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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thoughts on Lucid Dreaming vs OBEs

I just thought I'd add another short post to keep everyone informed as to my thoughts on this new task I have undertaken where I am now trying to make even my 'routine dreams' into lucid ones and then transform them into OOBE's or APs....

As one who frequently gets OOB, I realize now that there is a difference between being able to start from the 'climbing out' stage into an OBE and learning to make my 'regular' dreams more lucid to change them into OOBEs. It's interesting to see how these 'dream signs' or signals are so prevalent in our nightly dreams, but we never take advantage of them because somehow we just 'accept' them as normal.

Night before last I had vivid dreams of different situations that I should have been able to become lucid with, but somehow just accepted the events as 'normal' and kept dreaming. Those memories are easily recalled as just 'dreams' - as I did not become lucid to move into a controlled event.

Again last night I had a dream in which there were unusual events happening but never caught on that I was dreaming until I saw my EX-husband in my home, adamantly claiming he belonged there. At this point, I KNEW this was not true, and was able to 'let go' of whatever situation I was in and move onto other tasks.

The problem now is that my 'wakefulness' after such a transitional dream is not the same as the 'pull back' during an OBE, and hence I lose recall quickly as there is no 'time' to use key words to remember as I do with OOBEs. This is a bit frustrating, but I know with time, it shall improve!

Thanks to everyone for reading these posts and those who email to tell me how much they enjoy my blog. It truly makes my efforts to keep this going easier!

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