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Thursday, June 18, 2015

195) OOB in My New Home – Facing Fear


I woke at 4am after a deep sleep in my new home many miles from where I used to live.  Wondering if I’d still be able to get OOB (since I hadn’t consciously tried in many weeks), I put forth the intention to travel ‘to where I need to learn” with the affirmations “out of body NOW!’ and “my mind remains aware as my body falls asleep”.  Both of these affirmations are my favorite to use, repeated over and over as I get drowsy.

Immediately I am aware of a floating sensation and get excited to think I can still get out!  I roll back and forth and with a defiant ‘umph’ I roll off the bed and find myself standing!

Thrilled to be OOB once again, I remembered approximately where the door was in my new room, and affirmed ‘to the door!’ moving in that general direction, knowing if I wasn’t accurate, I’d just pass through the wall.

What I was shocked to find, was the sensation of hitting a wall…hard! I can still remember the sensation of feeling the wall next to my face and body!  I couldn’t get out!!

Immediately I affirmed, “take me to where I need to learn!” so that there could be some movement and direction to my experience.

I found myself floating back to my bed! However, the scene quickly changed and I was aware of a commotion in an adjoining room. There seemed to be some sort of shooting or disturbance in that area where people were running away from this man. 

I immediately felt a sense of fear, worried that I would be harmed and quickly rolled off the bed to the side to hide. However, I was unable to ‘sink’ low enough to avoid being noticed. 

I knew this man saw me, and I was in his sights.  That is when I realized what I needed to learn with this experience.  There can be NO fear, and facing fear with the complete knowing that you cannot be harmed while OOB is a key factor that I needed to remember.

As soon as I faced him, sent love his direction I felt peace.  I also immediately woke up with a sense of concern for these other people, but thrilled to know I was still able to get out of body and face my fears.

Sadly, I was shocked to hear on the news this morning that there was a shooting massacre in a church in my city last night.  I do not know if this experience was in some way related or not, but my thoughts and prayers for peace go out to all those affected by this tragedy.