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Thursday, January 24, 2008

42) Busy OOBE Night..False Awkening, Music, Negativity, Seeing Earth, Little People


Lately I’ve been feeling like I’ve been ‘grounded’ with regard to my OOB experiences. I can’t really place a reason for this feeling, but sometimes you just know that other things are being ‘worked on’ and I have to trust that all is progressing according to plan.

However, last night I had quite a few different experiences, ranging from false awakenings, to ‘hands on’ sensations , to astral ‘fighting’(!) and flying through space, to an unusual meeting with unfamiliar individuals.

My feeling regarding these experiences is that I am being shown different ‘scenarios’ that will test my abilities to respond appropriately. In reviewing my responses while OOB, I now have the definite feeling that I do need a lot more work! lol

The night began with a series of false awakenings, all incorporating ‘real’ aspects of physical life that caused me to really have to concentrate to stay ‘in the altered mental state’ to prevent waking. A few times I heard my husband come down the stairs, talking quite candidly asking why I was on the couch, “couldn’t I sleep?” and such dialogue. I could hear his fire pager going off, and lots of noises such as radio, conversations, and other distracting sounds that really had me wondering if it was all really happening or not!

Each time I just decided I was going to just ‘fake sleep’ and continue on hoping it was a false awakening, which of course it was! I could feel the vibrations in between each false awakening episode (had to have been three or so episodes!), which also told me that I made the right decision to ‘carry on’ with my focus.

At one point when I felt the vibrations and subsequent ‘settling in/sinking’ feeling, I knew I could just roll out and off the couch. I fell with a thud (OOB) to the floor, and was astonished at how heavy I felt! I could barely move, yet I knew I this was normal and I just had to move away from the body. So again, I said, “to the door!” as this time, for a change, I could clearly see the door and windows!

Unfortunately, with the affirmation, I did move slightly toward the door, but stopped and then quickly found myself back in body on the couch in full vibrations.

Now, I knew I was lying on couch, but now I’m hearing this wonderful music and singing! It was beautiful voices singing and I remember thinking that since my recorder was turned on at this time, I fervently hoped it would pick up on the music and record it. I knew this would give me verification that I was really hearing this! But, at the same time, I also knew that if it was truly astral, that there would probably be nothing on the recorder. (In actuality, I did not have the recorder on at this time)

Now, at some point, I become aware of ‘hands’ being placed on me – and not exactly where I’m used to having hands show up! There has been ‘laying of the hands’ on me before, but always in an ‘energy moving’ sort of way. This time, however, I’m rather uncomfortable as both hands sit squarely on my breasts, without moving! Again, knowing it’s just ‘astral’, I just ‘let it go’ and know it’s nothing to worry about, which it dissipates and become aware someone is standing next to me! (Maybe this was just to get my attention…which it did! Lol)

I see a young lady, and I associate her with someone I know that I am not on really friendly terms with. I immediately feel her ‘anger’ or frustration and she starts taking it out on me! I feel this strong ‘punch’ to my stomach (solar plexus) that doesn’t hurt, but I can certainly feel it!

She’s arguing about something, but I am not able to recall what about! I feel my face being squeezed, and I know I even ‘kick’ the end of the couch. It’s so strange to actually ‘feel’ these sensations while knowing I’m not really physical!

I never get up off the couch, but I’m attempting to ‘physically fight’ this negative, argumentative young lady! All the time I can hear her talk to me, but I can’t figure out what her problem is! I do remember saying something like, ‘get out or I’ll call the police’, and she taunts me back saying, ‘yeah, like that is really going to do anything!’ (In hindsight, I think this was a learning experience how NOT to handle negativity! lol)

After recording that experience, I tried to re-induce my altered state, and quickly found myself OOB and traveling at lightning speed backward through the starry blackness that I usually travel in, being very much aware that ‘finally! I’m going someplace!’ It was so fast and so long that I had the time to think,’ hey, maybe I should try to turn around and face forward!’ So I did!

Now I’m zooming forward into the starry blackness, thinking,’ this is so much fun!’ and I stretch out my hands in front of me. Amazingly, I can see them! Soft, wispy white energy forms stretched out in front…so cool! (I rarely get to see any part of myself while OOB)

So, now I’m certain I can go anywhere I want, so I remember thinking ‘to the center of the universe!’ and after a while of zooming, I realize I could stop and turn around to see the earth if I wanted to. The stars slowed down, and stopped, and I found myself in a very quiet blackness. I turned and saw the earth – and was so awed by its beauty! I remember thinking, ‘wow, it’s just like in the pictures, so blue and white, and beautiful!’ I remember traveling around the earth to see it from all sides, it was just so beautiful!

Somehow, I transitioned to another place from this experience and found myself in a large open field, surrounded by trees and beautiful countryside. It was quiet and dark, and I was not sure where I was.

The next thing I know I hear then see these large dogs come running toward me! (big sized dogs, like a greyhound build). I get the feeling that it was a ‘hunt’ or perhaps just the fact that I was being ‘discovered’! I was a bit unnerved at first with their appearance, but knew also I was ‘out’ so I was ok and didn’t have to hide. For some reason, I figured they wouldn’t be able to ‘see’ me, so I was safe!

However, behind the dogs were these ‘little people’, that I associated with children (probably because of their size – I didn’t pick up on any ‘immaturity’ with them, so I don’t think they were actually children). They were very small in size, even smaller than some of the dogs (!), and they carried these very tall ‘spears’ or rods with them (hence the reason I felt it was a ‘hunt’ of some sort).

I also had the impressions of ‘slaves’ and ‘being chased’, but I can’t correlate as to how those impressions fit in with this experience. The small people came right up to me (and another person who was with me) and started talking. I remember I was sitting on a small stone wall of sorts, and trying to ‘make excuses’ for my behavior! I felt I was supposed to have ‘done something’ that I didn’t do, and was making attempts at an apology.

I also remember that whoever I was with (a male) was also giving an ‘excuse’ for our ‘intrusion?’ by making a statement like, ‘well I was knocked out on 10mg of Valium!’ (I personally don’t take use such medication, and he was the one who admitted to using it! lol) Unfortunately again, I cannot recall what we talked about specifically.

The experience ended there, as I woke up and quickly recorded whatever impressions I could remember. This was such a hodgepodge of experiences for one night, that I can’t even begin to discern what it all means, except for the strong feeling that I still have a lot to learn about ‘living’ in the astral!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

41) Learning - Near Physical OBE - My Technique

I thought I'd share another experience I had a few nights ago, as well as how it appeared to involve a need to share my technique. So, with many apologies once again for its length, I'm posting it in hopes someone can be helped.

01/09/08 4:10am

The first 'small dream' was nothing more than a scene - where I was with this man sitting at a table, in a place of learning.

No awareness of any other surroundings other than we were both working diligently on our own projects and drawing or doodling various schematics that represented what we were trying to learn. It was a "technographic" type writing – doodling with written symbols that we used to express our `work'.

My drawings had something to do with 'people', 'health', and personal interactions (along a nursing theme) and he was the 'techy-type' with some fancy deep scientific thoughts/drawings on the use of wind and its power, or something like that.

As we sit there, a male teacher comes over and joins us at the table. I know I AM impressed and honored to have him sit with us (I don't get how the other male feels about it) but get the feeling that this `honor' may have been because we are two of the `brightest' students in the class. The teacher proceeds to show us 'new drawings and ideas' of doing whatever we are both working on. The two words I hear are 'aeronautical engineering' as a description of what we are both working on now...

I awoke slightly, recorded this dream despite feeling it wasn't that important, and went back to sleep…or so I thought!

I remember hearing `sounds' at one point, like movement in the house that brought me to a `lighter' state of awareness. (This may have been the beginning of a `false awakening' but now I know to just use those sounds as a means of getting my attention focused.)

I believe this was an important point I need to impress, as many people may not be `light' enough in their awareness levels to bring that small piece of consciousness you need to have in your `dreams' to help you remember the events.

I became aware of the `rolling' feeling, a sort of like a warm, wavy sensation that indicates I'm getting ready to separate. However, this time I was not able to just roll out! For some reason, I had this trapeze bar appear in my hands, and I pulled it backward as if to get a good running start, then jumped or ran forward very quickly using the trapeze bar as a means of propelling me forward and upward – I could feel that `stomach sway' feeling as I swung forward and knew that `sensation' was a key aspect of getting OOB.

However, I found myself `sitting up' and only partially out and not sure what to do next. So, since the trapeze bar appeared in my hands again, I used it to pull backward, run quickly forward, and once again, found myself mostly out of my body, but still not separated. It was at this point I realized that I had to ROLL over and off the couch to fully separate, which I did!

Now, I am fully aware I am in the `near-physical' again (someplace I rarely get to stay!), and I feel such a `heavy' strong pull back toward my body on the couch. I'm fighting this `pull' with all my effort, saying to myself, I'm NOT going back!

It's dark (as usual) but I remember straining my eyes to open and barely seeing the outdoors through a window. So I use my affirmations, `to the outdoors, to the outdoors!!', whereupon I felt the usual, but only a VERY short, `black tunnel type falling' feeling, and found myself facing the door/wall at the end of my house.

(This is interesting for a few reasons – I have not felt such a strong pull as this as I remember fighting with all my effort NOT to go back. The affirmation I usually use is `to the door!', but this time I used `outdoors' which is interesting, yet unusual for me. Also, it was the same `black tunnel falling' feeling, but only for a very short time this time.)

Now, I'm by the door and it appears to be not quite the same building as my current home, but yet is familiar as if it IS my home. As I stand there, it feels SO REAL, yet I am ALSO aware of my OB state. So I place my hand on the door, knowing it will go through it, which it does. I take note of the change in texture again, and enjoy the fact that this is something so unique to do! I then proceed to push my head and rest of body out, only to look up and feel rain `tingling' on my face! I know it's raining here in my OB state as it is impressed upon me to remember that.

The rest of the experience is really not very interesting, in that I remember `walking' along the side of the house outside, to the roof, then taking off above the trees and just looking down at the area. I don't recall it as being THIS particular area IP, but it was a familiar place.

I do recall seeing other `people' flying around (a man, a woman, a child) doing what I was doing, but I didn't interact with them as I `knew' they were really `asleep' and unaware. This experience felt so `different' than many of my other OOBE's in that there was such a REAL feeling associated with it. I can only assume it is because I was staying closer in the `near-physical' realm.

Originally upon waking in the AM, I was listening to the wind outside and felt a little disappointed to see it wasn't raining, as I know I felt it OOB. However, upon getting up, I saw that it HAD rained overnight and the puddles outside were all I needed for validation.

More importantly, though, I feel that this experience was designed more for my own evaluation of my OOB technique, especially for staying in the near-physical. Perhaps this is because of my desire to `connect' with my friend, and I need to be able to help him learn something new from my experiences. I feel it is necessary now to share my technique here as well.

Certain aspects of getting OOB were impressed upon me, and I'd like to review what I feel are key points to a successful OOBE for me. For some reason, the thought that some people go `too deep' was impressed, as I mentioned, as it is necessary to bring that small piece of `waking consciousness' into the experience. It is ok to go deep to get fully relaxed initially, but you do need to bring up the level of awareness in your mind to the point of conscious recall.

When you feel a `heavy blanket' effect on your body after full relaxation, that is the time to start with your focus and affirmations. Perhaps it would be beneficial to get the `lucid dream timer' from Saltcube ( and set it for 10-20 minutes or so, whatever you feel you need to get your body relaxed completely.

At that point, the soft `ding' will bring up your awareness to the level of conscious recall. It shouldn't wake you completely, but just give you that lighter awareness and recall of what you are `intending' to do. You need to be in that `oh I hear it, but I'm too relaxed to do anything about it' state of mind. (I am assuming this is what my `false awakening' experiences are for)

At that point, you start with the affirmations `Now I am out of body!' or `vibrations now!', and always repeated (in your mind) with emotional emphasis to impress it upon your subconscious.

Now the key will be to keep that `piece of awareness' as you relax back into your deeper state, all the while repeating the affirmations over and over. If you have a particular `intent', such as finding someone or working on a specific area, you add that affirmation as well.

At some point, you may notice that you are getting a warm, fuzzy, or `wavy' feeling or just a sense of movement like you are on a moving surface. That will be a signal that you should try to roll over, or pull up, or whatever you need to do to separate.

The use of some sort of `swaying' sensation, such as the trapeze, freefalling, flying, or whatever is all you need now to start the separation process. If you should feel a 'floating' sensation, whether whole body or even a single extremity, then roll! 'Rolling out' almost always works the best for me.

This `falling' or `moving' sensation will almost always send you to the separation stage. I remember one time I found myself in a plane, and just decided to `skydive' and that freefalling feeling turned into the `black tunnel' and finding myself OOB flying!

Once you feel yourself separate fully, you may find yourself feeling very heavy, and dark….but just know that you have to focus intently and repeat to yourself, `to the door' or `to the window' to move away from the physical body. There is such a strong `magnetic' type attraction that if you don't fight against it, you will find yourself back in the body very quickly.

As with many OOBE's, there is a sense of `knowing' you are out, yet the thinking processes you are used to are different. You become unsure of what to do next, so by setting an `intent' prior to the induction will assist in giving you more `conscious control' when OOB.

If all else fails, and you feel you are just wandering around without aim, you can affirm `Inward Now!' or `To my higher self' which may start a spinning or tunnel sensation as you move into your inner worlds.

Here it is common to find events that deal with your developing sense of `self' and issues or beliefs that you may need to work on for continued progress. Working on the higher self is always a rewarding experience, as this is what we are all here in physical body to learn more about!

One other mention I might add is the fact that I almost always experience these 'outings' from a particular location in my house. You may have noticed up that I mention 'rolling' out off the couch many times in my experiences. In the beginning, when I was just beginning to learn, I would spontaneously find myself OOB next to my bed in the middle of the night. But it's been a long time since I've had anything but short little 'dreams' from the bedroom area.

That is probably because as I progressed, I found it necessary to make myself show 'true intent' and get up out of bed (at 2-4am!) and NOT go back to that 'warm and cozy sleep' I would find there. I show the 'intention' of working/traveling by going downstairs to the fairly comfortable couch, to work on my experiences.

I feel at this point, and it may be true for others as well, that the thoughts associated with your 'bed' is for getting that 'deep sleep' that your body needs for rest, and can be associated in your mind as someplace where you can only do that.

Of course, all of this is just my experience, but in the event someone feels it `rings true' for them as well, perhaps these suggestions will help!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

40) Mass Retrieval

1.06.08 7:11 am awake

The most important part of the experience is that I feel I lost a lot of detail with this recall!

I was driving on a highway and turned off the main road for a reason, but I can’t remember why! I felt there was something I had to do, or perhaps there was a detour in the road. I wasn’t at all concerned because I knew I had my GPS to use to find my way back to the main road.

I’m traveling these back roads, into a wooded area and am surprised to see the GPS did not have this road recorded, so it showed me as ‘off road’ but that I was still going the right direction. I remember I had to stop the car at one point because a ‘cord’ or ‘plug’ fell out of the back of the car and was getting caught in the trees. It wasn’t a big deal; I just unwrapped it from around the trees, and got back on track. It only served to delay me a bit.

Now I’m climbing up to a steep ‘roof-type’ area, carrying a lot of ‘stuff’ and I’m getting rather tired because it’s a lot of work climbing. There is a male along side me that I had to ask for help by giving me a ‘push up’. He helped by pushing up against my butt to get me up to the top area where I found people were milling around.

As he helped me with the push, he said something to the effect that he ‘just wanted to touch my butt anyway!’ I had an ‘uncomfortable’ feeling about him, but not one of any danger or much closeness. I just laughed it off and went on. I later recalled that I may have met this male while I was in the ‘off road’ area earlier.

Up top, I see lots of people, and somehow I knew they were all ‘stuck there’ and didn’t know how to get off. I knew that they were stuck there because of their ‘beliefs’ and I was going to have to show them how to ‘get out’.

So, I say to them all, “Guys, look! You are the same as me! If I can get out, you all can get out! You can see me, because I am one of you! Yet if you look into that mirror (pointing to this entire wall-sized mirror in one area) you will not be able to see your reflection! You can see the ‘other’ people and what’s going on, but you are not “there” with them, therefore you can get out of here!” (I felt perhaps they were looking into an ‘earthly life’ happening now.)

I can’t remember all the specifics here, but I told them if they wanted to leave to follow me. I lead them to a wall area that somehow changed into a doorway as we neared it. Going through the door, I found myself in a hallway, looking back to see some of the others slowly straggling through that same door, curiously following me.

I walked down the hallway toward the end where I could see ‘light’ and initially saw it as a curved glass wall, which distorted the view into the ‘light’ outdoors. I kept going, despite the fact that I didn’t see any way of exiting.

I was planning on just ‘walking’ through the glass wall, as I must have been aware of my OOB state. As I got closer to it, though, a door appeared off to the left side of it, and everyone was comfortable walking through that door.

Now, I am not sure what happened next, but Susan was there telling Ann to change her shirt, that she was not ‘appropriately’ dressed for the ceremony. (These are two real life friends I have associations with at work) We are all waiting for a ‘presentation’ or ceremony I was anxious to see.

I knew somehow I had missed the first showing/ceremony of honoring a terrible event that happened years ago. It was a type of ceremony that people would dress up for and come to in honor of this event. This was to be the second showing, because I knew I had missed the first one due to what was going on with my ‘work’.

Somehow I also knew this event was happening too late for me to stay, and I felt disappointed to know I was going to miss this second ceremony as well.

Again, there was MUCH more ‘events’ that occurred, but alas! I have not recall.

I DO remember one piece of a dream that it was important for me to get a message to “Linda Hodgson/Hudson/Hedgeson” or something like that! But what the message was, I have no idea!

39) OOB Meeting in Bedroom

Last night I had TWO great experiences, of which I will post separately.

This first one, though, was so unbelievable for me, but when I received some actual 'validation' as to its truth, I'm beginning to think it was so! As you have read in this blog, I have been trying to 'connect' with a friend to establish the fact that traveling OOB can be a mutually rewarding experience.

Of course, there can be no 'proof positive' of any astral experience - as the level of perception for any and all participants will play a very strong role in what is experienced and recalled.

Having said goes!

3:20 am 1.06.08

I was waiting on a bench in the lobby of a hotel, where I noticed a guy in a grey suit standing in the elevator nearby without his suit jacket. I saw the jacket next to me on the bench, and told him I’d just use his jacket as a blanket while I waited here (I knew it was his because I saw it matched the suit pants he was wearing). He was smiling as he stood in the elevator waiting for the doors to close to go up.

There was no one around in this lobby of the hotel…I was there because I thought I was locked out of my hotel room because I couldn’t find my keys (which later at some point in this dream, I realized I had in my pocket all along!)

Next I remember I’m hiding around a corner, hearing two men talk about plans in another language, but I knew it was something about a ‘secret society’ – it had a Revolutionary War type feeling with a man who reminded me of a Ben Franklin-type was talking.

This man walked over close to where I was hiding, still talking to his friend (another male). I became concerned he’d find me, and just then he reaches his hand in and around the corner where I was hiding! It’s a dark small alcove, and he puts his hand on my face, without bothering to even look at me, and says ‘such a pretty face, such a pretty face!’…I knew I had been ‘discovered’…

I am not sure how I transtioned, but I then realized I was standing up, knowing I was out of body in a room, and I could see a door to the outdoors. (Yes, for a change, I could see upon exiting!) I did my ‘to the door!’ and then took off flying, remembering to say I have to find my friend!

I found myself immediately in a familiar dark, tunnel like area, zooming fast, but going backward! At one point, I remember feeling that drop down, stomach flipping, ‘roller coaster’ type sensation (that I love!) and ‘feeling’ the meaning of that sensation as being told, "we know you like that, so we are giving you what you want."

Now I find myself standing in a strange bedroom, and it’s dark. There is a man and woman sleeping in the bed. He’s on the right, she’s on the left as you look from the foot of the bed. I’m trying to get him to waken, saying ‘wake up, come on out!’ and shaking him. With my initial ‘touch’, I did cause a startled response from him, but he just became restless and rolled over, not being able to wake up to go with me.

I move to the window along side the bed where I was and look out. It is dark, but I can see some sort water near the house as there is the moonlight is reflecting off it. But it’s different somehow. It’s a flat body of water that is ‘up high’, sort of up a hill or mountain near the house.

(I do not get the feel of a ‘natural’ body of water, or one that is not always there – possibly a collection system of sorts?). I am thinking, ‘gee, why would anyone want to build their house below the level of that water! If it should flood, the house would be inundated with water!”

I then felt like I was ‘intruding’ on some privacy at that time, so I left the room by the door on the other side of the room, where I found myself just outside the house. (It was along the ‘longer’ side of the house -whether it was the back or front I am not sure.)

Here I hesitated, not know what to do, but then heard voices from the ‘shorter’ end of the house and saw a path that lead off to the right to that area. I ran into these men, who gave me a ‘soldier’ like feeling, and they were concerned that they heard a rumor that someone with a ‘tank’ was coming after them. (Now I also remember that I had somehow seen this guy earlier they were concerned about, and yes, I ‘knew’ he WAS going to be coming with a tank!)

Suddenly, there was a loud explosion, and large parts of some kind of machinery were crashing down on top of all of us! I was not in the least concerned, however, because I ‘knew’ I was safe, being OOB.

It became dark, and now I am talking to this male that wanted to get his ‘defib?’ medal, (felt like he meant it was a medal of valor of some sort). He is a young kid who wanted this medal he ‘earned’ and asked me to find out if it was coming to him.

I now remember I ran into him prior to getting to the first group of soldiers, and he asked me then about the medal, but I had become too involved in the next tank explosion scene to answer him initially. (Or was it that he ‘showed’ me this scene?)

So, at this point, I see someone bringing him a medal, it was a two part medal with a pin on the top and a hanging metal symbol (heart?cross?) and he was getting it pinned on his chest. He was happy to get it, but I also felt a bit sad that he didn’t get his ‘official’ ceremony with it being awarded to him.

Somehow, there also was this young girl there I was talking to, and I was startled to see a young man come up to her quickly, and she gave him a big kiss – I said, ‘whoa, what was THAT all about?’ to her, and she indicated that she was congratulating him because they two of them just became grandparents. (It was felt to me that he was an ex-boyfriend that she had had many years ago) This was odd, because both of them couldn’t have been more than 20-30 years old….

There was all these little ‘snippets’ of stories going on and people I’m running into….yet I know there was SO much more that I can't recall!


These are the validation points I received from my friend I was trying to connect with.

He was able to verify the fact that he does sleep on the right side of the bed (as you look from the bottom). He agrees there is a door on the opposite side of the room, leading to the outdoors.

However, there is no window on the wall by the bed, but a closet with mirrored doors that reflect the outdoors from the window in the door across the room. There is a pond near the house, as seen from that door window. I do not think, however, that what I saw was a 'natural' water source, such as a pond, but hey, I could be mistaken!

However, it could also be the water is very symbolic of the subconscious mind (as I saw it on HIS side of the room), and an interpretation could be that perhaps it is a manifestation of his fears of exploring the metaphysical as he has found himself in 'over his head' once before...or, even perhaps he is not 'in' the water - but the water threatens to inundate... at the same time, perhaps he's too deeply 'under' and needs to 'lighten up' to mediate the threat. I do know I had a very difficult time trying to rouse him from sleep!!

Some last notes, the door to the outdoors is on the 'longer' side of the house and does have a pathway that leads off to the right side of the house, just as I recall.

So, it still leaves much to be desired in terms of 'true' and complete validation, however, the important part is I DO feel I was there! I really don't think with the changing variability found in the astral realm that we will get much more than this, so I think I have to 'tone down' my expectations of finding perfect matches with everything! lol

Oh....and other than being in a 'deep sleep' all night, he had no recollection of any 'visit' type dreams or feelings.He did say something about a dream he had where he bought a brand new top-of-the-line fishing pole (valuable one, still in its original package) at a garage sale he went to though!

I guess I'll have to work on changing my 'wake up' techniques to get his attention away from his 'other-realm' excursions at night!! lol

The ending experiences were probably some sort of 'retrieval' that I entered into after leaving the house. The young male was not leaving until he got his medal (which he did), but I don't know about the young 'grandparent' couple!

The next post will be part two of this night, and that I am sure was a 'mass retrieval'!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Addendum to Atral Meeting!

I am lucky to have such a good friend who helps me to 'see' different aspects of what my experiences are showing me. I thought I'd share a lot of his insight:

A dream, to me, is very much a drama, in that one scene leads to another, building on and relating to each other, leading to the resolution or revelation of the complete story. In this way, carefully examining each dream element and seeing not only it's individual meaning but how it fits with and reinforces or modifies the other elements is necessary to decoding the true meaning (and there can be more than one!) of a dream.

Where the scene takes place is described as "I’m in my house... the room I came back to was different." So, you are in the familiarity of your own home, yet somehow it is also unfamiliar - there is something different or new about the room you find yourself in.

Nice interpretation - I'm home but yet I am 'not home' in this room... makes sense....OR it could be I had to move into another 'room' in order to find my friend who was apparently having some difficulty getting there!!

Placing the scene exactly is important because where you are about to step out indicates a change of scene - you are about to step out of 'your' space at the door step. A door, of course, is a portal into another space. You have every intention of venturing out, but there is that hesitation of venturing out without protected feet.

After you feel that hesitation, the scene essentially ends, as your guide steps in and delivers the final message. Though you had the intention to go out with your friend, ultimately you don't.

You do step out of the door, and your guide is there with his message. Water is usually symbolic of the subconscious. Water 'softening' could indicate some sort of moderation or yielding of subconscious elements.

You make it to the stoop - a transitional area between inside and outside. Your feeling of 'pausing and reflection' could indicate your own preparations for going 'where you have never been before'.

Many 'creatures' can inhabit our subconscious - but in this case we are given a specific context and creature of the subconscious - a horse in the water softener.

What does a water softener do? Obviously, it removes the hardness (dissolved minerals that can cause stains and clogs) from the water.

A horse, as per dream definitions, is an animal of power, spirit, and movement. Something that effects a process to that extent would certainly have a profound effect if you were to change it's 'color'. Your guide bears the specific message that the 'horse' has not been changed - "it’s the same horse in there". It is something that should be changed, that you were supposed to change, but you 'forgot' (it left or remained out of consciousness).

Perhaps your hesitation at the door was the result of having the wrong horse - or an indication of where the right horse would go? The trouble with trying to address errors of consciousness is the necessity of using the same consciousness to try to understand what one is questioning! Perhaps, it is an indication that there is more 'ground work' to do before flying off. ;)

Just to clarify here - the 'guy' I met is someone I have come to know on a 'friend' basis, with little 'close' background information and just basic facts about his life and experiences. (Although I do feel a close connection to his 'thought energy' if that is possible!)

I suppose I should tell you that I have not physically even 'met' this person! So that will make this 'meeting' all that much more difficult to validate....but yet, I do feel this was who I met that night! Unfortunately, my friend I believe I connected with has no recall of this meeting, but did have some otherwise very 'revealing' dreams that same night.

But perhaps, that is because he also is not fully 'prepared' for this experience, just as I was not able to be fully 'prepared'...(as indicated by the need for a 'horse of a different color' in my 'water' tank!)

More symbolism: "White: White represents purity, perfection, peace, innocence, dignity, cleanliness, awareness, and new beginnings. You may be experiencing a reawakening or have a fresh outlook on life.

To see a horse in your dream, represents a strong, physical energy. You need to tame the wild forces.....If the horse is white, then it signifies purity, innocence, prosperity and good fortunes...."

So to summarize: It may symbolize my 'innocence' (white) at not knowing that my 'strong energy'(horse) in my subconscious (water) still wasn't under control (tamed) enough to do what I so eagerly wanted to do at that time! That I can agree with as I do tend to 'fly off' without much thought when OOB!

Thanks, Kiauma!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

38) Astral Meeting!

1/01/08 6:51am awakened

I heard my on call beeper go off at 1:10am on 01/01 – remember looking at the time, hazily thinking this is something symbolic, as the time changes from 1:10 to 1:11am on 01/01….but then woke up enough to realize, “hey, I’m really on call and I have to report in to work!”

Thankfully, or maybe it was really set up to happen this way by the Universe, I did not have to go into work, having been told it was a ‘false alarm’. (It is interesting to note that when the pager went off, I was soundly asleep, yet I also ‘knew’ this was going to be just a ‘false alarm’. Imagine my surprise when the operator told me it really WAS a false alarm! I feel somehow it may be that I needed to have my experiences later in the morning this particular day)

I had some difficulty falling back to sleep, and I remember my feelings of frustration at not being able to ‘get out’ by my usual time (3-4am). I saw that it was now 6am and I’m awake without any experiences, but still felt I should keep trying.

This time now, I became aware of sounds indicating people were getting up in the house (or so I thought!). As usual, in the hopes it’s not a ‘true’ awakening, I just lie there waiting to see what happens. I hear my husband come down the stairs, and then nothing…so I wait more, and then I hear my son come in and start playing music and making noise. Again I’m a little annoyed he’d do that with me sleeping here, but I wait, and now my daughter comes right up to the couch where I am, and is trying to rouse me by throwing water on my face!!! Again, I just lie there, hoping this is all not happening!

Now I could feel soft vibrations, a ‘buzzing’ feeling, not really vibrations, yet I felt quite awake. Despite this feeling of wakefulness, I attempted to increase their intensity, willing them to become stronger by affirming ‘vibrations now!’

I remember saying this a few times, as the buzzing sensation would crescendo with the affirmations, but then retreat. I feel as though there is an urgency ‘get going’ with my intent to travel, as it is getting late in the morning, by my usual time frame.

Well, I guess I was right – because the next sensation I remember is my right arm floating up in the air! That is always a signal to me that I’m ‘out’ so I just rolled right off the couch and stood in the room.

As usual, it is dark, and I can’t see a thing. Prying my eyes open, I can barely make out my side door, and say ‘to the door!’ to move away from my body for more control.

It was interesting this time to remember that struggle I had to pry open my eyelids to see, barely peeking out, but enough to see the side door. I feel the ‘sluggishness’ until I reach the door, and then ‘whoosh!’ - I’m out and about! I’m flying freely, zooming all around, and enjoying the rushing of the wind on my face, thinking, ‘boy, it’s been a long time since I just took the time to have this fun!’

Now I suddenly find myself back on the couch, but I still feel the soft vibrations going on. Again I felt my arm float back up, and was surprised, saying, “oh, I’m getting back out again!” and rolled off the couch for a second time.

I’m in my house, was going to take off again, but as I started to go up, I remembered I wanted to look for my friend to see if I could find him. So I floated back down, but the room I came back to was different. It was still very dark, and I don’t think I had full vision enough to describe my surroundings here.

I started walking around and calling out for him by name…then suddenly I saw the outline of a man coming toward me. It was not anything ‘solid’, and with no features that I can recall, but quite obvious a tall, average built male, who moved right ‘into’ my space!

I could feel the emotional intensity as we ‘hugged?’ and he was almost crying with happiness, saying “I can’t believe I found you!” over and over!

As we walked together toward the side door, I remember my arm was around his waist, which was my indication that he was quite tall. He’s trying to tell me so many things all at once I was having a hard time understand all that was coming at me!

I remember him describing what he had to go through to get there, how he had his ‘people’ help him check everything over thoroughly to see where he was having his problems before arriving. He knew that there was some little ‘glitch’ that wasn’t right, and preventing him from ‘connecting’.

He had a lot of things that had to be done before he could get there, things that had to be checked and double checked. He listed all he did, making sure his name on the ‘ticket’ was right, his travel plans were right, ‘this’ was right, ‘that’ was right….almost like a pre-travel checklist that he had to be sure was complete and correct before he could ‘take off’ to get here.

As we walked, I felt his ‘speech’ was hampered by some sort of speech impediment (lisp?), or maybe it was just my inability to understand what he was saying due to his exuberant rush of ‘words’ and thoughts!

I remember telling him to ‘slow down’ because I wasn’t able to understand all that he was trying to tell me!

At the side door, we stopped at edge of doorstep. As he stepped to go out, I hesitated because I was concerned I was barefoot. So I said, “oh, lets just take off somewhere then!”

Just as we got outside the door to take off, a young man (tall, thin, smiling, curly hair – very familiar and friendly feeling) came up to us to tell us something. It registered as something to do with the water softener? in my house. He’s saying, “I checked the water softener and it’s the same horse in there, but it really should be changed to a horse of a different color” I say, “A horse? Well, that’s really cool!” and I can picture a white horse next to me…as I faded back into full consciousness, back on the couch.

I am so thrilled that I didn't give into those 'false awakenings'! If I can tell anyone anything of importance, it is to NOT be so quick to wake up when you 'think' you are already awake! Ignore any odd situations going on, and see what happens! I remember how difficult it was to 'stay in the feeling' when there was water being thrown on my face! lol

Also, I believe this male we met at the end was possibly MY guide, whom I have met before, but have no name. He was familiar and friendly, just as I remember him. His goal, I think, at this point was to stop us from proceeding out together, but for what reason, I am not sure.