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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Guest post on Gateway blog - Personal Experiences

Just a quick post here to let everyone who is following my posts that I was asked to do a 'guest posting' on the Gateway Experience blog!! It's a synopsis of my experiences to date as an introduction to who I am and what I have done, as well as a means to direct others to my blog experiences.

I am truly honored to be asked to write this, and moreso to know that others will read my experiences and learn to do what I have done. I am thrilled to think that my efforts here have contributed to the learning and development of other spiritually aware individuals who seek to learn more about the world(s) around us.

This journey we have chosen for this lifetime is unique to each one of us, however, IMO, it is the sharing and merging of our knowledge and experiences that will enable us to reach higher and higher levels of development during our short time here.

Please check out my post there and visit their site. It's full of information for those who seek to know!

Click here - Personal Experiences

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