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Monday, January 4, 2010

115) Meeting others; Trust the Universe

For this OBE, I had gone to bed and awakened after a few hours with the intention of attempting to get OOB. I used intention and affirmation requesting to ‘help someone’. The experience started primarily as a ‘dreamstate’ awareness but then moved into a conscious awareness but this time without the memory of an actual ‘physical’ exit.

I was looking for a notebook/album that I needed to have to do my work. Someone was helping me look for it (female). We were initially in a ‘library’ type room looking through the books with others who were already working at the tables because they had their notebook.

The scene moved into another familiar setting, my Grandmother’s house, that is still in physical but no longer looks the same as it did here. It may have been because I was thinking of her a lot over the past week and had just discussed her again the previous night with my father (she was his mother). She passed over many years ago and I have many fond memories of her and her home.

In her house, we found a ‘secret’ passage that was sealed up that no one knew about, and were excited to get it open to uncover what was behind it. It opened easily, as it seems to be made of only paper for the covering. As we looked into the hidden area, I could see it morph in to a large room and as I entered, was surprised to see a ‘chairlift’ type seat come up behind me and swoop us up! I noticed my mother was there at this time as well, having been swooped up into a separate chair and then moved up the incline, separating her from the track we were on.

Once I was up the hill toward whatever I heading for, I became very ‘heavy’ and sluggish, and the chair I was in stopped then started sliding back down the hill! It took with it a few other people who were following behind us and I was SO apologetic to think I caused such a commotion!

I asked for help in getting to where I needed to go, and instantly found myself within a darkened room. There was no longer a ‘dream’ feeling to this setting, as I knew I was conscious and fully aware OOB.

There was light coming in from the left side, and I was positioned in one corner looking out. I sensed a presence in the dark room with me, and become just slightly fearful. I clasped my hands as if in prayer, which reminded me that I am in control and fear only gives the control away.

I mentally shout out, “Who is there?” and am surprised to hear a voice speaking to me! Now, this is where I have lost many memories, as what exactly occurred as there was a succession of ‘people’ who came into the room to speak to me! I remember speaking clearly and compassionately to those who came, and each time one would ‘dissolve’ away I could sense another one coming in! Each time I asked, “who is here now?” and I would always get a response.

A few bits of the conversations I DO remember include one woman who spoke initially, with a sense of sadness and fear having left behind a husband and child. She did not understand what was happening to her, and I can only remember telling her to ‘look for the light’ and ‘go to the light’. One other time when I asked, “who is here?” I remember getting the answer, “no one! Not me!” and then told them, “well, I certainly hear your voice, so someone is here!” chiding them to speak to me, which they did.

There was about five or six different people I spoke to in that room, knowing full well as I spoke that I was not going to remember many specifics of our conversations because there was so much we talked about!

As the last one left, I became aware of a male voice speaking from my left. In the light that was entering the room from that side, I was finally able to see a young 30 something male with blond hair speaking to me. He had pretty gray eyes and all three were very good looking. They were all very visible, and speaking about a personal message that I needed to hear - one that I just can’t share with everyone at this time.

The basic idea of the message was that ANYthing is possible and you need to trust the Universe to provide, even that which you may feel is not within your capabilities. I awoke with excitement, knowing there are never IMpossibilities! The idea is to hang onto the END result, and trust the Universe to decide how and when!!!