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Saturday, February 23, 2013

188) Horse and Boar; Self Image Issues


I’m thrilled to report that I once again, upon finally finding time and focus to attempt to get OOB, did so!!  It’s been a very, very busy few months, with much change and need to focus on ‘real’ life, so my efforts to get OOB have been significantly limited.

However, in seeing that it’s been well over a month since my last experience, I wanted to try once more to be sure I still could.  I’m amazed how easily the exit OOB was this time!

I remember lying in bed listening to my guided meditation and Jurgen Ziewe’s binaural tones (since it was so successful last time too!) and becoming aware of soft vibrations.  I don’t usually get these, and figured since I’m rather ‘out of practice’ with OBEs that this is why they were around this time. 

I attempted to will the vibrations stronger, and it took a few times of vibrations coming and going before I became aware of a bright light in front of my eyes.  I was a little annoyed since I figured my eye mask had slipped and light from outdoors was coming in and I didn’t want to move to chance losing the vibrations. (However, in hindsight, I realize that it wasn’t light outside at 3am!)

What I think this ‘light’ did do was to make me just that little more ‘aware’ of my state of mind and felt that this might be a great time to try to roll out of body.  Instead of my usual roll out, I was surprised I could just pop up straight out of bed (body) and move to the bedroom door.  It was an easy exit, almost as if I climbed out of bed as I do each morning!

Realizing I was definitely OOB, I glided down the stairs and again was thankful and thrilled to see and feel the clarity I had!! Standing in my living room, I remembered I had intended if I did get out that I wanted to affirm, “to my Higher Self!” 

As I passed through the front door, I felt a change in the energies and it because totally dark. I affirmed ‘Clarity now!’ a few times, but without avail.  Again I intended, “to my Higher Self” and then not wanting to lose the chance for flying, I took off zooming into the darkness. 

It was so much fun to fly and at one point, I remember thinking that despite flying through the pitch blackness, I was not afraid at all of ‘hitting’ anything, that I was able to ‘feel’ the texture changes as I passed through various ‘worlds’ (?), one after the other.

The next recollection was being in what felt to be my front yard, yet I knew it was different, with more of a ‘farmyard’ feeling.    I then became aware of a horse with saddle and a wild boar racing wildly toward me from my right out of the back field. 

I was not afraid, as things happen very quickly so you don’t think of being fearful.  In front of me were two of my boyfriend’s dogs, one very small and one elderly, running toward the horse and boar as if to protect me.  I called out to them to stop, as I was fearful that the wild boar could easily harm both of them.

They stopped, as did the boar and the horse, separated by only a few feet, staring at each other.  Finding a discarded bottle near my feet, I pick up the bottle and threw it at the boar to try to scare it away, knowing likely it wouldn’t help but I had to do something to try to protect the dogs.

(After I threw the bottle, it was odd how I remember thinking that I could easily go look for this bottle in the field in my yard once I was ‘really’ awake again – as I knew I was out of body – to verify that this did happen!)

That action perhaps gave me enough time to stop and hear a faint cry for help.  I was confused as to where I ‘heard’ it from, as the animals were still in a face off in front of me. 

What I discovered was the wild boar was ‘speaking’ to me without words, in a cry for help, and he was trying to convey the message that he was not a ‘bad’ animal, that he wanted someone to ‘see’ beneath his wild exterior and understand that he was just another animal that needed love. 

At the same time, I realized that my perception of him as dangerous was only due to the fact that the dogs had already ‘set my belief’ as dangerous and I just followed their lead.

I remember discussing with him how his own expectations that others would find him ‘dangerous, mean, ugly, and wild’ was creating this ‘rebound’ type of presentation from everyone else.  What he put forth caused it to be true, and that all he needed to do was to change how he felt about himself and that would also change how others perceived and treated him.   By improving his own self-image, he would realize that others also would improve their perception of him.  (In hindsight, I realize this was definitely a personal message from my Higher Self, just as I had asked for!)

I found myself back in bed, but now with warm loving arms reaching out and hugging me tightly!  I ‘felt’ it to be my new boyfriend, and asked, “is this you?” and knew without a doubt that it was.  I could see behind him a man and a woman looking at me and smiling, but I have no idea who they were or what they were doing.  

I do know the comfort and happiness I gained from this experience gave me such a sense of joy upon waking that I’m still smiling now!