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Thursday, August 29, 2013

191) Remembering the Ability to OBE

My first recollection was that I was driving my car to work, and I suddenly realized I was in a river and it was now starting to take me a different unfamiliar direction.  I can see I’m no longer in my car driving, but bobbing down a roaring rapids river to the left, where I know the road is really located off to the right.

With this realization, I was at first a little concerned that I was going somewhere unfamiliar and out of control, but once I understood that there is NO WAY I could really be in this river and out of my car, I became aware that I was likely ‘dreaming’ and able to separate from my body.

It took a bit of effort since I haven’t been consciously doing this OBE separation much lately  and remember trying to roll out as usual.  It was difficult to move, but I finally rolled out like I was going to fall off the bed, and happily found myself standing next to my body in bed.

I moved quickly to the outside porch off my bedroom, feeling the change in the environment as I passed through the door.  I wanted to feel the freedom of flying again, but this time, I thought I’d take a hold of one of the tree branches nearby and use it like a vine swing. Gently and smoothly, I made myself rock back and forth, high and low, using the tree branches as a swing.  I just LOVED the freedom!  Because I have not had the ‘focus’ of getting OOB as often as I used to, this was just heaven to feel again!

I could hear beautiful music playing, soothing, gentle soft music that seems to cradle and envelope me into blissfulness!  I was just enraptured with the moment!

I then looked up into the sky and saw the most awesome universal ‘opening’…clouds and deep blue horizons beckoning me to come!  I flew up to see what was there for me and in looking down, saw the magnificent countryside below me. 

I realized I was flying ‘Superman’ style, with my arms outstretched, and just knew inherently that I didn’t have to do that to move!  So I pulled in my arms and just moved ‘headfirst’ into the open sky.  I then thought I could even ‘dive’ straight down headfirst into the Earth if I wanted and so started to do so.

Getting close to the Earth, I knew I was in complete control, could stop at any point, but for the fun of it, decided to dive headfirst into the Earth! It was amazing to feel the change in texture, to the darkness enveloping me (as I’m sure that what I ‘expected’ to find so I did!).  I do remember seeing some sort of geometric shape while below ground, but with the thought of being ‘closed in’, I immediately popped back up to surface.

It was at this point I found myself with two children, an older girl of about 8 and a boy of abut 4-5.  They were bouncing around on a bed waiting for their dad to come.  I remember just have a grand old time bouncing around with them!

Just as I was going to ask more about who and what was going on, a sudden noise in the room woke me fully.  The music that I realized was still playing in the background throughout the entire time suddenly stopped and I was fully awake, disappointed that I had no chance to investigate further. 

Although this wasn’t too much of an experience in the sense that I did too much, I somehow feel it DID give me the validation that I am where I should be at this time in my life.  The stressors and significant changes I am going through are what I need to have to continue to grow and learn.  I am so happy that when I most need validation that the Universe is always with me, it always responds!!! 

If there is anything I could impress upon those who seek the Truth, it is to KNOW without exception, that all is happening as it should, and that YOU are the one who is deciding what you need in life.  If you EXPECT the best, you WILL receive the BEST! I’m finding that is the ultimate truth to life!  You are what you think!! the Law of Attraction is Universal...and YOU are the creator of your experiences!