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Monday, March 15, 2021

199) Bombing Raid

I became aware that I was ‘awake but asleep’ and knew I could get out of body!  I could hear what sounded like a ‘game show’ on the TV, which I knew was not possible as it was nighttime. As soon as I thought that the vibrations started and I just ‘rolled out’ off the bed.  Standing in the bedroom I immediately headed to the door and down the stairs as I knew I needed to get away from my body for the best clarity. 

As I’m heading down the stairs, I remember to say, “Awareness now!” and “Clarity Now!” a few times (thanks to William Buhlman’s books!) Each time, my vision cleared, and I became clearer in thought. 


As I hit the bottom stair, I remember feeling a bit ‘wobbly’, similar to my initial OOB’s and knew I just needed to ‘steady’ myself with intentions.  I’ve not made it a habit to get OOB often anymore, so I’m sure my lack of stability was due to my loss of routine experience navigating this thought=action domain! 


I could see the room downstairs was much messier than I’d ever leave it, with clothing strewn around and boxes. But again, having experienced this all before, knowing everything looks different when OOB, I just shrugged and kept going. 


Once steady, I wondered what and where I should go.  Remembering it’s best to learn as much as possible with these experiences, I just intended “take me to where I need to learn!”


Immediately I was moving upwards at great speed, and for whatever reason, felt I needed to have my hands together and raised to get there!  Somehow, I can remember I didn’t need to do that, but it just felt right!


Now I hear airplanes, zooming and screaming all around, as if in a war zone with bombing.  I feel I am in the plane and put my arms out to my side as if I’m flying! What I hear next is a young girls voice, saying in fear, “Johnnie doesn’t like this!”  I felt as though I was now in a bombing raid and had to take cover, so I dove over a mounded area that was nearby to seek shelter.  I had allowed fear to enter and at that point, the OBE faded back to full wakefulness.  


I have not figured out what I needed to learn from this experience, but yet, am still thrilled to know how wonderful it is be able to get OOB once in a while! Maybe I need to get back to intending to do this more often for more clarity!