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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Time to Take a Different Perspective on Life

I thought I'd add a post here on my blog to let those who follow it know that I have not been posting regularly as previously done because of a different 'focus' in my life.

I have learned much with these travels over the past years, and one of the MOST important lessons from my travels is that I now KNOW, without any question or uncertainty, that I will ABSOLUTELY continue on after my physical 'death' to return to my true astral 'form' with ALL conscious memories and experiences intact from the life I have had in this particular physical body.  I have absolutely NO fear of dying, but also I am not seeking to die anytime soon either! lol

I wish I could share this conviction with others, however, another lesson I have learned is that everyone will learn at their own pace and in their own way. All I can do is help those who take the time to question what is 'real'....and seek the 'hidden' truths that are all around us, but kept 'hidden' from us due to our own fear, societal values, faith, etc.

My views are just that, MY views on life....yet I remain open to all new information that comes my way, as I also know I don't know, nor can I possibly comprehend with this 'meager' physical brain, all that our Universe truly offers us.

So, along with my conviction of eternal 'life', I also know that I have had many physical bodies with which I have learned lessons.  I KNOW now, at this time, that it is to be my life focus to gather more memories and experiences to take with me while in this physical body and hence my retreat from active out of body travel temporarily. Getting OOB takes constant focus, determination, and practice....and I'm having SO much fun in my physical life that I feel this is where I should put my efforts.

My life has suddenly opened wide, and I understand completely that what I get out of life is what I expect to get...and I'll let you all in on my 'secret' test of this conviction.  For the past two years, I have affirmed and EXPECTED to have the BEST in life!!!!  Every day, without fail, I affirm "I deserve and expect the BEST in life!" at least 20-25 times while driving to work each morning....and you know what?!?  It is working!!! :)

If only everyone could understand this simple truth in our lives...what you put forth comes back twofold.  The Golden Rule has it right...the Law of Attraction is absolutely on target...I just can't impress it more.  If you are reading this post and it resonates with you, try it.  I guarantee your life will improve....even if you feel it's at its best now!

So I thank you all for continuing to read this blog, as it has been a labor of love.  Starting with the first posts, you can see how over the years I developed my abilities and learned to navigate this tenuous astral realm while having some wonderful experiences.  Be sure to at least read the 'highlights' listed at the top of the page if you don't have time for every post.

I don't doubt that I shall return to posting new adventures in the future, but for now, a little hiatus is in order to fill up my memory banks while my physical body is still able to gather the experiences!!  I wish everyone much love, success, and awesome memories of their own to take with them on their journey through life after life!