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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

19) Movie Lot waves

2:30am 8/19/07

This was written a few hours after waking, as I can still remember major points. I wish I had recorded it! I remember thinking at the time that it wasn’t that ‘significant’ a dream but again, in full waking state, I realize it just may have been!

Was in a ‘movie lot’ of sorts, gathering people to come watch ‘the show’ that was going to start. I knew all about what was going to happen and wanted others to watch the event. We lined up along a wall on one side of the lot, and then the ‘show’ started. It was really nothing more than a wall of water that exploded out of the center hill area and swirled all over, filling the entire lot with waves of wild water. To me it felt refreshing and exhilarating!

It got to the point where it was going to start filling up the area where we were sitting, but I knew that it would only get to be about ankle level, so I already had my shoes off so I could enjoy putting my bare feet in the water. The others sitting with me were frightened and worried that the water was going to be washing over and engulfing us. I knew that wasn’t going to happen, so I just said, ‘stay, wait and see because we are safe’.

At one point I stood and looked over to another ‘movie lot’ across the way and saw more activity and water movement, knowing that this was going to be ‘part 2’ of the movie and that others were there now going through it, so I had to wait for our turn. I was excited for some reason, knowing that ‘part 2’ was going to be even more ‘fun’ than this part one I was at!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

18) Finally! OOB in the near-physical again

5:44 am August 26, 2007

It's been a long few weeks with only intermittent, yet still symbolic, dreams occurring. I have not been sharing them here as I think they would probably be not as interesting to others who would not be able to relate to them as I do.

However, I will share another definite out-of-body experience, even though it is nothing as exciting as some of the ones here on the blog.

My first recollection that I was dreaming involved a short dream sequence that had my daughter coming upstairs to see me while I was 'sleeping'. I remember her asking me for permission to let her go to the SuperBowl, which immediately made me realize, 'hey, this is not right.....she is not home tonight, and she would never want to go there....', which was my key that I was now 'dreaming'.

Becoming aware I was in this 'altered' state (mind awake/body asleep), I then tried to see if I could move my astral arms and legs. It took a few minutes of wriggling around, but I soon was able to feel them move, so I concentrated on "out of body now!" while attempting to roll out. On the second try, I found myself standing at the side of the bed, feeling a bit wobbly, in complete darkness, and with a lot of 'heaviness' surrounding me.

Surprisingly, I could feel my pet Labrador's head pressed against my right leg (as he usually does when he wants my attention) and wondered how he could really be there. I didn't take the time to focus on his being there, since I was concentrating on moving away from my body.

I was thrilled to realize I was 'out', and remembered to say 'clarity now!' to get my vision improved. To get moving, I said 'to the door!' and glided to the door and out into the hallway. As usual, the farther I got away from my body, the less 'pull' and 'heaviness' I felt, and was able to maneuver better.

I went down the stairs to the living room, and stopped there wondering, 'what am I going to do now?' I realized I could still feel my pet's head pressed against my leg, so I took a second to scratch his head and thank him for being with me. Again, I didn't spend too much time wondering why he was there because I felt it would 'awaken' me too much.

It's been a long time since I was able to get into the near-physical with familiar surroundings, so I was not really prepared as I should have been with a planned objective for travel.

Looking out the window on my left, I said 'to the outdoors!' and then felt myself pass through the wall into the backyard. Again, I realized my vision was not as clear as I wished, so I again said, 'clarity now!', with little effect. I was able to remember then to state, "I see clearly now!" which immediately cleared my vision. Interesting to note, once I was outside, I could no longer feel my dog at my side.

I could see the trees and houses next door, and then turned to look up into the nearest tree. I thought I'd like to feel the leaves and see from the tree top so I glided up gently, enjoying the freedom. I felt the unusual texture of the leaves, and was able to see my backyard in a full-view panorama from the treetop.

It was so exhilarating and exciting for me to be out again! Unfortunately, something caused me to feel that 'return to body' sensation and I awoke in bed immediately.

I know this is really a 'nothing' experience in terms of doing something constructive, but it did give me the assurance that I have not lost my ability to OOB and will still be able to work on achieving more in the future.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

17) Robot Factory

Since it's been a bit of a 'dry' spell for me at this time, and I had the time to review past experiences, I thought I'd share another experience from a few months ago that had the same familiar male 'guide' with me whom I still have yet to learn his name! As always, he is just behind me and talking to me, making me feel so comfortable, happy, and lighthearted!

4/22/07 5am

I am lying in bed, aware of an opening in my eyes, like a little hole I could see out of, and then it became like I was looking through a ‘windshield of a car’ again. The opening would close, then open slightly, and close again and I would work on trying to pry it open fully to ‘full screen’, which eventually it did.

As it opened I was looking at what appeared to be the side of a road as I am passing by, with little yellow flowers along an embankment of sorts, which allowed me to become more aware that I was ‘going out’. Upon this realization, I opened wide to a full countryside area and I said, “Take me to where I need to go to learn”.

Immediately I felt drawn backward through a black tube-like tunnel, very quickly, where all was quiet for what felt like a long time. (Was long enough that I was able to remember thinking, ‘wow, this is a long time in this tunnel!’ lol)

As I became aware of my surroundings, I felt I was high up in the air and someone was with me. It appeared to be a sort of ‘robot/mannequin’ factory where there were these lifelike mannequins or robots lined up on a hook on a cable high in the air. They were being transported somewhere, and I could feel something ‘hook’ me as I held onto one of the mannequins.

I am riding this cable down an assembly line and ride along as it curves to the left. I get off and again fully aware that someone was with me. Now I had to go into the building carrying this robot/mannequin with me. As I move toward the building, I realize this male figure is with me, talking about ‘us’ and ‘them’, telling me something I can’t fully recall. I remember asking him twice “Us?” wondering who he meant in talking about ‘us’. He tried to explain but I couldn’t figure out who the ‘us’ was, knowing ‘them’ was the people who made the mannequins.

He was behind me, and I started to go down a flight of stairs, awkwardly and with difficulty, carrying this robot. Just before I started to down the steps, I said, ‘Wait! I want to know who you are, I want to see you!’. I turned around to face him, saw a young, clean cut male with short dark hair, and very handsome, smiling at me. Again he started telling me about ‘us’ and ‘them’ as he puts his hand on me to help me down the stairs. I feel I want to get even closer to him, so I put my arm around his back for more support.

As I start down the stairs, another female ‘worker’ quickly cuts ahead of me and I start bumping into her, apologizing, because I’m just so clumsy with this robot I’m carrying.

Now, I’m on the stairs and make it down into a hallway of sorts, only to find my male ‘guide’ already there ahead of me! I remember saying to him, “oh, that was a cute trick!”

Now I heard someone call to me from down the hallway, ‘hey, you’ve got to come see this!’ and I go to a room on my left and look into it. It’s a sort of office that is very cluttered, and piled with papers and assorted books. I felt I wasn’t understanding why I was there and what I was to be learning, so I said I’m going to look around so I can try to figure out why I’m here.

I immediately got that ‘return’ feeling and woke up back in bed, with the feeling that I perhaps should not have questioned what was going on, but should have just ‘gone with the flow’ and I would have been able to continue further.

I wrote in my journal that I felt it was due to my attempting to take ‘control’ of the dream process that I was made to return. Perhaps this control issue is something I need to learn to ‘let go of’ was the comment I made when I wrote this in my journal.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

16) Astral Vision

August 12, 2007 4:30 am

I use the term "astral vision" or "higher vision" to describe the vision we see with when we see things that "normally" would not be seen (through lower consciousness vision) - seeing "through the veil," if you will. You can be OB or simply have the OB mental state, if you will, when you use astral vision....Many times, astral vision kicks in during a pre-separation but heightened state. It can be part of the pre-(conscious) OBE lead-up, or no OBE may follow. So, one need not be asleep, dreaming or in an actual OBE to have this expanded visual experience.

This morning, I was able to 'see' scenes of places, feeling like I'm traveling there, but being very much aware that I am looking through my eyes in bed. It's very hard to describe the feeling, but I know that I was watching and participating in these scenes. They did not feel to be very 'symbolic' and 'deep', but just areas I was visiting.

The first I remember was 'pulling up' next to a large ship in the ocean, watching it from the side as it moved through the waves. It was painted blue and red, with some white areas. I could even 'see' the people on the bridge as they were piloting the ship.

While I am becoming aware I am doing this, it appears I am watching as if through a car window, with some distortion. As the scene started to fade, I said 'clarity now' hoping to clear it up, but the scene then changed to a large area of land, high above the ocean, formed in 'blocks' that may have had a track running along the top of it.

Again the scene shifts, and now I am in a city, and zooming along the streets watching the people and buildings. I get the feeling of a European city (I have never been to Europe) for some reason, and can even read the names of some of the stores. The only one I can recall had a T & A in the name and I felt it was a jewelry store of some sort.

The most interesting part was the 'cut-outs' of people that were placed along one section of sidewalk. The pictures were most interesting, with lifelike pictures of various people in different poses. At one point, a man and a woman asked me if I wanted to 'see' myself in one of them, and I felt they were going to pull a prank on me and make the picture something funny, so I really didnt' going along with their suggestion.

The last thing I remember is sitting in a fountain area, watching a young boy, whom I felt I was caring for. He was rather reluctant to take his nap, but with some persuasion, I convinced him to 'just rest his eyes' and he fell asleep.

Really, I don't feel there was much significance to this experience, but I thought I'd share it since I'm not sure really what this was, except that it was so real and exciting to do.