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Monday, May 31, 2010

123) Exiting awareness; Possible retrieval with fire


It has been a few weeks since I have had the time and intent to get out of body. It is not because I didn’t want to, but physical life issues and events take precedence at all times and when you need to focus on THIS life, then the OOB life must take a step back.

I am happy to report that life here is now settling down, and going well. I have been in contact recently with a few people who have shared their own OOB experiences and have asked questions, and this, in combination with my reaffirmed intent to begin OBEs again, I was successful in getting out this morning!

I tried a different approach this time, moving to another bedroom after a few hours of sleep instead of my usual ‘traveling couch’ in the living room. I can remember thinking that I may have a more difficult time getting ‘to the door!’ and outside as I would have to travel down a long hallway and navigate through other rooms. This concern carried through into my OBE, as once I did get out, I fully remembered that I had to move a different way to get outside!!

Using my usual technique of white light protection, affirmations, and energy movement visualizations, I felt I was having difficulty getting into the right frame of mind, because I felt so wide awake all the time!

I just relaxed, and let go….and it was then that I heard what I thought was someone in the hallway outside the room. It was odd noises, and then a voice of a relative that I KNEW could not really be in my house! My first instinct was to ‘wake’ and see what’s going on, but then when I realized that this was likely a ‘signal’ I was ready, I ‘let go’ again and willed the vibrations to begin.

I felt soft vibrations, and then made them stronger with intent. Knowing I was nearly ready to separate because I had ‘heard’ those noises as a signal, I then just took the initiative and sat up! I felt heavy, and lots of pulling, but persisted knowing I could do this and rolled out of bed!

Immediately, I was standing next to my bed, fully alert and awake!! My mind was SO very clear in my thinking process, that I remembered I was in a new room and would need to navigate a bit more to get outdoors. (Why I didn’t think to just go through the wall, I don’t know!!)

As I moved to the bedroom door, it was very dark. I affirmed “vision now!” (a new one for me, as I usually used “clarity now!”) and it worked perfectly!! I could see the way out, and moved down the long hallway to the living room where I could see flickering as if the TV was on.

I knew it wasn’t really on, and as I neared the living room, it all became dark again. Once again, I affirmed, “Vision now!” and like a lightbulb, my vision was clear. I moved quickly to the front door, knowing SOMEone was in the living room, but my focus was on getting outside as quickly as possible!

Once outdoors, I began flying…as I SO enjoy that sensation! This time, however, it was not the fast zooming and flipping as I used to do, but a slow methodical movement where I was able to truly enjoy the sensation and views.

As I flew, I remember seeing residences and neighborhood that were not familiar to my own area. At one point, I want to feel that ‘freefall’ sensation, and just opened my arms to slowly fall freely to the earth. Once down on the earth, I saw a tall pine tree and gently floated up to the very top where I could see the pointed tip. It was just so much fun to be so relaxed and comfortable flying.

Now, I know there was more to this experience than what I remember. A few points I do recall was one when I was flying over some electrical or telephone wires – a set of 5 or 6 of them in a group. As I flew over, I could ‘feel’ a static-type buzzing below me that emanated from them!

Another time, I recall getting out of a car (someone was in the car with me, but no recall as to why or what we did), and as I did, a little dog (similar to a Cairn Terrier) came running up to me. She was so happy, jumping up on me and I recall saying, “Hello, girl! How are you?!” at the same time wondering how I knew it was a female dog! (I never had a dog like this)

I also recall meeting another larger dog during this OOB experience, laughing and playing with him and just enjoying it all, but do not know where it fits within the story!

The part that I do remember was the ending of the experience, likely because that was where the memories are the strongest. I entered a room where there was a little girl sitting at a table. She appeared to be a light-skinned black girl less than 5 years old with very, very thin grey (?) hair, very small, as if chronically ill or malnourished. I feel intense sadness associated with her, as if she was so lonely and sick.

I went up to talk with her, and as I got closer, another older female came into the room, a motherly feeling to her. I do not know why they were there, but I knew they had to get out of that room. An older child was just off to my right, but did not interact with me.

Suddenly, I saw ‘smoke’ coming from a corner of the room, and told the mother, “look! There’s smoke! It could be a fire!” and got no response. Getting closer, I was able to now see actual flames starting to burn through the grated area below the smoke, and took control of the situation.

I told the mother, “It IS a fire! Take the baby and go, now!! Get out!!” giving her no option but to quickly gather the child and run out of the room to what looked to be a large parking lot area. The baby is crying, and I can see she is sickly and needs care. I shout for someone to bring them blankets, and that was when all the help arrived. People were coming from all over to help them, and my last recall was watching the family as they were enveloped with those who would provide for them. I faded to full wakefulness at this point.

Was this a ‘retrieval’ of some kind? I don’t know. But I do know that I totally enjoyed being out of body once again, this time in a more relaxed enjoyable manner. I am still amazed that I have such clarity of mind when doing this, feeling as if I am truly ‘awake’ and participating in another life!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

122) Close to physical with help, Face tingles

April 22, 2010

This experience is a bit disjointed as I only have pieces of recall that I attempted to put together into some sort of sequence. I know I did all these things and so much more, but honestly I cannot recall much of what or when it was done.

I first became aware of my ‘floating’ parts of my body which was my usual signal that I was ready to exit. I was VERY aware in the sense that I ‘felt’ awake and conscious, despite the floating sensation. Figuring I’ll just ‘go with it’, I attempted to roll out and exit, finding if very difficult to do! There was a lot of pulling and tugging required, but with some effort found myself out and moving to the door.

Halfway across the room, I remember I wanted to do something special, but couldn’t recall what it was! So I just decided to affirm ‘to the door!’ but then couldn’t decide which door I wanted! (Both the front door and side door have been different exit points for me). I moved to the side door (which was just a bit farther away) but then found I couldn’t move! Standing next to the window, I decided I’d just ditch out the window!

I felt SO very aware and conscious, everything was so crystal clear and in proper ‘physical’ form and it was actually a different sensation than I was used to. Knowing I was ‘out’, I just moved into the wall slowly by the window, but surprisingly found it hard to get through! I even remember thinking, "wow, I hope I don’t get stuck between the walls" – knowing full well that I wouldn’t! But the clear conscious thinking was just amazing to me.

I saw the ground outside below where I was exiting and remember in order to get fully out, I had to ‘imagine’ I was ‘freefalling’ to the grass below, trusting the knowledge that I couldn’t get hurt falling.

I fell, floating gently, and then was surprised to distinctly FEEL the grass tickling my face as I lay face down on the earth! I was so ‘heavy’ to move and then ‘felt’ someone nearby mentally talking to me. I feel arms around my waist and now begin moving again, happy to have some company to help me go where I wanted.

I remember wanting to zoom up to the trees, but couldn’t – yet I was moving places with this ‘person’ (my feeling – my guide) assisting me. I could hear my own voice clearly communicating with him/her (there was a non-gender feeling) and their answers, but have no idea what we talked about.

At one point I could hear music in the background, like a radio playing as we entered one area, and I remember asking if we could ‘change the station’ as I didn’t care for the type of music that was playing! Later one song I remember hearing, after the ‘station change’, was Uptown Girl.

One request I had was to try to zoom to the moon again, as I have had in the past, and felt the fast backward tunnel movementknowing I should be seeing something like stars, but didn’t. It felt like I wasn’t really getting anywhere, but there was the definite sensation of movement. The other memory I have is of floating and the opening vision of beautiful countryside, and then that of a light brown stone dam surrounded by other stone architecture. I have no idea where or what this was.

Another memory I recall was ‘playing’ with those arms that encircled my waist for this entire experience, feeling them, moving them, and trying to tell him/her what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go.

The last memory is the feeling of slight waking, finding myself on the couch (as I was), and begging to continue to do more. I could feel buzzing, and willed the vibrations to increase as I didn’t want the experience to end.

Now I sensed those hands again, this time in front of my face, doing something (rubbing them together?) before they proceeded to touch my forehead and trace down my face to my cheeks and chin. I felt SUCH a good ‘tingle’ vibration after that, and again, a second time the hands rubbed together (?), and touched my face from forehead to chin, giving me a wonderful tingling sensation that felt SO good!

It was then that I awoke fully, but as always, those elusive memories with the specific details were lost. I so wish I could put what I ‘felt’ into words, but this is the best I can do.