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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

114) Watching my Exit; Images from Memories; Control of Mind

For this OBE, I had gone to sleep with the intention of wanting to help someone if I could. To give a little background, the day before this OBE happened, I received an email from a new beginner OBE’r asking for help in getting OOB. I now believe this OBE may have been my way of ‘helping someone’ here in physical!

I move to the couch, after sleeping for 4 hours, to try for the OBE. As I drift off, I become aware of a ‘getting ready’ signal of soft vibrations. I knew I could ‘will’ them to be stronger and played with the sensations by increasing them. After about four cycles of increased vibrations, they become stronger and stay strong. It’s interesting to know that while I’m doing this, I am also aware that I’m thinking about what they are, and saying to myself, “these vibrations are the ‘interface’ between the different energy levels of the ‘mind-body’ connection.”

Now I feel my hands floating up and know that I’m ready to separate. Instead of just rolling out as usual, I did an unfamiliar slow ‘climb out’ technique! It was so different than my usual quick separation! It literally felt as though I was doing a slow ‘crawl’ out of my body with such clearness of thought! I’m thinking (while I’m climbing out) that this is so different, that maybe this means I am to ‘watch’ my exit this time because I need to really take note of how I did it so that I could share it with the one who sent the email asking me about it! It’s amazing how ‘clear thinking’ you can still be even when you know you are not ‘in body’!

I then stand at the side of the couch and immediately start moving away, knowing I needed to move away from my body before I get pulled back. I gently glide out the side door, flying very easily, sensing where I am but not seeing clearly. Once on the porch outside, I knew I could go anywhere I’d like, so I fly straight up into the sky, feeling very, very aware and very much in full control of my thoughts and actions.

What is interesting now, is that while I’m flying, I realize that I’m also very aware of being on the couch! This was new, this ‘lightness’ of awareness. It’s tough to describe how I felt, but I can remember thinking that it felt as though my thoughts were being spoken by my physical body as well! I thought that I could hear my ‘voice’ with my affirmations, that my physical mouth was moving! I remember saying to myself that if someone was sitting next to me on the couch, that I believe I could actually ‘talk’ out loud WHILE OOB and share what I was doing! I immediately thought of Edgar Cayce and his trance states, and how this had to be similar. (Now, all these thoughts WERE while I was OOB flying – amazing!)

So I’m talking ‘out loud’ (as far as I know – my consciousness was primarily in the astral body so memories are more prevalent there), saying “to my higher self!” as I zoom along, and my intention of “allow me to help someone”. I was SO aware of my actions, and as I spoke, I felt that immediate transition to the long pull backwards into the black tunnel that is so common for me.

This time, however, I am paying such close attention to how it feels, and what the actual movement feels like instead of wondering where I’ll end up! It’s all so clear and I’m happy to know I’ll be able to tell others how it feels!

As the pullback ends, I’m aware it sounds so similar to the ‘clicking’ of train tracks, as if pulling into a station. I’m still not seeing anything, and at this point I usually see or move into another situation, however this time I just remained where I was in the blackness! I didn’t know what to do!

Without time to think, I hear a female voice fade in, one that ‘echoed’ slightly, saying words I couldn’t pick up at first. There were three words I recall, the first two are phonetic as I am not certain, but the last one I am certain. It was “Mind (mine?)…needs (?)…too.” I am confused wondering if it was related to someone I was to help, or if it was a message for me. At this point, I fade to full wakefulness on the couch and record what I can remember.

Now for whatever reason, I wake enough to check my email to see what’s there and see that the new OBE’r did write back with a question about ‘seeing’ and physical vision during an OBE. I realized then that I need to tell others that this ability to get OOB is not about ‘seeing’ but all about ‘feeling’ your way! You just ‘sense’ what you are doing, and may have been why I had NO vision at all but extreme clarity of thought this time!

I lie back and attempt to re-induce and find myself watching images as they appear behind my closed eyes. I recall familiar black-and-white designs that remind me of a shirt I had worn recently, and then the image change into various scenes, a farmyard, a mountain with clouds, a peaceful field but each time the black and white image would appear between them. I am fully aware of being on the couch, while watching these images.

Now I begin to hear noises, fuzzy at first, but then more like a talk-radio station tuning in. I hear what I believe are radio announcers (I hear them say their call letters and just bantering talk), there is non-specific white noise as well, and at one point I know I hear what a flight attendant would say to her passengers, and I recorded the words “welcome to your flight to Hong Kong, please enjoy the flight movie” and something about ‘catching you if you fall’!!!! It was almost as if I was ‘tuning in’ to the multitude of radio waves encircling the globe!

So I’m listening to the noise, watching the images, and then become aware that my hand and feet are floating! It’s my signal to roll out, so I do. But again, this time, it was SO very different! I could SEE and I could see VERY clearly!

Standing by the couch, I could see everything as clear as if I was physically standing in broad daylight! I am looking at my feet lying on the couch, amazed at the clarity. I moved past the couch, always wanting to get away from the body, but this time I stopped and looked back at myself sleeping on the couch on my left side! I have rarely been able to see myself while OOB, and never with such clarity! I’m thinking, ‘Wow! This is such a different feeling to this exit!’ - unlike any other time – and I wondered if other OBEr’s were able to feel and see like this!

Moving into the living room, I realize I am seeing ‘images from memories’ all around the room. Anything I looked at was a memory, but here it existed as a ‘real’ thing. There were many, many Christmas type ‘images/memories’, a few with my sons as little boys playing with toys, and one with my daughter as a teenager. I was able to interact with the ‘image/memory’ of my daughter and gave her a hug, knowing that was what she needed and to let her know I was there for her. In another part of the room I remember seeing a lamp/decoration from years ago that brought back more memories, and I recall thinking, “I remember that!”

At this point, the living changes into the living room of my childhood at my parent’s house. Once I realize where I was, I eagerly ran up the stairs shouting for my mother (who is still alive). I felt ‘physical’ in movement up the stairs, and at the top where my old bedroom was, I stuck my head inside to see that the room was just as I remember it, not as it is now.

I hear my mom answering me, and pull back, floating a little, which made me realize I was still OOB and did not have to move so ‘physically’! So I float through a wall searching for my mother and find myself in darkness. My mother finds me and we begin to talk. During our conversation, I realize she is not talking like she hears me anymore, and I tell her ‘I have to go’. It was here that I faded back to full awareness on the couch.

I record this, thanking those who gave it to me for such a wonderful experience. I am just in awe of how clear and aware I was throughout the entire time.

One final memory I have of this night happened right before waking. For more background, it’s been a rather tumultuous few weeks here for me with a lot of ‘family issues’ going on that give me concern and turmoil at times.

I remember ‘dreaming’ of many different emotional situations with various people in my life, some very upsetting and frustrating. The last few details of this ‘dream sequence’ were more lucid and clear, so I recorded it as transcribed. I was in a hallway, following behind this short dark haired older woman and recognized her as a famous psychic whom everyone knew.

I decided I was not going to disturb her with a greeting, as she probably had enough from others. However, she abruptly stopped in front of me, did a ‘pretend’ bump into me to get my attention, grabbed my arms on both sides and looked at me squarely in the eyes, saying, “If you are going to do this, you need to learn control!” I was a bit taken aback by it all, and woke immediately afterward.

I recorded what she said, not realizing that it may relate to the ‘mind-needs-too’ message that I received in the first part of the night. Perhaps I need to realize that my desire to be all I can be to everyone is taking a toll on my emotional state and I need to find time for myself and be more ‘in control’ of my emotions and the way I am looking at events in my life.

I have to remember that how you perceive this physical life is largely based on how you ‘react’ to the many situations you find yourself in, and if you can control how you react, you can gain a better understanding of what you are to learn from these experiences.