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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

189) Change in Life Focus

I want to write a post about what has been happening in my life to keep everyone informed as to why the drop off in blog posts and communication. I have continued to have great dreams and travels, only to a lesser extent than previous, as my focus in life has changed over the past six months.

Over the past seven years, I have learned SO much about myself and this wonderful world we live in through my astral travels as you have read on my blog. My online blog ( is a written account of my amazing journey that shows how I have progressed in my abilities and understanding, and I wish to encourage those who seek more information to start at the beginning and read through it.

In addition to my writings, I have made so many good friends, both online and in person, and have had great discussions about all things, most of which revolves around how little we DO know about this great Universe we live in. I wish to personally thank William Buhlman, author of Adventures Beyond the Body and Secrets of the Soul, for his mentorship that started me on my travels. (see

My time spent in astral projection and out of body experiences have revealed to me how truly powerful we are, and that it is up to each of us individually to master control over our lives. My biggest lesson that I have now completely internalized, is knowing I am immortal, and that I will never experience ‘death’ as many believe it to be. I know it is merely a simple transition back into our true selves, with continued learning and experiencing as we move along in our spiritual development. We truly are a spiritual being having a physical experience in order to learn our limitless lessons.

Another powerful learning I have gained from these experiences is that I truly AM the master of my life, and it is up to me to focus on my end results, always KNOWING completely and without doubt, that my goal is coming to me in the manner and way that is best for my learning while in a physical body. It may not always appear that something is working out ‘right’, however, it is almost always in hindsight, that I can see how an apparent ‘negative’ event actually was necessary to attain my desired goals.

Part of my ability to keep focused on the end result goal I desire, and not the means or the way, is to state many times daily, “I deserve and expect the best in life!”, as well as visibly post my ‘dream board’ in an area where I can visually see that which I desire in life. As I view it, I internally KNOW that these things are arriving in my life in the way that the Universe best sees fit. I highly recommend this to anyone who desires to improve their position in life.

I believe that it is because I have this ‘knowing’, that I have now moved onto another path in life, one which is now complete with a loving partner who shares my focus and goals. I also now know that this physical life I am living is to be my focus, as the astral travels and experiences will continue, but in a way that guides my physical life so that it may be the best experience I can have.

I understand that I will only have this physical body for a limited number of years more, and it is important to me now that I truly enjoy and appreciate having these wonderful physical experiences before transitioning back to my spiritual home.

I will, of course, continue to share any significant astral travels I may encounter over my life so my posts here will continue on an intermittent basis.

I wish to thank everyone for their patience and understanding as I move into this new life focus. I wish that all who read this gain a better understanding of their personal power and true spiritual self, and that everyone will achieve all they desire in this physical life they are now experiencing!

“The more we learn, the more limitless the Universe becomes”!