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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

128) Seeing Buddy again; Dream image transitions


This OOBE was a series of exits and as I recorded them, I realized I could remember more and more bits of earlier information that then helped to pull it all together. This backward recall works great for picking up details when my ‘signal words’ may not be enough.

For this experience, however, I need to give a little background regarding recent events in my life. I have had a loving pet for the past 13 years, a black lab named Buddy whom you might remember has traveled with me in a few of my experiences.

He recently took a turn for the worst and despite our best efforts, we had to make the decision to euthanize him. It was a difficult decision, but in looking into his eyes, I knew he was suffering and this had to be done. He passed peacefully to the other side with us at his side, and over the past few weeks, I have since wondered if he would be able to let me know he was ok. You will see that I got my answer…and am happy to report that he’s happy!

I moved to my ‘traveling couch’ after a few hours sleep, without a clear intention to seek Buddy, but always with those thoughts on my mind during waking hours.

My first awareness that I was out of body was after realizing I was ‘dreaming’ and somehow I knew I could just ‘move out’ and found myself heading for the front door, without any memory of ‘rolling out’. However, I find it’s difficult and heavy to move, and push hard to keep moving.

Once outside I take off flying, and despite still feeling sluggish, find myself up high in the dark sky looking off in the distance to a series of ‘stars’ or lights. It appears to be something in the shape of Texas (the state) and the words “Texas (something)” impressed in my memory. (However, you can see that it didn’t really stay impressed in my memory very well! Lol)

I started to fade back and remember saying, ‘oh no! I want to stay out!’ and then tried to ‘will myself’ back into the experience. I must have been successful because I found myself once again in a hallway near my front door and trying sluggishly to get out! However, on my right, a doorway appears and I go through it. I am disappointed to just find more hallways, some with blue and yellow walls.

I said, ‘I want out!’ and so I push hard to move through these halls, finally deciding to go right through the side of the wall to the outside! I pushed so hard with my back to try to get out, that my feet went up and over and I tumbled out into a free fall. Now it’s dark, and I think, ‘why can’t I see?’ A random scene I remember at some point was being told that I need to ‘control my urges better’ so I can ‘keep my coat on’ (?) This is what I recorded, but the feeling I had was this was a classroom sort of experience and that I needed to learn to ‘buckle down’ in order to learn properly.

Next I recall something about a female interacting with me from up high on my left, as if she was on a rooftop or ledge, talking. During our talk, something gave me the awareness that I was ‘dreaming’, and I remember thinking, ‘hey, let me try talking directly to her’ so I actually interrupt her to ask, ‘who are you?’ She stopped, and gave me a one word answer (Carol?) but then I didn’t pay much attention because at that point, I realized it was a ‘signal’ that told me I was OOB!

I take off, and start flying again, only to find myself on a bus with a group of people (a musical group or band of sorts) and we were supposed to be on a trip visiting someplace. I remember I had no clothes packed with me (so it told me I wasn’t planning on being here), and we are on this bus in a parking lot outside of a retail store. The bus is not broken down, but there is some problem going on where we have to wait on the bus while others are inside the store getting supplies. This is loud rowdy group of people, and as I walk to the front of the bus, I see a huge wave of water that starts coming out of the store! I think, ‘wow, there must have been a water main break and that’s why they told us not to use the water!’

The scene transitioned back to my living room, only this time, I’m still out of body and heading for the side door. It’s difficult to move, but I notice that there is water all around me! It’s not deep, only up to my knees and I decide to just dive in and swim! I find it much easier to move now in the water, using my arms to move out the door and to the side yard. There is water everywhere, and I’m enjoying the fun of swimming.

I see a big fish in the water swimming ahead of me, thinking the water must be rather dirty to be swimming in, but then looked around and was amazed to see it was kept so clean and clear! I’m thinking that my dog Buddy would have loved to play in this water with me, and that makes me realize I can look for him!!

Up to my left, on the ledge over the water, I am aware of two dogs. The first, bigger dog is an unfamiliar huge chocolate colored curly haired dog that makes me think he is bringing the other dog to me, who has to be Buddy! There is a flash of ‘dark’ light, and the next I knew I was being nuzzled and licked by a very happy Buddy who is doing his usual little ‘happy dance’ and snorting that SO confirmed to me it was him! It was a VERY brief encounter, and my feeling at this time was that it was still ‘early’ in his new role for him to stay much longer.

Although this experience seemed to have a lot of ‘dream imagery’ with multiple exits and scenes that may seem confusing, I am very happy to know that there was an absolute confirmation for me that my Buddy lives on and is happy and content living on the other side where I know I’ll see him again!