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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

198) Helping Another to Move On

It's again been a long time since I put any experiences here on my blog, as I do not exclusively focus on having them - but once in a while, something will occur that I feel is important to share.

Last night, I became aware I was in that 'in-between' state where I'm conscious of being in bed at night, yet within a dream state.  I felt I was in a location where I've not been before, lying in a bed in an old 'cabin' type bedroom and fully aware that someone was in the room with me.  I could not clearly see who it was, but my senses indicated it was an elderly male. 

I felt him moving on my left side moving toward me on the bed where I was 'sleeping'.  What I didn't expect was to have him turn and SIT DOWN on top of me! I was so taken aback to 'feel' the full weight of his 'body' sitting on my chest!

I immediately pushed back hard to alleviate the pressure, and he was just as surprised to feel the resistance! He turned to face me, I sensed (not heard) he indicated he didn't know what to do, where to go! I don't know how I knew, but all I 'told' him was that he needed to go 'to the light'! At the far end of the bed, a faint glimmer of light was shining and he immediately moved toward it.  

It all happened very quickly, and ended just as fast.  It's been a long time since I've had such contact with 'lost souls' and I'm only hoping that I was able to help him move on to the next life. 

I truly believe that some 'souls' transition too quickly to adjust, or have such firm beliefs of no afterlife, that after their death, they remain close to the 'human' experience in a place that is 'between' worlds.  Time is 'no-thing' to them so they are fixated to stay where they have always been until someone or something is able to break through to them.

I'm happy to know that I can still help when it's needed, and maybe I should think about trying to get back to doing more of this 'otherworldly' travel in the future again!


Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Unprecedented Times

So, it's been a loooooooooong time since I've posted here and thought this might be a good time to share some thoughts regarding these unprecedented times we are now experiencing.  With the coronavirus rampant throughout our countries, people are now experiencing a 'shutdown' of what normal life has been to date.

Businesses are closed, schools are closed, the health of our citizens are in jeopardy with every personal contact, and life is no longer the life we remember.  Despite the seemingly negative aspects of this economic closure, we have to focus on the positive attributes that this change will bring.  Things we normally took for granted will now be appreciated as a special treat.  Going out for dinner, sharing fun times with friends, just getting groceries from a well-stocked store is to be thankful for.  There is more time for introspection and reflection, time to read books and share experiences with close family that we never had before.

Let's use this time to meditate more, going within to seek the Higher Self and connect with your guides and angels.  They are always there to help up through this spiritual uplifting that is happening. As humans experiencing ascension on this planet, we need to have a more spiritual aspect to our daily lives that go along with all the technology and external devices we already have.  I believe this is part of why we need to go through this pandemic. Take the time you have now to go within!

Share your experiences with others, take care of your neighbor, give more of yourself to the community, and then you can be more connected to the spiritual aspect of these changing times.

You will find you are directed to where you need to be if you just ask for help and expect the answers to appear. Do not try to figure HOW it will happen, just KNOW it will and focus on the end result.  It's just amazing that this is available for everyone, no matter who you are, and you WILL find your path.  Action follows thought...EXPECT THE BEST...and you WILL receive it!