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Thursday, July 30, 2015

196) Triggers to Lucidity and Helping Rafael


I had another short experience last night that I wish to share, as it shows that there are souls who are in need of ‘conscious dreamers’ to help them realize a change is needed.

One of the key points I try to use when getting out of body during a dream is the ability to realize that something ‘isn’t right’ or very unusual, which will make me stop and question my physical status.  These triggers to lucidity generally take the form of unusual events or dangerous situations I find myself in.  When that happens, I stop and assess my ‘physical’ status.  If there is ANY question at all whether I’m awake or dreaming, then I know I’m dreaming! (Because when you are fully awake, there is NO DOUBT that you are!)

This experience started with me back in my prior hometown walking down the road and finding an entire freeway built above the country road I was on.  I realized this had to have been built overnight, and puzzled as to how this could be possible! Still, I did not question my status (as I should have) at this time and continued on with my ‘dream’ life.  Walking into a home I am familiar with on that road, I was again surprised to find myself sitting on loose gravel, near the edge of a very deeply dug hole that was in the basement of this house. 

Usually a dangerous situation is a strong indicator that I am dreaming, but once again, I did not heed the situation and assess my status and kept moving on, climbing to safety, wondering why there were stone tunnels under this house, and then entering into a room upstairs in the home.

Again, I can remember ‘physically’ feeling the eye mask I was (actually) using to sleep STILL on my face while I’m in the dream, another key point that should have made me more conscious of my dreaming status.  I dropped something, made a loud noise, and heard from another room the homeowner asking ‘who’s there?’ 

Initially I was concerned, but then answered, ‘No worries, it’s just me” and moved out of the house.  It was on the steps as I was leaving that finally the unusual situations I was just in made me conscious of my dreaming status, and I knew I could get out of body!

I jumped high to confirm my status, and was thrilled to once again find myself flying and zooming over the countryside.  I can remember thinking how crystal clear my thought processes were now, being totally conscious of all that I was doing!

I just wish I could explain the elation and joy one feels when totally free of the body and physical density.  I asked to ‘go where I needed to be’ (as I always prefer to have the Universe decide my best travels)

I found myself watching in horror the collision of two large trucks from high above, as semi-trailer and a gasoline/oil truck at an intersection.  The oil truck completely T-boned the semi-truck and there was chaos and confusion all around.  

I watched as the driver of the oil truck got out and attempted to put out some flames with an extinguisher – and yet I knew it was all in vain. 

My next memory is of meeting this truck driver as he stood in front of me, looking very confused. I asked him his name, and clearly I heard, “Rafael”.   I remember talking with him at length and at one point saying ‘I’d like to get to know you better’.

He became anxious, stating ‘no, no – you can’t ‘ and the knowing I felt (as much as not in words but feelings) was that he had a bad experience with another woman who he allowed to ‘know him better’. 

I eventually realized that he was living his last moments over and over again, confused and afraid, unaware that he had passed over to spirit during this truck accident.  As an out-of-body traveler, I knew that I was ‘visible’ to him because of his continued ‘perception’ of being alive and connected with the denser physical realm.  He was unable to see those around him of a higher vibration who were trying to help, and I can remember asking him to ‘look around’ and see those with him, which he couldn’t.

After a long talk (of which I have little recall for the specifics), I only remember asking him the general question, ‘Well, do you think it’s possible that someone could be dead (passed over) and not realize it?”   He stopped and thought for a long time and finally said, ‘well, yes…I guess it can be possible” at which point there was a very bright light and what felt to be an ‘ending’ of a movie.  He faded out and I found myself back into the dream life I had just come from. 

I was in this half-conscious dream life for a while before I realized consciously that I had to waken and get Rafael’s experience recorded.  Already I had forgotten much of the experience but recorded what I could recall. 

It is so difficult at times to pull enough conscious awareness into your dreams, even with triggers, hence this fragmented experience.  However, the idea that you can be of service  with your astral travels is what’s important to know from this experience. 

Although I will never truly know what became of Rafael, I do know that because I helped him to open up his perspective to another possibility for what he was experiencing, that he could now ‘see’ his spiritual helpers. I sent him love and peace, knowing he was now in good hands.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

195) OOB in My New Home – Facing Fear


I woke at 4am after a deep sleep in my new home many miles from where I used to live.  Wondering if I’d still be able to get OOB (since I hadn’t consciously tried in many weeks), I put forth the intention to travel ‘to where I need to learn” with the affirmations “out of body NOW!’ and “my mind remains aware as my body falls asleep”.  Both of these affirmations are my favorite to use, repeated over and over as I get drowsy.

Immediately I am aware of a floating sensation and get excited to think I can still get out!  I roll back and forth and with a defiant ‘umph’ I roll off the bed and find myself standing!

Thrilled to be OOB once again, I remembered approximately where the door was in my new room, and affirmed ‘to the door!’ moving in that general direction, knowing if I wasn’t accurate, I’d just pass through the wall.

What I was shocked to find, was the sensation of hitting a wall…hard! I can still remember the sensation of feeling the wall next to my face and body!  I couldn’t get out!!

Immediately I affirmed, “take me to where I need to learn!” so that there could be some movement and direction to my experience.

I found myself floating back to my bed! However, the scene quickly changed and I was aware of a commotion in an adjoining room. There seemed to be some sort of shooting or disturbance in that area where people were running away from this man. 

I immediately felt a sense of fear, worried that I would be harmed and quickly rolled off the bed to the side to hide. However, I was unable to ‘sink’ low enough to avoid being noticed. 

I knew this man saw me, and I was in his sights.  That is when I realized what I needed to learn with this experience.  There can be NO fear, and facing fear with the complete knowing that you cannot be harmed while OOB is a key factor that I needed to remember.

As soon as I faced him, sent love his direction I felt peace.  I also immediately woke up with a sense of concern for these other people, but thrilled to know I was still able to get out of body and face my fears.

Sadly, I was shocked to hear on the news this morning that there was a shooting massacre in a church in my city last night.  I do not know if this experience was in some way related or not, but my thoughts and prayers for peace go out to all those affected by this tragedy.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

194) A Gift of Love

I want to share a wonderful (unexpected!) experience I had this morning.  As most of you know, I do not actively seek OOB experiences on a regular basis anymore due to a need to focus on physical life ‘memories’ and experiences with the time I have left.

However, I have learned SO much with my prior astral travels. The most valuable knowledge I have gained is a deep-rooted ‘knowing’ that life DOES go on after one passes to the other side.  This physical existence we are all in now is not our ‘natural’ state, but a time spent separated from our ‘spiritual’ side in order to gain new understandings and experiences. 

Part of what we are learning here is how our ‘inner guidance’ is the best compass for what we experience during our lives.  Traveling in the astral teaches you that what you ‘think’, you experience, but on a more immediate basis.  Same holds true in physical life but on a slower pace….what you put forth, will return to you.  Expect the best, and you WILL get it!

The other two important points I have learned with my OBE travels is 1) if you feel vibrations, go with it! And 2) always ‘let go’ when you don’t feel in control, never fear, have faith, and trust in the Higher Self to take you where you need to go!

All of these lessons I have learned led to me a wonderful reunion with my father who passed just over a year ago.  I did not actively seek a connection with him after he passed over, somehow knowing that when the time was right (for him and me), that we would see each other again.

I awoke early this morning and was settling back into sleep.  I did not feel like I was close to falling asleep when I started feeling my usual vibrations, gently but persistent.  I could hear all sorts of ‘noises’ in the room – cars passing my house, the furnace humming – so did not think I was deep enough to take advantage of the vibrations.

But as I mentioned, you don’t make decisions based on what you ‘hear’ when getting OOB, many times it is a false awakening sensation.  I took advantage of even gentle vibrations and willed them to become stronger.

After a short time, they were stronger and I could feel a gentle ‘sway’ of my body, signaling it was time to ‘roll out’!  I rolled off the bed, ecstatic to see I was OOB again!  The window to outdoors was right next to me, so I took a big leap right through the window, knowing I couldn’t stay close to my body for too long. (I will admit, because I hadn’t been OOB in a while, there was a very slight concern that I was going to physically hit the window! – but that is where you push on, knowing that fear will stop any further exploration)

Immediately through the window, I could see the outdoors as it appears in real life, and flew to my right around the corner of the house and up to the treetops nearby.  I remember thinking, “Wow! I forgot how much FUN this is to fly!”  (Now thinking I need to continue to get OOB just a wee bit more often!)

Almost as soon as I said that, I felt I was losing control.  I couldn’t ‘zoom’ and move as I wished, feeling a sensation that something was pulling me backward.  Again, I learned you must just ‘let go’ and see what happens, without overanalyzing any experience while OOB.

I was pulled backward, enjoying the passing scenery in this backward facing position. As I moved skyward, I remembered that I had no plan for where I wanted to go and perhaps this was why I wasn’t in control. However, at that point was when I heard Dad’s voice – clearly and distinctly – saying (of all things!), “Ho Ho Ho”!!

Immediately, I said, “Dad! Are you here? I’d like to see you!” and with that thought I was gently placed on the front lawn of my house, but oddly during a beautiful snowfall with snow all around.  I didn’t think twice about the weather, as I again heard his voice saying “Ho Ho Ho!” and with the snow, thinking of Christmas. 

Then I saw him walking toward me from the trees by my house (from the direction of his own home next door). He was wearing his usual winter coat (that I remember him working outdoors in during the winter) and with a HUGE smirky smile that was his classic look! 

The emotions flowed as I moved to him and hugged him tight! I don’t remember exact ‘words’ but the sense of deep love and a need to let my Mom know that he was alright was conveyed to me.  I was SO happy to see him!

The entire experience didn’t last long, and as I hugged him I could feel the loss of connection as I pulled back to full wakefulness. The lingering sense of love and happiness enveloped me as I lay there crying out of sheer joy, giving thanks to the Universe for giving me this opportunity to connect with Dad once again.

In hindsight, the whole ‘ho ho ho’ and Christmas theme was perfect…I was receiving a ‘gift’ of love and reconnection, and a reinforcement that life truly goes on and we will see all of our loved ones again when the time is right!


I went to my mother's house this same morning to let her know of my experience and was SHOCKED to hear her response!  My mom doesn't truly understand what I 'do' when I say I travel, so I have to describe it as a 'dream' and she can relate.

After telling her of my wonderful reunion with Dad, she told me that she also had a dream with Dad just last night!  For some background information, there is a great true story that my Mom and Dad share about how he 'saved her' from being utterly lost one time when visiting him in NYC when they were both teenagers.  Had my father not seen her get off the train at the station and watch her walk in what he knew to be the wrong direction, who knows where she would have ended up!  She has had a fear of getting 'lost' ever since!

So, in this dream Mom had, she remembers skipping along a dirt road, barefoot, and staying a short distance ahead of whomever she was with.  She knew this road, and was familiar that it would end with an option to go right or left, but she was confident she knew where to go when she to to the end.

When she got to the T in the road, she was surprised to find a large building there.  Entering it and walking around,  it felt oddly unfamiliar and uncomfortable ("cold" "church-like" she described it as) so she left the building as quickly as possible.  Upon exiting, she found herself afraid, in unfamiliar territory, unsure of where to turn, and fear began to set in.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, she said she felt loving arms around her from behind, and a quick nuzzling on her neck. Shocked at this sensation, she turned her head to look directly into my father's smiling face!  She was so surprised to see him, yet thrilled! In a blink of an eye, he was gone....and she reluctantly woke up.  She told me she tried in vain to get back to sleep as she wanted to see him again.

She wasn't going to tell anyone about this quick experience, thinking it 'just a dream', however after hearing my encounter with Dad during this same night, she is thrilled to know that he was able to get through to both of us!  To me, this is true validation....Dad is doing just fine, and letting us know all is well!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

193) Reunion with Dad

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since I posted anything on my blog! I so apologize to those who do check my blog for the lack of updates, but I do want to also thank you for your continued patronage. 

There is so much I have learned over these years regarding who we truly are and how the Universe will always take care of us, giving us EXACTLY what we need (despite outward appearances) if we only trust that whatever is happening, is happening ALWAYS in our best interest.

My focus lately has been on living THIS physical life to the maximum, and I have been blessed with recently finding my true ‘soul mate’ to share wonderful life adventures with! Hence the reason I have put aside (for now) the intense focus on out of body experiences.  I will say that I KNOW I am still ‘getting out’ and enjoy the memories that I retain just before waking, knowing I am still learning both here and astrally.

I will share one exciting short OBE that I had just recently as it involved seeing my father again after his passing this past March 2014.  I knew at some point I’d see him again, when he and I were both ‘ready’. 

I have learned that physical emotions have a huge impact in the astral and traveling, and when out of body, one cannot allow strong ‘human emotions’ to control you and your actions.  There is only one strong ‘emotion’ that can exist in the astral, and that is LOVE…. not sadness, regret or other overwhelming emotion, as that will not allow you to stay in control of your experience.  Hence, I believe, there was a need for some ‘time’ here in physical for me to adjust to seeing him again, so as to allow a less emotional (sadness, longing) response upon seeing him.

As it was, when I first became aware, I could hear his voice speaking to someone, a strong, clear voice that I so missed hearing during his later years. He was speaking to someone off to his side and I remember thinking how wonderful it was to hear his voice again.

With that thought, my vision cleared and I became aware of my mother on my right (who is still in physical) and was speaking with her, asking if she could hear Dad’s voice as well.  She kept talking to me about how it ‘can’t be him’ as he’s no longer with us.

Looking to my left, I saw him.  There was Dad, in all his youthful vigor, sitting in a chair chatting with what felt to be a ‘patient’ (Dad was also a nurse) that I couldn’t see.  He was engrossed with discussing his life’s events, how he became a nurse, was drafted in the Army to become a Captain, built houses and on and on with his accomplishments.  It felt good to hear him so strong and so proud, and I excitedly yelled to my mother, “Look, look! It’s Dad” and all I could get from her was ‘no, no, it can’t be him, he’s gone’. 

I knew I was out of body, asleep as it were, and visiting my Dad but I could not get my mother (who I will assume was with me astrally as well) to believe that Dad was with us. 

I spoke to Dad but cannot recall exact words, but it felt like it was difficult to convince him as well that he could see me because I was out of body or ‘dreaming’.  He told me  “what do you mean you are dreaming? I’m right here!” 

I also knew that this was my chance to move on and travel a bit more with this awareness, however, my emotional attachment with Dad and seeing him for the first time since his death was so strong that I didn’t want to leave him.

This was a short visit, without too much activity within; however the intense emotional satisfaction I received is beyond words.  I realize that it takes time for some who don’t fully understand we are more than our physical bodies to become adjusted to a spiritual existence, but ultimately they will; as that is our ‘true’ nature we will all return to.

I’m pleased to know Dad is doing well and enjoying his new ‘life’.  This experience, although short, hopefully will help those who have had losses in their life to realize that ultimately, our loved ones are happy and safe and will once again be a part of our ‘lives’, whether with a short visit while in physical or with a long awaited spiritual reunion upon our own deaths.