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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

113) Bits and Pieces of OOBEs- Astral vision, Visiting Civilizations

It’s been a while since I’ve had any really good OOBEs to post here as I don’t want to put up uninteresting posts that the readers may find boring. However, with the hectic life I have right now, and for the next six months, I will post those pieces of OOBE’s that I feel are more readable. I know I am still having the learning OOB experiences, but my recall is so limited anymore, possibly due to so many other ‘physical’ concerns to think about in my daily life!
Here’s the latest over the past few weeks:
10/22/09 Astral Vision
I found myself fully aware of lying on my bed, but with my ‘astral vision’ opening. I’m in a car, in the seat behind the front passenger side, looking out the side window of the car. I can see moving scenery, and I notice a huge black electronic sign (turned off) that gets my attention. The clarity is amazing, and I remember thinking how unusual this is to see so clearly while knowing I’m in bed! I turn to look back (to prove to myself that I still can see it!) and watch as the sign fades in the distance.
Now, along the side of the road as the car moves, I see animals lined up along the side of the road. Soon, these animals become ‘distorted’ or misshapen, as I notice that there are parts of different animals on one! For instance, there was what appeared to be an elephant, but with a goat’s head!
Seeing this, and knowing I’m still in bed, I am now aware that I could transition to full OOB if I wanted to. (The anomaly signaled my awareness as it used to do!) But, this time, because everything is just so clear, I just don’t want to try to move out yet!
Looking out the front window of the car, I see the two front seats are empty and yet the car is moving forward. I have no fear at all, as I have become aware of my pre-OOB status and want to have some fun trying to see what I can do.
Again, I feel I have to prove to myself that I am OOB (or at least pre-OOB), I grab a hold of the front passenger headrest and pull myself into a handstand!! I can feel the sensation of ‘blood-rushing’ to my head (physical memory, I’m sure) and with that it caused a lighter state of transition, almost as if waking slightly.
The vision darkened, and I’m still aware of being in the bed, now with the circling of my hand chakras (something that I haven’t had in quite a while). I willed them to be stronger in hopes of returning to the astral vision or OOB mindstate, but was unsuccessful.
Even though this wasn’t really a full OOB experience, it was one of the few times I had the ‘bi-location’ feeling of being in two places at once and with such clarity of vision, I just didn’t want to move out right away.
11/01 Visiting Civilizations
This OOBE was so long in length and detail that there is only a few aspects that I was able to recall. Even while being OOB, I remember I told myself that if I didn’t force myself to awaken soon, that I would not be able to recall much. With that, I decided that I would pursue the experience, for which I’m sure I had some great learning. It just frustrates me that I cannot bring much detail back to share with everyone!
What I do remember is that it took me many attempts to get out of the house once OOB. I could be so heavy, crawling and affirming ‘to the door!’ in order to move. Once I remembered to do a little jump and spin, while affirming ‘inward now!’ and that moved me into my long, long black tunnel pullback sensation.
I remember that I visited many different civilizations of people, interacting and talking with them. I have no specific memories except for the one cave I entered that was dimly lit by yellow light. In this cave was intricately carved ‘things’ sticking out all along the sides of the passageway, narrowing it to the point where movement was difficult. They felt/looked ‘sharp’, perhaps having been carved from bone or horns. I was able to get deep inside the cave and felt the people who did these carving were very small in stature, but it narrowed so much that I felt uncomfortable and decided to leave before seeing anyone.
The only other ‘civilization’ I recall was looking down at these stone walls that formed separate rooms, appearing to me from above as if it were a maze. I gathered with some people who were with a man who was injured, but do not remember anything more. There were events happening that I didn’t even question, just observed and learned.
At some point in this long experience, I remember asking to see my guide, and knowing he was with me, talking with him. I asked him why I wasn’t able to see him, he answered, but I do not now know what he said!
There was so much more to this than I can recall, and it really frustrates me to post something so general. However, I know that the experiences will return when my life settles a bit more so I have to be patient and just share what little I have.
11/10 Reunion
This OBE I had wanted to ‘help someone’ as my intention, in the hopes that there would be something I could share with others. As it ends up, I was the one given help, in knowing that my guides are still with me and want me to be happy.
I again had a difficult exit, but with help from others, was able to roll out. I found myself immediately in an underground area, with a subway type feeling. People were all around me and a particular Hispanic man walked up to me and began talking. I felt a bit uncomfortable with his energy, and was not sure why.
Remembering that I had wanted to ‘help someone’ for this OOBE, I tried to help him by sending love, a technique that worked well in the past. However, this time, he wasn’t leaving. He followed me into another room and I realized I needed help. I asked for my guides to come and I was immediately surrounded by 3-4 other people, with one woman in charge.
They ‘spoke’ to him in his own language, telling him to sit in a chair nearby and wait. It sounded as if it could be Spanish (as I have a limited knowledge of that language) but he was resistant to their instructions at first. However, he moved to a chair in another room and I was able to move away with them into another room.
This room felt as though it was a restaurant of sorts, with a bar and tables set up. The group of guides told me they wanted to show me something in the back. As we entered the back room there was a table elegantly set with beautiful dishes and filled with food.
At one place, a guide asks me to place my hand over the ‘medallions’ to see if I can ‘feel’ their vibrations/energy (this wasn’t the word, but it’s the best description I can give). As I raise my hand over them, I feel the ‘tingling’ and get excited, thinking, “I can! I can!”
At this point they all burst out laughing, and say, “Surprise! It’s all for you”, and I suddenly see familiar faces of friends I haven’t seen in many years! It was a ‘reunion’ of sorts, and there was much laughing and happiness as we shared the food. I recall the one friend who showed me a HUGE strawberry, and offered me a taste. I could again ‘taste’ that strawberry, causing me to salivate (for real!)
As in my past OBE, this salivation brought my awareness up to the point where I realized I had to get recording this in order to remember even parts of it. I find my recorder, but again, see that it is in pieces! However, as I’m trying to get it fixed, pushing buttons and knobs, it is playing! (I should have realized this was a false awakening, but I was intent on getting it fixed!)
Giving up, I decided to look for pen and paper to write it down, and with that I transitioned to a lighter state where I realized it was not happening. I woke, found my recorder intact, and recorded what I remembered. Again, due to that delay with a false awakening, more memories were lost! SO frustrating!