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Saturday, July 26, 2008

65) Multiple Exits - Pet Reunion

I went to my ‘traveling’ couch about 3am as per my routine, in the hopes that I could finally get settled enough to do some traveling again. I have been so busy lately, that I have not had the time or energy to focus my intent properly to get OOB.

This time, though, I knew I had to be sure I was not losing my abilities since it seemed to be such a long time since my last conscious experience. So, I’m on the couch, with my black lab, Buddy, (who follows me everywhere!) sleeping on floor next to me.

I became aware of floating sensation, a signal I am very familiar with, and I get excited! Whether it was excitement, with eager anticipation and premature roll out or just plain lack of ‘practice’, the first OOB roll out was very difficult! I remember feeling very, very strong pulling energy, fighting for every inch of separation, until exasperated and defiant that I was NOT going to lose this chance, I very strongly intended ‘TO THE DOOR!’ which made full separation and movement to the front door.

Once out of the front door, I remembered I wanted to do ‘Inward Now’ to give me a chance to learn more about myself. I had the usual feeling of blackness and movement, then find myself in a room, with an overall feeling of ‘blue color’ (male?) and birthday party. The room was sparse, with objects lying around (no recall as to what though).

I remember heading up some carpeted narrow stairs to a bedroom on the right. As I enter, I see two twin beds on the left with a sink with water running (something in sink?) on the right. I turned farther to the left to see rest of room, and could see a room (bathroom?) with the light on.

I felt someone was in there, and as I look down I see an infant (few months old - girl - dark hair) sleeping on floor. There was a woman there I ‘felt’ to be someone similar to a coworker, yet may only have been someone who looked a bit like her. There was no interaction that I can recall except that she was happy despite having to live in such cramped, but homey, quarters.

I was aware enough to know that I had to start ‘memorizing’ words to remember my traveling as there was lots of little things I did (feeling of relearning?) and the ability to remember was one of them. Again, I know I had the recorder in my hand and was talking into it, yet upon fully waking realized I hadn’t moved and the recorder was still on my nightstand. So much may have been lost due to the fact that I was in a ’false awakening’ and I thought it was already recorded!

Again, after recording for real, I settle back and realize I’m again in full vibrations, knowing I could just roll out again.

It was much easier to separate, and I decide to go out the side door this time, passing by my sleeping dog. As I passed, I heard him (as usual) get up to accompany me! (He has accompanied me previously on my OOBE’s as you can read in the blog)

I take notice to feel that ‘tingly’ change in texture as I pass through the side door, with Buddy at my heels. Once outside on the deck, I am trying desperately to clear up my vision, as it was so dark! I remember saying "clarity now!" and “I can see now!” yet nothing worked. So as usual when I’m frustrated, I figure I’d just jump up and take off without regard for where I was going.

As I jump, I feel Buddy clamp down (bite, but no pain) on my left hand yet give no thought to the fact that maybe I should stay here. (As I did before in another experience when my dog tried to stop me by clamping onto my hand.) I turn, say to him, ‘aw, come on Buddy, come with me!’ and I pick him up, curl him under my arm (this would be no small feat in real life!! lol) then jumped.

I knew I wanted to go up, but found myself having difficulty in flying. I try to do my flips and fun stuff, but was awkward and slow. (I am now thinking that this may have been due to the fact that I had my dog with me, and his fear – that I know he had in a previous OOB) might be giving me the difficulties. I keep trying, saying, ‘let’s go up, go up into space’ and I can still see I’m not moving well, as the tops of the trees remain above me.

Rather frustrated, yet defiant that I can do this, I say “I’m a rocket!” and use the imagery of shooting up into space! I now feel the shooting up, anticipating seeing galaxies and the beauty of outer space (I remember thinking how wonderful it was previously). Nothing appeared, and I once again found myself back on the couch.

This time, the floating feeling tells me I’m ready to roll out, which I do easily. I repeat the same sequence going to the side door, hearing Buddy once again accompany me, and feeling that texture change as I pass through the door.

Once again, as I try to jump off the deck, Buddy takes my left hand in his mouth, and I pick him up. This time, however, I had second thoughts of taking off (I remembered the last experience) and said maybe I’m supposed to stay down low here. So I float off the deck, landed on black top area, which appeared to be part of a path with a park-like feeling to it.

Buddy is at my side now, and I was so surprised to see a little dog trotting up to us! It was a neighbor’s dog that Buddy used to play with who died a few years ago! She greets Buddy nose to nose, as I pet them both saying, “well, Buddy, look who’s here!!”

I wake shortly thereafter and record all I can recall. I know in terms of ‘wow’ experiences this may not be one, however, I am satisfied that I still have the ability to get OOB and in this case, may have helped my older dog also realize that his own friends are still around to visit!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

64a) Purpose Value and Usefulness for Traveling OOB

I was just recently asked a very good question that I thought I'd share my response to.

"While I'm very open to any experience that comes along, I wonder what would be the purpose, value, usefulness, benefit to me to actually seek OBE?"

I am sure there are many out there who ask the same thing, and for every individual it will have a different answer. You alone will have to decide what it is that drives you to seek this ability and for what reason.

I will share my belief as to the purpose, value, usefulness and benefit of these OOB experiences as they relate to me.

Initially, the excitement of getting 'out' was sufficient reason to seek this experience. I have always understood that we are more than just physical beings, having a spiritual energy inside that drives our consciousness from within. Somehow, even though I understood this, there was always that tiniest degree of human self-doubt that persisted.

So, with the OOBEs and that feeling of 'separation' of spirit, (yet not fully separate), validated this belief immensely. There is no doubt at all now, and it is such peace of mind and comfort to absolutely, positively KNOW that we will continue on after death and in an even higher level of performance than we currently have now.

After a few times out, I realized I was always learning something new - whether it was how to handle moving through objects, interacting with other spirits, or even just 'thought control' (dual consciousness, thoughts in action, etc). I was amazed at the levels of learning I was accomplishing, and every time I thought I just couldn't do more, more was shown to me.

I truly believe we are absolutely limitless in our abilities, yet we are also very much restricted by our physical 'minds' to understand the full capabilites we have. There are no restrictions once OOB, and for the physical mind to comprehend this, it takes baby steps to learn. This learning of new, unimaginable experiences is currently my reason and purpose for seeking these OOB experiences.

Every experience adds to my learning, and the more I seek, the more I find. Putting constraints on your efforts by limiting your reasons for doing this will only hinder your learning - you need to be open to any and all experiences.

I love to use the 'Inward Now' affirmation as William Buhlman suggests, as it has always taken me to areas where I personally need to learn something. Once you realize the only person you have any control over at all is yourself, then you can take an interest in making your 'self' the best it can be.

For me, it is the constant learning and experiencing of new events, whether it is in 'real life' or in 'spirit'/astral that drives my 'self'. I will never stop learning or seeking to improve myself in any way that I can.

As my personal motto states, 'the more we learn, the more limitless the universe becomes!'

I hope this answers your question. I appreciate you giving me the chance to explain my reasons for seeking these experiences.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Real Life Always Takes Over

I thought I'd post a quick note here to let everyone know that this time in my life is extremely full of 'real life' events that take a lot of physical and psychological energy away from me.

With this, there is always the lessening of 'travel', and more personal type issues being shown to me in my dreams that I don't feel would benefit my visitors at this time.

I do wish to thank everyone for taking the time to check in on my blog and read my posts - Some of you have contacted me and I am so pleased to help as I can with your own experiences!

Keep the emails coming if you have questions - it does help to remind me that there is SO much more to our lives than just the 'real life' events coming at me!! lol

I wish I was able to know who it is that visits my blog and share in the tremendous amount of knowledge that must be out there! For now, I'm happy to see that the counter at the bottom of the page keeps going up - so that tells me SOMEONE is reading my posts!! lol

Thanks to everyone who visits for their time....


Saturday, July 5, 2008

64) False Awakening with Simultaneous Consciousness & Woman in Bedroom

7/05/08 (Part 3 of previous experience)

I thought I was awake as I heard a pager or cellphone (set on vibrate) going off in the other room. This brought me to awareness, but despite my thinking I was completely awake, it was to be a false awakening.

I now hear birds outside my bedroom window (as I do often in the AM), but this time I’m talking to the one bird that loudly responding back. I’m trying to convince the bird to come here because I need it to ‘translate’ for me! I remember raising my right hand up, as if making a perch for it to come sit on.

At the same time, I am also aware there is a woman at the base of the bed, talking and talking, not making much sense, as I am not really paying attention to her words.

I remember I had a phone in one hand and my recorder in the other, and began moving them so that the recorder was near my heart in my left hand and the phone was further down on the bed.

So now I thought, ‘wait, I really wasn’t awake with the bird because I wouldn’t have had my recorder so far away from me!’ (First ‘false awakening’ realization)

I am still listening to the woman continue to talk and talk, not understanding her because I’m paying her no attention. (Odd that I’m not wondering why this woman is in my bedroom! lol)

I am aware that my husband gets up out of bed (for real!) at this point while she is still talking to me!

She says something like, ‘well I’ll just have to wait here’ (until I gave her some attention?) I was surprised to feel hands on my toes, moving them, to tell me where she was. I could feel the solid recorder in left hand, holding something else very solid feeling in my right hand.

At that point, my husband comes out of the bathroom, and I become fully awake – realizing there is nothing in my hands, my feet were no longer being touched, and no strange woman standing at the base of the bed! (Second ‘false awakening’ realization)

This was a most unusual experience for me, to have part consciousness of ‘real life’ happenings along with my altered state of consciousness still being aware of other realms and people. I’m not sure if I again missed an opportunity to help someone, or if I was just being shown another experience I have never had before.

63) Words of Wisdom - Our Experiences Here

7/05/08 Part 2 of previous experience

After coming back to bed, (no longer on my ‘traveling couch’ lol), I feel asleep but became aware of being lucid within an experience. I was being shown this poster, a beautiful sunset-colored design (red-orange-yellow) that had a beautiful short poem on it that I was so in awe of.

For the life of me I cannot remember much of the poem!! The only words I recall was the rhyming words of ‘fast’ and ‘past’ on two lines, with single word lines near the end that seems to mean a thousand words in one. (This is so difficult to describe accurately.)

What I did get out of it was the overall meaning that was intended, and I put it into my own words as I slowly became more conscious. The words that I recorded were these:

Don’t ever wonder (question) whether God/Oneness exists, that He does not exist when things don’t go the way you would like them to.

You are here to do the experiencing for Him/Us, as we are all pieces of the same Oneness. Whatever we do, experience, or learn, we do, experience, or learn as a part of Ourselves.

How would He know what it is that you would want or experience when you get here, as it is your thoughts and desires that would drive and shape the experiences for Him/Us.

This is a bit more belief-oriented than I usually share on my blog; however, I do feel it is an important bit of advice to share. This strongly fits my belief that anything we do to help even one other person, we do for ourselves. Thoughts ARE things (even here in the physical world), and it is your intention by thought (by focusing on the end result desired, not how it will happen) that brings you to what you desire and experience.

It could be this was just a personal message for me, although I have never questioned the existence of the Universal One. I know, because I am a part of it and there is SO much more to this life and our universe than our conscious physical mind can comprehend. Stay open to any and all possibilities, as our universe is truly limitless – it is only our own beliefs and attitudes that limit the possibilities.

62) Solar System Visit & Spies


I realize I have to start labeling my experiences by what I have encountered so that upon review at a later date, I can easily find that which I can looking for! (especially with these multiple visits in one night!)

I remember becoming aware I was in full vibrations, and excited to think I was about to get out. As it has been a while for me, I remember I actually had to ‘calm’ my emotions to prevent disrupting the process.

Still feeling the vibrations, steady and strong, I became (again) impatient with the process (that’s me! lol) and just decided to roll out and stand up. I felt pulling at my head level, as if I wasn’t completely separated (probably because of my impatience!), yet was determined to do so and remember thinking, “I’m out!!”, and then felt the full separation.

I said ‘to the door!’ and found myself easily passing through my front door and out into the yard. I recall there was darkness again (common for first separation) and had to affirm ‘clarity now!’ twice before I was able to see clearly.

I recall I was amazed (again) at my clear, rational thinking I was able to do while out of body. Many times before, once I am out, I just seem ‘programmed’ to do things without thinking, but now the last few experiences I have been ‘allowed’ to think for myself and remember what I consciously wanted to recall once out.

I do feel that this is an achievement for me, as this process of being able to ‘know’ that thoughts are things so quickly in the astral environment, that once you learn control of your ‘conscious thoughts’ while out of body, then you are allowed to do so.

Anyway, I know I am out, and of course, I also knew that I had to do my usual flying and zooming to just enjoy that freedom, which I did. I was clearly thinking enough to ‘know’ however, that I had plans to ‘help someone’ this time out, so I didn’t spend much time enjoying myself.

So now I’m ready to ‘work’ and I affirm ‘Inward now!’ as I do a little spin to the left as I pick up my feet. I experience the most wonderful sensation of floating and moving that I have ever felt after affirming this. Usually it’s a dark tunnel, falling backward sensation, but this time I was softly floating through so many swirls and ‘layers’ of colors and music!! I particularly listened to the different notes playing, trying to impress the sounds within me so I could recall their immense beauty upon awakening.

At this point, I am shown this HUGE ball of white light, so bright it was difficult to look at! It was as if I was watching an explosion of sorts (at least that’s how it registered) and then it condensed into these millions and billions of tiny white sparkles. I was aware I was still traveling, faster than I have ever experienced, toward these immense sparkles of white light.

I watched as one area condensed even further into a more ‘solid’ appearance, and took the form of a solar system, with many planets circling the center white light. The impression I had was that I was watching the ‘birth’ of a solar system, all the while coming closer and closer to one specific planet within a specific solar system at a speed I have never experienced before. I had absolutely no fear, just total awe at what I was experiencing.

I was able to see the surface of this planet, and knew it was nothing I could even relate to. There were large neutral colored grid-like areas on the surface, giving the impression of buildings or sections. I was only allowed to get within a few feet of the surface, and was totally astounded as I watched the inhabitants go about their lives.

The most unusual aspect here were the inhabitants who appeared to be one-dimensional and of a ‘cartoon-like’ shape, with very little ‘substance’ to their bodies. I can still picture these people, (opaque, whitish, ‘flat’, and non-specific in shape), but that is the best I can describe them. I knew I was not allowed to interact with them, but did enjoy seeing this unusual environment. (Most likely the forms of these inhabitants were not easily applied to my conscious mind’s acceptance, therefore the best it could relate them to would be a ‘cartoon-like’ appearance.)

I then faded back to awareness on the couch, but also knew that I did not get to ‘help someone’ as I requested and was determined to continue on with an experience. At some point, I was aware I was pressing down firmly with my feet, and upon realizing I was doing that, just relaxed them. Immediately they floated up, signaling I was ready to go OOB.

Once again, I rolled out before I could fully awaken and found myself ‘to the door!’ and then outside. I flew up to the roof of my house, and was surprised to hear a herd of deer running past my house, as if frightened by something.

I watch as a few ran to one side, and more ran to the other side where they were cornered. Wondering what could have caused this ‘stampede’, I then heard voices below the area where I was on the roof. I jumped down to where they were to listen in, and found myself immediately being ‘spoken’ to as if I was a member of their group. (I recall I was surprised I was able to be seen – yet went along with what was happening – I now think I may have actually entered/become one of the people below.)

I was directly told, “You need to get the copy of the ID card on (name?)”, getting the feeling like I was to be a ‘spy’ of sorts in retrieving this information from another member they were suspicious of. I asked, “Why do I need to get a copy of the ID card?” and was given such a look from the members as if they were amazed that I would even ask such a thing! I just didn’t pursue the questioning further and accepted this gadget they handed me. It looked as if it was part magnifying glass and electronic scanner of sorts.

I had the knowing that it was to be my job to get friendly enough with the intended person to hand me his ID card so that I could ‘scan’ it for the information it held. (My impression again was that this ID card held much more information about the individual than I could even imagine and it was that ‘other’ information that they needed.)

Playing with this gadget, I remember holding it up to the moonlight (as you can do with sunlight) to focus the light into a small intense white light. (I thought that was cool it could do that, so I played with it for a while… but it also gave me the recall that it was nighttime this was occurring.)

I hear someone coming from the other side of my house, and know that it is someone who is part of our ‘group’ and he shouts a friendly hello to me as we recognize each other. (I had the feeling that this individual may have been the one I was supposed to copy the ID card from.) He was telling me about a party he was at (another friend of ours) where the female was celebrating her 42nd birthday, and I recall joking and laughing, “well, I wish I could celebrate that age again!” indicating that I was much older than 42 in that experience.

Unfortunately, I faded back to awareness, and quickly did my one-word associations to help in my recall of this two-part OOBE. I awoke and recorded these experiences, and went back upstairs to bed.

I had two other episodes of lucid awareness and false awakening this same morning, but I will continue them on in another post on the blog. Stand by for more!