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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dream Recall Advice

The key is a slow awakening, trying to keep in that semi-awake state of mind long enough to make some single word associations that will enable you to recall the sequence of events.

Sometimes, when you realize that you are losing the info quickly, grab onto one piece you remember from the end of the dream and work backward trying to recall what happened just previous. Backward recall works best - even when you think you have it all - some more pieces may come as you are writing it all down.

For me, I just can't write the details fast enough, so I have my little voice recorder (nice pocket sized digital recorder) I keep on the nightstand and grab that as soon as I feel I have enough word associations to start talking. Many of my experiences are actually recorded from the end to the beginning, as one association creates recall of another.

In time, it gets a bit easier, but still frustrating also as you will always have those experiences when you awaken, knowing you had a WONDERFUL time, yet have absolutely no recall!! Some experiences, however, are just not meant to be recalled and you have to accept it, knowing your 'inner mind' has learned from or experienced it.

Of course, the more you write, the more your conscious mind takes notice that this is an important aspect of learning for you, and will work with you to try to help you remember more often. Intending to remember, as well as showing intent by recording ALL experiences, will go far in dream recall.

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