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Sunday, February 16, 2014

192) Life is But a Dream

Just wanted to share an interesting short dream I had this morning, where I found myself swimming in a very, very deep ocean, marveling at the construction of a most beautiful underwater city! I could see all sort of equipment building beautiful towers and buildings and for a few fleeting thoughts, I worried about swimming SO deep that perhaps I might not be able to get back ‘out’ to breathe.

At that same moment I thought about this concern, I also realized that I was SO VERY deep within this water and am ‘breathing’ just fine, that I MUST be dreaming! Excited to know that I gained lucidity within this dream, I continued on exploring all the most exquisite construction of a marvelous city going on below me. 

After a time, I became concerned that I was slowing losing ‘air’ from the ‘safety device’ I had encircling to my waist and again for a very brief thought, worried about being able to ‘come up for air’ but in that same instant, I was immediately content to know that should anything happen, I was going to awaken at ‘home’ where I was safe and secure. 

What is interesting is that my next ‘awakening’ at my safe ‘home’ was not in my bed, in physical reality, but within a classroom with many other classmates, discussing the marvelous experience we had just had!  I cannot remember many details, but knew that we were all working on something quite impressive and were excited to soon be returning to this ‘dreamworld’ to continue working on our projects. 

After this class reunion, I was told it was time to return to our ‘dream’….and thereupon found myself NOT back in the beautiful underwater city, but waking in my bed to full physical reality! 

I have always known and now this experience gives me more validation of what I know is truth. THIS physical life is ‘but a dream’ that gives us lessons to learn and is NOT our true home.  It is these ‘dreams within a dream’ that we all experience where we are able to use creative ‘imaging’ (imagining) to allow us to construct our own ‘inner worlds under the sea (subsconscious/superconscious level)’ and with 'conscious effort' supporting it's creation, it can be as beautiful as one can ever imagine. 

By doing this regularly, it also teaches us how to bring our true ‘awareness’ into the different realities/dimensions to help us ‘re-member’ who we really are to enhance the level of learning that one can do while ‘living the dream’!