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Monday, May 30, 2011

Remembering for a Reason


I think I’ll share with everyone an interesting ‘epiphany’ I had this morning and see what others think of it.

I was walking down my driveway this morning, slowly strolling along and enjoying the fresh smell of ‘just rained’ air, feeling the cool breeze on my face, and listening to the beautiful sounds of the birds enjoying their morning. I was ‘connecting’ to this moment, feeling a part of this beauty, and trying to impress its sensations into my memory.

As I was doing this, I felt a familiar ‘twang’ of sadness, in thinking that once we are no longer in our physical bodies that these very ‘human’ sensations would not be available to us in the same ‘feel’ as we have now.

I can remember I have always tried to ‘impress my memory’ with these small moments knowing I’d want to recall them at a later date, but never really sure why I did it. Little moments like feeling the spray of rushing water, the soft smell of rain-soaked earth, the sound of a kitten purring, the sight of a simple cloud formation, and just everyday life moments that were not ‘significant’ in any big sense but somehow I knew I needed to take the time to ‘experience’.

Today, while walking and being one with it all, I heard myself think a thought that I don’t think I really thought!! lol Instead of a sadness in thinking this physical-ness is limited to what we have here, I was told that it is THESE experiences, this connection and taking the moment to FULLY feel in the here and now that will be remembered, just as we are experiencing it now when we pass over!

I realized that when the sages say we are here to ‘remember’, it also means that we are to focus on all these little experiences of human life that are so specific to this life! By remembering we are spiritual beings (step one) we can then move forward to remembering our experiences (step two) so that there is more to experience with our ‘selves’ once we return!

So many people go through life just dashing about, moving from one experience to another, and never truly ‘experiencing’ the moment! It is in our conscious imprinting of the simple beautiful moments while we are in physical that will allow us to TAKE WITH US the memory of how it feels!!! It is never lost once we return to spirit!

Somehow this revelation made me even happier today to know that I am here in this life, eager to keep moving forward with my experiences, and thankful that I can consciously experience these special moments to take back with me when I return home to spirit! :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

146) Stone Labyrinth to Bedroom; Meeting Others and Higher Being with Gifts

I am going to give just the highlights from the two most recent OBE’s I’ve had, as each had a lot of ‘dream-like’ symbolism that involved personal details that I feel wouldn’t have much meaning for anyone other than me. But in both experiences, there were parts that I’m happy to share as I there was new learning and some happy memories.

This first one started as a dream sequence, with some sort of day-to-day actions, but at once point I found myself quickly placed into a cold stone or cement type room which brought me to full awareness that I was out of body.

I felt stiff and heavy, and although my awareness knew I was out of body, I felt trapped and frozen in this dreary room. Asking for help, I was happy to feel I was being lifted up and carried, even if it was not under my own power. I let go and found myself floating gently backward again in complete darkness in what felt to be a black tunnel.

My vision started to clear and I turned to face forward and found myself leisurely floating down a cave-like tunnel that had beautiful stone formations all along the sides. My feeling was that this was a sort of labyrinth going deeply into the Earth. My vision cleared more and I could see beautiful colors – soft blues, reds, and gray – in spectacular patterns all around the stone formations on the walls.

During the gentle float, I went up to a particularly beautiful stone formation near the ceiling above and put out my hands to feel for it. I was amazed at how clearly I could FEEL the stone! It felt cool and rough, much like I expected, but with such a ‘physical’ sense that I marveled how I could do this while out of body!

I glanced at my hands at they felt the formation, and was surprised to see tiny little ‘bubbles’, almost like a ‘fizzing’ appearance, surrounding my hands! My thoughts were that it appeared to be similar to how the tiny bubbles appear around objects when under water, and thought, “wow, am I under water?”

I didn’t stay and analyze my hands or question my findings, as I knew too much focus and questioning will make me return to body quickly! I proceeded onward, and now realize that there is someone with me, holding my right hand as we near a doorway.

We stopped at the doorway, holding hands, and peer inside. It registers as a ‘bedroom’, quite unlike the stone labyrinth I l just left. There is a bed across the room, with some sort of ‘object’ in the middle of it. I sense another ‘being’ standing near the object on the bed, feeling as though it’s some sort of caretaker. I ask, “where are we?” and “who is this?”

I hear a sound I’ve never heard before, and know it’s coming from whatever it is on the bed! It appears to be a dark moving object, and I feel it’s some sort of life form I am not familiar with. The guide who is with me squeezes my hand to reassure me that ‘all is ok’ and tells me ‘just stay here, they won’t see us’. I don’t want to go in, and I squeeze my guide’s hand to say I’m not sure what’s going on or what I should do. It is at that point that I fade back to full wakefulness.

May 22, 2011

The beginning of the OBE was also a dream-type experience where I was not aware if I was OOB or just actively participating in a dream sequence. There were many anomalies that I should have picked up on as signals to become aware, but I was so intent on what I was doing, I didn’t bother initially.

The gist of this dream, in case it’s relevant in some way, was the fact that I had set a fire in my childhood home in the basement. I was fully aware that I was putting people at risk in doing so, but felt I needed to do this for some reason. I knew I had time while the fire started to go up to my old room and gather my personal belongings that I wanted to save before the rest of the house was destroyed by fire.

I remember I was considerate enough to be sure that everyone else got out of the house without injury before I realized I needed to go back inside for a pocketbook I left!! With the firemen inside, I entered the house, only to realize that there was no need to find this particular pocketbook and even decided to stay and converse with them as they rested from their work. At one point, I remember finding some stray cats that have been living under the house (and I remember that these were frequent dream characters over the years) and get them to leave with the firemen’s help.

(For a bit of my own insight and interpretation, I will say that I have recently had some major changes in my views on life and how I perceive things. I am feeling much more settled in my outlook on life, and realize that much of what I bring to my life is brought there through my own perceptions. This ‘clearing out’ of my ‘childhood home’ may be symbolic of my dealing with these personal perceptions and attitudes)

Now, I’m inside the house, sitting on the couch, conversing with these ‘firemen’, or so I thought. The environment changes and I realize that there are numerous people milling around the room. I feel a timid touch on my right breast and am shocked for a moment that something is getting so personal with me! I ask loudly, “What are you doing?” and the hand pulls away like it was caught in a trap! I feel a bit sorry I asked so loudly, and said to them, “well, it’s only polite if you ask before you do that!”

It is at THIS point that I fully realize I’m out of body in a room full of other people. I feel comfortable with them, and my hearing starts to open up. One gravelly voiced gentleman was conversing with me, and I clearly understood him for the most part, but his voice would garble and become unintelligible at times. I had numerous conversations with other people, male and female, and as I spoke to each it seemed as though a spotlight lit them up so I could see them better.

Sitting on the couch, I saw one little man running around the room, banging his hands on different objects, including the arm of the couch where I sat. His voice was only a gravelly growl, without any sense, and I felt he was angry. While he was near me, I tried to ask what’s wrong and send love, knowing it’s a universal method of communication.

Another woman near me told me I wasn’t going to be able to do much with him, and when I asked why, she told me….but I don’t recall the reason!

I remembered all their conversations at this point, but after meeting the next individual and being astounded at her ‘energy’, I was left with little recall other than what we discussed.

As I sat on the couch, this woman appeared by my side, full of radiant blissful energy and I felt so comfortable and happy to be with her! I asked her, ‘how am I doing?’ and ‘what else can I do?’ or something to that effect.

She spoke, and said, “Well, first of all, happy birthday!” I was ecstatic to hear this, with my birthday being only a short while away, to know that I was remembered! I wanted to hug her, but as I started to do so, realized that while OOB, I couldn’t.

She then said, “Secondly, you are doing the best you can with what you have, to have gotten as far as you have. You’ll do more the next time using the work of Applebaum.” (Apple-gart? – it definitely was Apple-something!) The feeling here was that my next learning will be under an instructor or a process with this name, whether it’s in this life or the next, I don’t know!

She then said with a smile, “I want to give you something special for your birthday, I will give you a hundred trillion…….dollars!” at which point I laughed, and asked, ‘what am I going to do with money?’ She smiled widely as she said, ‘Well then, I’ll just have to give you a special (pride/heart)gift!”

(The type of gift she described could not be put into words, as there just isn’t a human word that could describe accurately what it felt like! Pride and heart were the closest I could process.)

A little girl who was sitting just above and behind me, whom I knew from somewhere, was laughing along with us, and said, “Well then, I too shall have to give her a special (pride/heart)gift!” I don’t know if she was just imitating the radiant woman with me or had her own reasons for doing so, but I felt very, very close to the both of them and so happy!

It was at this point that I faded back to full awareness, trying to desperately recall the memories of what happened just before I met these two at the end. Their energy and powerful interactions made it difficult to retain all that I had experienced just before, but it didn’t matter, as I was left with such good glowing feelings that remained with me for the rest of the day!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

145) New Location to Exit; Buddy and Animal Visit; Using Signal to Continue

With this experience you will note there is a definite lack of recall but as always, there was new learning for me!

I knew this time would be unusual because I was alone for the entire night so I decided I would try to stay in my bed instead of moving to the couch in the living room, which is my usual routine. I awoke after a few hours’ sleep, and then tried to induce.

My first recollection is hazy, as I found myself out of body already, but thinking I was in the living room, felt confused because something was different! I remembered I wanted to turn and look at myself (a goal I had set prior), but when I did, there was difficulty getting my orientation. (Likely because I was in my bedroom and completely unfamiliar with being OOB there!)

I could see a hazy outline, but with all the confusion and thought processes going on, I worried that by thinking too much I’d ruin my experience and get pulled back in. So I affirmed ‘to the outdoors!’ which allowed me to instantaneously ‘be’ out of the room into the darkness and flying around as usual, zooming up to trees and just enjoying myself!

Now that I’m ‘out’, I asked to be taken to ‘where I need to learn’ (which is always an easy goal when I’m not sure what I wanted to do). Now, here is where my memories get a bit limited, as you will see likely due to the second part of this night!

I remember blackness and hearing voices, then one particular female voice who was telling me all that we were going to do as we moved together to go somewhere. The ONLY words I recall here is ‘a review of time’, meaning that we were going to discuss how ‘time/space’ interacts with all that is. This has been an ongoing discussion I’ve had with my friend mentioned below, and how ‘time’ is relative to where it’s being perceived.

I’m guessing what else she was telling me related to the other topics we would be learning that night, but I cannot remember any other words NOR can I remember anything further from that specific experience. It is just total blank at that point.

My next recall was being ‘dropped down’ to a field near my home, where I could savor the ‘feel’ of the grass and texture of the ground. I remember thinking how amazing it was to know I was out of body, yet could still touch and feel such physical sensations.

I then hear voices and see a car’s headlights moving down the road toward me. I get the feeling that ‘something is amiss’ and yet I feel no fear. Actually, I became even a bit defiant in that I wanted to prove to myself there is nothing to fear while OOB, so I headed for the middle of the road and faced the oncoming headlights! I’ll admit, I can still remember there was that ‘twinge’ of concern that maybe I’m not OOB, but ultimately I didn’t have to make a decision because the car just pulled over to the side of road just before it got to me!

I’m still a bit confused as to what happened next, as I remember voices, a feeling of ‘concern’, and then excitement as I feel my dog Buddy (who passed last year) standing close to me, pressing against my legs! I reach down and pet him, and somehow know he’s there to protect me!

The next recollection was of lying in bed once again, but STILL with my Buddy draped across my chest! I move my hands to pet him, as I know he’s there for a reason. While lying there, I now hear animals of all kinds in my room making such a noise! My association with this is that I must be in an area where animals are being treated, as it ‘feels’ as though it’s a veterinarian’s office of sorts.

I hear a male voice speaking to me off to my right, but in what I perceive to be a completely unknown language! He’s talking and telling me so much, and I’m trying to interrupt him and say ‘I’m sorry but I don’t understand your language’! The sound of the different animals makes it even harder to try to understand!

Now I feel a ‘pull-back’…and know I’m becoming awake in my bed. Buddy is gone, and I search for my voice recorder. Finding it, I start fumbling once again with the controls, getting upset that it seems to not be working right again!

In a moment of clear lucidity, however, I realize…’hey! This is the same false awakening I always have!’ and use it to consciously roll out, off the bed, and into my near physical environment. This time I know I’m in my bedroom and move easily through the sliding door to the outdoors.

Once on the upstairs porch outside, I affirm that I want to go visit my friend and call him by name! For a few brief moments, however, I am given the ‘knowingness’ that should I continue, I’ll likely lose quite a bit of the first part of this experience! My determination to have some sort of ‘validated’ meeting with my friend makes me continue on and I fly upward toward the stars.

Now amongst the beautiful twinkling stars, I realize that I'm beginning a pull-back once again. I’m disappointed to find myself waking, this time to full wakefulness, without having had the opportunity to complete my visit. What was interesting, though, was a feeling of ‘pulsating’ circling type of energetic pressure all around my third eye area as I awoke. This type of energy movement was new to me this experience.

I am given the knowing, that despite the limited physical recall, this was an ‘important step’ in my learning. The bare minimum I feel I’ve learned was to consciously recall the frequent false awakening ‘signal’ to continue on! In hindsight, I believe more was learned, but not retained consciously. However, this little step was enough for me!