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Saturday, December 31, 2011

164) Daniel and Dog; Retrieval to Save a Life


I’m so excited to share this latest experience, as it has left me with wonderful glowing feelings of such satisfaction and happiness! Not only did I get to have my flying fun and freedom again, which I have missed for the past few months, but also a sense of completion and satisfaction for possibly helping at least one person, if not more, continue on with life.

Waking about 3:30am, I decided since it was now the last day of 2011 that I’d like to have an OBE experience where I could again help someone, but also desired to experience for myself the joy of flying free again!

I had read an book before bed about Robert Monroe’s beginning with astral travel, and remember finding it amusing that he’d roll out similar to what I do, but then knew he was out of body when he found he didn’t end up with a ‘plunk’ on the floor!! :) This memory was retained with this experience, after I used an astral induction tape and within a short time found myself floating and ready to roll out.

I rolled off to the left, remembering, like Monroe, that if I didn’t fall to the floor, I was out!! Lol (Amazing how these memories are retained!) I was ecstatic and floated gently to the ceiling, now also remembering how Monroe would use just his mind (not my usual affirmations) to move. I found that, like him, if I ‘thought’ about moving down I did and then just thinking up, I did that!! I’ve done it many times before, but because I had just read this before sleep, I remembered reading about it and doing it.

Eventually, I had enough of the slow playtime and decided I wanted some real fun! I zoomed quickly straight up through the ceiling and roof and into the starry sky above!!! I was free again!!! Zooming so fast, flying and flipping, I was in sheer heaven with my flying….swooping and diving, elated that I was able to do so again after such a long dry spell!!

After a time, I found myself back in my bed, but still with vibrations. I realized someone was next to me again! I put out my arm to feel who was there as I asked, ‘who’s there?’ I felt an arm, emaciated, thin and very weak and then heard someone answering me.

Because the induction tape was still going on, I felt I had ‘plugs’ in my ears and was unable to hear him above the sounds. I repeated my question, now realizing it was an older very thin, frail male on my left who said his name was ‘Daniel’.

I remember we spoke for a bit, but don’t recall the conversation, but suddenly heard a sound coming from the doorway! A spry rambunctious dog, medium-sized with curly white hair all over, jumped with his front paws on the bottom of the bed to my right! He was so cute, and I turned from Daniel to pet him and make friends. I could actually feel his paws on my arm!

I didn’t realize that I was losing a ‘connection’ with Daniel, and when turning back, heard a change in the induction tape (hate that when it happens!) that signaled more awareness and possible waking. I willed myself to continue on, calling for Daniel, and was thrilled to find he returned when I looked back to my left.

Talking more, I asked how I could help him. He responded that he was very much afraid of the ‘big dog’ downstairs. I felt I needed to get him to move on, and so asked if I could bring him safely somewhere. He was reluctant, feeling like I couldn’t do it myself, so I remembered that I could ask for a guide to assist me.

I told Daniel I had a ‘friend’ who was well trained with dogs and could assist us in getting there. I looked around the room, hoping to see someone who was going to help us, but no one showed!! I felt a bit concerned that no one was showing, but Daniel thought it was rather funny, and so he said, “Well, I guess I’ll just have to let you take me!”

I took him by the hand, walked across the bedroom, out into the hall and down the stairs. I remember feeling a very slight tingle of fear as to what I might find as I entered the living room. However, I continued on and found there was nothing unusual in my living room.

Without stopping, we walked hand in hand to my front door, now wondering if he knew we could just pass through or if I should stop to try to open it! As we got nearer to the door, I decided I’d just continue on and we both passed easily through the door to the cool outdoors.

I was surprised to find myself no longer in my front yard, but somewhere outside near a road in front of us. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do with Daniel! I asked him, “Do you see anyone looking for you?” thinking someone had to be here for him! He didn’t see anyone, and all I saw was a small private plane and helicopter flying overhead to my right.

Suddenly, Daniel takes off to the road in front of me. I just stand in amazement and watch the events unfold. I see a SUV type vehicle on the road in front of me facing to the left, with the driver’s door open facing me. I see two men inside, the driver struggling to get free of the seatbelt and the passenger lying unconscious across the bench seat. There are flames shooting up from under the dash engulfing them!

Daniel is now on top of the unconscious passenger, frantically extinguishing the flames all around him with his hands. He frees the driver’s seatbelt so he can exit the vehicle. I watch Daniel still inside, on top of the passenger, now with all the flames extinguished and beaming a huge satisfied smile back at me! Daniel is no longer a thin emaciated old man, but a robust and young healthy young man! I can feel his happiness and joy with successfully saving this passenger’s life.

Looking around, there are people milling about watching this happen with me. A female silently walks by me and a man standing nearby looks at me and says, “I’ve always said this was a hazard that should have been taken care of”, which I felt to mean something dangerous about the area or the vehicle.

The entire scene faded soon thereafter, but I can still recall with such joy the satisfaction and pride that I saw on Daniel's face. I truly don’t know what this all meant, but the glow I am left with tells me something was a big success!

Monday, December 26, 2011

163) Year of Changes; Learning to Let Go; Cindy


It’s been a long time since I’ve had one of my astral adventures where I can share long stories of where I go and what I do. It seems for the past few months I’ve been ‘restricted’ to short little excursions with very limited recall, likely due to my changing life events and limited time for focus and intention. I will share another short OBE I had this morning, but first, a few words of gratitude and appreciation for all that has happened in my life to date.

It’s been a whirlwind year, full of unexpected changes, some more difficult than others, but always able to be endured and overcome due to my knowing that all obstacles are only lessons for more learning. Keeping a positive focus that “all is happening for a reason” was an important part of this learning, especially those more difficult times when the ‘reason’ is unclear and unknown. (But I will say, for most of it, the reason eventually showed itself and I am amazed how the Universe always knows what is best, despite our initial objections!)

So, with the closing of this year I send my thanks for all that I have been shown and have learned and now face the New Year with excitement and an even more positive focus that I AM where I need to be and doing what I need to be doing at this time.

I intend to devote more time to MY desires and needs, which includes more astral travel and all its lessons, as well as real life travel to seek out those who share my ambition and determination in this learning adventure. By sharing what we know with others, we all become stronger in our energies and efforts, and with that, much more successful and knowledgeable about our own lives and Universe around us. It is so true that that which you put forth, returns to you twofold!

I want to thank all my friends here on this wonderful ‘intangible dimension’ that connects us all, called the internet, that offer me support and encouragement with all my travels and learning. I am blessed to have such wonderful friends and am now looking forward to hopefully meeting many of you in person somehow and hearing from so many more!

With that, I’ll share my short adventure this morning. I became aware of vibrations while in my bed and was excited to think that finally I will get out again! (Of course, I was careful not to become too excited, as you know that will stop any further progress.) I remembered my intention was to ‘go where I needed to learn’ and allowed the Universe to decide that which would be best for me at this time.

As the vibrations lifted, I was aware I was still in my bed, but now there was someone lying in the bed next to me. Knowing I am usually alone, I turned to see who it was and was a bit shocked to see it was my ex-husband! Somehow I knew there was something here I needed to ‘let go’ of, and asked him what he wanted.

Without a lot of details, I know we had a good conversation about how things changed with us, and what we both needed to do to move on. It’s a conversation that I know could not happen in real life, as he is still too bitter to talk with me. But I felt I achieved a sense of accomplishment with our discussion and was content.

As our conversation completed, I became aware of another person near the bottom of the bed, and called out, ‘who’s there?’ I distinctly heard a female answer “Cindy” and she proceeded to tell me about these two males with her, aged 23 and 12, who wanted to talk with me.

For some reason, there was SO much noise going on around me, almost like a room full of people, that I was having difficult focusing on her voice and hearing what she wanted to tell me! I asked a few times for her to repeat herself, but eventually, all of them just faded away without any further information.

I also realized I was having difficulty speaking, and it seemed that every time I attempted to talk, so much saliva and drooling (yuck!) was happening that I eventually just gave up trying to clear it (as I felt it was going to wake me up) and tried to talk with it, not worrying about how it appeared!! Lol

The next I realize I’m once again with my ex-husband who is upset that his father isn’t doing well in the hospital, and I had the impression that he was about to pass over due to ‘heart trouble’. At the time I didn’t remember that his father had already passed from a heart attack a few years ago, and can remember thinking during the experience that this may be a sign that something may happen in the near future for him.

I was surprised now to find myself rolling off the bed, caught up once again in the sheets and all tangled! I see my kitten from a few years ago on the side of the bed, and I play with her. In hindsight, this was the beginning of another ‘false awakening’, as I then heard my mother coming up the stairs to my bedroom!

Not wanting her to find me in bed, I quickly rolled back into the bed and pulled the covers off to get up. Asking what she’s doing here she responds she’s looking for a toy that my granddaughter Samara lost. Mom proceeds to put some clothing on the bed, as I pull off a sleep mask that I knew I had on. At this point I feel I’m fully awake, and need to get some recording done, but cannot do so with company in the bedroom! Lol

I feel a gentle change in energy, and now realize that I’m NOT fully awake, so I force myself to full awareness. That little seed of doubt about my reality is always a clue that I’m not fully back to awareness, and I use it to either move into another experience or to full wakefulness so that the experience I just had is able to be remembered and recorded.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

162) Country Carnival; Tracy and Tattoo

Dec. 1, 2011

Due to major changes in my life over the past few months, I have not had the ability to truly focus on my OOB experiences as I used to. However, I am thankful that I still have memories of exiting my body a few times, but mostly with very limited recall of exactly what I did after exiting.

The last two exits I over the past week were rather uneventful, but I will share what I can recall. The first exit I remember having great control and keen awareness of my being out of body, however, once again, with another false awakening that had me thinking I was fumbling with my recorder, I was distracted enough so that once I fully woke, I lost many of the details.

I remember easily rolling out of body and being very aware of my clear thinking process. I was riding in a boat and marveling at the beauty of the surroundings and the amazing blue sky. The water below this unusual boat was shallow water, with the feeling more of flooding than a river. I somehow knew I was ‘in the future’ but I am not sure how I knew this.

I actually remember thinking this boat wasn’t moving fast enough for me, so to get where I wanted to be instantly, I just affirmed, ‘take me to where I need to learn!’ Immediately I found myself listening to the sounds of a country carnival on a hillside.

My vision was poor and it was dark, and I had enough awareness to remember to say ‘clarity now!’ and then ‘clear vision now!’ which immediately helped me to see the people milling around me. One person in particular made eye contact but no communication. I noticed a small building nearby that reminded me of a concession stand, and I had the feeling I was supposed to be working there.

Looking inside I see people tending to plants of some kind and I remember thinking how clear everything was! I know I went inside and there was more I did, but here’s where my memory fades after the false awakening took much of my focus with the transition back to full wakefulness. It is just so frustrating when this happens so often in my experiences.

The next exit was a few days later, after listening to some binaural beats, when I became aware of being within a familiar black tunnel with the backward sensation of movement. I was being pulled backward for a very, very long time, feeling my body moving in different postures at times but realizing that I should just ‘let go’ and see what happens next. It seems like it took forever for the tunnel backward pulling sensation to end!

My next recollection was of floating above the bed I was in but again, not have any clear vision. This time I did not have the awareness to do ‘clarity now’, likely because my next realization was that there was something VERY tight grasping my body as I lie on the bed!! A tight constricting feeling was encircling my waist, and I became a bit concerned.

Trying to loosen the grip, I starting swatting at whatever it was, only to realize it was an arm!! Someone was holding me tightly around my waist!

I immediately asked, ‘who’s there?’ and ‘what’s your name?’ for which she replied, “Tracy” and mumbled something about “?four years?”. It’s odd, but because I had had ear buds in listening to an induction routine prior to this experience, I was fully aware that my ears were ‘plugged’ and asked her to please repeat what she said as I had these things in my ears!

I then asked, ‘what can I do for you?’ and remember she starting telling me her story and it involved something about a tattoo….only to lose her completely when I was suddenly startled awake by a very loud sound in the house! Full wakefulness, and no idea what just happened!

I could still ‘see’ her face…thin, drawn, with short lighter hair…and a sad expression. I have no idea what she wanted or how I could have helped, and am frustrated once again to have had such an incomplete experience.

Hopefully, with some stability starting to come back into my life at this time, my experiences will once again be enough that I can share with everyone on a regular basis. Thanks to all my astral friends for their patience and support over the past few weeks in the form of emails and facebook messages. Friends truly are the ‘family’ we choose for ourselves…and I’m thankful for every one of you!