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Saturday, October 17, 2009

112) Physical Senses While OOB

October 8, 2009

This OBE again started with a false awakening, one where I heard what I thought was my son come in the front door talking with a friend as I lay on the couch. As it was the middle of the night, I knew to just ‘lie in wait’ for what would happen next.

I saw two small children, boy and girl of about 6 years, come from the hallway to stand next to the couch where I was lying. “Can you take care of something for us?” was the question I ‘heard’ and immediately rolled out and followed them down the hall to the real life room that I ‘felt’ belonged to my sons. (The room is currently in use by my stepson, as my own boys have since grown and moved out).

Peering into the doorway, I saw three little boys of about 3-4 years old playing around in their beds. They were fully dressed and hiding/playing under their covers, as if not having taken the time to undress and get ready for bed. I asked, “Where are your pajamas?”, and then sternly told them to get out from under the covers and put them on now. This ‘taking control’ of the silliness and telling them to behave was, I ‘felt’, the main reason why the other two older children came to get me off the couch.

Finding myself back on the couch, I realized I could still just ‘roll out’ so I did! Being fully aware, I just took the fastest way outside, through the wall near the couch. I could feel the coolness of the night air as I passed through, and found myself floating gently in my back yard.

I was amazed to next find myself so close to the ground that I could ‘feel’ the leaves from the trees that had fallen already. I remember I even tried to ‘bunch’ them up, resulting in some leaves being pushed into my mouth and giving me a choking sensation!! I remember thinking, “Why am I able to feel these so intensely?” It was surprising as I knew without a doubt I was out of body, yet marveled at the intense physical touch sensation of these leaves!

Clearing the leaves, I floated over to the nearby road, only to discover it was now a ditch full of water! Just next to the ditch, was a walled up body of water, like a very large puddle. Remembering the fun I had with puddles as a child making rivers and dams in the rain, I wondered if I’d be able to release this huge puddle into the ditch.

Pushing against the dirt wall, I was thrilled to see the wall release and the contents drain quickly into the ditch! It was just an awesome feeling, and I remarked to the woman who was with me how much fun it was!

Walking along the edge of the ditch, I’m being careful not to ‘fall in’ because it all feels so ‘physical’…but then, quickly I recall, “what am I so worried about? I’m out of body!” and with a smile and big leap, took a chance and jumped into the water!

I floated to the bottom, and then playfully decided I’d roll over on my back while under the water, and look up to wave and smile at those I left on the banks! I was being silly, having fun, and they smiled and waved in return at my joy. (Funny how even now I can ‘picture’ exactly what it looks like to ‘look up’ from the bottom of that ditch!)

As I moved out of the ditch I could ‘hear’ conversations, and listened intently to a conversation with a group of 4-5 others (at the time I knew who they were, but have no recall now except for ‘past friends’). One of them was a supervisor who had just returned from Ohio (?) and was remarking on how bad the hospital situation was there. All of them were talking, and those who had worked there before agreed with the supervisor that it was bad.

Leaving the group, I moved to a large building, one with a ‘reception hall’ or convention arena feeling. It was all set up for an event. I was so thrilled to be out of body, knowing it without a doubt, and being able to physically ‘touch’ and move wherever I wanted! I moved high and low, looking and touching, and specifically remember floating up near the ceiling next to some heavy drapery that was decorating the hall.

I could ‘feel’ the texture of the drapery as it hung, and knew that in ‘real life’ I’d never be able to do this! I even recall telling a gentleman there, ‘Isn’t this great? You can do whatever you want, go through things, go high and low, know you are out of body, and still have all your physical senses!” He just smiled without saying a word.

I was SO in control of what I was thinking and doing! While high near the ceiling, I then looked down through some narrow slots and could SMELL the wafting aroma of food cooking! Amazed at the sense of smell, I dived down through the very narrow slots, never thinking twice about whether I could or not because I was SO certain of my OOB status.

I remember ‘bouncing’ a bit as I neared the floor, maybe because I didn’t want to pass through the floor and had to put the brakes on! I could see a kitchen area, with pretty clear pink colored dishes on display. There were plates, serving bowls, cups – all a beautiful clear glass-type pink color.

Following the aroma, I moved to a display of fruit in a bowl, but the bowl itself was created by freezing fruit within ice. I thought what a wonderful way to keep the fruit cold – a bowl made by freezing water and decorated with pieces of fruit within it! (I actually thought it was such a good idea that I’d have to remember to use it in my daughter’s upcoming wedding!)

Next to this fruit ice bowl was food cooking, and the aroma was exquisite! Now, I will write what I saw, but it makes no sense now. Of course, at the time, it made perfect sense! A man was showing us how to cook the frozen fruit on a hot steak, so that the fruit would melt as the steak cooked!?! I distinctly remember a slice of pineapple on that steak along with other fruit pieces. The smell was so enticing, and when offered a taste of the cooked fruit, I gladly accepted! I could actually TASTE the fruit, and I woke immediately thereafter when I realized that my physical mouth was actually watering!!!

This OBE was so unique with the ability to actually use my five physical senses while OOB. I SAW clearly those people on the bank of the ditch from underwater, I HEARD the conversations, I TOUCHED the drapery, the leaves, and water dam, I SMELLED the food cooking, and I TASTED that cooked fruit!! Awesome!