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Saturday, January 31, 2009

96) 'Death' Transition and Full Power OBE

1.30.09 5:15 am

(NOTES: Woke 4am initially, reluctantly used the bathroom even though I was so tired --I did because I had a dream that told me I had to get up!!-- and then went back to bed. I fully awakened at 5:15am after this entire experience)

I ‘awoke’ from sleep, watching a small airplane move past my window followed by a much larger passenger jet that was very low to the ground! I was concerned because I ‘felt’ something was wrong and watched in horror as this large passenger jet made a sharp turn and began a nose-dive to the ground!

I became even MORE concerned when I realized how close this airliner was going to crash, almost in my front yard! Now it is interesting what I did next – I was lying in bed, thinking it is early morning nearly time to get up for work, next to my husband, watching this plane nose-dive in a most certain crash in my front yard….I immediately ‘resigned’ myself, calmly and quietly, to my impending death in the assumed fireball explosion, (knowing there was no where to run), and quickly reached over to my husband to give a hug before I passed over. There was absolutely NO fear!

As the ‘crash’ occurred, there was blackness, a sense of overwhelming ‘energy movement’ and some dull roaring (perhaps was the separation noise) that kept me aware of what was occurring. I am actually thinking that I am ‘passing over’ and am thankful that it is quick and painless! I somehow knew it wouldn’t hurt, as it would only be a ‘transition’. I lay there quietly and waited, knowing I would soon find myself ‘on the other side’ in spirit.

My next ‘lucid’ thoughts were that I am once again lying in bed, same position, and ‘awake’ to realize that it was all a very lucid dream, and one that I feel I should record as not many people get to ‘feel’ what it is like to ‘pass over’!! lol

I reach for my recorder at the bedside, and again, I find it in pieces! I felt clumsy, with coins dropping on the floor (I remember one being the US Mercury dime) and magazines falling off the bedside stand.

Now you may remember that this has been a learned ‘signal’ for the fact I am out of body, however, I take no heed at this time, primarily because this ‘wakefulness’ is SO physical in its sensations, even more so than I ever remember! I desperately try to put it back together and I do succeed in recording what I recall of the airplane crash (In hindsight, nothing was really recorded!)

I now get up, as I know it’s time for work, even picking up the magazine on the floor to place it back on the dresser as I noticed an article I wanted to read in it, and headed for my bathroom. Again, no thoughts of it being anything more than my usual work day routine.

This is where I am astonished to look into the mirror and see that my appearance is that of one I had just over a year ago when my hair was a bit longer and it was pulled back in a most disheveled appearance! This startled me enough to realize, ‘hey wait, I can’t have long hair now – so I must be out of body!!!’

In order to confirm this I try to put my hand through the walls and am SO shocked to see that I can! I feel the texture changes and turn to leave the bathroom because I’m not staying here! :) I see the skylight above me (one that is not in this room, but another room of the house) and zoom up to leave!

I can still remember how it felt to pass through the skylight, having my head emerge into the cooler outside air and am so excited to think this is a NEW way of experiencing this travel! I think of my mother who lives next door and plan on visiting, but as soon as I am mostly out of the house, I feel the pullback signal and soft transitioning of a return.

Confusion reigns for a few moments upon true awakening, because I still recall the plane crash ‘dream’ and the previous attempt at getting up for work! I realize this was a ‘solid’ out of body experience into the physical, as I was ‘solidly’ convinced I was doing nothing more than my usual ‘physical’ routine! :)

I really wish I could explain the difference here between this OBE and my others. I know the previous OBEs were also ‘real’ in some sense, but they pale in comparison with how ‘real’ and intense I felt with this one. Phenomenal was the word I used to describe it upon recording.

My own attempt at explaining this change is to think that my beginning OBEs were in a ‘less full’ version of myself, as I had to learn the process and ability to move about and think within this realm. With the last two experiences (one I did not post yet) there is definitely a higher degree of ‘physical-ness’ or fullness that I am experiencing.

I initially thought my OBEs were different in feeling and appearance only due to the differing levels of astral realms that I enter into, but now I’m thinking it is only an additional explanation of the astral body experience. There are many levels of ‘wholeness’ you can be in as well.

Any thoughts from anyone?

Also, in hindsight, I see the fact that I dreamt I ‘had’ to get up at 4am prior to this experience to go into the bathroom may have been ‘planned’ as well – that gave me a ‘comparison’ visit to the bathroom that allowed me to see that the next one was to be questioned!! lol

Sunday, January 25, 2009

95) Early AM OBE with Full Control


This experience was unique in many ways as you will read shortly. The major difference is that I had the luxury of staying in bed after waking, and to use this time for some energy work and visualizations in hopes of getting OOB.

Thanks to N.J., I used a little different energy visualizations in that my in-breath would pull the white light into my second chakra from both my head and my feet, and then the out-breath would send this energy up and down throughout my body. The sensation of circling in my palms was then a signal that I was about to be in the proper mindset, so I used my affirmations of ‘mind-awake, body-asleep…now I am out of body!’ to emphasis my intentions.

Remember I was visualizing different scenes when an 18 wheel tractor-trailer truck with painted sides appeared in front of an area I was looking at. The painted sides of the truck completely blended in with background, with a stone wall appearance rising above a body of water painted on the truck.

As the truck moved in front of the area I was in, it completed blended in with the scenery and I was unable to see the truck! I then moved forward, and the truck became apparent again, so I moved back to marvel at how amazing this total camouflage was! With my position, I could make the truck completely hidden and then move forward to see that it was only an illusion.

In hindsight, this may have been a preparation for me to move into the next scene. I next remember looking at the beautiful waterfall that was flowing across a large lake from where I was standing. As I love waterfalls, I wanted to get closer and somehow I KNEW I was able to move into this scene if I wanted to. At the same time, I also KNEW I was lying in bed, in the exact position that I really was in!

Wanting to see this waterfall, I just ‘pushed’ forward into the scene, and immediately heard the rushing, windy sounds of separation! This loud blowing sound I have heard many times before and I knew at this point I was separating!

However, this was NOT as easy an exit as my usual roll-outs! I was tugging and pushing so hard, hearing that wind, and focusing on that waterfall to try to control my movements! I feel I am succeeding in separating, but I find myself veering off from over the lake toward a building on my left that is on the edge of the lake.

I am now standing next to this building by the lake, knowing the waterfall is around the corner of the building to my left, so I enter the water. I immediately ‘feel’ the change in texture as I glided into the water, and take the time to go completely under to feel the difference. I put my head partially out, and still remember the different sensations I had being just partially submerged.

This exit is different also in that I FULLY KNOW that I am out of body, there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever and I am enjoying knowing this fact and using it to explore instead of just ‘letting go’ and ‘following along’ with whatever happens to me.

Now I want to get to the waterfall, and as I know I can move without swimming/walking, I just push ahead through the water, but I’m moving so slowly! I remember worrying that maybe I’m moving so slowly because the water is so ‘thick’ and heavy, so I think ‘jet-ski’ to try to make my movements faster! lol It worked!

(The belief we all have that we can’t ‘walk’ on water is quite difficult to overcome! This may also have been the reason I did not go into the water initially, but had to be steered toward the land next to the building at the water’s edge.)

I move to the area where I saw the waterfall, but when I get there, there is NO waterfall! I sense that I am to make the waterfall appear, so I visualize it and watch as it appears!! I can feel the water now flowing down and I play in the turbulent water as it hits the lake! (I do remember, though, that the waterfall I visualized certainly wasn’t as beautiful as the one I had seen initially!! lol)

Interestingly, my husband appears on the bank of this lake and yells to me something about getting a good bargain on a ‘case of nuts’ (!) he bought from his friend Dave. (I do think again this may have been MY belief somehow that I know my husband thinks I’m ‘nuts’ when I tell him about my adventures! lol) He also said something about, ‘well, I see you decided to put in a lake instead of a pool!’ as if we had been discussing this new addition!

I began to feel that transitional pullback and quickly made my key words in reverse order to help me remember as much detail as I can. Despite my best efforts, after recording I could not get back into as deep a mindset as I needed to return.

This experience was so different from my usual nighttime OOBs – I had that ‘dual consciousness’ initially knowing I was both in bed, yet able to go into my scene. I had a more difficult separation this time with the rushing noises, but with full awareness of separating. I was able to maintain full control at all time, never having to just ‘let go’ and allow things to happen.

As I have mentioned, I can also see that my ‘beliefs’ play a big part of what I experience – hence the reason many have such a difficult time in learning to navigate the astral experience. It has taken me a long time to get even this far as I know I am still a novice in learning these new realms!

94) Help from my Sons

This is another experience I had, once again waking at the unusual time of 12:30am after just a few hours sleep! While I was lying there, trying to get back to sleep, I figured I’d try to ‘play’ with the new energy visualizations that I had just learned about from another OBE’r. (see next entry # 95 for details)

I realize I am able to get the energy circling once again in my palms, visualizing it powering up my system. At some point, I then realize I’m in full vibrations, and am able to make them stronger and weaker upon command. At one point, I get them almost to the point of being painful, but I knew I was in control.

I feel the floating sensations, and see hypnagogic images forming, mostly geometric shapes, again remaining fully in control and playing with them until I feel a sensation on my feet! I have no memory of separation, yet I am now aware of tapping and playful moving of my right toes.

I realize somehow they are a young child’s hands, playing with my feet, so I take my left foot and start tickling the little boy (about age 2-3) who I now see hanging onto my right foot! I pick him up and bring him up on the bed, all the time tickling and playing with him, enjoying his laughter and the fun we are having. (In the recording, I mention that I cannot recall what else we did, but we did do other fun things together for a while)

At the next recall, the experience became more dream-like because I noticed the boy seemed to get older in age. I was not sure what to do with him, and got up to take him to the door that appeared. He wasn’t letting go, and he stood there forlornly looking at me, not wanting to go through this doorway!

Realizing he was ‘just a child’ in spite of his looks, I felt I had to take control and I opened the door and pushed him into the next room! Closing the door quickly behind him, I told him, “I have to think for a minute!” because I was really not sure what to do next!!

Standing there, I could see through the ‘wall’ into the room, and watched as he took off into the room (again as a young child of 2 or 3), so I opened the door to go in with him. I am astounded to see my OWN two sons in the room (both as young children of ages 3 and 5 – not 25 and 27 as they are today!)

My older son is playing with blocks, laughing as he knocks them down. My younger son is playing quietly off to the side, and this new young boy is hold what looks like a vacuum cleaner!! He’s making ‘vacuum’ noises as he plays with it, and I remember thinking, ‘gee, I should really turn it on and put him to work!’ lol All three boys were playing independently, yet together…that was the feeling. At this point I awaken, and record what I remember.

What is interesting here is that I remember a previous experience where a woman was thanking me for my boys and how much they helped her son when they were younger (see #12 in blog posts). I have no idea if it is the same reference, but I am still very happy to know my boys are helping others as well! (even though they may not know it!)

93) Link with N.J. Dream?

Hi everyone! Ok, I have had some new experiences lately, and have not had the time to write them up, as I felt they were more 'dream-like' or less interesting than my usual experiences.

However, upon writing them up, I see there can be some interesting aspects that some may have more insight on. So I'm going to share them all!

For a little background, I have been in contact with another OBE'r from another country, one that is five hours ahead of me. He is an ex-Qigong instructor and well versed with energy and chakras. I tell you this because it pertains to aspects within this 'connection' dreams I feel I made with him.

I know some will think I am 'pressing' the 'coincidence' connection a bit, but MY feelings are that I indeed make a connection and just wanted to share. I have only sporatic memories of the 'dream' so this is the best I can recall and it is NOT written as I usually do (with good grammar!) as it is not easy to write


He was the last crew member from TV series left – felt like Doc McCoy from Star Trek - he was taking over role (?)- had silver suit on- said,”come see this with me” and took this other person with me to a tree where there were two birds on limb - male and female - one with bright orange and white (spike) comb on head - eating something green (beans?), something about Star Trek “I’m Capt Kirk, US Enterprise” is what the bird says but in bird language, their voice.

I said, “Hello ‘Capt Kirk US Enterprise!’” playfully back, then third person comes back to us as we are all done seeing this wonderful event (?), saying “time to take you back to Earth”. We were on a space ship, walking into other room I get feeling we are being ‘captured’? – as I saw something out the side window that maybe was hooking onto us (?), next thing I know the other person with me - he is unconscious with a mask over his face and can’t be aroused. I feel I have this plastic mask being placed over my face, am barely able to breathe, but had a small bit of my lower lip out so I could breathe - trying to get the third person’s attention to help us.

Now half awake with spinning strong right palm - tried to move energy, thinking of N.J. and how he would do it, powered up and moved it, but because too awake - woke completely up.

Key points to link to N.J.:

-Recorder dropped on floor just before bed, I had to search for - reminder to use?
-I don’t usually wake at 12:30 am after only 2 hours sleep (would coincide with N.J.’s waking time)
-Star Trek reference – link to N.J.’s astronomy interest? ( I rarely watched this show!)
-Bright orange/green in tree (reference to his association of himself as tree frog in email we had)
-birds (flying objects?)
-Other one invited me up – N.J. asleep first?
-Mask on my face barely able to breathe = not completely ‘unconscious’ of experience (as other male was) so I am able to ‘talk’ about it?
-Immediate thoughts of N.J. upon awakening with new energy movements he showed me being active

Narration from start of Star Trek series: “Space... the Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before"

Wow, does THIS statement does fit my experiences!!! lol

Thanks for reading and any insights,

Saturday, January 17, 2009

92) Lost OBE Opportunity in Vegas

Unsuccessful OBE vs. symbolic dream

Jan 15,2009 Las Vegas Dream (I was on vacation in Vegas!)

My first realization was that I was on this moving train, watching the countryside go by and thinking, “wow, this is just like what I see when I’m OOB!” (Of course, this was my signal that I was OOB, but I just went on enjoying the train ride (!) – as the train was one of my very first signals when I started going OOB) I do remember seeing people that we passed by, including someone shooting a metal bow and arrow at us!

Next memory is of being underwater (!) and seeing this picnic table, thinking, “wow, that’s unusual for someone to put a picnic table underwater!” Again, an anomaly that should have been my signal that I was OOB, but no, did I remember??!?! Lol I remember I was learning how this table was put together, and I was with this small child trying to figure out how it all works! I even see this goldfish swimming by to seal the fact that I am underwater, but I never make the connection that I should question my surroundings! Another lost opportunity….

Next I see a large gas truck on fire (!) in the center of the town where I live. I was helping a female (me?) put the fire out, which I thought we were successful doing, but in looking under the truck I could see a small glow, indicating it may re-light!

I remember I tried to put this small glow out with some sort of odd liquid (soy sauce?) but when the truck started moving, this other female wanted to steer it down the hill out of the center of town to a safe area in case it did explode.

Now I’m standing across the street from this same spot where the truck on fire was, watching this large three story house burning! I felt it belonged to this same female as I met with the truck. It was a mass of flames, and I could see the front door and windows implode, thinking it was unusual that it was imploding instead of exploding outward. I was concerned that I was perhaps standing a little to close (across the street) for safety, as the heat from the flames were going to be intense. I was thinking maybe we should even evacuate the people from the houses around me as well.

I know this was a failed OOB, as I didn't pick up on the fact that I was out despite the many signals! However, since it also seems to have a lot of symbolisms I thought I'd share it here. This is what I found online - maybe someone else can help me decipher this more! Thanks in advance...Karen

DREAM SYMBOLISM found at (and my comments):

To dream that you are on a train, is symbolic of your life's journey and suggests that you are on the right track in life and headed for the right direction. Alternatively, you have a tendency to worry needlessly over a situation that will prove to work out in the end. (BINGO! That’s me)

Bow And Arrow
To see a bow and arrow in your dream, represents a combination of female and male energies. It may refer to your libido or some sexual energy/desire. Alternatively, it symbolizes anger, aggression, or tension. This dream symbol may also be a metaphor that you are aiming for perfection. (Again, me!)
To see metal in your dream, signifies strength and character. It may also symbolize the inhumane side of society. Consider the exact type and shape of metal and what you were doing with it. (Hmm, they were shooting me with it! giving me some?)

To see water in your dream, symbolizes your unconscious and your emotional state of mind. Water is the living essence of the psyche and the flow of life energy. It is also symbolic of spirituality, knowledge, healing and refreshment. (It was trying to show me I was within my subconscious – time to get out!! Lol)

To dream that you are underwater, suggests that you are feeling overcome with emotions and are in need of greater control in your life. You may be in over your head regarding some situation.

To see a table in your dream, represents social unity and the potential for a meeting or gathering. It refers to your social and family connections. (no idea on this one! )

To see a goldfish in your dream, foretells of wealth and many successful and pleasant adventures. (I’ll take it, but at the time, I felt it just meant as a reinforcement that I was truly underwater)

Depending on the context of your dream, to see fire in your dream can symbolize destruction, passion, desire, illumination, transformation, enlightenment, or anger. It may suggest that something old is passing and something new is entering into your life. Your thoughts and views are changing. In particular, if the fire is under control or contained in one area, then it is a metaphor of your own internal fire and inner transformation. It also represents your drive and motivation. (could be anything!)

To dream that a house is on fire, indicates that you need to undergo some transformation.

To dream that you put out a fire, signifies that you will overcome your obstacles in your life through much work and effort. (seems like whatever I’m changing to will be successful at least! Lol)

To see a flame in your dream, symbolizes purification.
To dream that you are fighting flames, signifies that you will need to invest your best efforts and energy in your road to success and wealth. (but it seems this transformations is going to take some work/effort! Lol)

To see a tanker in your dream, represents the need to defend yourself and stand up for your beliefs without being confrontational or violent. Alternatively, the tanker may symbolize a threat. (???)

To see a house in your dream represents your own soul and self. Specific rooms in the house indicate a specific aspect of your psyche. In general, the attic represents your intellect, the basement represents the unconscious, etc (…and my house was on fire! yikes!)

Friday, January 9, 2009

91) Meeting Higher Self; Near Physical to Forget?


First time out I had a very easy exit and remembered immediately that I wanted to go inward to my Higher Self. (I had just read about this interesting aspect of yourself that is in control of what you are here to learn – so I was curious what I’d learn.)

I did a little jump and spin (not even sure if I needed to, but it gets me going!), and found myself in the long black tunnel moving backwards as I have been many times before.

However, after a short time in this dark tunnel, I realized there was someone behind me, as I could ‘see’ an arm to the left of where I was sitting. I grabbed the arm, turned around and asked, “Who is here with me?” I saw that it was this young male with a beautiful smile traveling with me!

I feel he was probably an aspect of my Higher Self, as that is what I asked to do if I got OOB. This male however appeared just a bit different than my other meeting with ‘Richard’ in that I think he had lighter, even reddish tint, to his short hair and a pale, but still handsome and smiling face.

I did ask if his name was Richard, but he just smiled saying something like “it is if you want it to be!” He really didn’t answer yes or no. So I called him Richard because he was the one taking me, and that was the only name I knew (see previous blog post # 78 ).

I was so excited to see I could talk with him and I remember saying, “I have so many questions to ask you!” I remember I had the most wonderful conversation with him, asking him many questions and receiving many answers!

The only question I remember asking is, “How come I can’t see?” when we arrived at our destination. Although I could see him, I couldn’t see my surroundings at all, just darkness. The feeling I got for an answer was that I was using what I know, using too much of my physical senses, and trying too hard to see with my physical eyes (or something like that). Once I realized what he meant and ‘let go’, I was able to see fully where I was!

Unfortunately, due to circumstances I believe were planned in advance (read on), I have NO idea where I was, what I saw, or even what we talked about! So frustrating!

In hindsight, I believe what I experienced next was a way of having me forget what I learned! I understand that perhaps it is not the time for me to know this information at this point in my growth and development here in the physical, so I have to be patient and just trust that all is as it should be.

What did happen next was quite confusing at first. I remember being SO excited as the ‘pull back’ transition to consciousness was happening, thinking I wanted to get all this wonderful information recorded quickly! I reached for my recorder, started recording but then realized my recorder was in pieces!!

Now, I have had this ‘false awakening’ happen enough times before that I was able to remember (finally!) that it probably was NOT “really” broken, but another false awakening! So I reached over to where I KNOW I put my recorder, (rolled up in my sleeve) but then was SO surprised to suddenly feel like I rolled right off the couch!!

I’m thinking, ”What is this? Why am I on the floor?” I stand up and wonder, ‘am I really awake and standing or am I OOB?’ I am so confused, but I have to figure out what’s going on, so I start moving toward the front door. (I should have realized that the fact that I had to question it should have confirmed the idea I was truly out, but no…I just continued on!)

I felt so close to physical, I was confused and then I actually felt my foot hit something in the room as I move! This ‘feeling’ just added to my confusion! (This may have been to try to convince me I was ‘really’ awake.)

At the door, I say, “Well I’m just going to take a chance and try moving through the door to the outdoors (again knowing I’ll either pass through it or get a nice bump on the head! lol)

I ‘dive’ through the front door, with an elated sense of satisfaction when I realize I’m AM passing through it! I knew it! (I was right to just continue on without stopping!)

However, now I’m passing through the door, head first (that was new!) and going at such a slow glacial pace that I’m wondering what is going on?! I moved so slowly, almost as though I’m feeling every single atom and molecule!

As I finally get completely through and stand on my front step, I am absolutely awed by the beauty of my front yard!! It was almost as if it ‘opened up’ to reveal an immense field of beauty and depth. I looked up into the most spectacular sky, one that seemed to ‘move’ into infinity! I could see the blue sky as it changed into outer space with stars and planets then entire universes! It was utterly amazing to see! I felt so swept up with being a part of it all!

Realizing I still need to take advantage of being out, I move up into the yard, floating to the trees once again to feel the leaves (to be certain I can) and the joyous freedom of movement I have! I remember thinking, ‘oh, I miss this SO MUCH!’

As I look beyond the hill, I see what appeared to be fireworks shooting off, and I’m pleased to think that they were set off for my benefit! (I guess it seemed to fit my emotional reaction – so that was my thought! Lol)

However, as I moved up the hill out of my front yard and closer to the fireworks, I became aware of some sort of transition. I could see adults on the hillside below me and children running through the field toward the fireworks.

Now, I get a sense of foreboding, as I also see these explosions are no longer fireworks, but have the appearance of ominous artillery firing and bombs exploding! I fear for the children who are getting closer to them so I try to warn the adults to go gather the children! I move down and take one child back to the parents and see that the others are being collected by their parents. There does not seem to be any fear here, however.

Not wanting to stay in this area, I move back to the safety of my own yard and see my usual road at the end of the driveway. Feeling like I’m in familiar territory once again, I move down the driveway to the road. Along this country road, I do a little flip, float backwards, and then see a car traveling below me. I waved hello to them but without any response. As I turned back, I saw the corner of my usual road turn into an intersection that was vaguely familiar.

I was now above a city-type street, one that had many roads converging into it. The next I know I’m inside this building, moving down a hallway past many rooms or areas. I know I have been here before as it has a very familiar feeling to it. The words “Circuit City” came to my mind, but I have not idea what the connection is.

As I go past this one area where there are displays and shelves, I wave to a familiar smiling man who is inside, waving back. I move to the next area where there are children playing on some toys, yet I stay in the hall area without interacting, just looking into these individual rooms.

At the end, I move into this one room with a few young men inside with tables/displays of some sort. They were working there, and I move up to this one young male and starting talking quite flirtatiously with him! I remember saying, “did anyone ever tell you that you were quite cute?” and such…all the time, feeling like this is something this young man needs for his self-image and outlook.

He was quite shy, and I saw ‘through him’ at one point that he had a very jaundiced sickly look to his face. I realized he must have had some sort of liver disease that may have contributed to his lack of positive self-image. I remember thinking that my actions were not for MY needs, but that it was something this young man desperately needed. I transitioned to full wakefulness at this point, trying to recall so many of these details!

I had the feeling that this second experience was probably a way of having me forget what I learned in the first experience with Richard/Higher Self. I KNOW I received so many answers that I was looking for, because I can remember that I was SO excited to start recording that experience when I noticed my broken recorder (which really it wasn’t!!). By creating an immediate confusing transition and having a more involved second part, I would then want to try to remember all those other details and forget what we talked about!

This was a very interesting OBE, as I can see that I have learned some level of ‘knowing’ when it is a false awakening (broken recorder), yet I still have difficulty when I am close to physical in knowing I’m OOB. Thankfully, I don’t stop and question my situation, and that helps.

Being with my guide/Higher Self was extremely powerful, as I still feel that excitement and emotion that persists after my visit. I only wish I had some of the answers that I know I received from him!

Monday, January 5, 2009

90) Rooms of People; Inside a Child; Why Inward Better


My first recollection is that I could clearly see numbers/letters on a piece of paper while lying on the couch. There were two sets four (61dl r???) and because it felt like ‘astral vision’ it made me aware of being in altered state. I can see I have a piece of paper in my hand and am writing these numbers down (as I used to do before my recorder!) when someone in the house (my husband?) came to me to see what I was writing because they knew I traveled from here and wanted to know what I was up to.

This person then walked to the kitchen and I became aware of my ‘exit signal’- my right leg rising up! I remember thinking (since I wasn’t sure this wasn’t all “real”), that I’d wait for it to rise up high enough that I knew I couldn’t possibly do that in real life!! lol Sure enough, it went clear over my head, and after a few seconds hesitation (because I thought someone was nearby), I just said, ‘heck with them, I’m outta here!’

I rolled out off couch, stood next to fireplace, and remember looking to see if I could tell who it was in the kitchen.

Not wanting to dwell on that issue, I quickly remembered I had set the intention to go see the rings on Saturn as a goal if OOB. With this thought, I immediately zoomed straight up through ceiling to blackness. I could feel the moving sensations, a slight shaking and intensity of feelings (energy sensations?) as I continued on for a very long time!

It was long enough to think ‘let’s try something!’, so I put my arms out in Superman pose, then to the sides, then thought, ‘I’ll be different this time and lie on my back as I move!’ Still feeling this movement through blackness, I thought I’d try rolling over to put my feet first, which I did!

This shows how long I ‘felt’ to be in this moving blackness, and even had the time to think, ‘well if I wanted it to be a shorter trip, all I have to do is expect to be there!’

At that point, I slowed as I see I’m moving through various rooms below me. It was dark in the rooms, as if a movie theatre, as there were small ‘lights’ lining the room near the ceiling where I was. All these people were below me in the room, and upon reaching the front, still up high, I very clearly see two (three?) women come up from below, exuberantly saying “Hi! Hello! Welcome! SO nice to meet you!”

They were SO happy to see me, and I then realized the entire crowd below me was saying “hello and welcome!” I was a bit taken aback with the clarity of their features and their overwhelming need to get my attention. (I did not feel these were ‘higher entities’ but others who existed in this “belief system” below.)

I moved onto another room without further interaction and saw this room had chairs lined up as if in a classroom. It was no longer dark, and there were men scattered about seated in these chairs. I felt as though it was a ‘math/numbers’ type lecture they were having, however upon my arrival, their interest turned to me. I was caught up in their curiosity and found myself down at their level, being pushed and pulled uncomfortably. I immediately said “that’s enough!”, and found myself into another dark room.

This one was a theatre, as I could see they were watching a movie screen. I asked one what was playing, and he answered something to the effect, “10000 Leagues Under the Sea(?)” but he explained it was all about how the afterlife works. He told me that everything is really SO much simpler than how it is portrayed in our movies – that we add so much gore and emotion to it.

I started fading back at this point and used my key word associations to recall these details as best I could. I still feel more information was given to me, however, it was in ‘feelings’ and very difficult to put into words.

The next sequence of events starts with a dream type experience where I was once again in college and concerned about the loss of my Math notebook and therefore my Math class, scheduled for 4th period. I distinctly recall I had no difficulty with the first 3 classes, and now that it was time for Math, I had no idea where my notebook was nor where the class was to be held! I then realized that may have been because I had ‘dropped’ this class due to not getting the grades that I felt were adequate enough, so therefore there was no 4th period to go to!

At this point, I remember I’m on a couch, but it appeared to be in someone else’s house! There were two women there, one left the room to change (?), but the other I remember standing nearby in this ridiculous exercise outfit with such hairy legs!! LOL That was enough for me to realize that I’m once again in an altered state, and realize my own legs are rising again!

This time, before I could roll out, I find this small ‘energy ball entity’ moving about all over my body, as if annoyingly playful. This ‘ball’ is telling me things like, ‘you really shouldn’t be traveling all about’ , ‘it’s not safe’, and ‘you really don’t need to be traveling’…(the feeling associated with it was as if it was a bit of a nuisance, but in a playful way).

I politely responded with “yes, but I like to travel, that’s how I learn! It teaches me things!” It continued to playfully annoy me for a bit longer, and when I had enough I just said, ‘that’s ok’ and intentionally sent it love…and saw that it completely disappeared!

Now I’m trying to get my leg to rise again, but the astral vision kicks in again. I clearly see someone’s bedroom – a bed with a flat thin medium brown solid headboard, quilt-like bedcovering with curved images on it (patchwork type circles?) and a dresser next to it. The bed was empty, and no one was around and I fade to wakefulness.

The last recall I have is that I am on a small bus (school?) on a country lane, and looking out the back window, can see two cows running after the bus! (I have to say here that there was a lot more going on that I was not able to recall).

I knew I was ‘out’ and having set the intention of using ‘Inward Now!’ (since my travel to Saturn didn’t work out!), I picked my feet up and attempted to spin. I spun in place, and as I did, I could hear voices talking (the words were fuzzy as if on a loudspeaker) but am not able to remember what they said! I do recall that the spinning continued until I actually felt queasy!

When the spinning stopped, I’m back on this bus with children, and see three young boys (ages 12-14?) in the seat in front of me turning back to talk to me. There is a girl sitting to the left of me. Now I feel as though I am ‘inside’ the body of a child in this bus, and can feel very concerned that I may say or do the wrong thing. I just stayed very still, not moving, and I could see that they were looking at me, watching something that I had with me. They were talking to me, but I felt I could not interact because I was ‘not really that person’. I recorded the fact that I thought they used the word ‘terrorist’(?).

Next recall is that I am trying to get something recorded, and had difficulty with my vision while I was fumbling for the buttons. (At the time I thought it could have been due to the fact that I was in ‘both worlds’ and trying to physically move while maintaining the altered mindstate.)

I don’t know what I was talking about on the recording, but I understood it at the time. Now, I hear the alarm clock going off in my son’s room, and realize that I was NOT recording and was going to lose everything! I attempted to stay in that mind frame to pull out any details, but since I was awakened so quickly with the alarm, I actually felt uncomfortable being both ‘in and out’. Once again, SO much was lost upon full awakening.

The one thing I find with my experiences lately is this ability to stay both ‘in and out’, or at least the feeling that I am still ‘out there’ yet able to physically know I am here. It’s a bit uncomfortable at times, and it causes much confusion as to what is ‘real’!

Also, I wanted to explain an insight that I seemed to intuitively understand a bit better, but am not sure I can put into words. When I wanted to go to Saturn, that was fine, but it was more for the physical world learning than for my ‘self’.

When I attempt to go ‘inward’, I now know that it will be far better for my own learning as I would be traveling within my own ‘planes/levels’ and more toward the ‘true’ aspects of reality. It just seems more ‘correct’ now for me to stop attempting to go places that only satisfy my ‘physical reality’ senses, and seek the inward levels of existence that is a part of ‘me’, which is also a part of ‘true’ reality.