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Saturday, November 12, 2011

161) Life Enhancement; Cell death

11/07/11 4am

My first recollection is of being with a woman as we walked together in some fields. The conversation was about my friend George and his desire to go visit (?) Egypt, but the woman told me he felt he didn’t want to go alone. Then somehow I remember it was ‘Gilligaland’ we were going to (I even spelled this upon first waking as I was sure of its name as it reminded me of an old TV show, Gilligan’s Island). There was some mention about ‘life enhancement’ and we were going to go there and take George with us.

I grabbed her hand and said, ‘come on then, let’s go get him and go there!’ and we then attempted to take off flying. It was difficult to do so facing forward and so I suggested, ‘let’s go backward like we used to!’ remembering how many times I would travel out of body in a backward type of motion.

Feeling myself flying with this backward pull gave me the awareness that I was now in vibrations, with a sensation of floating, and able to easily roll out of body. I was in my bedroom standing, feeling heavy and difficult to move, but affirmed, ‘to the door!’ to get away from my body.

As this was not a ‘planned’ journey, I was not in my usual ‘traveling couch’ area, but also in a different bedroom in my house than I was accustomed to. It is interesting to note that I was even able remember while out of body the reasons why I was not in my usual bedroom or routine with the life changes that I’m experiencing right now.

Having just finished a weekend seminar with Robert Moss (, a teacher of dream work, I also had had the opportunity to listen to audio recordings of William Buhlman as he described his various techniques on the long drive home. His use of the affirmation, “Awareness Now!” was prominent in my mind, and with this experience having such heaviness and unclear vision at first exit, I used it emphatically at this time with great success!

Standing in the hallway, I could now see clearly as I made my way to the living room. I see a shadow of someone move quickly past me and I shout out, ‘who are you?’ This shadow disappeared out the front door and I was surprised to see standing there now a young boy of about 10-12 with sandy colored hair coming toward me.

He didn’t say anything at all, but took my hand and pulled me urgently toward the front door. I said to him, “OK, let’s go! Show me what you want me to see!” Holding hands together, we passed directly through the front door and starting moving up this hill (that is not really there). I remember thinking as I moved up the hill that I felt a concern there could be something ‘terrible’ I would find.

At the top of the hill was a wooden structure, like a cabin or shed built on stilts with an open area below the floor. We did not enter the building, but moved to the side where the young boy stands and points at something under the building.

Going closer, I see it appears to be a large piece of cardboard with writing on it. It appears to be some sort of UPC code with the words “In the event of cell death….return to (parents).” (Note: the word parents is the best description of what I felt the word to mean). My first feeling was this cell reference was to a cell phone, but yet the boy was quite upset thinking this is something that is just not right. He was upset, telling me, “it shouldn’t say that” and I was about to ask him what he meant when I felt that familiar tug of returning to body.

What was interesting was that while in that ‘in between state’ before full consciousness, I saw and heard Robert Moss say to me, “Come into my room…you’ve just had an adventure and I want to hear all about it!”

I can see that this OBE had quite a number of recent ‘real life’ experiences melded into it and I’m not sure what to make of it. It wasn’t one of the longest or best OBEs I’ve had but I’m thankful to know that they are returning to end the ‘dry spell’ that has occurred due to many new life changes for me.

I would be interested in hearing from others as to what you may feel the cryptic message the boy was trying to tell me. Comment here or email me if you have any ideas!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

160) Dream Work with Robert Moss at Gore Mountain

Nov. 4-6, 2011

I thought I’d share some of the experiences I had this past weekend when I was so graciously invited to attend a twice-yearly Gore Mountain dream circle gathering with Robert Moss and his ‘frequent flyers’ who work to explore this larger reality we call ‘dreaming’.

Using both small and large group journeys, we were led by drumming to go within ourselves to seek different dimensions and realities that could be expressed in personal images, thoughts, and stories. Using dream sharing techniques he developed, creative expression and healing was done on many levels for many of the participants of our dream circle.

Personally, I found this experience quite powerful, one that used an innate ability we all have that I had never before encountered. As an astral traveler with frequent out-of-body journeys, this aspect of dream work was new to me and very appealing as a possible alternative technique that would help me continue my own spiritual growth and fulfill a desire to help others heal through their own self-discovery.

I made many journeys this weekend, both with the entire group, as well as with smaller groups. Sharing our stories and dream journeys, we as ‘trackers’ helped one another by offering personal images that could be now interpreted by the specific ‘seeker’ for their own use. Robert used various locations and situations suggested by the participants to use as a framework for a guided journey into past, present, and future times. I will share three of my own personal journeys that I felt were important for my spiritual growth.

During one journey when we were to go within the mountain and feel the energy of the deer and earth, I received a strong message from the mountain animals that changes were coming and that we needed to pay attention to the animal’s warnings. I was told that those who listened would be led ‘within the mountain’ and be allowed to grow even more beautifully than they were now, and those who did not heed the animal’s warning would be caught up in a ‘mountain of fire’. I clearly saw the red glow of the mountain where those ‘on the outside’ were transformed into trails of smoke rising softly above the mountain.

In another journey, we were led with the drumming to a Pavilion of Peace where we could go to when stressed with our ‘outer’ life and meet our ‘greater self’. In this pavilion, I was met by my animal guides, the red-tailed hawk and owl who explained to me that it was important to know that every action and thought we encounter in this ‘outer’ life offer important lessons we can learn from.

On that pavilion walls, I could see various panels that depicted many lives happening all at once (possibly my past lives). In one particular panel, I watched as a young monk in the Middle Ages was unjustly persecuted for his beliefs and felt the anger and rage he held onto as he perished. I was led to understand that I needed to ‘let go’, and to see that this sacrifice led to a greater understanding by many people. I felt comforted to know that my seemingly ‘unjust’ death was actually a leap forward in spiritual growth for others, as well as myself.

In another experience, I traveled deep into the earth where I was led through a darkening passageway by a guide who showed me a door. Opening the door, I entered into a room without any visible light. Completely surrounded by darkness, I was told I was to use my non-visual senses to ‘see’ what was there.

I felt there to be an entire city of people living here, guided only by their ‘intuitive senses’ and without any form. We were able to communicate without words and knew what each other ‘felt’ and thought. I sensed myself as nothing more than a ‘mere thought’ or a single point of existence. Yet, as this point of thought, I was able to take in massive amounts of information regarding my surroundings and those around me. I felt loved and accepted, living in harmony with those around me. I understood that I am to allow myself to be that valuable part of All That Is, to try to not take things personally as I do much of the time and restrict my actions because of it.

I was a bit disappointed that I was not able to travel out of body during this time to bring back an experience to share with the group. The first night I had only a small dream recall of a dark haired mother and daughter smiling back at me, with a strong impression that I was to remember them for some reason. The second night, I clearly remember dreaming of being within the dream circle, with Robert choosing me to start the sharing of experiences. I felt pressured to perform, worried that I didn’t have anything to share, and needing to improvise. Waking with this concern, I did what Robert suggests and allowed myself to go back within this dream and see what more I could discover. I was able to learn better that I was the one putting the pressure on myself and that I only needed to ‘let go’ and allow the information to flow without fear of rejection or disappointment. There was only my own ‘belief’ of perceived pressure blocking this ability to perform.

The last evening there, we were asked to give a creative offering on the final day and I felt compelled to write. As we sat around the fire in the lodge, words would spring up in my mind. Writing as we chatted, the poem came to life. I will share it here:

The Wisdom of the Water

Rambling through the forest
Amid trees and leaves of green
I spy a tiny spotted fawn
Stirring from its sleep.

She stands beside her mother
Feebly first, then strong
Knowing she is protected
And here where she belongs.

I move along to a meandering stream
As it nestles within the ground
Savoring the shimmering waters
As I hear its magnificent sound.

It leads me to a waterfall
And I honor the life in its flow
I thank it for its nourishing wisdom
That has helped us all to grow.

But what it specifically means to me
Is to know that we are as One
Each with the joy of living and learning
Until that time has come

To move beyond our limited ‘selfs’
Into the Omniscent and Loving Presence
That is always here to bind us together
And give us eternal essence.

When I open myself to the All That Is
As I flow along with this stream
I hear the words that echo my youth
Singing, “Life IS but a dream.”

The weekend was filled with beautiful stories, heartfelt emotions, as well as energetic and enthusiastic dream theater. Laughter was abundant, as well as a tremendous sense of acceptance and loving energy. The dream family at Gore Mountain, led by Robert Moss, is an exceptionally warm and welcoming group of people that I cannot thank enough for making this one of the best weekends I have ever experienced.