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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

130) Perfect Clarity Upon Exit; Seeing my Astral Form; Becoming Dense


In this OBE, my first recall was hearing beautiful music and I knew by the magnificent melody that I was ready to roll out. I start to roll, but realized I could clearly see my soft white ethereal arms as they floated above my body! I then pulled up my legs and watched as they separated and formed a perfect replica of my physical body in clear white form.

I was completely amazed with this exit, as I had never been able to see astral parts of my body with such clarity and detail. The entire outline form was visible, not the fuzzy wavy appearance that sometimes happens OOB. I could actually watch myself lift my legs out of body and moved to roll out. I found myself looking intently at the perfect white form I now was as I stood next to my sleeping body.

Somehow it felt so ‘different’ so I took the time to look around to see why it ‘felt’ so unusual. I was amazed at the complete and total clarity that I had had viewing my room. The detail of everything was amazing but more surprisingly, realized I could now see everything all around me all at once! I have found myself standing by my sleeping body before, but this time it seemed different in that no matter where I looked, there was such clear ‘vision’ in all directions. I remember thinking, “so this is what people talk about seeing themselves while OOB!” I marveled at myself in its new ‘form’ and found I could easily move so effortlessly about the room.

I moved into the dining area heading for the side door but my recall is very limited here. My only memory is that I knew I wanted to ‘help someone’ in my adventure. Was I talking to someone? Or perhaps it is possible that I felt I wasn’t doing much except really, really enjoying such a unique experience with this different ‘feeling’ of clarity and focus but then I also knew that I should do more.

Moving to the side door, I pushed hard to get out but could not easily transition through the door as I usually do. With extra determination, and affirming my “knowing” that I could get out, I then ‘popped’ through to my porch.

Looking out to my front yard, I noticed a truck with two men at the edge of my property that is adjacent to a very old cemetery. Did the pop make a transition to a lucid dream? Or was this now someone I was supposed to help?

Alongside the cemetery fence, next to my driveway, I could see where a large tree that had fallen. There were two men working who were cutting it up, and my impression was they were clearing the old fallen tree while preparing to plant pots of small pine trees in its place.

I went over to interact, but realized they couldn’t see me at first. I seem to remember there was snow on the ground, but then later realized it was gone. I went up one man, as I knew he couldn’t see me, and tried to touch him to get his attention.

I was shocked to realize he could somehow ‘sense’ I was there! He couldn’t ‘see’ me but I knew by ‘hearing’ his thoughts that he thought it was someone else with him. He pulled at my arm, and I realized I was becoming ‘denser’ as he said something about “not now, Gloria(?), but I want to be with you too”. I try to pull my hand away, surprised at the heaviness and loss of energy that I suddenly felt.

The other man there then spoke to me, as I am now sitting next to the two remaining pots of pine trees that needed to be planted. He said directly to me, “are you going to be able to finish these?” They were huge pots of dirt with young pine trees in them, and I remember sarcastically remarking, “well, I guess I have to since you are both getting ready to leave!”

Looking back at my house, I knew I had to get back inside, but I felt so heavy with such a loss of clarity and energy! I knew I was still OOB, as I recall using the ‘cue’ of seeing some wall decorations inside my house that were slightly different but also the same (?). (Of course I didn’t think twice of using the ‘cue’ that I could see through the walls in the house!) I also knew I could make myself ‘wake up’ from this experience here, but that it would be less ‘hard/painful’(?) if I could get myself back into the house where my physical body was sleeping.

So I’m trying to will myself to ‘float’ back into the house, and while I’m doing so, I’m also thinking that I read on an OBE forum about how one can ‘lose energy’ and become heavier and more dense, and realized this could be why I’m having such a difficult time dragging myself back to the house. I’m remembering that Claudia mentioned such things as the superb clarity upon exiting, the loss of energy after being out too long, and the fact that I couldn’t be seen until I became more ‘dense’. (Claudia, I don’t know if you really ever mentioned these things, but I DO know it was your name that came up!)

Now the experience becomes a bit more of a ‘dream-like’ feeling, as I try to climb up into a carriage that is to take me home. My brothers were there (both still in physical) and the older one flew past in a helicopter as he told me to play the numbers that pertained to the word “CAN’T” (?).

I remember my other brother was trying to help figure out which numbers this represented, and I thought “well C=3, A=1, N=12” and then he interrupted, “no, N=15”! I argued by saying, “no, you have to add it together!” and then became frustrated and said, “oh we’ll just check with him and see what he wants”.

Unfortunately, this is where the experience ends, as I awoke and quickly recorded the details that I could remember. It took a long time of trying to ‘settle back’ into the experience to get the beginning memories, but slowly they returned. Using the backward recall method works best, as you work backwards from the end to what led you to that experience. It takes time and effort, and if you don’t do it as soon as you awaken, you will not be able to pull many of the beginning memories back.

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Oliver said...

by Korpo on Fri Oct 08, 2010 4:45 pm
Hello, Karen.

If you travel in a higher energy body on a lower plane you're not visible - at least the theosophic material says so. A higher body would explain the higher clarity. You would be of too subtle matter to be seen by someone in a lower body.

Normally you would form an illusory body to be seen. This is done by attracting the matter of the plane you are on to yourself. (Not necessarily consciously.)

What intrigues me, however, that here you experience the feeling of *becoming* denser and simultaneously become visible. That actually sounds more like you tried to change our density. I don't exactly understand what happened here, actually. But you lose all the advantages of full lucidity and clarity you had before that I would associate with the higher body.

So, maybe you tried to unconsciously shift downwards. I don't know how and if this is possible, but all concepts are limited and experience trumps all.