, I found my legs floating up and separating. I easily rolled my upper torso completely out off the couch and stood. It was probably the easiest separation I had ever had, and to my dismay, heard the chimes from the clock go off and found myself completely back in body!

Not discouraged (but rather disappointed!), I fell back into my routine to re-exit. This time, once I became aware of time to separate, it wasn’t as easy but I was able to roll off successfully to standing position. Moving ‘to the door!’ gave me time to think “what was it that I wanted to do today?”

This time I had set the intention to just ‘meet someone to talk to’, but always having the wish to help someone in the back of my mind. I remember once again getting outdoors and just enjoying the freedom of flight, but it was different than usual. I was in total blackness, not seeing where I was going, but fully aware I was ‘flying’ into and through various objects as I could feel the texture changes.

Surprisingly, I really didn’t care WHAT it was I was flying through, and just enjoyed the fact that no matter what I encountered, I knew I was safe and could not be harmed. Little did I know this was just a prelude to what I was really going to encounter soon!

I am also aware I went somewhere next that was exciting and fun, but have absolutely no recall of! I can only assume that this was one of those ‘higher learning’ levels that are difficult to recall that was in preparation for my next encounter. (Odd thing is, though, I KNOW I remembered what I did when I was waking slowly, but by the time I had enough word associations to remember all the rest, this part was totally forgotten!)

So, from what I do recall, I found myself appearing in this darkened living room/waiting room of sorts, with comfortable couches and chairs and perhaps a small reception area. Standing there, I call out, ‘is anyone here?’ and was surprised to see movement in one of the chairs to my right.

Going over, I see a small older woman (initially I thought child), crouched in the chair and asked her name. She tells me (S…..?) and I ask if I can help her? She tells me ‘no, but you need to see Mr. Whittley in the back.’

I thanked her and moved on, trying to stamp her name in my memory, but she starts rambling on again about the (C….?) family who knows Dina, and just visited Mrs. ???? This causes me to say, ‘wait, too many names, I can’t remember them all!’ (I’m always bad with names, and this may have been a way for me to just let go of her name, which by then I totally forgot, except that it started with an S!)

So, I’m going down this hallway with many windows on the left, a wall on the right, and look down to the end where I can see a right turn and a dark bedroom. I ‘feel’ that Mr. Whittley is in the bedroom, perhaps an older frail man who may need some help in passing, I assume. (Never assume….even in the astral!! Lol)

As I turn the right corner by the bedroom door, I am shocked and startled by the presence of this HUGE dark ball of negativity that is just outside the doorway! I can feel its radiating waves of ‘heat-like’ negativity coming at me and it causes me to feel totally defenseless and slightly fearful as it caught me completely off guard!!

I hear a deep, strong, male voice from the ball of negativity LOUDLY state, “You were supposed to sign a bondage contract!!”

Quickly and quietly, I also hear another soft male voice (from somewhere next to me) tell me, ‘Put your shield up!’ which immediately brought me back to the awareness that I am in control of any situation in OOB and my fear vanished. I know I stated strongly to myself (thought actually), “I am strong, I am safe!” and that enabled me to continue on. (I just don’t know where I get this courage from OOB….but I’m glad I do!)

I talked with this ball of negativity, not totally remembering exactly what I said, but the ending part was, “There is so much out there for you! Why don’t you come with me? There is so much fun out much much….LOVE!....Come on, come with me!” as I turned to the windows that were behind me and flew out.

I am not sure what happened to that negativity or Mr. Whittley after that, and honestly, I don’t know if that was just a way for me to escape the situation or not. I cannot tell you the final outcome, but I can only hope that the negativity and/or Mr. Whittley found some help in my appearance there.

The experience surprisingly didn’t end there, because I now found myself back in the living room where I’m sleeping and looking out the window by the couch. I play with the glass, trying to put my hands and head through it, but can’t! It just causes it to stretch outward, and I think, “that’s odd, let’s try the wall.” I can easily put my hands through the wall, feeling the different textures, and the coolness outside. I can even ‘feel’ the stone chimney that I know is next to the window outside!

Feeling like I’m getting ‘lighter awareness’ signaling an end to the experience, I try to prolong it by moving to the door. I knew I was ‘running out of energy’ and it took a lot of effort just to get to the front door.

I hear water falling (knowing I have a waterfall pond outside the front door) and go outside. It appears to be raining, and I stand under a rainfall runoff, like taking a little shower, just enjoying the coolness and refreshing feel of the rain water as it hits me. I awaken fully at that time.

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Anonymous said...

Were 'things' happening to you, or were you causing 'things' to happen to you?
Did you have enough energy to 'choose'?
I enjoyed the 'happenings' so far. I will read more. True Love, Armand